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The Captain's Reply


This letter is meant to be one of a series that is complementary to one written by "RedhairedandFriendly". She will be writing for the Queen's part in all letters after the very first one, "The Queen's Letter", which I wrote. These are excerpts not included in my future novel.

My dear Queen,

I appreciate your word of caution to me, regarding the matter of indiscreet boasting. Yes, in a drunken state, I have been less than prudent at times about certain things which must not become public knowledge. I earnestly apologize and ask your forgiveness in this matter.

I will also take your advice in the matter of my marriage. It is true that Arachne loves me very much, and I am rather fond of her. I do not, and can not, return her love entirely, but I do care about her. It is no more her fault that she was betrothed to me by our parents than it is mine. I will avoid such cruelty as even threats of divorce in the future. The poor lady has been through enough, what with her barrenness and all. I also agree that infertility is no truly just cause to divorce, when a man can simply sire a child on a courtesan and legitimize the boy later.

As to the notion of your marrying another man, well, I honestly do not like it, but I understand that it is your public duty as Queen. I hope that our affair doesn't have to end due to your marriage, however, any more than it should because of mine. It is not as if most prospective husbands, especially princes, are going to be monogamous. Only a handful of prudes interpret marriage as an exclusive union, after all. It is not very Greek to do so.

Admittedly, it is usually expected that the wives will submit to a double standard, but there is no reason for you to do so with a husband, when you have refused to do so with a lover.

On the final question, I honestly know little about Ganymede, so I can hardly assist there, I regret to say.

I have my own admonition for you. I know that your slaves are discreet, for the most part, but some people are still becoming suspicious of an unmarried queen with no known lover. Antigone might best be dismissed before Dawn, to return to her own bed. Many might not understand Sapphic tendencies as well as I do, my dear lady.

Oh, and I very much look forward to tasting you again. The idea of pouring wine down your breasts and between your buttocks was brilliant indeed. I can still taste your delectable bottom at times, and it has been a month since that particular tryst. Did Antigone suggest that? I would not be stunned to hear that she did. She has probably tasted you that way as well, and you, with your sense of fairness, have doubtlessly returned the favor.

Perhaps, next time, we should pour it between your legs? As long as I drink most of it up, it should scarcely be a concern for when I enter you. Now, I doubt that it would taste that good afterward, but that is Antigone's concern, is it not? Yes, I have known that she cleans up after me for a while. I am no fool. You like women too, and you have always hated messes. Since I do not like the taste of men's seed, it is a matter of obvious deduction.

I look forward to mating with you again, and I swear that I will bring more of the certain herbs that you requested. There is no sense in you conceiving my child, when you might take a husband soon, is there?

Lord Cadmus,
Commander of the Garrison

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