tagBDSMSusie's Peaks Ch. 02

Susie's Peaks Ch. 02


Continuing Susie's Adventures into her fantasies. Made possible by the help of my good friend, Redfacedandnaked.xx


On the way to the ladies room, she shyly noticed that her boss, and another chap who was with him, looked at her, but not her face, and then looked at her face and smiled. The shape of her nipples, discreetly protruding through the two layers had definitely caught their eye! Once there, she removed her knickers, slowly, and placed them in her bag.

"Oh Master, what am I doing!" she thought. +

"Your breasts look so good, so natural, so curvy without a bra my love" he had written, the email coming at half past ten, the little ping! announcing its arrival. "Now to enjoy the feeling of hidden nakedness, naughty knickerlessness, while you work, you will, at precisely eleven o'clock, return to the loos, and remove those silken knickers from your sweet little pussy, baring your sex, and those curvy bum cheeks of yours, to the air. Imagine, if you like, everyone else with no underwear. You are safe my Pet, no one knows of your, or OUR, little secret!"

Susan sat back down at her desk. She squirmed, she wriggled, she groaned. Oh why....!

Every movement sent her nipples on somersaults of ecstasy, and her now knickerless pussy, the lips moist and pursed, she felt, felt so alive! The lining of her skirt on her thighs had always felt slinkily, kinkily exotic, the flesh responding to the touch, but if she sat wrong (how could that be wrong?) it slipped, slicked, slid across her lips.

She shuddered as she moved slightly. "Susan" She jumped startled by the voice at her shoulder.

Her boss leant over, slightly behind her. Oh my God! Could he see her breasts heaving, as she fought her naughty body, could he see her nipples harden as she reacted to his closeness, could he smell her musky scent over her spray perfume? Her Master must have known this would happen at some point, how she would react. She turned, peering over her glasses at her Boss. "I'm sorry you're leaving, I know we shall....err...miss having you..."

Time stood still. "having you" In her sexually aroused state, she imagined being laid naked across his desk in his office, all the men in the company standing, waiting their turn.............all in a millisecond.

"... around. We're going for a drink at dinner, just half an hour, not a celebration really, just my way of saying thank you. Just for thirty minutes. Everyone's going. See you then!" and he walked away.

She felt as if she had started to breathe again, turning her red-faced cheeks to the screen in front of her, trying to concentrate on finishing her work. Gradually she began to calm down, the pert state of her breasts, the open moistness of her pussy lips a comforting feel. Would her Master be pleased? She emailed him. She hesitated, and then wrote all about her feelings when her Boss had stood next to her. And her fleeting vision. She pressed send.

Glad of the freedom, she picked up some papers that needed photocopying. As she stood next to the machine, the fan inside the copier sent a gust of warm air, up her skirt, across her stocking clad legs, onto her pussy. She trembled. Her breasts jiggled. The young lad from the stores was stood in front of her, waiting his turn. He was too shy to chat to women, but she noticed him ogling her nipples through the two clothing layers.

Smiling, she bent down to scratch her ankle, and move her pussy from that movement of air up her skirt.

She had only two buttons undone above the V-neck of her jumper, but knew that the lad would at least see the tops of her breasts. She wished, oh how she wished, just for a moment, that he could see all the way down, over her breasts to her moist open pussy. Picking up the copies, she walked back to her desk, the lust inside her glowing like a dormant fire, warming her, bathing her in an aura, a glow of sensuality.

A cough. She looked up. Blushing, there was the young lad, holding out the originals she had left in the machine.

"Thank you" she said, and winked at him. He seemed to run away back through the office, but she had noticed his strained trousers, trying to contain a bulge that hadn't been there earlier!

At half past eleven, having obviously read her email and approved, she received his next order. No, that was wrong, she thought. It is his next request. She couldn't remember him ever ordering her to do anything, merely asking, nicely, firmly, suggestively, knowing that she would be comfortable with his words, his needs. Her needs!

"My sweet little darkling Pet" he wrote. "How well you have served me today, How well you have carried out these requests. You know that I will never force you to do anything. However, by teasing the office boy as you did, I think you must be punished" Her breath caught. It had felt right to do it, but of course, she hadn't asked if she could tease anyone.

She read on. "At twelve o'clock, you will remove your stockings, your hold-ups, those sheaths of nylon that encase your legs. You will place them, along with your bra and your knickers, into a drawer in your desk, but not at the back. No my Pet, they will be in the drawer on top of whatever is in there. You will do this at your desk. You WILL go to lunch, dressed as you are then. You WILL go for a drink, for the half hour. However, while you are all there, having your drink, you will be without a bra, knickerless, and bare-legged. You will chat to the office boy, and you will smile at him, wink at him, and make sure he sees your nipples. That is all. Report to me when you return"

She was stunned. She had displeased him by making her own moment of pleasure. She squirmed on the chair, immediately regretting it, as fresh sparks of energy caused her face to flush. She eyed the clock, watching............

At twelve, she looked around, everyone was busy, the Boss was at the back, chatting to one of the others, all eyes and minds were focussed on work, getting things finished, working towards lunch. Oh God, the lunch drink. Her fingers, normally nimble, slid her skirt up her right leg and fumbled with the welt, grasping it, she leant forward, dropping her shoe off, and stretching the nylon over her foot, into her hand, balling it up. Now she was stuck.

Put it in the drawer, or take the other one off while she could? She could hardly stay like this, one leg in black, one leg bare. She took a breath, and repeated the action with the left one. Her hands sought her handbag, pulling the undergarments out. She slid the second drawer open and dropped them in on top of labels, papers, clutter. As she closed the drawer, her Boss walked past. With a blushing face, (she imagined it scarlet), she looked up at him.

He smiled, with an eyebrow raised, and carried on. Had he seen ....?

She stared at the screen, eyes unseeing, as she took in her current state of undress. But wait, no, she wasn't undressed, she was fully dressed. At least to anyone who looked at her. Anyone who looked hard might see no outline of a bra, the hint of a nipple, anyone who saw her legs might notice them bare, would they have seen them clad in nylon earlier? Would they even remember? Would she get away with this? Oh God, the drinks at lunch.....

She emailed her Master "It is done!" And watched the clock, in between mundane work tasks, as the finger crept (oh why did she have to imagine THAT!) solidly to the thirty minute mark.


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