tagSci-Fi & FantasySpy Games Ch. 05

Spy Games Ch. 05

bythe proffesor©

Spy Games V: Revelations

I wake in a daze, aware of the hum of what must be an aircraft. My body is sore, my muscles throbbing. The pain in my ass reminds me of the rape I experienced. What once was shame and degradation has been replaced with a rage.

It's all come back to me. My job and my mission rushes through my mind. My relationship with Amber and more importantly, my connection with Shannan fills me with the fire that I must use to finish this.

Amber walks into the room to check on me.

She looks fabulous, her scrub pants hanging loose on her body, concealing, but not hiding, the muscular shape of her ass and thighs. She wears a grey half shirt, her small, braless tits and smooth belly visible through the thin material.

She sits next to me and I am suddenly all better. She and I had been lovers for the past year. This job makes strange bedfellows. She was an FBI investigator for their SWAT unit. She was assisting in a hostage negotiation about three years ago when I was called in to observe and advise. We became instant friends, but the attraction grew much more slowly. Not until she spent 6 weeks in a coma did I realize that I needed her in my life.

She looks at me, her long auburn hair pulled back. Gazing into my eyes, she lets it loose, shaking her head, allowing it to fall onto her shoulders.

Never breaking eye contact, she pulls the t shirt over her head, her lemon sized breasts with unusually large nipples beckon to me to be tasted. I lean in, rolling the tiny bud in my mouth as she pushes her entire breast into my mouth. Gently she runs her hand through my hair.

She leans forward, as if she is using her tit to push me back. I am soon on my back completely, the blanket removed from my naked body. She sighs at me with a look of sadness as she runs her hands over the multitude of cuts, scratches and bruised adorning my body.

She moves her body toward my crotch, her long hair tickling my belly as she engulfs my flaccid penis in my mouth. She slowly sucks me until, despite my exhaustion, I am at full attention. She buries me deep in her throat as she wiggles out of her pants.

Turing her body toward me, she gently nestles her sweet pussy in front of my face. The sweet aroma calls to me as I slowly lick up and down the smooth silky slit. My hand rests on her soft mound, covered in a thin line of auburn hair as she expertly works my cock in and out of her mouth.

I suck her clit into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue and reveling in the sweet intoxication of her. She is so wet and tastes so good.

I am in a state of bliss, free floating within her mouth as she rolls me about with her tongue.

Amber has always loved this, the intimacy that comes with tasting and devouring your lover's genitals. She rolls me in and out of her wet, warm mouth slowly and deliberately.

She begins to ride her ass up and down, fucking back on my tongue, looking for her own release. It comes in a wave, shooting her juice deep into my mouth as I feel the urge to release deep from with in me. I love that she ejaculates when she cums and I love to lap up every drop.

My orgasm is as intense as it has ever been, as I feel my body shooting nine powerful shots of hot cum deep into her mouth. She holds my cock steady, deep in the back of her mouth as every drop shoots down her gullet.

She releases me, letting my damp, limp cock fall lazily to the side.

She lies next to me, her naked body warm against my skin, her tiny tits gently pressed against me.

"How are you feeling?" she asks with general concern.

"Better now," I say as I kiss her forehead.

"Hun, why did you want to bring Jade with us? Why didn't you want me to kill her and put an end to this?"

I freeze for a second, not sure where to go from here. Amber was never briefed on all that went down with her.

"Because, Jade is not really Jade."

A quizzical look fills her face.

"She is one of us. She was a low level operative named Shannan Messina. I knew her before I joined the Company and we were together a bit. She was married at the time. I know, I know. Don't give me that look."

"I won't."

"Her family was executed by the Karwa group."

"Wait, Jim. She is a member of the group."

"Yes and no. She wanted revenge. So we sent her in. But we did it by re programming her first. She consented to the idea. She wanted revenge so much and we needed an in. So we set her up. We knew if she never believed she were anything but who she is, she would be a more valuable intel asset to us. What we didn't count on was a mole in our project. They reprogrammed her with a more stringent protocol. She is completely mind wiped. Shannan, for all intents and purposes is gone, Jade is replaced."

"So, I repeat my question. Why go after her then. Wouldn't it be better if we put her out of her misery?"

"Because I think we can get her back and undo all the fuck ups."

"You still lover her."

"I love you." I say, knowing that we are both right.

"That's not an answer."

"I know."

"So what do we do?"

"We get her back. Try and give her mind back.

"And if we can't?"

"Then I will kill her myself." I say this with grave certainty.

"We will get her back."

She rolls onto her hands and knees.

"But first, we need to get you back. Get you back up to speed."

She crawls toward my feet, her tight little ass high in the air.

She rests her elbows on the bed and looks at me from between her thighs and tits. "Fuck me like you want to break me in half, lover."

My cock suddenly jumps to life. I know what she is doing. She wants to remind me that I am a man. Not the broken shell that she rescued. And this is how she will do it.

I climb up behind her and run the head of my cock up her slit and down again. She is still so wet.

I plunge into her, sinking to the hilt and losing my breath as her muscles tighten around me. Something comes over me as I withdraw, only to dive into her again. The muscles in her small tight ass begin to tighten and relax as I pound into her, the sound of the slapping of our sweaty bodies reverberates around the room. I begin to fuck harder, reaching down and grabbing both of her tits and use them as reins, like a cowboy riding a horse. "OH OH OH!" she cries as I feel her reaching down, grabbing my balls and pushing them into my body. She jerks down on them a bit, almost as if she is pulling the trigger that causes both of us to cum. I pull harder on her tits, as I bury myself deep into her pussy.

"Fuck me you stud. I am a little bitch and I need to fucking fuck me. Tear my pussy up. Tame me!"

I feel her cum again, her juice pouring from within her as I withdraw and push back in.

I feel the tightness in my thighs.

"I am gonna cum, you bitch. GET READY!"

"NOT YET!" she yells and pulls away from me.

She buries her head on my cock, moaning as she cleans off her own juice and receives another load of my essence.

She pulls off of me and we kiss, exchanging the tastes of each other.

We fall into two sweaty heaps as we hear a throat clearing at the door.

Peabody, the nerdy computer guy is standing in the door. She is unashamed of her naked-ness. As she dries sweat and cum from her face, she speaks to him. "What is it Stuart?"

"Ma'am, the target, JADE has just executed a dignitary from Asia."

I close my eyes. "How?" I ask.

"Sir, she ripped his throat out and let him bleed to death, before taking his cock as a trophy."

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