tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Alien Insemination Ch. 02

The Alien Insemination Ch. 02


Tears began to run down Charley's cheeks but she knew that she could not avoid what was about to happen. So she decided to zone out, or even enjoy it in some way if that was at all possible.

Right away she realized that these men were not built like earthmen at all. The first one that approached her had two appendages instead of one. And she gasped at the thought of what all this was going to bring.

And then in a flash as Charley tried to disappear and Lisa screamed in horror, unable to avert her gaze—the invasion began.

The first little alien, the one the others called Zorg, came up to take his place. He like the others was quite short and he used some type of stepping stool to gain the height he needed to be in the right position.

"You will now take me inside, like that...like the earth women in that document." Zorg said as he pointed to the pornographic film now playing above her head.

He didn't give her anytime to respond, as two of the other aliens unbound her legs and then rebound them far apart within a set of stirrups. Suddenly the cold metal table began to tilt and Charley felt her ass slide of its edge as she hung there with all her goods bare and in midair.

And then the invasion began. Zorg pushed his double-headed penis deep inside both her holes—The tilt of the table only aiding the alien's efforts. The force of her own body used against her, as its weight helped force her body down onto the two shafts. And then she felt his rudimentary thrusts. It was obvious that the hips of the alien were not made to buck back and forth the way that human male's were. Charley thought it felt more like a bunch of shallow stabs than actually being screwed.

She tried to focus in on the flick on the screen above her. When she did she saw that the girl at center stage was both giving and receiving. And with in seconds she was expected to do the same thing.

"I could bite it, but I'm strapped down and there are like 5 or 10 of them. There's no way I'm going to get out of this. If I just do it and get it over with maybe they'll let me go sooner." Charley thought to herself.

Then she saw the second alien's hardware. He only had one appendage. More like a human. Unlike the double dipper that was now in her pussy and up her ass at the same time—Charley could only think that maybe it was because he was the leader. Some way to insure future procreation would continue among their species.

Well, biting wouldn't do any good, so she may as well try to get into it she thought as she felt the slap of a hard alien cock against her chin. He knocked once he knocked twice and on the third knock she opened up and let him slide his gray skinned penis down her throat.

The alien's at work in and on her body had to dictate to the others what they were feeling and how and why.

"Oh, wet, wet warm." The one in her mouth moaned out.

"Hot, juicy and strong muscles in the top hole—and tight hot grabbing friction in the bottom." The leader Zorg said in short breaths, as his rhythm seemed to be improving with each and every thrust.

Charley was quite surprised by her feelings at the moment and she wondered if maybe they had a given her something to make her give in, some kind of drug or something like whatever it was that they used to knock her out and get her here to begin with.

But who cared. She was here and she couldn't go anywhere so she was going to try to enjoy it. And she pushed herself further down onto the double cocks inside of her and then lifted her ass up and away before slipping down the dual alien poles again.

At the same time she took the younger alien deeper into her mouth, then all the way down her throat and back out again. She listened as both the aliens moaned together and she heard the sounds of pants hitting the floor and flesh being flogged all around the room. They were all watching her, devouring her with their eyes and touching themselves. Rubbing and stroking their own gray alien flesh in pure pleasure to the show of her body and its invasion.

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