tagGay MaleTeen's Submissive Journey Ch. 05

Teen's Submissive Journey Ch. 05


I was coming down off my high after being fucked by Paul's friend Victor and sucking his cock clean. I was left in the bedroom, still on my knees as I wiped the cum on my face to my waiting tongue. I heard Paul and Vic talking in the living room but couldn't make out what they were saying.

I heard the front door close then Paul came back in to the bedroom.

"Clean up boy, we have more things to do." Paul said as he started to look through his dresser.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned my face and wiped up some cum spots on my body.

Paul then came to the bathroom to ask me if my parents knew where I was. I just told him the truth. They would be away until the coming Wednesday. Paul's face lit up when he heard I was home alone for another five days.

"Get your clothes on boy, we're going to your house." Paul blurted out as he rushed to the next room to get his shoes and keys.

We were soon at my house having taken Paul's car. I was nervous and felt bad for letting a stranger into my parents house, but I had no choice. When we got there I stood close to the door, not sure what Paul wanted to be here for. Paul made himself comfortable and started looking around.

He poked his head into my parents room and turned to ask if I minded him looking around in there. Before I had a chance to answer he walked right in and started snooping around. I heard him look through the closet and open some drawers.

"Hey Dale! Get your tight ass in here." Paul shouted from my parents bedroom.

I walked in and Paul was holding a huge black dildo. It was at least 10 inches and massive.

"Looks like your mommy likes the dark meat." Paul stood by my parents dresser and wagged the huge rubber cock at me.

"I'll look around more later. Get naked and get on your mom and dad's bed." Paul was ecstatic about his find.

I awkwardly undressed in my parents room. I never spent too much time in my parents bedroom and never dared to snoop around. I was so nervous and awkward that my dick wasn't even hard. I got naked and climbed onto my parents bed.

Their bed was cold and goosebumps formed on my skin. I settled in then looked over to Paul who had found a bottle of lube and was approaching me with a big smile on his face.

Paul tossed the dildo to me and ordered me to start sucking it. As I tried to wrap my lips around it Paul started to get undressed. He was already hard and I was wishing it was his cock in my mouth and not the fake one. The dildo tasted funny and I wasn't sure what it was. It didn't have a rubbery taste so I suspected it was my mother's vagina juices still on it that I was now sucking clean.

I didn't have a chance to guess more because Paul popped the dildo out of my mouth and forcibly bent me over to the doggy style position.

I felt him spit on my asshole then started to rub it in with his finger. With my head buried into the mattress I could smell my parents on the sheets. It felt wrong but I was still so hard and excited for my moms dildo to be fully inserted in my ass.

Paul fingered my ass with one, two then three fingers. When he thought I was sufficiently loosened he pulled out and I heard him start to lube up the massive dildo.

"You ready to take your mommies big fuck toy Dale?" Paul asked as he rubbed the tip in my hole.

"He's sir." I replied, my ass feeling empty after his fingering.

I felt the head of the dildo pop into my hole. It was a great feeling. Earlier today I was a virgin and now I was being stretched by a huge dildo after being fucked twice earlier. I was starting to really love being fucked. Even now as I was having a huge cock put in my ass I couldn't wait until the next time a strong, dominant man would be lining up their cock into my hole.

I went lightheaded as Paul continued to slide my moms sexy toy up 18 year old hole. I started to go into a trance like state, I felt good all over and my body started to tingle. All sound or noise sounded like a hum to me but I could just barely make out Paul calling me a slut and commenting on how much I appeared to be enjoying the dildo.

I had lost track of time when Paul removed me from my trance. He ordered me to turn around so I now had my ass in the air facing the other direction. He went behind me and used the suction cup at the bottom of the dildo to stick it to the headboard of the bed.

I still wasn't completely lucid as Paul pushed me back on to the dildo. The toy that my mom has probably fucked countless times was now fully inside me. I started to rock front to back, fucking myself against the headboard.

Paul had now climbed onto the bed and pointed his cock at my face. Naturally I stuck out my tongue and opened my mouth for him to enter. I slipped back into my trance as Paul continued to fuck my mouth and simultaneously fucked me on my moms dildo.

I was in heaven. Everything around me started to blur. I was feeling so much pleasure my body couldn't take it. The last thing I remembered was feeling Paul's pubes tickle my nose, then I blacked out.

The next thing I could remember was waking up laying across my parents bed. My moms big black dildo was resting down by my knee and it felt like there was drying cum all over my face and chest.

The only thing hotter than what just happened to me was what was going to happen next...


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