tagErotic HorrorSoul Lake

Soul Lake


Anna looked at the lake's smooth surface drawing her in. For days she has been stressed beyond belief from multiple problems appearing from nowhere in her life. The issues began piling higher and higher until she nearly couldn't stand the weight of them anymore and broke. Today she ran away.

She's always loved to swim naked for excitement. It was relaxing yet exciting with the element of caution lingering in the back of her head at all times. She had long black hair and filled her shirts quite well with her tits. Slipping toward the lake, she thought of how many times she had been down there. Ever since childhood she has been going there to get away from her statute and exhausting life.

The first time she tried swimming naked, she believed she was around 13 years old. She didn't even really strip all the way down that first time either, she still left her bra on. As time progressed she got more comfortable and settled in to her new relaxing hobby.

As she neared the lake she grabbed the end of her shirt and slipped them tightly past her tits and over her head. Throwing the shirt aside, she began removing her shorts. Hopping a bit to get her left leg out of the shorts, she increased speed toward the lake. It was as if her clothes still had the lingering weight that traveled along with her to the lake. Now that she was freed from them, her life behind the back of the car was gone from her in that moment.

She reached behind her back and popped the clip of her bra open, letting it fell beneath her speeding steps. There was no time left to get her panties off before she would reach the water. She placed a foot in the soft ground and felt a touch of the cool water on the palms of her feet. Another step brought more cool liquid, sending shivers traveling from her ankles, through her spine and into her neck. She shook slightly, smiling slyly at the reaction to the chill as her nipples got a bit hard. A bit above ankle deep in the lake she removed her panties and threw them behind her, paying no attention to where they landed.

Now completely unclothed, she seeped herself down into the deeper area of the lake where the water trickled up to her waists and splashed her pussy every now and then. She closed her eyes letting the water pull her out of the world. She shut down four of her senses, slipping deep into the comforting cushion of her mind. Suddenly she was ripped out of her comfort from the one sense she intentionally kept functional.

Quickly opening her eyes to the world, she tried to focus on her surroundings in the direction she heard the noise. A light splash plopped in the center of the lake as her eyes were closed. A family of circles fled from the origination of the splash, distorting the mirrored images of the trees and stars that outlined the lake. Her right arm grabbing her left boob, letting her elbow cover the right one, Anna steadied her sight on the slowly approaching ripples.

Crouched slightly in a defense position, she blinked a bit and relieved herself from the intense concentration. She let the air explode out of her lungs and loosened her tense muscles. Swiping her hair back with her hand, she fell back into the water to dampen the rest of her body.

Her sleek body rose out of the clear water from the lake radiating a certain glow of the night. From the dip in the water she became a part of the scenery then, adopting the lake water's reflection onto her own skin. Pure white light reflected a silhouette around her slick skin. Her black hair ran down the shiny skin contrasting the shine with a solid darkness now embodied into curled shapes molded by the lake.

More splashes. Five of them slapped the water from the same direction though only few feet away from her. Curling up a bit, Anna cupped her boobs tenderly watching some kind of slow movement creep its way toward her position from the rippled craters in the water. Her breathing now beginning to increase in pace was the only moving area of her statute body. The water around her decreased in temperature, sending a shock of silent shivers through the tunnels of her nerves that paralyzed her.

Something rough rubbed against her ankle relieving her from her muscles' total lock down. She began turning when the sound of something quickly slicing through the surface of the lake came from behind her to grab her, forcing her to remain in the position. She squealed slightly as a hand with the skin of sandpaper violently grabbed her left tit and pulled it to the side. Simultaneously a second hand grabbed her stomach while a very thin and slimy tube wrapped itself around her.

An orchestra of splashes marched toward her from behind. She was lifted out of the water and more hands grabbed her to keep her in place and also to support her just above the water. Little tubes rose from the water and placed themselves on her nipples. Miniature clamps opened her nipples and as they folded back the tubes thrust themselves in her tits. It was pumping something in her that made her boobs begin to grow. They weren't filling them with something, they just implanted a small amount of liquid and the boobs took on lives of their own. She panted heavily as she watched her tits rise and fill.

Meanwhile a finger investigated her pussy, exploring the walls of the pink clit. The hand stopped its gentle exploration and inserted its entirety into her vagina. Half of the arm fit into the pussy up into her stomach. Her mouth flew open as she screamed in horrible pain, but with hint of pleasure. Unintended pleasure. Her boobs stopped growing after reaching a rediculous size. The hands pulled out of her and rotated her to face the middle of the lake. Her torso was risen up a bit, allowing her huge tits to rest downward. Her perky nipples facing opposing directions were acting as a source of temporary entertainment for the hands.

Without a sound nor ripple expanding from around him, a black figure of a man rose from beneath the water's surface. He moved over her and ran a slimy black hand onto her tit. His dick emerged from between his water-bound legs stretching to a huge size. His slimy head fit into her pussy lips as a test. Then he began to thrust. Anna gasped at the amount of dick attacking her pussy. "Ah! Let me..uh! Gah!" He pounded her relentlessly with the ease of his slimy dick. With each thrust her butt cheeks reeled back and slapped the surface of the water sending cold splashes on herself and his legs. His torso leaned over her and he wrapped his black figure around her, embracing her. If possible, he began to hump even faster. Her boobs were in a constant state of movement along with her body from the intense fuck. The soggy hair swagged back and forth like a pendulum on crack. Mouth open with shock and pleasure, something not herself took the black figure's mouth within hers.

This turned him on even more, making him send faster and more intense humps. His penis filled her entirely and began to grow even more, squeezing her intensely though moving with slimy ease. Her huge tits hitting their chins as they exchanged tongues, Anna felt herself climax. She screamed a moan of pleasure into his mouth, vibrating his throat. She pushed her hips into his direction as he still fucked her. "Now we become one," the figure said as he sent his final thrust into her.

His penis released a gushing flow of lake water into her. She felt herself fill up with water and moaned. It was a sense of pleasure until she realized the water wasn't stopping. The amount of water gushing into her pussy was actually increasing. Eventually water began to fill her up completely and she gargled it in the back of her throat. Water continuously coming from her mouth and nose now, she widened her eyes focusing her mind on trying to breath. Water began to drip from her ears as he cummed even faster into her. Her life slowly slipping away from her, water began spewing continuously from her butthole. Crying uncontrollably of lake water her soul followed the lake's water back into the black figure. Holding Anna within him, the figure pulled out of the corpse. With water still leaking from the body, the hands sunk her into the bottom of the lake.

Inside the figure her soul, embodied by her human form was being pleasured continuously. His soul fucked her in every way she desired beneath the his silky skin. She was surrounded by hundreds of other women singing out in a chorus of beautiful pleasure. "Is this not better than your heaven?" It asked her. "Do you not wish to stay within me for all of eternity?" Anna could not answer his question. Now she thought of nothing, had no opinions of anything but sex. Her mind focused on one thing, pleasure. As penis forms fucked any hole she wished that is all she could think of. All that he let her think of. Sometimes another woman's soul would fuse with hers as they pleasured one another while he pleasured them.

On the outside her soul took form in the lake. The water rose a few feet as the body of Anna fused as one with the water. The trees surrounding the lake grew a foot and showed greener life. "One by one you will gain new partners, some male maybe. As the lake grows I will save all humans from the tragic waste of afterlife they wish for. I want you all to be within me so I may comfort you all." Though this was just a whisper in the wind, maneuvering its way through the trees. Life went on without Anna as she lies deep in the lake in a brainwashed pleasure. Soon enough, the water could retrieve her clothing for her, resting on the hill surrounding it. But this all depended on the amount of people that visited it in that time.


(This is my first story, it is probably too short, drawn out, blardyblardyblar. Hopefully I will increase in skills in time. Thanks for reading if you've read this far.)

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