tagRomanceStart of a Perfect Life Together

Start of a Perfect Life Together


It is the morning after our first night together. After a very long night of making love in every style and position we could think of, you are sleeping soundly. I wake early as usual and want to surprise you with breakfast in bed. I make pancakes and load the tray with them, juice, coffee, maple syrup and a can of whipped cream and carry it into the bedroom.

Putting it on the dresser, I pull back the covers to wake you. You must be having and erotic dream, you have a good start at an erection. I can't resist it. My tongue comes down to lick around the tip, poking at the eye, flickering across it. Down your length to your balls, tracing the outline of them through the sack.

I think to myself, 'how could he sleep through this. He must be playing possum.'

But I am enjoying it so much, I continue. I lick my way back up your rigid cock, sucking in the tip and slowly down your length. My hands caressing your balls. I start to suck harder and faster as I get more excited myself. I feel your balls tightening, I know it wont take long now. Faster and faster, my mouth slides down over your cock. Until you finally shoot deep in my throat, almost making me choke. Swallowing it, sucking you dry. I look up and see you watching me with a smile on your face and so much love in your eyes.

I climb up besides you, lying in your arms, kissing you.

'Good morning love, I bought you breakfast. I just had mine.' I laugh.

'Mmmmmmm, what a way to start a perfect day with my perfect woman in my perfect life.' you say with a smile and a kiss.

I get up and put the tray of food on your lap. You lift the lid of the pancakes and say it smells delicious but then see the can of cream and add that you are not really hungry yet. Then you move the tray to the side and pick up the can of cream. You look at me with a cheeky look and add, 'Well not for pancakes.'

And you start to spray the cream around my nipples. They are still hard from being aroused by waking you the way I did and it looks like a pink island surrounded in a sea of cream. You bend your head and your tongue snakes out lapping at the cream.

I moan, 'Oh God' as I feel the desire, the lust course through me, straight from my nipples on a path to my throbbing wet pussy.

You lick the cream from each, licking, nipping, teasing, sucking, biting. I am wriggling under your touch. More cream gets sprayed on a line from my breasts down my stomach, down my groin, across my pubic mound, covering my snail trail and onto my clit. My clit shrinks back from the coldness of the cream. But you have already started licking your way down to it.

Your tongue is so soft on my skin as you work your way down my body. You finally get to my clit and the warmth and touch of your tongue soon has it out and hard again. You continue on a line down.

In the meantime my hand has found that your cock is hardening again. I begin to stroke it softly, watching it grow, watching it become so hard again. Your tongue is at my pussy, lapping at my juices. It dives deep inside me, licking the walls of my puss. Sucking at the juices. I pull you up to me.

'Please love I want you inside me so much now. Please fuck me,' I beg you.

You turn around and lifting my legs you slide between them pressing the head of your cock at my entrance. I try to push up to meet you but you hold me back. Just teasing me with the tip. Then suddenly you ram your hard cock into me. It hits my womb sending a tremor through me and you start to pump. Slowly slowly teasing me as my pussy tightens around you trying to draw you into me. In and out your balls slapping against my arse. You build up speed as you feel my body tensing. You know I am about to cum and you want to cum with me. So you fuck me harder. You fuck me faster. Your hands squeezing my nipples my breasts. Your mouth crushing mine in a passionate kiss. I reach the zenith and my juices come tumbling out of me over you over me. You let yourself go and shoot deep inside me. Your juices joining mine. Dribbling from my saturated pussy.

You lay on me, kissing me holding me

'Oh God hun, I love you so much.' I murmur. 'But we should get up, I suppose.' I add.

'I love you Fran and I plan on getting up soon. Just not out of bed.' you add.

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