tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaming The Teaser Ch. 2

Taming The Teaser Ch. 2


Catherine spent plenty of time over the next month Tommy, either alone or with his friends. Often Robert joined them with his camcorder. Each time she pretended not to enjoy the prospect of sex with any of them only to end up completely satisfied in the end. In truth, she still didn't like any of the men. And she usually felt cheap and dirty for fucking them. But she was getting satisfied in ways that she never thought possible. But she was relieved when Tommy moved out of his apartment and moved back to his hometown to get a job now that he had graduated. Catherine assumed that he had taken the tapes and pictures with him and tried putting everything behind her. She dreaded the thought of starting school again knowing that she would eventually run into Kevin, Leon or Joe. And she avoided the theatre where Robert and Job both worked. She knew that John had moved away after graduation as well.

Unfortunately for Catherine an unforeseen turn of events occurred one afternoon late in the summer. While Robert was at work his wife was going through his collection of tapes looking for a copy of a home film they had made together. The 21-year old was attractive, with long blond hair, a slender 32-B, 24-, 32 body and long legs. She was concerned that Robert may have shown the tape to his new buddies since they had gotten together a few times to watch some tapes in private. She wasn't expecting to find a series of tapes showing Robert and his buddies fucking some pretty slut.

Paula was pissed. First she wanted to cut her husband's balls off for cheating on her. But then she decided that she needed to wait and see what actions she would take.

Paula knew some of Robert's friend's girlfriends since they group of them had gotten together several times over the summer. She decided that they too needed to see what they boyfriend's were up too. So she called each of them and made arrangements for them all to get together one night at her place while Robert was at work.

On Saturday night the girls arrived. First there was Jackie, a 19-year old with shoulder length dark-brown hair. She was short but had a nice 36-B, 24, 26 body. She had been dating Kevin for over a year and had known him since high school. Amy was slightly taller than Jackie was, and very skinny. Her measurements were 30-A, 22. 30. She had long light-brown hair and a pretty face. She was 20 and had met Joe while working as a cashier at the theatre last spring. Leon's girlfriend was Tracy, a 20-year old with brown hair and a plain face. She wore thick glasses and had an average body. While not unattractive, she paled in comparison to the other girls.

Amy had brought a friend with her. An 18-year old that had gone to the same school that she and Jackie had attended. Tina had known both girls but had become friends with Amy. Tina was tall, with long black hair and a very pretty, freckled face. She had a 36-C chest with a narrow 24" waist and 36" hips.

Paula told the girls to prepare themselves for what they were about to see. When she turned on the VCR the girls gasped in shock as they saw their boyfriends fucking another woman. Jackie recognized Catherine first. But only seconds before Amy and Tina did. The three all knew Catherine as a stuck-up cock teaser. Now they couldn't believe that she was fucking their boyfriends.

When Paula turned off the tape they began discussing their options. Most of which included castration or other such physical tortures. None of them were expecting Paula's suggestion.

"I think we need to teach that little slut a lesson first."

"Yeah, we can beat the shit out of her!" Tracy suggested.

After getting an approving response to Tracy's idea Paula continued. "We could beat her ass. But maybe it would be better to really teach her not to fuck with men who belong to someone else. I say we get revenge on her in the same way she hurt us."

"How would we do that?" Jackie asked.

"Let's capture the little bitch then rape her with dildos and make her lick our cunts while taping it all like she did with our men."

The girls sat there silently. None of them were really into lesbianism, although Amy and Tina had tried it before. Paula too had experimented with a couple other women. But Paula explained that this wouldn't be true lesbianism. At least not on their part. They would just be getting revenge on Catherine while making her get each of them off in the process. It didn't take much persuasion to convince the other girls to go along with her plan. Then Jackie added another idea.

"I know someone who Catherine absolutely would hate to have watch this happen to her. Especially if we make her fuck him afterwards."

Jackie insisted that she could add this guy to their plans with ease. So after a few more details the ladies began putting the scheme together.

It was Saturday morning when Catherine got the phone call at her parent's house. She was told to go outside to find a package in her car. When Catherine went outside she found her car door unlocked and a paper bag sitting on the floorboard. When she opened the bag she found a videocassette. Her heart sank at the sight of it. She just knew that this was one of the tapes made of her. Catherine had thought that her ordeal would be over but she feared that it was beginning all over again.

She ran to her room and put the tape into her VCR. As soon as she saw the images of her getting triple penetrated she turned it off and sat down on her bed. Fifteen minutes later the phone rang.

"Would you like to get all copies of that tape back?" The female voice inquired.

Catherine's interest was peaked. "How?"

"I can get all of them. If you bring me $100 bucks you can have them."

Catherine couldn't believe her ears. It was worth $100 dollars to destroy all of the evidence of her gangbang experiences. "What about the pictures?" She asked.

"Them too." The voice replied.

Catherine was told where to go and when to be there. Fortunately she had no plans today, so she showered and dressed and waited until it was time to leave.

Catherine arrived at Paula's house at 3:30 just as instructed. Paula met her at the door and let her in. She introduced herself as Robert's wife and said that she knew all about everything and that she wanted to help Catherine as well as help herself by doing this. Catherine bought into it and followed Paula into the living room where she saw the other four women sitting around.

"Ladies, this is the slut whose been fucking our men!" Paula said.

Catherine knew that she was in trouble. "It's not what you think…" She began.

"Oh we know what to think, bitch!" Jackie spat.

Before she could do anything the women were on her, pulling her to the floor. Catherine fought back, hoping to escape. She was afraid that these girls would beat her to death if she didn't get away. Her shirt was ripped open as she was pinned to the floor. Her hands were pulled behind her back and tied tightly. Then her bra was cut from her body with a knife, allowing her C-cup boobs to bounce free. As she struggled her pants were pulled off and her panties were ripped away, causing her to yelp with pain as the material tore from her hips.

"You like to be gang fucked, well we're going to teach you a lesson in gang fucking." Paula said.

Catherine looked up to see the women disrobing. Paula walked over and turned on a camcorder on a tripod. "We're also going to film this so everybody who's interested can watch."

Paula looked on in horror as the women began pulling strap-on dildos out of a bag and putting them on.

"By the way, we have another surprise for you." Jackie said. Paula recognized Jackie, Amy and Tina from high school.

"Oh, Mick, come on out!" Jackie yelled.

Catherine turned beat red as Mick walked into the living room. This was the freakishly tall, gangly boy who had a crush on her for years. Now he was standing there staring at her naked, helpless body.

Paula and Amy got on the floor and began sucking Catherine's tits. She squirmed as they continued. Tina got between her legs and started fingering her pussy until Catherine's juices began to flow.

"Who wants to fuck her first?" Tina asked.

"I'm the only one here married, so I'll do it." Paula said.

Catherine saw the thick dildo hanging off of Paula. It was bigger than Robert's cock by two inches, and wider. She realized that every one of them had a 10-inch dildo that they planned on using on her.

Paula thrust her imitation cock into Catherine's pussy. "Is that how my husband fucked you, bitch?" She said as she began fucking her. Catherine cried out as the dildo began banging her cervix. Tina and Amy were busy sucking and biting her hard nipples. As she cried out Jackie got into position over her head and shoved her own dildo deep into Catherine's mouth. Catherine bit in response, only to realize that it was nothing but hard rubber. Jackie laughed and continued pressing the dildo into her throat. Catherine had to fight to continue breathing as Jackie's dildo filled her throat. Tracy shoved her hand between Paula and Catherine's waists and maneuvered her fingers to Catherine's clit and began rubbing it. Catherine was in a state of shock as she was being gang raped by a bunch of women. Never in her life could she have imagined something so terrible happening to her. And there was Mick standing over her watching her ordeal without making a move to help her.

Catherine wanted to cry out, to beg for mercy or say anything. But the dildo in her mouth effectively gagged her. The mad fucking went on and on. Unlike men, dildos weren't going to cum and go flaccid. She knew that these women could continue as long as they liked.

Catherine felt as if her pussy was going to be torn apart by the savage fucking she was receiving. But the mouths on her nipples and the fingers on her clit were causing her body to respond. Catherine cursed under her breath for she realized what was being done to her. These women were going to torture her by making her orgasm to their perverted desires. Catherine fought back against the pleasure that was swelling up inside her. But the women continued on. Paula had been fucking her for twenty minutes now and Catherine was almost to the point of losing it. Tracy pinched her clit hard then began rubbing it some more. Catherine cried out against the dildo in her throat. Her eyes went wide as she climaxed.

"Next!" Paula said as she pulled the wet, rubber tool from Catherine's stretched hole.

Jackie came around and shoved her dildo into Catherine's pussy. Paula took Jackie's place and shoved her own down Catherine's abused throat. Catherine could taste her own juices on the dildo. Once more she felt mouths on her nipples and fingers on her clit. This time it took only fifteen minutes before she was shaking with her second orgasm.

Jackie pulled out and Catherine was turned over. Her upper body was laid on the couch and the coffee table was moved so that Amy could get behind her. Amy looked ridiculous with a large 10-inch fake cock hanging from her petite frame. She got on her knees and shoved the tool deep into Catherine's pussy. Amy slammed her without mercy until Catherine was crying out with a third orgasm; this one was multiples, sending wave after wave of unwanted pleasure throughout her body.

Tracy took her turn next. She made Catherine sit on top of her and ride her strap-on. Paula made sure that they were positioned in such a way that Catherine faced the camera. Tracy played with Catherine's nipples, brutally pinching and pulling them as Catherine was forced to ride her rubber cock. Catherine threw her head back, crying out in climax. Then Tracy took each nipple and twisted them savagely, sending a mixture of pleasure and pain throughout her being.

Tina too made Catherine ride her strap-on. Catherine was both physically and mentally exhausted by now. She rode the dildo for several minutes before being wracked with a series of powerful orgasms.

Catherine fell off of Tina onto the floor. Her hands still secured behind her back preventing her from blocking her fall.

"You're not through yet, slut." Paula informed her. "Now we all get to do you ass."

Catherine screamed in fear as the women lifted her off the floor. Tracy pulled something out of the bag that Catherine didn't recognize. She quickly learned that it was a strap on vibrator. She was held tight while they ladies forced the contraption onto her. It was secured firmly against her front, covering a clit and a good portion of her pussy. It was strapped around her waist and legs. Then it was turned on. Catherine shivered as the vibrations overwhelmed her abused pussy. She was shoved back on the floor over the couch. The vibrator was already making her cum as Paula put her oiled up strap-on against Catherine's ass. Catherine screamed as Paula began pushing it into her. She felt like she was being torn in two by the massive fake-prick. Paula began fucking her ass while the vibrator was continuing to make her orgasm over and over again. When Paula was finished Jackie took her turn at torturing Catherine's ass. Making sure to continue until she heard at the sounds of at least two orgasms escaping her lips between cries of pain. Next came Amy. She slammed Catherine for a half-hour before tiring of the game and pulling out. Tracy and Tina both took their turns for a few minutes. Then Catherine was left lying on the floor. Forced to climax over and over due to the vibrator attached to her. She was coming so much that she had lost control of her bladder and pissed all over the floor.

A small egg-shaped vibrator was pulled out of the bag and shoved deep inside her pussy. Now Catherine had two vibrators driving her crazy. Then she was forced to accept a butt-plug up her ass. She lay on the floor squirming to orgasm after orgasm, wondering how much longer she could endure before passing out.

Then Paula stood over her. "Now it's time for you to get us off."

Paula squatted on Catherine's face. She could see Paula's lips dripping with juice in anticipation of making Catherine lick her pussy. Catherine begged to be let go but Paula ignored her pleas. Tracy took the camera off the tripod and came closer so that they could get a good picture of Catherine's face buried in Paula's pussy. Paula pressed her cunt onto Catherine's lips. She slid back and forth until Catherine gave in and began licking Paula's wet pussy. As she licked she was hit by yet another orgasm. She increased her licking and sucking on the cunt in her face. Paula leaned forward, resting her hands on the floor while doing her best to watch Catherine eat her out. "Oh yes!" She cried out as she began cuming, flooding Catherine's pretty face with a stream of her own juices.

Paula got up and Jackie took her place. Catherine began eating the dark-haired girl's pussy. Knowing that Jackie was one of the girls who had known her since high school made this even more revolting. She climaxed to the twin vibrators just as Jackie began cuming on her mouth. Her own gasps of delight forced her to swallow much of Jackie's juices.

Tiny Amy got on her next. Amy was grinding her pussy in Catherine's face while being eaten. She was so horny that it only took a couple minutes before she climaxed on their captive slut.

Tracy took her turn. This was a first for her. So even though she had enjoyed fucking both of Catherine's holes and was horny, it took some time for her to fully get into being licked by another woman. Catherine continued to climax herself to exhaustion. After several minutes of having her tongue working on Tracy's cunt Tracy had her orgasm.

Then Tina got on her. She faced the opposite direction so she could play with Catherine's nipples the entire time she was being eaten. Catherine climaxed again, screaming into Tina's cunt as she did. This helped to drive Tina over the edge, causing her to cum on Catherine's face.

After Tina got up the ladies grabbed some beer and sat around watching Catherine squirm and roll back and forth, begging them to take the vibrators out of her.

"If we do, will you fuck Mick for us?" Jackie asked.

Catherine said no at first. So the ladies just sat back and enjoyed the show she was giving them. After another powerful orgasm Catherine began pleading again. This time she begged them to let her fuck Mick if they would free her from the vibrators.

Paula and Jackie removed the two vibrators, and pulled out the butt plug. They left her arms bound behind her back. They decided to give her a few minutes to relax, feeling somewhat sorry for Mick at having to fuck such a well-worn out hole.

Their sorrow turned to shock when Mick removed his pants. The gangly 6'3" 18-year old was endowed with a cock measuring over 12-inches long. And easily as thick as any of their strap-ons.

Catherine saw Mick, with his erect donkey-dick, standing before her and began pleading for mercy. "Please, don't let him fuck me with that!"

"Fuck her, Mick." Jackie said.

Mick got down between Catherine's legs. He had longed for this moment. Sure, it wasn't how he had wanted it to be. But he had finally realized that he never had a chance with her in the first place. Now he was going to get what he had always wanted, Catherine as his first fuck.

Mick began by eating her sopping wet pussy. Catherine cried out as she climaxed almost immediately. Then he got up and drove his pole deep inside her. Catherine shouted out as he ripped into her cervix. Mick began fucking her. Had it not been for his nerves at being watched by five other women he probably would have cum immediately. But he managed to last a few minutes before spilling his cum inside her.

"Hey, Mick. Fuck her ass!" Amy yelled.

"Oh please, god. No!" Catherine shouted.

Paula helped Mick to turn her over. Catherine begged for him to stop. The dildos had been bad enough, but his cock was even bigger. Mick pressed into her ass and began ramming her bunghole, enjoying her cries as he fucked her ass. After several minutes of this he pulled out and slammed his cock back into her pussy. Catherine was shaking uncontrollably as her body went into a series of multiple orgasms as Mick filled stretched her pussy beyond what she ever believe imaginable. He rammed her cunt for ten more minutes, with Catherine climaxing the entire time, until he sent his cum deep inside her.

Catherine passed out when he pulled out of her. Her last thoughts were on how she never thought it possible to have had so many orgasms at one time.

Mick was satisfied, but this day was quickly becoming even better, as each of the five women asked him to lay on the floor and allow them to ride his monster cock before leaving.

When Catherine awoke she was still naked on the floor. Paula and Jackie were sitting on the couch, watching the video of her assault.

"Wh-what are you going to do with me now." She asked.

"Oh, you're free to go anytime you want." Paula said.

Catherine realized that her hands were no longer bound.

"But remember one thing," Paula continued. "You ever try fucking one of our men and you're going to get it worse than this."

Catherine looked around for her clothes. She found her pants but her panties were ruined. The same was true of her bra and shirt.

"Here." Paula said, tossing her a sheer tank top.

Catherine put it on, seeing that her tits were clearly visible through the see-through material.

"By the way, we siphoned your gas while you were asleep. You have enough to get to the quick mart down the street. I guess they'll really enjoy seeing you walk in to pay."

Catherine left without saying a word. She got her gas amidst stares from several men and women both outside and inside the store. She drove home as quickly as possible and ran inside, avoiding her parents so that they wouldn't see her. She dropped onto her bed and crawled under the covers. Wondering what she was going to do next.

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