tagErotic CouplingsThe Cable Guy

The Cable Guy


Eric walked up the front steps of his next job. The house was neat and white with a small porch. The front yard matched the house well with a neatly mowed lawn beneath a sprawling Poinciana tree. The flowerbeds were a riot of colour; tall dahlias with their impossible large flowers above snapdragons. In one bed a mass of sunflowers nodding their giant gold heads. On either side of the front steps were white daisy bushes with their sunny yellow centres.

He knocked on the door. There was silence for a while and he knocked again,

"Hi there, the cable guy is here!" he called out. He moved to the window to look in. He heard a faint voice but couldn't work out what it said. Then he heard footsteps coming towards the front door. He moved back to the door and waited.

"I'm so sorry I didn't hear you. I was in the shower."

Eric looked down at the diminutive woman in the doorway. She had indeed just gotten out of the shower. Her long wet hair was hanging over her breasts. The water dripping out of it had soaked into the white fabric of her tank top. Eric tried to look into her face but his gaze was captured but the sight of her hard nipples poking through the wet fabric.

"That's OK," he stammered. "It happens all the time. I am sorry I am a little early." He forced his eyes off the wet fabric clinging to her pert round breasts. He found himself diving into a set of liquid brown eyes with soft long lashes.

"Well the lounge room is just through here."

She walked in front of him down the hallway. The back view was just as nice as the front view. She was wearing a tiny pair of shorts over her neat round bottom. He could see a hint of her butt cheeks just below the leg of her shorts. Oh man! He had heard stories about visiting houses owned by women like this. As she walked her hips swayed. Did he imagine it or was she deliberately walking that way to tease him? He had fantasised many times about going to a job and being jumped by the client. Just being in the same room as this woman was making him horny.

They reached the lounge room. Like the rest of the house it was neat and tidy. A large comfy couch sat in front of a massive TV. Eric suddenly had a mental picture of this woman naked, bending over the couch beckoning him to thrust his cock into her wet, pink pussy.

Did he imagine it? She seemed a little agitated.

"I forgot, my name is Beth." She gave a small nervous laugh and he noticed a slight flush in her cheeks.

"I am Eric." He smiled at her. The more he saw of her the sexier she looked to him. He loved this kind of woman; no makeup, beautiful skin, clean and naturally sexy.

"Nice to meet you Eric. I am so glad you could come today. I only moved in last week but not having cable is killing me."

"Well I should be able to get that sorted for you in a jiffy." He smiled at her. This was turning out to be a great job. She was definitely the sort of client he liked, polite and helpful with a nice clean house.

"So the TV is there, obviously," she laughed again. "The connection is in the corner."

"Alrighty then. I better get to it." Eric moved over to the television and began unpacking his tool kit.

She left the room. Eric was both glad that she had left so he could concentrate and disappointed that she hadn't stayed to chat to him. He got to work. This was a pretty straightforward job, a standard connection. He didn't think it would take more than an hour.

Usually Eric could immerse himself in a job and work quickly. He loved the wiring part of this work; connecting the magic cable box to the television set and programming in the extra channels. Today it wasn't happening for him. His mind kept wandering back to the vision that had opened the door earlier. The sight of her wet hair dripping down over those round breasts really got him going. He loved that he could almost but not quite see the shape of her breasts beneath her tank top but not quite. He remembered the firm round butt on top of those lovely shapely legs and found himself fantasising about bending her over the couch.

In the bathroom Beth looked at herself in the mirror.

"You are a very bad girl teasing the cable guy like that," she told her reflection. Her reflection grinned back at her. He had such a nice bod this one. She loved watching his face when she opened the door. When she was walking down the hallway she could feel his eyes on her butt. She felt a throb between her legs. There was something about tradesmen that just got her going. They were usually so fit and healthy and they wore those tight shorts. This one was no exception. There was just something about a healthy fit guy who could fix stuff with his hands...

If anyone ever asked Beth what her number one fantasy was she would tell them.

"Jumping a tradie while he was fixing something at my house."

Until now all she had ever done was tease and flirt. She loved the rush of turning them into bumbling, stuttering men. After a tradesman had been to her house she would think about them looking at her, trying not to stare at her breasts. It always made her horny.

She remembered a few weeks ago when she needed her sink fixed. The plumber had been a strapping young man with very tight shorts. She had sat on the sink in a tiny mini chatting idly to him, passing tools when he asked. Whenever he looked out from under her sink he would have a nice view all the way up her skirt. She wasn't wearing any knickers. Most times he had to think really hard before he remembered what he was going to say.

That day she had almost got up the courage to actually proposition the guy. But somehow, despite him hanging around at the end of the job she couldn't bring herself to touch him. She thought he looked like he would say yes but she just wasn't sure.

After he left Beth was so worked up she went into her bedroom and got out her favourite dildo. A large glass one. She sat on the edge of the bed the same way she had been sitting on the sink. Slowly she teased the outer lips of her pussy with the tip of her toy thinking about what his lips would feel like. She imagined him pressing his strong hard chest against her breasts.

Her pussy was streaming wetness and she slid the dildo inside herself. She clenched her muscles around the smooth glass all the time imagining his hot breath on her cheek and pretending she was in the kitchen and she was riding his hot, hard cock. She thrust into herself hard and fast the way she wanted him to in the kitchen.

The cable guy today was definitely yummy. Nice firm biceps, beautiful hands that looked like they could fix anything including a hot, wet pussy. When he bent over she noticed a nice firm ass in some tight shorts. It pleased her that he liked her wet white top. She thought about him bending her over the couch, pulling down her shorts, pushing his fingers into her streaming wet pussy. God she was horny! She felt like walking right into the lounge, pushing him down on the couch and riding his cock hard and fast.

The phone rang. Damn. She was annoyed that someone would ring now and spoil her fun. She knew who it was likely to be. Bugger. For a moment she considered letting the answering machine pick it up and calling them back later. The grief she would get from the caller would not make it worth the effort. Then she had an idea. She picked up the phone. Yes she was right about who it would be. After saying hello she walked into the lounge and settled on the couch.

Eric was making slow progress. His mind kept wandering and he was making mistakes all over the place. He was frustrated with himself and getting hornier by the minute. He was definitely going to have to find a nice quiet place to park his van after this job and spend some time with Mrs Palmer.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw her come into the room chatting on the phone. Her hair was still wet and so was her shirt. The water had spread over most of the front of her shirt now and it was clinging softly to the curve of her breasts and her tiny waist. He could see her erect nipples poking through the fabric of her shirt and he had an image of cupping his hand under the round firm breasts and sucking her nipple.

She sat on the couch with her legs crossed and he saw the lace of her panties peeking out around the leg of her shorts. Really, he didn't know that shorts came so small. He had never come across a woman wearing shorts that small, ever. It was as if he could move the crotch aside with his finger and then he would have a complete view of her entire pussy.

He desperately tried to join two wires together but in his mind was an image of a perfect pink pussy winking at him from around those shorts. He glanced around. Beth was still sprawled on the couch chatting and laughing on the phone. Was he imagining it? One hand was holding the phone but the other was stroking her pussy though the shorts. Surely she didn't realise he was there watching her.

He turned his head back to his work and turned his body around so his back was to her. He leaned down to continue his work but his mind kept wandering back to what he had seen. The picture of her finger idly tracing her pussy was firmly fixed in his mind. He wanted to do the same with HIS finger. He felt his cock starting to harden inside his shorts. Now he was frustrated, horny and uncomfortable and the more he tried to concentrate the bigger his cock seemed to get.

Then he became aware of a slight smell of pussy juice. He HAD to look. He couldn't stop himself, so he turned around and looked straight at the small woman sitting on the couch. Sure enough her legs were spread wide and her finger was working away on the outside of her shorts. A dark patch of wetness was spreading around her crotch.

Oh God, he was lost now. His cock stood as full as it could, although it was restricted by his shorts and him crouching on the ground. She seemed unaware of him looking at her, chatting idly away on the phone. Or was she? Did he just see her gaze flick down to where his cock was straining the front of his pants?

He watched, transfixed as she worked her finger into the leg of her shorts. She pulled the crotch of her pants aside and he was rewarded with a glimpse of a glistening pink flower of pussy. She stroked slowly around the entrance to her pussy and Eric imagined putting his tongue there to taste the juice of her. He stood up. His cock was throbbing now and the bulge in his pants was beginning to get really uncomfortable.

Beth continued to speak to the other person on the phone but as she did she slipped her finger right inside her pussy. She wiggled it around and Eric saw a look of pleasure on her face as she stroked herself inside. Then she took her finger out and he saw a dribble of her juice. Looking him straight in the eye she took her finger and rested it on her lips touching it slightly with the tip of her tongue. Eric's mouth opened slightly as he imagined the sweet taste of her on that finger.

She licked her juice off her finger and then with a sly smile and, still looking him in the eye, she continued to stroke herself. Her finger went around her lips gently trailing and then every now and then ever so slightly brushing against her clit. He watched as her pussy lips seemed to grow outwards and her clit swelled with excitement. There was a flush on Beth's cheeks now.

She was pushing two fingers inside herself spreading her legs wide. He could see the juice dripping down her hand as her fingers pushed into her. It was as if everything had stopped and all he was aware of was her sitting there fucking herself with her fingers. He stood there for what seemed like forever watching her.

Then he couldn't stand it anymore. His hands moved almost by themselves to his zip. Her eyes widened and she stopped fucking herself as she leaned forward to watch. He mouth was slightly open and the tip of her tongue was resting on her top lip. Slowly he eased the waistband of his shorts down over his huge erect cock. Free at last, it stood proudly in front of him. She continued to say,

"Uh-huh," and "Oh really!" into the phone but he could tell her full attention was on him and his cock. Eric spread his legs slightly and began to stroke himself. She seemed to enjoy watching him please himself and her fingers moved in and out of her pussy in time with his strokes. He savoured the feeling imagining her lips moving up and down on his cock. A small amount of precum dripped from the head of his cock and he smeared it with his thumb over his whole head. Beth's eyes were wide and she was leaning forward as if she wanted to taste him.

Gradually he increased the speed of his stroking. He slowly walked towards her until he was standing right in front of her. His cock was at the same level as her mouth. In between speaking she leaned forward and licked the precum off his cock. He almost groaned in pleasure.

Standing this close he could really smell the juice of her pussy. He kneeled down and put his face between her legs. Gently, reverently he stroked the petals of her pussy with one finger. Then he licked the outer lips softly with his tongue.

She responded by leaning back and wrapping her legs around his shoulders, pushing his face into her pussy. Suddenly time seemed to lurch forward and he was hot and greedy for her pussy. His tongue slipped around her folds. He drank her juice greedily and pressed his lips around her swollen clit, sucking gently. The tone of her voice speaking on the phone only changed slightly but he felt her spasms as she orgasmed.

Each time he felt her twitch with orgasm he felt a trickle of juice into his mouth. He placed a finger on the entrance of her pussy and stroked the rough skin there. He felt it swelling in response and her legs squeezed on each side of his head. All the muscles in her pussy clenched and a jet of juice squirted into his mouth.

He leaned back with her juices dribbling down his chin. She stood up and he reached up to pull her shorts down. Beth helped him by wriggling out of her shorts and panties. Then she stood in front of him with her bare pussy showing. She moved over to the back of the couch and leaned over.

He moved behind her, stroking her pussy with his throbbing cock. He was so turned on by her bare perfect round ass and the streaming wet pussy. He grasped her hips and his cock slid easily into her. Gritting his teeth he eased as slowly as he could. She gripped him tightly, savouring every inch of him. Time seemed to slow down again. When he was fully inside her he paused for a moment. Her ass was pressed against his belly and his cock was fully enclosed by her warm, wet pussy. He felt as if he could melt into her.

She pushed back against him and then suddenly he was greedy for her pussy. He pulled all the way out of her and then slammed back in. She responded by pushing against him. They fucked hard and fast like animals. The whole time she kept talking to the other person on the phone. He gritted his teeth together to stop himself from making any noise. He didn't know how she kept talking normally but it turned him on to think of the other person blissfully unaware of what was happening in this lounge room behind the perfect white picket fence and the sunflowers outside.

He kept thrusting into her pussy and he felt her twitching with many small orgasms. His own orgasm was building inside him like a dam about to burst through and he didn't want to hold back much longer. She reached down and her finger worked her clit furiously as they both edged towards the brink. Her pussy clamped tighter and tighter around him and he was almost slamming her against the back of the couch.

Then it exploded over his whole body. He felt his cum pumping into her pussy. He could tell by her rigid body that she was also cumming herself. Her voice changed slightly and she let out a small,


They both collapsed over the couch feeling the warmth of cumming and each other's bodies. Suddenly even though he hadn't registered a thing she had been saying the whole time he heard her say,

"Thanks for calling Mum. I really need to go now. The cable guy just arrived."

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