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Sponge Bath


Karan couldn't believe she broke both of her ankles on that rock-hunting trip. She knew those shoes were too loose for her to be climbing on that hillside but that quartz crystal was just too tempting. Now here she was, laid up in a hospital bed. At least someone is taking care of her for a change. And she got her crystal.

It's late and quiet now as the night shift has come on. Her friends have gone home but before they left, they mentioned a new male nurse that would be in the ward tonight. She hopes he is as good looking as they say he is. He might be a nice change of pace from her friends.

A soft knock on the door and he looks around the side of the door.

"You decent?" he says with a smile on his face.

"Yeah", she replies "just trying to relax and get some sleep. Just can't seem to get comfortable."

It is then that she notices the cart he is pushing. Looks like the bathing cart.

"Maybe a nice sponge bath would relax you and help you sleep. Just filled up the basin and the water is pretty warm. Patients say it is better than warm milk."

"Sure sounds relaxing," she replies as a slight tingle runs down her spine. She has seen these in the movies and on those medical TV shows but this is the first one she will have gotten. It feels oddly arousing.

He helps her undo the tie on the back of her hospital gown and she modestly lowers it off of her shoulders, catching it before her breasts are exposed. He dips the sponge into the water and rubs lightly up and down her spine, making small circles around her shoulders and running the sponge lightly up the side of her neck. He is right, it feels very relaxing... but part of her is becoming surprisingly excited and not relaxed.

She leans forward so he can reach down to my lower back, which has been aching since she rolled down that hillside.

"Back stiff?" he asks softly. "Maybe you should just lay down on your stomach and I can give you a light massage while I'm here. I worked with the physical therapy department for a while last year."

She rolls over onto her stomach and he lower the sheet until it is right at the top of her ass.

"Don't want you showing too much", he teases.

The sponge is warm again as he makes long lines from her shoulders to her lower back. She feel something slippery and realize he has added soap to the sponge. As he reaches her back he makes small circles at first, then they get progressively larger. It is obvious he has given massages before.

He pulls a towel from the cart, then lowers the sheet to her ankles and places the towel across her ass cheeks. He runs the sponge from the top of her ankles and up the outside of her leg until he reaches her upper thigh, then slides it over toward the inside of her thigh and washes back down. Her other leg gets the same treatment. She is tingling a bit in places that have not tingled for awhile now.

She hopes he doesn't notice her raising her hips as his hand works his way up her leg. This really feels good but relaxed is not the only feeling she has right now. She is starting to get a little wet and she is pretty sure it is not all from the water on the sponge. As his hand moves up again, she realizes that she has raised her hips off of the bed slightly. She can only hope he doesn't notice.

"You know, usually with sore legs, your hips will get a little stiff," he says."If you don't mind, I'll move this towel and see if I can loosen up the old gluts."

"Sure" is what she meant to say but only a soft groan left her mouth.

His hands are gently but firm as they start at the outside of her hips and make circles toward the center. Her gluts are definitely feeling his touch but I don't think they are feeling any more relaxed. His hands slide down from her and toward her inner thighs. As they do, they brush the hair around her pussy. It is involuntary but she still raises her hips slightly. He doesn't seem to notice and keeps up this motion, circling from the hips to her ass and down her thighs.

She notices that his hands are more firm at the beginning now and are taking a lot longer to finish their circles. This time, he stops near her pussy and reaches underneath her. She knows he can fell how wet she is as he reaches to the top of her lips and finds her clit. His body slides up the side of the bed so he is standing by her head.

He leans over and whispers, "Is this okay?".

She turns her head to him and manages a weak smile.

His finger slides down to her entrance and slowly slips inside, just a little at first. She raises her hips and he takes that as invitation to continue. His middle finger is all the way inside her now and he knows the spot he is looking for. Two more fingers join this first one and he is sliding them in and out of her .. slowly at first then with a faster and faster motion. As he stands there looking into her eyes, all she can mutter is "Yes" as she cums on his hand.

He uses his free hand to wipe the hair from her face. He takes his fingers and places them in his mouth, showing her his tongue as he licks her juices from them. One more pass with the sponge to clean her up and he pulls the sheet up to her shoulders.

He leans in, kisses her on the neck and whispers, "Your friends said you were having trouble sleeping. Hope this helped. Good night!"

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