tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Alien, Report 001-002

The Alien, Report 001-002


Report 001 The Crash

To Headquarters Science Exploration, Alpha

Centauri; From Mission Commander Zod of the (Space Ship) SS Venus this is Collision Report Number 001. I am sending this report knowing that it will take years for you to receive it. I am using only solar power to transmit at sub-light speed, because our main power supply was destroyed.

As you know, the crew of the Venus consisted of two scientists, Sunsearey, my mate and Science officer and me, the flight and navigation officer. We left our planet 36 centars ago with orders to relieve Earth Observation Vessel "SS Mars." This we completed and we began our observation of the Earth just outside the gravitational pull of the last planet in their solar system. We were close enough to observe them, but far enough away, so they could not detect us. This was per standing order Headquarters Science Exploration Number 00056.

We were in the first centar of our mission when a huge solar flare from the star they call "Sun" erupted into space directly at out vessel. That flare knocked out our main stabilizing controls and sent us hurling on a collision course with the planet the Earth inhabitants call Mars. I was able, however, to gain some control of the vessel just in time to avoid Mars, but ended up heading toward Earth. I tried to avoid that planet but could not and as a result the ship entered into the Earth's atmosphere, I was able to guide it to a desolate area, but I could not control the landing.

The majority of the ship survived the impact, but the vessel is no longer flyable. During the collision with the ground, I was thrown from the command chair and lost conscious for an undetermined amount of time. When I regained my senses, I found Sunsearey on the deck; she was dead. Apparently, she died instantly when her head hit impacted console.

Per Directive Number 005, I exited the ship and looked around to see if the crash had drawn any attention. Since the mentoring equipment was destroyed, I had no way of knowing if anyone spotted the ship as it entered the Earth's atmosphere. I immediately set up the solar panels and then set the camouflaged program so that the wreckage would not visible. After I finished, I returned to the control room and picked up Sunsearay's body to ready it for burial.

I carried her outside, got a shovel, dug a grave and laid her to rest after reading the burial ceremony from the "Captain's Directives" I am now in the process of gathering up provisions. My plan is to continue with the mission of observing the Earth and its inhabitants. For this, I will have to leave the Venus and travel among the Earthlings. I hope that Sunsearey was right and I can blend in among them. Otherwise, I will be caught right away, but I have no choice. If I succeed, I will return to the Venus and report my findings as per Directive 006. I will also check to see if there are any recorded messages from you. With that, I will sign off. This is Captain Zod of the SS Venus, Star Date 5936.

Report 2 Discovery

To Headquarters Science Exploration, Alpha Centauri; From Mission Commander Zod of the SS Venus this is the first of a new series of Earth Observation Report and is numbered 001. This will be a new series of reports from the planet Earth.

I went into the desert as planned but before I left, I paused at the fresh grave and whispered, "Good by Sunsearey, you were the best mate I ever had. I am going to miss you and your insight into these Earthlings. However, I will have to carry on without out your wisdom. You said that they were like us physically in every way. I hope you are right."

I turned, looked around and then took out a coin and said to myself, "Heads I go that way and tails I go this way." Then I flipped it again eliminating another direction and continued until only one direction was left, Then I picked up my gear and began to walk.

With a heavy heart, I trudged toward the mountains, lucky for me my uniform was insolated against any kind of weather so that the heat of the desert did not faze me nor did the cold of the desert night. Since my rations consisted of energy pills and water concentrate, I did not have a lot of weight to carry.

After three days of study walking, I came upon an isolated house. I quietly walked around the structure to see if anyone was around. When I looked into the front window, he spied a single woman. She seemed to be all alone. "Perfect," I thought. I pulled out my stun gun, burst through the front door, ran up to her and shot her once with a sonar blast. She grabbed her stomach, fell to her knees moaning in pain and rolled over onto her back.

I dragged her limp unconscious body to a chair, handcuffed her hands behind her and removed her dress and then her stocking and shoes. I did not think she would run off into the desert naked. When I finished I went over to her computer sitting on a desk. After searching through the draws, I found a screwdriver and began taking it apart. Once apart, I made the required changes to the inside so that I could intercept all the Air defense communications worldwide and began to search the Air Defense nets. To my relief, all the networks were talking about was the solar flare that caused so much interference and a meteor that had crashed somewhere in the desert. Since they reported location of the crashed meteor was near the downed Venus, I began to relax for the first time since the crash.

"Who are you," a soft pleasant voice behind me said.

"Just a visitor," I replied still looking at the computer screen.

The soft sultry voice continued, "What are you going to do with me and why am I naked?"

I answered without looking at her, "I thought if you were naked you would not be in such a hurry to try to get away; and to be honest, I am not sure what I am going to do with you?"

The soft sultry voice asked, "Are you going to rape me and kill me."

Still looking at the screen he answered, "No that is not my intention at this point. I just need to use your computer."

"Oh," the soft voice said disappointingly.

In a state of shock, I just stared, "Boy I could use your help Sunsearey, this Earth woman is something else."

Without turning around I asked, "You sound like you want me to rape you and kill you?"

"Not the kill part but the rape now that does sound like something I would like. It has been so long since I had a man or rather to say a man had me. My Husband died last year and we use to have rough sex all the time. He loved to tie me up and fuck every opening in my body. I loved it."

To change the subject I asked, "Are you here alone?"

"Yes," the soft voice said, "We have no children and no relatives. After he died I just stayed here not knowing what else to do."

I got up from the chair, walked over to the bound woman and unchained her. She stood up, smiled, put her hands on her hips and said, "Don't like this body? It was built to be used."

I took a deep breath I really did not have time for any of this so I just told her, "Get dressed."

She got dressed as ordered and then asked, "Are you sure you would not like to use me?"

Although the temptation was strong, I just grabbed her, handcuffed her, took a piece of cloth, blindfolded her, and sat her down. I needed to think and this lushes creature was interfering with my mind. "What to do," I kept asking myself. "I need a plan. I cannot leave her here, she could tell the authorities about me. I have to think what am I going to do?"

Then it hit me I needed to take her back to the ship. We did not have any detailed information on the Earthling physiology and since I did have all the equipment, why not. Besides, I Sunsearey trained me to use it and this person would be perfect. From her own admission, no one would miss her not for a very long time. As I sat there watching her breath, I could see those big tits rising up and down. I began to think of other uses for her as well.

During my search of the premises, I found her car. Since I had been playing numerous Earth computer diving games I felt I could take her car and drive us both back to the ship. It would take a third of the time of walking back. I knew the way back to the ship since I plotted my course by their stars, I would have no problem finding my way back.

I waited until night then dragged the handcuffed and blindfolded woman and put her into the car.

Once seated, she asked softly, "Where are you taking me?"

"To my ship," I answered,

"To your what," she cried?

"My ship," I said smiling as I pulled the car out of her driveway onto the road and headed toward the Venus.

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