tagMind ControlStop Watch Ch. 01

Stop Watch Ch. 01


I woke up that morning with an odd feeling in my pants. Once I came to, I realized my hard-on had ripped its way through my boxers and were rubbing against the inside of my jeans. I quickly maneuvered my dick so it was comfortable again.

"Man I gotta get laid," I thought

It was my senior year in high school and I'd say about most of the student population had had sex at least once. My grade was very mature for their age and pretty much everyone was 18. Relationships always went to the next level. I, however, made a few decisions in my past that I regret still to this day. I started going out with this girl in 5th grade but got nowhere because she was prude as hell. Then a 1-month stint with another girl pretty much sums up my relationship past. It's not that I am unattractive because I am definitely not. I just sort of fit into that "best friend" category with every girl I flirt with. Anyway...

I sat up and found breakfast lying on my chair next to my bed. My mom always made my breakfast before she left. I ate quickly and put on my clothes and checked the time. 15 minutes until the bus comes. I grabbed my wallet and remembered I owed a kid 20 dollars from the recent bet I had made. I definitely didn't have the money since I was jobless. So I ran up to my parents' room to grab a 20 and split. As I opened my mom's sock drawer where she keeps some emergency money, I came across a hard object. I moved a sock away and the object was a watch. I picked it up and examined it. I had never seen this kind of watch before. It showed the time and had to buttons that said, "Stop" and "Go". Then I remembered I needed to catch the bus so I grabbed a twenty and put the watch on so I could look at it more on the bus.

After talking to my buddies on the bus for a while I decided to try out the new watch. I pressed the "Go" button and nothing happened. Must have been broken. Then I pressed the "Stop" button. There was a quick whirring sound and then I couldn't believe my eyes. Time had actually stopped! I thought of all the cool things I could do with the time stopped. But then I thought of all the naughty things I could do with it. And so began my best day ever at school...

I grabbed the appropriate books for my morning classes and headed over to my friend Kay's locker. I had just met her this year and she was very pretty. She had beautiful dirty blonde hair with a perfect face and smile. Her breasts were small but she had an amazing ass. I could barely keep a conversation going with her without quickly checking her out.

"Hey Bryan!" she said happily.

"Hey Kay, how was your weekend?" I asked.

As she started talking, the watch brushed up against my hip and I remembered it was there. As Kay rambled on about how she had to baby-sit, I reached out to the watch and pressed, "Stop". She sat there, frozen, with her mouth in an "Oh" form. Ha ha couldn't have timed that better! I stopped and checked out the beauty that I was about to de-robe. I smiled, and reached down to undo her belt. I slowly pulled her jeans down to her ankles and stared at her panties, sporty but still sexy. I put my hand under her shirt to undo her bra so I could look at the small wonders behind her Hollister shirt. I lifted her shirt over her head and to my surprise, 34 B's dropped down from her shirt. I stood there puzzled at the sight. Why would she want to hide her real size? I shrugged and grabbed her nipples between my fingers. I massaged them and they slowly became harder and pointier.

"Hmm... so I guess your body still works but you are still in an unconscious state of mind," I thought with excitement.

I then hooked my thumbs around her panties and pulled them down to her ankles. There it was; the amazing pussy I've longed to fuck. Kay definitely didn't shave her pussy because she was very sporty and probably didn't approve of it... at least yet. I spun her around to look at that amazing ass and as I stared, I felt my penis nod in approval. I grabbed it in one hand and Kay's hip in the other and slowly traced the line of her crack.

"Not yet. I don't know if I want to start there," I said out loud.

I spun her back around and looked at her face. I don't even remember what word she was saying but it had to be something with an "Oh". I stared at her mouth, then my dick, then my mouth, then my dick. In one swift motion she was down on her knees and about to take my meat in her mouth. I stopped for a second and took a picture in my mind for future masturbation.

"She would never do this; it doesn't seem like her," I said with a smile.

I then slipped my cock into her mouth and felt the warm sensation of her tongue and saliva surrounding my dick. My knees almost buckled and I struggled to stay standing. She was so still I could feel her pulse in her tongue. It was the greatest feeling I had ever felt. Soon I was ready to cum. I took the back of her head and pumped furiously and on the last pump my dick slid all the way down her throat and I kept it there. Cum spurted out of my cock and slowly made it's way to her stomach. I fell to my knees in ecstasy. A drip of cum was still hanging on her lip, which I quickly cleaned up.

I then felt guilty about all this pleasure to my self and grabbed Kay and laid her down. I stared down at the beautiful pussy and lowered my tongue to its' lips. I closed my eyes and pretended it was her real lips and gave her small little kisses and then slipped my tongue inside with a stab. If Kay had been conscious, she may have passed out because I almost did from excitement. My cock had slowly started to rise again but I had to wait. I then spread her pussy lips and focused on her clit. Then after a little while, I felt her pussy tunnel start to spasm. I buried my head and stretched my tongue out to great lengths. Then suddenly I felt a rush of juices flow into my mouth. Kay's body stayed stiff but I could feel her muscles get tighter. Then her body was covered in Goosebumps.

"Well, she enjoyed that," I exclaimed with a laugh.

My cock was trying to get out of it's own skin; it was so hard. I quickly ran to the bathroom, grabbed some toilet paper, and cleaned up the mess Kay had made on the tile floor. Then I picked Kay up and ran her to the gymnasium. On the way there I couldn't help myself when it came to girls in skirts. I mean come on! I stuck a finger or two in and left.

"This seriously better not be a dream," I thought.

To my surprise, the wrestling mats were already rolled out. They must have just cleaned them. I laid Kay down and prepared myself for the moment I'd been waiting for for a long time. My virginity was about to end. I was about to slam it in there when I remembered Kay and how much pain it could cause her. She was definitely still a virgin and the only action she could have gotten was with a dildo but she really wasn't that kind of girl. Instead I slowly rubbed the head of my penis around her pussy lips and then slowly pumped my hips into her. I was halfway into her when I felt a rush building inside my balls.

"Not now!" I yelled.

I fought the feeling and continued pushing my way in. She was so unbelievably tight; my 8-inch dick almost couldn't fit. Her pussy would probably open up a little more as I progressed anyway. I pumped at a slow pace but picked it up at times. I was doing her in the missionary position and decided to change it a little. I grabbed her ankles and wrapped them around my neck. That was always sort-of a fetish for me. I was actually salivating this was so hot. I wanted her pussy juices in my mouth again. I felt the churning in my balls again and remembered a vital reason why to take my dick out of Kay at that very moment.

"Fuck I need a condom!" I shouted angrily.

I didn't have one on me and I figured she didn't either. I got up and ran to the nearest guy I could find. I grabbed his wallet out of his pocket and to my surprise he had one; a Trojan for 5-8 inch dicks; just made it. I slipped it on and ran back to Kay, who was still waiting with her legs up in the air. I turned her over onto her hands and knees and slipped in, which was easier than last time, again. In no time, I was ready to cum. I pumped madly and once again I felt her pussy start to spasm. With one final stab, we came at the exact same time. I collapsed onto Kay and at that moment I thought I felt her respond; but she didn't. I carried her back to her locker and put her clothes back on. I put her in the same exact position that she was in during our conversation and I pressed, "Play".

"Uuuuunnnnghhhh!!!" she didn't yell but she was loud enough for people to look at her. Her orgasms must have all built up from our fun time...well I guess it was my fun time. She also seemed to be choking and grabbing at her pants.

"What the hell just happened to me?" she asked regaining her breath.

"I don't know what's going on?" I said trying not to smile.

"I don't know I just felt amazing but then horrible and then amazing again."


"Uh well, in my, let's just say everywhere," she said while blushing.

We said goodbye and headed to our homerooms. I couldn't believe what just happened to me. I felt tingly all over. Then I checked the watch and it read 7:15. It wasn't even 1st period yet. This was going to be the best day of my life.

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by Anonymous05/20/18

My only criticism of this fine story is how the guy KNEW the watch made time stop:
"I couldn't believe my eyes. Time had actually stopped!"
How did he know? I don't think that would be anyone's firstmore...

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