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Patty's Story

Patty was pacing the room, tonight had been a very special night. Her Master had brought her a present, a wondrous present. Patty didn't understand why Master had decided she needed such a gift. But the gift opened up a most wonderful set of possibilities. Master had owned Patty since she was 18. Over the years she had become totally devoted to being Masters sex slave, Master was good, he was generous, Patty had not imagined such a grand life when she had been sold into general servitude. Most people were sold into bondage as workers, workers were in high demand, Patty had an education, she would have brought big money as a worker. Patty knew that most factory workers seldom lived to see ten years of servitude, exposure to the chemicals and dangers of the work environment usually resulted in severe injury or even death to most worker slaves after just ten years.

Patty had been thrilled to find her young life would not be wasted on the factory floor when her former masters had been convicted as enemies of the state and their possessions confiscated and sold at auction. She missed her family, estate life had been good and the horror of being sold off after the collapse when her former master and mistress had gone to the gallows had almost been enough to kill her inside as well. But her new master was good and kind in his own way. He never beat her if she obeyed, he never hurt her for fun other than the little pains that made sex feel better. As she paced she went over the events of the day.....

Suddenly the door to her chamber was flung open and her Master walked in, Patty was thrilled and ran to him and dropped to her knees and pressed her forehead to the floor waiting for his command. Master looked down at Patty, her long flaming red hair made a halo around her head on the floor. Her pale white skin covered with freckles shown in the gaps her flimsy thin robe didn't cover.

Master said, "Patty, look up at me, I have a very special present for you."

Patty raised her head to look at her master, her eyes shown with devotion to Master, all good things flowed from Master. When she saw what he was carrying her eyes got wide. He had what appeared to be a person wrapped in a blanket, it was a small person, it's feet hung out from one end and long white hair hung out the other end.

"Rise Patty, See what I have brought for you"

Patty got to her feet, Master was tall, six feet and six inches, and Patty was short, five foot at most, flaming red hair to her waist, very busty and slightly chubby. Master liked her that way and she took great pains to maintain her appearance exactly the way Master wanted. Patty noticed her Master taking in the sight of her, it made her nipples tighten up under her thin silk gown.

"Come with me Patty to your bed chamber" Patty obediently followed her Master.

Master laid his bundle on the bed and unwrapped the most amazing thing Patty had ever seen, a girl, much shorter than even Patty, long completely white hair, very pale pink skin, a small streak of equally white hair grew from her kitty. Even her eyebrows and eyelashes were white as snow. Patty looked in amazement at this small creature Master had laid on her bed.

"Patty, she is yours, you will be her mistress. No longer will you be lonely when I am away. This one will keep you company, warm your bed in the long lonely nights. You can train her to do anything you wish, she was the prized slave of a woman who couldn't stop gambling, I took this sweet girl as payment for her former mistresses gambling debt. Treat her well and she will loyal to you.

Patty stared in astonishment at this gift, Master had been generous in the past, a diamond collar and a gold link chain leash for when Master took her out in public. Jewelry to wear in public, emeralds big as patty's nipples even dresses of silk and other fine fabric, Master liked to show her off. Even this place she lived, as grand in a way that even the masters of her world seldom experienced, but to have her own slave!

She turned to her Master, " I do not know what to say Master, she is beautiful, but she is so young, shouldn't she be with her family at this age?"

Master looked at patty hard, "Patty do you question your Masters gift? Have I been too good to you?"

A horrified look passed over Patty's freckled face, "oh no Master, never, please forgive me." Patty dropped to her position, forehead pressed to the floor.

Patty couldn't see it but her master smiled, his feelings for patty went beyond slave and master but he could never let her know that. "Patty, she is 18, the same age as you when I bought you at auction, she is just small in stature, skinny and undernourished. I expect you to change that!"

Patty kept he forehead on the floor, but she answered, "Yes my Master, it will be as you say."

Master smiled again, "Patty rise up, I have need of your talents."

Patty rose to her knees to see Master's cock, hard and tight, looking her in the face. Patty smiled, her Master wasn't upset, he still desired her. Patty took his cock in her mouth and began to suck and lick his cock. Master took a handful of that wonderful red hair and pulled Patty to him, Master's cock slid all the way down Patty's throat, and he began to enjoy Patty's skills. The girl on the bed opened her eyes and a look of horror crossed her face and she hid in the blanket.

Master picked Patty up and lay her on the bed, this would be a special night, all of Patty's charms would be explored, Patty would orgasm many times and she would get her fill of masters vital fluid, Patty loved to drink from him and he loved to give his cum to Patty.

Hours later, after Patty had satisfied her beloved Master, many, many times, as Master left, his final word was, take care of her Patty, she is special in a way I cannot say right now but she is yours to train, train her well. Patty watched him leave with longing in her eyes, she always missed her Master terribly when he was gone. Patty went to examine her new charge. Patty looked at the bundle on the bed, the girl had wrapped herself up in the blanket as though she was hiding. Patty slowly pealed the blanket from her new companion. The blanket was harsh, made of wool, itchy, Patty made a mental note to throw it away at her first opportunity. The girl was huddled into a ball, her long white hair tangled and dirty. Her skin had bruises and cuts, her face was stained with tears, slowly she opened her eyes, Patty was astonished, she had pink eyes, Patty had never seen such a thing.

"Girl" Patty said, "what is your name?"

The girl looked at Patty, "are you my new mistress?"

Patty smiled at her, "yes I am your new mistress, but I am Masters slave too, why did you hide while I pleasured him, you should pay attention, you will be required to pleasure him too eventually."

The girls eyes went wild, "oh no, he is a man, they torture girls, use them to satisfy their horrible appetites for inflicting pain!" The girl dove back into her dirty wool blanket.

Patty was horrified to hear such talk. She reached out and took the blanket from the girl and threw it on the floor. "What is your name girl!' Patty used her most dominant voice.

The naked girl looked up and said, "Cindy" in a tiny meek voice.

Patty looked at her kindly and took her tiny hand. "Come with me Cindy, you belong to me now and you need to be clean."

Patty led her to the washroom, and began to fill the huge tub with hot steamy water.

"We need to clean you up, around here being clean is very important," she indicated to Cindy she should get in the water.

Cindy's eyes were big as saucers, "Mistress, you want me to get in that water?"

"Yes Cindy, you must be clean, I will not let you sleep in my bed if you are dirty."

Cindy slowly slipped into the water, the look on her face was one of awe, "I have never had a hot bath before Mistress, you are very indulgent."

Patty chuckled, "no Cindy a hot bath will be required often here, we believe in being clean, here let me show you how to scrub up." Patty began the task of washing Cindy, it was obvious Cindy hadn't been able to wash in some time. Her skin was covered in small bruises and cuts.

"Cindy, how did you get these cuts and bruises my little one?"

"My Mistress liked to use pain to have fun with me, she loaned me to her friends and they liked to inflict pain as well, it wasn't too bad, not as bad as what men do to girls."

Patty looked horrified, "Cindy, I am your mistress now, you will not refer to that monster as your mistress any longer, do you understand?" I am your new Mistress, you will call me Mistress and no one else, understood?" Patty might have been a slave but she understood the need for discipline, Cindy's referring to her former mistress as her Mistress had to stop now. "You will call her your former owner, not Mistress."

Cindy looked terrified, "yes Mistress" Cindy said in a tiny voice, "please do not punish me for my transgression...."

Patty looked at Cindy with compassion in her eyes, "no one is going to punish you for such a small thing Cindy, just remember you belong to me and my Master now!"

A look of terror passed over Cindy's face again. "Do I have to belong to him? My mis... former owner told me men were horrible and would hurt me and do terrible things to me!" Cindy began to cry.

"Cindy, your former owner hurt you didn't she?

"Uh huh"

"Trust me Cindy she was not a good owner, our Master will never hurt you as long as you do what your are told and neither will I!"

Cindy immediately leapt into Patty's arms, hugging her close. Patty stroked her head and whispered sweet things to Cindy. Cindy couldn't see the tears well up in Patty's eyes, Patty seldom gave much thought to the way most sex slaves were treated, her wonderful life was a rare exception, most sex slaves were abused terribly.

Now clean, washed and brushed, Patty medicated all the small cuts on Cindy's body, there were 19 cuts that were bad enough to need a small bandage the rest were just rubbed with medicated ointment. Patty picked Cindy up out of the tub and dried her off, Patty was just barely five feet tall but Cindy was at least six inches shorter, she had not been raised correctly for sure. Patty put one of her own robes on Cindy, it swallowed her but it did the job, they walked to the kitchen.

"Cindy are you hungry?"

Cindy's eyes told the tale, Patty sat her down and got out some leftovers from supper from the fridge and heated them in the micro-oven, roast chicken and green beans. Cindy devoured them using her fingers like it was her only meal in days, sadly Patty thought, that just might be true.

After she cleaned Cindy up, Patty was tired, her liaison with Master was tiring enough but cleaning up her new charge really tired her out, it was time for bed.

"Cindy come with me, it's bed time and I am tired. Cindy followed Patty to her bedchamber, Cindy immediately lay down on the floor on the deep rug beside Patty's bed.

Patty looked down at Cindy, What sort of monster owned you Cindy, she thought.

"Get up Cindy you will not sleep on the floor!"

Cindy jumped up, a scared look on her face, "the rug was so soft and you are so kind I thought I might get to sleep near you" Cindy's body was shaking with fear.

"No Cindy my little dove, the floor beside my bed is not for you," Cindy was looking around to see where she might sleep. "You will sleep with me Cindy, in my bed under the covers where it is warm and soft." A look of awe crossed Cindy's face, "with you? There?"

"Yes Cindy, take off the robe, the covers on my bed will keep us warm."

Patty drew back the covers as Cindy dropped her robe and Cindy slipped between the covers with a look of disbelief on her face, Patty did the same and covered them both up.

Cindy immediately snuggled up to Patty and began to caress her. "Oh mistress, if I only have this one night it is better than all my other nights put together! I have never eaten such wonderful food, taken a hot bath or been allowed to sleep in a real bed, thank you mistress!" Patty thought of stopping Cindy, she even tried to hold her at bay at first, but Cindy was determined and Patty soon gave in to Cindy's kisses and caresses. Slowly Cindy slipped down sucking Patty's long hard nipples before sliding on down to lick and suck Patty's kitty. Suddenly Patty understood why Master liked her submission so much, it was wonderful to own someone! Patty pulled Cindy's face tight against her kitty and enjoyed being a Mistress for the first time!

Part two

The next few days revealed some startling things about Cindy and maybe even Patty. Cindy seemed to have an almost pathological oral fixation, Patty's body was soon covered with tiny red suction marks left by Cindy. Patty's nipples began to get so raw she had to restrict the time Cindy was allowed to suckle. But Patty's clitoris was Cindy's main object of sucking desire. Patty had to limit her to three times a day just to be able to stand the orgasms generated by Cindy's attentions. But one thing stood out so much it made all the rest of Cindy's weirdness seem tame. Cindy had a cock, well not really, it was an enlarged clitoris but it was four inches long and one inch thick. It could only get erect if it was sucked but once it was hard Cindy could use like a man, it was only one third as big as masters cock but Patty liked it even better than the sucking. Patty liked anal sex very much and Cindy's large clitoris was the perfect size. Sex with Cindy was wonderful!

When it came time to go to market Patty was looking through her closet to pick out her public shopping dress, she would wear her leather collar with her ID badge attached. Once out into the world of free people and other slaves Patty needed her identification to make sure she could buy the food and other goods she required to maintain herself in the style master wanted for her. In some ways she dreaded these trips, often the freewomen would berate her, call her names until they saw her badge and realized she was owned by one of the most powerful men in the world. Then the catcalls and rude remarks descended into mutterings as she walked along. These days almost everyone recognized her and often these trips were even pleasant. But today she was taking her slave with her. A slave with her own slave was unusual even for a favorite like Patty but she wanted to show off her new charge. Master had at least implied she could take Cindy with her so she decided she would! Master had left a note telling her to make sure Cindy was covered well with sunscreen if Patty took her out since her skin was so sensitive but Patty's skin was sensitive as well so Patty was well versed in sunscreen.

First Patty had to explain what was going to happen to Cindy, Cindy had been kept in seclusion and had never been out before.

"Cindy come to me," Cindy immediately ran to her side and prostrated herself on the floor like Patty did for Master. "Cindy look up at me," commanded Patty. Cindy did as she was told, her white eyebrows and long white lashes were extremely exotic but her wide pink eyes were simply unheard of to Patty. It was unnerving to look into those eyes.

"Cindy, we are going shopping for our food and a few odds and ends, I could call and just have it delivered but I like to pick out the best for us. Sometimes I cook for master and he only eats the very best. Master is coming to see us tonight and we must be ready for anything he wants!"

Cindy looked horrified, she said, "Mistress, I have never been to the market or anyplace else. Will we be safe?" Suddenly another look of horror passed over her face, "Mistress will you give me to this man? Will he have his way with me like my former owner told me?"

Patty chuckled, "Cindy, master already owns you, you are his to take at any time, I cannot give him what he already owns! You just follow my lead and do what Master says and you will be rewarded just like I am! His ownership protects us, no one would mess with our Masters slaves!"

Cindy looked dubious but she tried a small smile, "if it must happen it will, I am yours to command my Mistress."

Patty kissed Cindy on the forehead, "My little dove, you will enjoy Master's attentions, I guarantee it! We need to get dressed, a big day and night is ahead of us!"

Patty had to start out the trip by applying sunscreen to her and Cindy, Cindy rubbed the oil on Patty and Patty rubbed it on Cindy. Cindy insisted on making it a sexual experience and Patty was in too much of a hurry to argue so by the time Patty and Cindy were slathered with sunscreen they both were out of breath.

Patty had ordered a custom made bright blue silk dress, hoop skirt, custom fitted, long with large puffy sleeves, pantaloons and all the correct undergarments a lady should wear, and a matching umbrella to shield Cindy from the hot sun. Patty wore her green silk dress with a similar design. A plunging neckline on Patty showed just how well endowed she was but Cindy had small breasts, her neckline was more modest. Master would want them to look their best since they were representing him and his ability to own the best. Such details not only demonstrated to the public that she was special to her Master it drove the free women to fits of envy to see her dressed like a lady. Patty not so secretly enjoyed that greatly!

Patty locked a similar collar on Cindy, with her own ID badge and attached a leash, slaves were to be controlled at all times. Patty was special to her master and had a special badge denoting her status but Cindy had none, it would have been illegal for Cindy to go out and not be on a leash.

Patty led Cindy down the ramp and hailed a robo cab, they got in and Patty allowed the cab to scan her badge to show she had credit and away they went to the market. By this time Cindy was so excited she begged to suck a nipple and Patty had to let her to get her to calm down. Cindy's oral fixation was puzzling and Patty was going to ask master why Cindy was like this next time he was home.

Cindy was very excited when they exited the cab, she had told Patty she had never been to market before and she was very excited to see it. All Patty could think of was what was it going to take to calm Cindy down when they got home!

As they walked along Patty leading Cindy on her leash they began to get many strange stares. Patty heard "engen" muttered under peoples breaths as she stopped at various stalls to order food to be delivered to her compound. Finally a well dressed freewoman stopped Patty.

"Well well well, it looks like the sex toy has finally been replaced!"

"What does it feel like to train your replacement, sex toy?"

Many people began to laugh around her. "What are you talking about freewoman?" asked Patty.

The laughter grew, "poor little sex toy, don't you know what you have on that leash?"

"Yes," replied Patty immediately, "she is my slave, master gave her to me!"

The laughter become harsher, "Stupid sex slave, she is EnGen, she is a genetically engineered sex toy, they are going to replace all you sluts the men have been fucking all these years and all you sluts will go back to hard labor like you are supposed to be doing!"

The shouts were becoming angry now, a piece of rotten fruit almost hit Patty. Patty gathered up her skirts and led Cindy away hurriedly. Patty's face was red and her heart was beating wildly. What could those terrible people have meant?

Patty was terrified by the time she got home, a glitch in her key card seemed to be denying her entrance into her own apartments. It made her realize she wasn't really home just in her slave quarters.

She took off the heavy dress and put on her best ethereal silk gown and dressed Cindy the same way. Master was due home tonight, she would have to figure out a way to ask these questions with out being disrespectful to master. She was lost deep in thought as Cindy did her best to suck Patty's clitoris completely off....

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