tagGroup SexStory of... Ch. 01

Story of... Ch. 01

bycock whore©

The arrangements had been made and we were dressed more than appropriately. We arrived at his house right on time and approached the door in the dark, being careful not to track through the mud. He opened the door and didn't appear too disappointed, for he didn't know what I was going to look like, only that I was a bonus to this impromptu visit. After a quick peck on each of our cheeks to welcome us, he directed us to the couch and offered us both a glass of wine.

When he returned we were seated on opposite ends of the couch with plenty of space between us. He handed us our wine and seated himself in a chair directly in front of us, yet across the room. He started in with small talk that quickly led to more adult discussion and plenty of innuendo. Then without warning, he stood up and went over to the entertainment center and pressed play on a movie that was apparently ready to go.

Instead of returning to his chair he joined us on the couch. Sitting down right between us, he laid his right hand on her calf and his left hand on my upper thigh, just under the hem of my dress-line. We silently sipped our wine and watched the movie... which didn't leave too much to the imagination as to what may soon come.

I was noticing that I was very wet between my lips and starting to smell the scent of a cunt needing some attention. He must have sensed it too - because before I could even flirt or make a move - the hand on my upper thigh explored further up. I soon felt fingers on my lips and then slowly separating them. Just as it seemed like I was going to be entered the finger slipped up and easily glided over my clit.

She leaned over and whispered something in his ear. I didn't hear or care to hear, because by now, my senses were tuning all things out besides the hand that was touching me. However, without missing a beat, I did hear him reply out-loud "in the top of my closet."

As I heard her footsteps re-entering the room, he firmly grabbed my hair at the base of my neck and made it obvious I was to turn over. On all fours over the arm rest of the couch, I felt hands lifting the bottom of my dress all the way up over my back. I was now completely bare and exposed and positioned. Without any time wasted a sharp sting landed right on my pussy lips, and then another. Then another hand parted them and held me open while the stinging blows kept landing just to the right and left of my clit. I could sense that someone was leading someone. The stronger hand seemed to be doing the damage and the delicate hand seemed to be directing. As I started to squirm and whimper in painful delight, I also felt myself dripping. I wasn't the only one that noticed. I felt a finger probe inside of my wanting pussy and play in the puddle of juice it was making.

Before I could enjoy it too long, the blows started again - except now across my ass and back. Steady and hard, changing location just after one spot would get to be too much - but yet before I would scream. My pussy was now dripping and I could not contain the puddle that was starting to stream outside. I could feel it running down my legs and onto the couch. Then the spanking stopped and I just felt a firm hand push me down on my stomach.

I gathered I was not to move and from the sounds of things, he was now paying some special attention to her, although I could not see a thing and I didn't dare try to peek. Before long, my hair was grabbed again and I was yanked to a standing position. Now I see that she is naked and spread apart, seated on the couch. Her nipples very erect and obviously in a state of almost ecstasy - I was shoved down between her legs. My face met his tongue as he showed me what he expected me to do. Then my mouth was pushed down onto her clit to finish what he started. All the while, his fingers were going in and out and in and out of her while I worked hard at pleasing her and not disappointing either of them.

Just as soon as it was obvious that she was going to go over the top - I felt that familiar hand at the base of my neck, pulling my head away. He dove in and finished her off.

I started to stand and move out of their way. He pushed me back down, but turned me to face him. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants to reveal a huge, hot, hairy cock. It fell so hard and heavy and landed hard on my face. She stood up and approached him from behind. She reached around and grabbed his cock at the base and led it into my mouth. He quickly grabbed my head and forced it deeper down his shaft.

With each plunge down my throat, I would feel my lips bottoming out on her hand around his base. He started fucking my head so hard and fast, I knew I was going to gag soon. Then he tensed up and I realized her hands were no longer around his balls. I reached around with one hand and grabbed onto his ass to discover that she was now teasing it with her hands. Within seconds the cock that was fucking my face, was cumming down my throat. I had no choice but to swallow every drop.

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