tagFetishT.L.P. Sophomore Year Ch. 01

T.L.P. Sophomore Year Ch. 01


Thank you all so much for the great comments and emails about "Tara Loves Panties". It brought back so many memories and was quite fun to write. Please do comment or send email to me about my stories, I love to get feedback, good and bad. Since so many readers have begged me to write more about my college panty fetish experiences, here's a prelude to Sophomore year...


...Good grief, it had been a long time. My reflection stared back at me from the full-length mirror in the ladies dressing room of the store where I was working during summer vacation. I was sitting cross-legged on the floor, a red thong pressed tightly to my face with one hand, my other hand deep inside my own panties. I inhaled deeply, my eyes flitting back and forth between the reflection of my face and my hidden hand as it rubbed up and down over my wet slit. My skirt was up around my waist, my panties were soaked, the thong was fragrant, and my head was spinning as I thought back to that last day at school. I hadn't had another woman's panties in my face for almost two and a half months.

Before we left school for the summer, Vicki, Lisa, Julie and I had a "School's Out Orgy" the night before the dorm closed for the summer. Everyone had already moved out of the dorm on that last day except for the four of us. We had taken almost all of our things to our cars and we were hot and sweaty when Vicki said, "I need a shower". I looked over at Julie and she had "that look" on her face that I knew meant we were gonna have some fun.

"You know," she said, "the girls across the hall have that big open group shower, let's all shower together!" Instantly we were grabbing our shower essentials and running to get out the door. Across the hall all of the rooms were empty now and there was one large bathroom that all those rooms shared (on our side of the floor there was a small bathroom between each room). Giggling, we all got into the bathroom and started stripping off our clothes. Vicki and Lisa were the first ones naked and they jumped in the shower. The shower had 6 shower heads, two on each wall. They pointed three of the shower heads up so that the water fell like rain on the middle of the tiled floor. The other three they turned on low and pointed them so that there was water falling wherever you stood.

By the time Julie and I got in, Vicki and Lisa were locked in an embrace, their lips attacking each other as their hands rubbed up and down over their wet bodies. Lisa was massaging Vicki's ass and pulling up on her butt cheeks exposing her little asshole. Julie grinned at me and got down on her knees and started licking Vicki from behind. Vicki moaned as I came over and joined them for a three-way kiss. Our tongues fought together and I felt their hands on my back and sides, the warm water falling on us from everywhere. Vicki broke away and bent over to give Julie better access. Julie slid forward and dragged the flat of her tongue over Vicki's pussy from clit to asshole in one long lick sending shudders down Vicki's body.

Lisa and I turned our attentions back to each other. We kissed long slow and deep as our hands roamed over each other's breasts and tummy. I pulled her close, rubbing our hips together and felt her pussy hair rub against mine. We lowered ourselves to the floor and looking in each other's eyes we smiled, the water was running down our bodies, the steam was rising around us, the sounds of sex coming from the other girls, it was so erotic! We laid back and scooted towards each other. We both spread our legs and pushed our pussies together like a scissors. It felt amazing rubbing our wet pussies together. We ground them together until finally I laid back and came in an exquisite orgasm, just as Lisa did the same. We laid there on the shower floor recovering as we watched Vicki and Julie devour each other in a 69.

We all finally stood and soaped up, cleaning each other in a four-way hug, sliding our soapy bodies all over each other. After a few minutes, Julie whispered in my ear, "You know, I've always wanted to eat a bald pussy, I swore it was going to happen before this school year was out." I looked at her quizzically, knowing that none of us were shaved or had ever shaved our vaginas. "So," she continued, looking at the other girls, "We're gonna take a vote. All those in favor of me shaving Tara's pretty little cunt, raise you hands". My jaw dropped as my three best friends all raised their hands.

"Wait just a minute," I cried as I backed away, "I LIKE my pussy just the way it is! I don't want a razor down there! I like how my hair holds my scent, I don't like this idea at all!"

Vicki came over and put her arm around my shoulders, "Baby, you're the one who started all this. We wouldn't even be interested in girls if you hadn't stolen our panties back at the beginning of the school year".

"Yeah," chimed in Lisa, "Lots of girls shave now and I want to see what it looks like too".

I could feel myself surrendering, they were all so damn beautiful, and so good to me, I'd probably do anything for them. I breathed a heavy sigh and said, "OK, dammit, but Don't Cut Me!" Julie clapped her hands together and joyfully ran out of the shower, coming back in a moment later with a new box of shavers and shaving gel.

"OK, how about you sit in the corner?" I got up and moved over to the corner of the shower and sat down, holding my legs together. Julie was so excited her face was just glowing! "Come on now, let me see, spread your legs so I can do this!" I reluctantly spread my legs and let her rub some gel into my hair and all around my vagina. The other two girls moved the shower heads so the water wasn't hitting us directly and sat back watching with rapt attention. Slowly Julie started shaving me. She started at the top and got all the thick hair done first, then thoughtfully switched to a new shaver in case the first one had gotten dull. I leaned back and spread as far as I could and held as still as possible as she started shaving around my pussy lips, using her fingers to pull the skin tight. I was actually getting pretty turned on by now and had a hard time being perfectly still. After a few minutes she said, "OK, turn over and get on your knees, I want to make sure I get everything from behind too". I turned over on my hands and knees, then lowered my face to the tiles so my ass was as high as possible. As I spread my knees Julie said, "Pull your cheeks apart so I can get in there". I reached back with both hands and pulled my ass cheeks as wide as I could and felt the cool gel as she rubbed it onto my asshole. Slowly, carefully, Julie shaved around my rim, removing the few tiny hairs I had back there. She rinsed me off, then felt all over my pussy looking for stray hairs and shaved a few more spots that she missed. "All done!" she exclaimed, and reached for a bottle of lotion. She rubbed the lotion in and I could see she was getting really turned on again. I reached down with my hand and felt myself. So smooth, and I felt so naked, more naked than I could ever remember.

"Let's go back to the room" I said in my sexiest voice, and stood up to go. The other girls turned off the water and we all practically ran back to our room, still soaking wet and giggling the whole time. Bursting into the room we pushed the two beds together and I jumped on. I rolled onto my back spreading my legs wide. I looked Julie in the eyes, licked my lips and said, "eat me". Julie's eyes went wide and she dove in. First she rubbed her cheeks and lips all over my bald pussy, feeling the smooth skin against hers. Then she started kissing it all over, and used her fingers to feel how smooth it felt. As her tongue slipped between my lips I looked down to see Lisa and Vicki start to feel me as well. Their hands along with Julie's tongue were driving me crazy and I squirmed from side to side. I sat up and pulled Julie up to me and kissed her full on the lips, tasting my juices on her face. I pushed her down on her back and crawled on top of her. As I kissed her, I rubbed my pussy on her thigh as my own thigh rubbed between her legs. My hands caressed her breasts and I slowly slid up higher and higher. I rubbed my bald pussy on her left titty getting it wet while her hard nipple slid in and out of my wet hole. The sensation was incredible, I could feel more than ever now without any hair in the way. I moved higher and sat on Julie's face. I looked down past my tummy and looked into her eyes as I sat down. I could tell that she was loving it.

I sat lightly on her, letting her tongue explore the newly bare flesh as I squeezed my own breasts and nipples with delight. Julie started moaning and I looked behind me to see Lisa and Vicki both going down on Julie. Their heads were side by side and they were both licking her clit. I sat down harder putting my full weight on Julie's face, moving back and forth, face fucking her. It was hard for her to breathe and I lifted up slightly when she pinched my ass to give her some air. I stood up and turned around and sat back down again so I could enjoy the view. Lisa had two fingers inside Julie and she was finger fucking her as fast as she could while Vicki continued to lick her clit. Julie had her tongue up my ass now, wriggling it in and out, back and forth as my juices ran down her chin. Vicki stood up and bent over offering her ass to me. I spread her cheeks and licked her pussy and asshole as Julie continued to lap up my juices.

"OK ladies, I want to try it now" Vicki said as she pulled me off of Julie and laid me on my back. She got between my legs and started licking and nibbling on my pussy lips. Lisa straddled my face and I licked her pretty pussy for all I was worth. Lisa bent forward and joined Vicki in licking my clit. When Vicki put a finger inside me I came again, bucking against her hand and Lisa's tongue. They gave my tits a squeeze and stood up to join Julie at the side of the bed. I looked up and they were holding a box. "What's that, guys?" I said apprehensively.

"Going away present" they all said together as they turned over the box and dozens of panties tumbled out on top of me! I squealed with delight as I rolled around sniffing random panties and rubbing them all over my body. As a surprise for me the girls had refrained from washing their panties until every pair they owned were dirty. I already had the taste of the three girls in my mouth and now the scent of over three dozen dirty panties nearly overwhelmed me. I moaned as I squirmed in the flood of soft material. God it felt so good, I think I had an out of body experience! On that last night, after hours of licking, probing, spanking, giggling, diddling and cumming we all fell asleep in the pile of panties curled up together. It was heavenly, but it had to end.

We all cried as we left the next morning. We had decided that as hard as it would be, when school started we would all find other places to live to "broaden our horizons" as Vicki put it. And she was right. I needed more new friends and experiences. Besides, we knew we would still hang out together once school started in the Fall, we just wouldn't be living together.

...After my freshman year at college I had come back home for the summer. I didn't really care about seeing any old High School friends, not that I had any. Shari and Kim were away with their parents and all I really wanted anyway was to earn some money for school. So I found a job at the local mall as a sales girl (I applied at Vitoria's Secret, but there weren't any openings). My boss, Ida, was a boring old lady with a chip on her shoulder. She hated me for no apparent reason and ran me ragged all day long. I hardly did any "sales" at all. Mostly I was a well-dressed stock boy with tits, opening boxes, hanging clothes on racks, ringing up sales, fetching for Ida. At the end of each day I was beat and went home to shower and sleep. That was my summer. Day after day after day after day...until I got fired.

She walked into the store, a vision in heels. She looked like a business woman with her tight knee-length skirt, stockings and pumps. She had on a tight white button down top, her auburn hair caressing her shoulders. She was in her early 30's, tall, wearing black rimmed glasses. She could have been a secretary or a lawyer, I didn't know or care. I just wanted to rip off her panties and sniff them 'til I came.

Ida had gone home to take care of a sick brother or cat or something, I hadn't really been listening, and left me alone in the store. The business woman browsed around the store for a while, pulling several things off the racks until she finally walked over to me and asked if I would help her find the dressing rooms. I smiled and walked her to the back of the store and asked her if she needed any help with anything else.

"Well," she said, "I do need an opinion about these, would you tell me how they look on me?" It was a slow day and she was the only customer, so of course I said I would. She went into the dressing room and left the door open as she changed. She removed her top and skirt and stood before me in a white bra and red thong panties with her stockings, garter belt and heels still on. I was getting damp. I had to figure out a way to get her out of that thong. She tried on outfit after outfit, all pretty much the same, a business length skirt and blouse. Boring but appropriate for an office I suppose.

I offered my opinion on each and then had a thought, "How about something fun?" I said.

"What did you have in mind?"

"Just a second," I replied and ran off to the clothes racks. There was a lovely sheer white summer dress that I'd hung up earlier and I just knew that her red thong would show through the material. I brought it back to her and said, "This will look beautiful on you".

"Oh, I don't know," she said, "I don't have much time for anything other than work".

"Well, just try it on, what can it hurt to see how you look in it?" I was practically pleading with her.

"OK, what the heck," she said and I handed the dress over to her.

She slipped it on and sure enough, it was beautiful on her and I could see her red thong right through the thin material.

"Oh my!" she exclaimed, "That won't do, will it?" she looked at me and we both laughed.

"Why don't you take off your panties and I'll go find a new pair for you?" I said as I rushed out to the floor without waiting for a reply. I found a new white thong that I was sure would fit her and brought it back to her. As I looked into the dressing room, there on the floor next to her pumps, stockings and garter belt was the red thong, curled up on itself, I could tell that she'd rolled it off of her body. I could practically smell her scent as I handed the new thong to her.

"That's better!" she said as she twirled in the mirror. "I like this! It's so warm outside I think I'll wear it"

She found a pair of open-toed sandals to wear with the new dress and we picked out a couple of other things as well, so I offered to put her old clothes in a bag for her along with her other purchases. As I grabbed the clothes from the dressing room I put the red thong in my pocket.

After she paid and left I looked at the clock and realized I had another hour until closing time. Damn! I sat behind the counter, feeling the material of the thong in my pocket. It was still moist from her body. There were other customers in the store now, so I couldn't just whip out the thong and start sniffing it. I was going crazy. I had hardly masturbated all summer long, and now I was about to cum just thinking about the panties in my pocket.

Finally it was closing time and I rushed to close and lock the front doors. Making sure everything was secure I ran to the back of the store and into one of the dressing rooms. I pulled the thong out of my pocket, dropped to the floor, put it to my face and inhaled. Oh! It was so good! She smelled sweet, but musky, so nice! I leaned back and watched myself in the mirror as I slowly let my hand go down and rub my panties while keeping the thong held to my nose and mouth. My hand found its way into my panties and I was moaning, thinking about that last day at school, just about to cum when Bam! The door slammed open and there stood Ida staring down at me, mouth open, a look of utter disgust on her face. I yelped and frantically tried to hide the thong and put myself back together as I got up off the floor.

"Oh my God," I cried, as Ida just stood there glaring at me, "I'm so sorry, I thought I was alone, it won't happen again, I.. I... I don't know what to say, I'm so embarrassed." I stammered as I backed out of the room. Ida didn't say a word as I managed to grab my things and walk to the door, fumbling with the lock as I tried to make my escape. I'd never been so humiliated. As I walked out of the doors I heard Ida gruffly say, "Don't ever come back!"

I ran out of the mall crying and made it back home. I avoided my parents and made it to my room where I locked the door, collapsed on my bed and cried into my pillow. It was then that I realized I still had the thong panties and pulled them out of my pocket. I smiled and laughed as I brought them to my face again. Giggling through my tears I laid them on my pillow and buried my face in them, my tears drawing the scent out of them as I imagined I was licking the pussy of the pretty business woman. I fell asleep that way and dreamed of sexy secretaries being chased around by old ladies swinging canes over their heads.

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