tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTesting Your Limits Ch. 02

Testing Your Limits Ch. 02


This chapter can be read alone but it follows on from the theme in Chapter 1.

Chapter 2. Our first meeting.

A week goes by with no contact, and then you receive another package.

This time it contains a beautiful silk negligee in black with fine white lace trim & spaghetti straps. A matching thong the size of a postage stamp is also provided. There is also a note....

"You are to go to the Holiday Inn nearest to your home on Thursday afternoon. Be there at 2pm. prepare yourself to look your best. Sign in as yourself & you will be given a key...Room 69 is too much of a cliché....to room 442. Go in & get changed into the items provided & follow the instructions you find."

You have two days of anticipation but start to plan ahead. Early Thursday morning you visit your favourite salon, your hair is washed & blow dried in a style that frames your face to perfection, you have your finger & toe nails polished a vivid red as you have previously been told it's my favourite. Next you legs are waxed, wincing with each strip. Finally hot wax is poured on your pubic mound & around your crotch till all hair except a wisp of landing strip remains. The assistant rolls you over & removes a few stray hairs from your butt crack.

You have a light lunch; apply a small amount of make up & a few sprays of perfume in all the right places. Collecting your bag & keys you head for your car.......

The key to room 442 is ready when you arrive & you take the lift to the fourth floor. The key card swipes the door & you find yourself in a large double room with a large full height window looking out over the neighbourhood. An envelope is on the bed.

"Get changed, & lie on the bed & wait. I will be there shortly. You must not say a word or ask a question when I arrive or else you will pay a forfeit. There is a blindfold under the pillow put it on before I arrive."

You quickly change in the bathroom, & check your look in the mirror. The G string only accentuates your pussy lips & makes you look even sexier than if you were naked. The negligee is tight across your nipples with the lace neckline plunging almost to your navel. The hem skims the top of your thighs barely covering you knickers & still showing the under curve of your bum.

You lay out on the bed arranging your long legs as best you can to conserve your modesty. It's a loosing battle. You fit the eye mask just as there is a knock at the door.

You feel the air in the room move as the door opens & I enter.

"Hhhhello?" you whisper when nothing has happened for 3 minute.

"That will be your first forfeit for disobedience." I say making you jump by the closeness of my voice to your ear.

"Stand up & turn around three times." Again you comply & are soon disorientated. You feel my hand on your elbow as I guide you forward.

"You will stand still with your hands behind your head for 5 minutes. You will not move. After 3 minutes I will remove your mask but you must NOT look around." You assume the position & give a slight shiver. Something has changed that has made your nipples even more erect. The seconds tick by....Then you feel the mask being untied & you blink in the light.

You gasp as you realise you are 2inches from the full height window & fully exposed to anyone who should look up. You scan the passers by & notice a van driver parked up staring up at you a camera phone in his hand. People are in the office block across the street & you notice two girls at PC's nudging each other & pointing. At least there is not a whole line of guys looking you think...slightly disappointed.

The mask is reattached & you hear the blinds being closed. You are led back to the bed & told to lie back & rest on your elbows.

I take in your beauty for a few seconds, you are breathtaking.

I move close & caress your legs up to the knee...you moan with pleasure but are careful not to break my rule of no talking. Something tickles your ankle & you feel your leg being pulled to the side. You bend the other knee to close the view of your knickers. The feeling remains but you find your leg is secured close to the corner of the bed. Your other leg is pulled gently over spreading you wide. Your thong is now virtually transparent with your moisture. I leave your arms unrestrained for now with you looking down your body over your exposed stomach, the negligee having ridden up past your navel.

You feel my breath on your thigh & feel my weight as I kneel on the bed. You feel gentle kisses up each inner thing left then right & back. Getting closer to your dripping pussy. A gasp escapes you lips as you feel my tongue press the thongs material into the folds of your labia.

I tease you with my tongue bringing you closer to a peak each time before backing off. Your g string is pulled to the side allowing me to feast on your lower lips & feast on the honey they are producing.

45 minutes later I take pity on you & let you have some relief. I insert a finger then two into your steaming hole & attack your clit with my mouth. Gentle bites licks & sucks with my fingers sawing into you. Your body tenses & you arch your back, only your feet & neck & shoulders in contact with the bed as your climax shatters every nerve in your body....

"You must be thirsty now?" I ask & you nod in response

"Stay still & don't move then."

A few minutes pass & you are shocked to hear a knock at the door...

"Room Service!"

"Come in its not locked."

You dare not move as you hear a waiter enter with a tray of drinks.

"What the Fuxxx." He says as he catches sight of you on the bed.

I smile at him & nod. "For your tip you can touch her anywhere you like for ten seconds."

"Cool." He says. He sounds young & eager & you instantly feel his hands grabbing your tits. He mauls them hard before dropping his hand to your cunt. Before he can get far I call time. He sees the look on my face & knows not to push his luck.

"You can take one photo to prove it to your mates then leave. You will not tell anyone about this until tomorrow! Understand?"

The guy nods snaps a quick photo & exits the room.

We are alone again.

"You need to behave now as I have a surprise for you?"

I untie your legs & remove your blind fold.

You look at me for the first time but my face is hidden by a Zorro type mask keeping my identity secret.

As you watch I undress, removing my dark Italian suit, red tie, & crisp white shirt. I pull down my designer shorts to expose a healthy half hard cock. Shoes & socks have already been removed.

I move towards you & you bite your lower lip seductively, your eyes flick between my growing erection & the steel blue eyes looking out from the mask. You quickly scan the rest of my body. Medium athletic build but not a sculpted Adonis. Your lips curl into a naughty smile so I assume you are not too disappointed.

You tip your head back as I kiss your neck & throat, then move to your ear.

I move over you & reach out....& rip the beautiful lingerie from your body with a loud tare. Your g-string gets the same treatment.

You are shocked by the destruction but cannot before your left nipple is sucked between my teeth. The right is pinched hard between my finger & thumb.

You begin to writhe in pleasure.

I tell you to roll over & position you with your knees spread your head & chest on the bed & your back side raised.

"Pull your cheeks apart for me I have something for you." Your eyes go wide as you feel the tip of my tongue circle the puckers hole of your anus. Before you feel my saliva start to lubricate the whole area. A further shock as you feel a small(ish) glass dildo pus into your back passage. It slides in easily & you feel every ridge pass your sphincter. It is cool from the glass of iced water it has rested in, but your body heat soon makes the toy feel hot.

I gently begin to move it in & out, you hips stating to match my rhythm. You start to pant but I won't let you cum yet. As you excitement begins to get critical, I pull out the dildo & move tight behind you. My hard 6 ½ inch cock rubs against your pussy lips a few times taking on your cream before with a slight adjustment I plunge into you to the hilt. You catch your breath & push back feeling every vein in my penis as it pounds you hard. You grip the bed sheets with your fists & cum hard for a second time, which blends almost straight away into another....

I am very close & pull out rolling you over as we move together. Without asking asking, just knowing you lower your head into my lap & swallow me whole. Your tongue plays with the ridge along the underside of my cock & your lips leave a red lipstick ring around the base. Too much.... I pull out & with you looking up at me with your big beautiful eyes I shoot my load of white hot cum over your out stretched tongue. A couple of drips escape & run over your lips till you catch them with a finger & lick it clean.

I get dressed & leave you in a sticky heap on the bed. Your hair is messed up your thighs are slick with your own juices & you run your tongue around your teeth looking for more of my seed.

"I will be in touch." I say & leave you with a contented smile on your face...

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