tagHumor & SatireSurvival of the Fittest Ch. 02

Survival of the Fittest Ch. 02


The Neanderthal shoved his humongous cock inside of Marilla, and she gasped. If at all possible, it was bigger than the previous one. As he began fucking her, she moaned lustfully, letting everyone know how much she was enjoying it.

The man who had just finished fucking her picked her up by the hair. She let out a piercing shriek, partly out of pain, partly out of anger.

"Oh, fuck, that hurts! Stop it! Let go of my hair, you big stupid lump!"

The caveman grunted and used his free hand to gesture to one of his companions. Meanwhile, the man inside of her gripped her waist more tightly, sinking his fingernails into her skin.

"Owwww!" she howled, tears stinging her eyes. This was not fun anymore. "Stop it, you basta--mmmph!" She gagged as the other caveman's friend stuck three of his meaty fingers into her mouth, cutting off her protests. The one holding her by the hair made a funny sound—was that a laugh?—and began to roughly tug on her nipple with his other hand.

The man fingering her mouth reached to the side and produced a fistful of some kind of plant. Before Marilla even became aware of it, he shoved it in her face, rubbing it against her nose and forcing her to inhale its fragrance. The scent was extremely sharp, but not unpleasant, and for a moment she forgot the intense pain she was feeling.

However, she quickly became aware once again, and continued to struggle, hoping one of them would take pity on her. Instead, they simply laughed and continued to play with her body, the one fucking her rubbing her clitoris mercilessly.

The man with the plant took it away from her face, then nodded to the caveman holding her by the hair. She looked down at his cock, and groaned at its girth. It was bigger than the one she'd previously sucked off, and she doubted she could even get past the head. She tried to struggle, but was beginning to feel as if she were losing all her strength…Her eyelids were growing heavy as the enormous penis came closer to her mouth. She suddenly became more aware of the rhythmic thrusting of the other man's massive member, the throbbing dull, but the feeling intense.

The man in front stuck his fingers into her mouth, pushing all the way to the back of her throat. Then, he pulled them out and started pushing the head of his penis against her lips.

"Nnnnnn…!" she moaned, shaking her head, but it was no use. As her lips finally yielded to admit his penis, she realized what the plant had been.

Oh my God…I've been drugged!

She giggled a little as his cock slid past her lips and thrust all the way to the back of her mouth. This man was even more rough than the first, and he fucked her face mercilessly. Her entire body was now tingling. She felt someone's hand begin to finger her clitoris.

The man in her pussy came, then stood aside to admit a third. This man lay down on the flat surface and began to orally pleasure her. She moaned loudly as he tongue-fucked her, sticking his tongue as far into her hole as he could.

Oh God, she thought, he's eating the other man's cum out of me! Oh, God, that's so hot! Marilla had always wanted someone to do this, but none of her boyfriends would do it.

The man in front pulled away from her mouth and splashed his hot cum all over her face. It got in her hair and on her neck and chest. Shortly after, she reached a second orgasm, her entire body convulsing and covered in sweat.

She barely had time to recuperate before another man—they were all the same to her now—leaned onto her back and grabbed her breasts from behind. He began to massage them, gently at first, then gradually rougher, squeezing them so hard she wanted to scream. With his finger and thumb, he pinched and pulled on her nipples, leaning all the way forward so she could feel his throbbing erection against her backside. He continued to molest her sore, used breasts as he slowly pulled her back until they were both standing upright.

Finally, he let go with one hand and moved it down between her legs so he could begin fingering her pussy. He grunted and swirled his fingers inside of her, getting a generous amount of the other cavemen's cum and Marilla's own feminine juices.

At this point Marilla was feeling extremely weak, yet giddy at the same time. She loved being used and abused like this. She had always enjoyed being "forced" by her boyfriends (although it was really just roleplay). The drugs added a nice side effect of being completely helpless, and it enabled the Neanderthals to toss her about like a rag doll.

But she was completely taken by surprise when the caveman withdrew his fingers from her cunt and began to insert them into her asshole.

"Oh, no," she tried to say. "Not my ass…I can't take that monstrous cock you have…!" But due to the drugs, it only came out as garbled gibberish.

She moaned again as he added a third finger and began to spread them wide, making her get used to having her asshole invaded. It felt good, no doubt about that—and pretty soon she was begging to be impaled on his cock.

Her moans turned into screams as he began to shove his humongous cock inside her. She had never taken anything so big in her life. She pain was almost unbearable, but she grit her teeth and took it—she knew she would never get an opportunity like this again.

She continued to howl as the caveman slid his hard dick in and out of her, pounding her more mercilessly each time. Tears formed in her eyes as he gripped her hips more tightly, sinking his nails into her skin. Even so, she felt her own excitement rising, and she pushed back against his groin. The caveman clearly enjoyed this, and he began to pump in and out of her even harder and faster.

The two began to work together, trying to bring both themselves and each other to orgasm—and it worked. Marilla came first, and the caveman shortly after, the latter emitting grunts and shouts of delight. For Marilla, what pushed her over the edge was the mental image of what her ass must look like completely stretched out by the caveman's massive cock. She felt her love juice run out of her pussy and down her legs, mixing with her assailant's cum dripping out of her ass.

Finally, the caveman pulled out, causing her to collapse in a heap on the ground. Marilla panted, entirely spent by her various orgasms, her body aching from having been used by so many men. She was exhausted, and doubted she'd be able to walk right now, anyway. She started a bit as she felt the man behind her untie her bonds. He worked carefully, as though trying not to chafe her wrists. She smiled at the way he handled her body so gently. Clearly he cared about his women—now she thought about it, he and his men had made sure to bring her to orgasm as often as they could, thinking about her as much as they did about themselves.

The caveman said something to her. She did not understand, but his voice was gentle. She smiled up at him. "Thank you," she said.


After returning home, Marilla walked into her room to find a man under the covers. Somehow she wasn't surprised…after all, she knew that traveling to the past would change the present. Perhaps copulating with a Homo sapiens had caused the Homo neandertalensis to interbreed with other ones.


"Welcome home, dear," the man greeted warmly. "How was work toda—Oh, my," he exclaimed when he saw Marilla was naked (she'd had the sense to wash in one of the ponds before returning to the present, but she hadn't been able to find her clothes).

Without a word, Marilla pounced on him, running her hands up and down his body and pushing her hips against his. If he's got Neanderthal blood in him, then he should have

Once she felt his erection growing through the blankets, she pulled them aside to gaze upon his huge penis. Once ascertaining that it was at least as big as that of the last man who had fucked her, she shouted out, "THANK YOU, GOD!"

Her husband regarded her curiously. "You're acting awfully strange tonight, Marilla…"

"I'm just horny," Marilla murmured, and began to kiss him passionately.

Truly, going back in time was the best thing she'd ever done.


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