tagLoving WivesThe Chronicles of Dr Knock-Boots Pt. 06

The Chronicles of Dr Knock-Boots Pt. 06

byThe Avenger©

Warning: This story contains no same sex sexual intercourse of any sorts. Those that may feel offended by that, please discontinue reading. Ha, ha, ha.


Chapter 1: So many reasons why mature, married Pussy is far better

It was late afternoon when Jay hopped into his car and drove to his gym. His car was a simple, inconspicuous sedan. Initially, he had felt like an investing his money in a flashy SUV. However, j´his Aunt had told him that people who made illegal, undeclared money should never attract attention. Instead she had instructed him to fly to the Cayman Islands and open an account there, where he deposited the fifteen to twenty odd thousand he made monthly from servicing her and her rich friends. The trip had been quite cool, especially as Shara, Melinda's alluring married Indian friend had accompanied him, for some swimming, basking in the sun and unbridled, hot passionate sex, something her husband who was in India for six weeks, never even found out about. Melinda, always the smart one, had instructed Shara not to pay for the tickets and the hotel with her credit cards, but instead, withdraw the cash first and then pay incognito.

Jay had however invested in a top notch sound system with powerful, excellent speakers and sub woofers. The nineteen year old rolled from QB listening to NWA at full volume, his car shaking like a disco on wheels.

"Why do I call myself a Nigga, you ask me? Well it's because motherfuckers wanna blast me, And run me outta my neighborhood, They label me as a dope dealer, Yo! And say that I'm no good, But I can't find jobs so therefore, to make more, A fifteen year old black kid will go and rob a liquor store, And get shot in the process, He ate up a nine bullet and now he's put to rest"

"Nigga, this, Nigga, that, The actual fact is that I'm black, And bound to attract, The attention of another, I mean the other, But I'm a mother fucker that'll have them running for cover, You see, I don't give a fuck about nothing, Except getting paid, getting bitches, and issuing stitches.."

(For all those (white folks????) that have been giving me grief about the use of the word Nigga, just substitute it with African American if it makes you feel better. Instead of Niggaz With Attitude, you will have African Americans With Attitude)

Jay worked out intensively for an hour and a quarter. He hated muscle men with huge, bulging muscles so, therefore, he always used medium weights and did loads of fast reps and sets.

He kept an eye open for the ladies as he worked out. There were several, hot young women around but they hardly interested him. Mature women, especially from the age of thirty interested him much more.

That might have seemed strange for a nineteen year old, but ever since he had started doing his Aunt Melinda, several of her married friends and his 45 year old Principal, Mrs Elaine Chambers, Jay had realized that mature, married women were simply much more fun in bed than young girls.

There were so many reasons why a mature, married lover was better than some damn young chick. As he worked out, he counted them off, one by one, starting to subtract and separate the wheat from the chaff.

One: When you met your young chick, she would have several agendas on her minds, most of which belonged to the category of, "shit a Nigga didn't even wanna hear!" When you met your married lover, she would have only one Agenda, and that was to fuck long, good and hard and cumm hard. And that fell in the category of "shit a Nigga wanna hear!"

Two: Your young girlfriend wanted to be treated like a princess and idolized like a queen. Your married lover wanted to be treated like a lady and fucked like a whore.

Three: Your young girlfriend liked to say those three boring words, "No, stop, don't!" Your mature, married lover liked to say those three really magical words, "No, don't stop!" Or better yet, "Harder, faster, deeper!"

Four: Your young lover was moody and the supply of pussy was erratic. Your mature woman was always in the mood for sex and the supply of pussy was steady and very reliable like a horse you can bet on.

Five: Your young girlfriend was unhappy with her weight, her ass and boobs, and really got on your nerves fishing for compliments and then accusing you of insincerity and refusing to let you fuck. Your married lover got her husband to pay for her new boobs, liposuction and all other renovations and she brought you the new, improved goodies to test drive and ride all you wanted.

Six: Your young girlfriend didn't wanna get down and dirty coz you might call her a bitch. She was worried about her image, you see. Your married lover got down and dirty and wanted you to call her your bitch, whilst you hit it. She was only worried about how many times she could cumm and how much cumm you would give her to drink, before she had to rush home her loving husband.

Seven: Your young girlfriend complained that your big dick was hurting her, from all that hard, lusty pounding, and screamed for you to stop. Your married lover wanted you to hammer that big dick into her pussy and put your back in it. The harder you fucked her the louder she screamed, for more.

Eight: Your young chick desired to be admired, pampered and all that boring, demanding type of shit. Your married lover desired to be fucked good and only demanded a big, hard dick and a strong back.

Nine: Your young lover was into male bashing, making you feel like a jerk for coming over! Your mature lover made you feel appreciated as a man, and the only jerking was when she jerked off your cock whilst sucking it good and hard till you came all over her.

Ten: Your young lover wanted to spend your hard earned cash on some stupid shit. Your married, mature lover spent her husband's hard earned cash on your stupid shit.

Eleven: Your young girl was selfish, and completely absorbed with herself and hardly let you use her vagina. Your married lover was completely absorbed with your body and cock and, and let you use all her orifices for your own selfish pleasure, which was invariably her pleasure too, something a young chick just could never understand.

Twelve: Your young girlfriend threw tantrums and started shit. Your married lover threw her lips and her pussy at your cock and started fucking.

Thirteen: Your young lover thought you should be grateful she even let you fuck her and make her cumm. Your married lover was oh so grateful that you fucked her long, hard and good, made her cumm like a bitch and nearly drowned her in your creamy cumm.

Fourteen: If at all she blew you, your young lover spat your cumm out and shouted, "I told you not to cumm in my mouth, you scanless Nigga!", making you feel so bad, man. Whenever she blew you, which was always, your mature lover let you shoot two spurts in her mouth, then she spat your cock out and shouted, "Shoot it in my eye! Shoot it all over me you nasty Nigga!", making you feel so good.

Fifteen: Your young lover might try to put a baby on you and go for a ring and alimony. Your married lover told her husband your baby was his. If he tried to say anything, she gave him that whithering look that shut him up for good and made him raise your kid for you, giving him the good life.

Sixteen: Your young girlfriend was trying to prove she was an intelligent, virtuous lady and she didn't really need your ass any old how. Your mature lover constantly proved that she was the dirtiest, horniest, cock hungriest slut ever, who really needed you and your big, young dick.

Seventeen: Your young girlfriend was stingy with the pussy. She kept it hidden and only took it out on special occasions. Your mature lover was generous with it, she spread that pussy like the rainbow and threw it at you like she never wanted it back.

Eighteen: When your young lover wanted to see you, your dick wilted and you tried to make an excuse to get out of it. When you married mature lover called, Nigga, your dick got hard and you went there running.

Nineteen: Your young girl was inexperienced. You asked her to suck your dick and she just kissed it. You mature, married lover was experienced and dirty. She sucked your dick without being asked and she blew your mind.

Twenty: You young girlfriend asked, "What have you done for me lately?" Your mature lover did stuff for you and only asked, "When are you gonna do me again player? Please!!!"

Twenty One: Your young lover wanted you to spoil and impress her even though she didn't even deserve it. Your married lover spoilt and impressed you and she really deserved you.

Jay was going already in the thirties when he noticed a pretty, young lady smiled flirtatiously at him, obviously lusting after his hard body. She was fine but probably 19 or 20. Jay passed. In fact, he felt a sudden impulse to pick her up and dump her in the garbage can. She could talk to her friend, the garbage, going, "What have you done for me lately? What you gonna get me for Valentines? Do you really love me, or do you just want my pussy!"

Jay gave her a nasty sneer, and the young lady must have thought he was a woman hater and a bastard ass fag. Little did she know it wasn't even like that, he just didn't want her young, crispy body and her tight pussy. Hell no. Give him a married Missus and he was cool. Missus might not be all that young, tight and crisp, but Missus' pussy was hot, wet and big and well seasoned. Talk about durable and reliable, yeah, a horse you can bet on, that was Missus' married pussy.

Jay decided that he would only go for young girls when he was a lecherous old guy looking for some young blood to revitalize his boring life. He hoped that by then he would have loads of money, coz he always felt sorry for the elderly guys trying to hit on young chicks and coming up blank. You were through, without an expensive watch, a fat bank account and a BMW.

As he hit the showers, Jay was glad that he didn't have to worry about that shit yet. He was a young, handsome black male, with a muscular, fit body, a big ass dick and the sex drive of ten stud horses. And he had a horny, married Missus waiting for his dick, just a couple of kilometers away. As he toweled himself, he noticed a beef cake type of guy smiling at him, like some gay muscle man. The guy even winked. Jay passed.

Fuck a young bitch, and a punk ass muscle man, all young Jay wanted was Missus, with the big, fat, wet, smoldering married pussy. It could be shaved or hairy, black, white, Asian or whatever, just bring it on. He smiled as he checked his cell phone and realized that there was a short message from his principal, Mrs Chambers, reminding him to come around her office and bring his big, fat black dick so he could fuck her pretty, 45 year old white ass, right on her desk. Talk about an offer he couldn't refuse.

Chapter 2: The Geisha girl

Jay's Aunt Melinda loved playing hostess. Her husband, Edward threw grill parties once in a while in summer, and invited colleagues, clients and potential ones, for some networking. Melinda was so good at preparing snacks and setting up such dos that she was now running a fledgling catering business with a couple of her friends. She set up several tables around their pool and put up a self service buffet of self made tasty snacks and finger foods. A couple of maids and clowns took care of the children.

Jay was invited too, and he took care of the grill. Whereas all the other men present were dressed in smart, casual business clothes, he was in a wife beater, long shorts and his smart Nike Air Ones. Though he had been screwing his Uncle's wife for almost a year now, Jay always felt a bit guilty and awkward when he was around his Uncle. What was even worse, several of the housewives that he was also servicing were around, with their husbands and children. And they were all acting calm and relaxed. Except for the winks and lecherous smiles that his Aunt and the other wives threw him once in a while, one would never have guessed that they had a little something something going on with the good natured, young buck.

"Man! Women are scandalous for sure," Jay thought to himself.

As he grilled the tasty, juicy, spiced steaks and served them, Jay could not help but realize that if your woman was cheating on you in a smart manner, you would never ever know. Damn! A pussy was something you only owned it for the time you were between a woman's legs, eating her out or dicking her up, he decided ruefully.

Jay observed his Uncle being the charming, witty host, just as his wife played the alluring hostess. The men talked business or bragged in a veiled manner as their wives chatted about such things of astronomical importance like society gossip, cosmetics and this and that.

Jay's eyes fell upon an Asian woman he had never seen before. His Aunt seemed to have taken an instant liking to her. Jay smiled as he realized once again that he and his Uncle's wife had the same taste in women. They both liked them exotic. Melinda soon brought her over to the grill.

Melinda, the tall, chocolate brown beauty was looking grand in a whimsical seaside village print halter dress, which had a deep v front, a fitted bodice and spaghetti straps which criss crossed in back. The hem of the full skirt was hanging halfway down her juicy thighs. The dress did her gorgeous, curvy body justice. It was classy, elegant and yet raw and sexy. A pair of high heeled sandals accentuated her shapely legs. Her long, smooth black hair was tied back and she wore light make up on her pretty, beaming, oval face. Her thick, full, alluring lips were a glossy, dark berry shade.

"Wassup my Nigga!" Melinda greeted Jay fondly and gave his ass a surreptitious but juicy pat. "This is Shai Li," Melinda said. "She is the wife of Mr Chen over there," Melinda gestured at a Chinese gentleman who was chatting with her husband Edward and several other men. "This is my nephew, Jason, or Jay, as we call him." Melinda winked at him.

"Hallo," Shai Li said politely, offering Jay her hand and bowing slightly.

"Hi there. Pleased to meet you," he replied in a warm voice as his big, dark hand engulfed her golden tanned, tiny hand. Jay gazed at her, admiring the Asian beauty.

Shai Li had long, raven black hair, that was in a big bob at the back of her head, held together by a chop stick with intricate Chinese writings and paintings. A few, short curls were cutely arranged down the sides of her alluring face. Her skin was tanned a deep golden shade. She had a pretty, heart shaped face. Dark, penciled brows framed the sexiest, darkest, slanted eyes that he had ever seen. Her slanted eyes gave her face this stoned, bedroom look. She had a cute, small nose and small but pouting lips that were a glossy, cherry red.

Shai Li was dressed in a sexy blue floral Cheongsam dress, which had a mandarin style collar and long side slits that went up to mid thigh. It was glued to her slim, petite body. She had perky breasts, the size of tennis balls. Her waist was very slim which exaggerated the curve of her flaring hips. She had small, taut ass cheeks that were like small soccer balls, cupped in her tight dress. There was something so delicate and sensuous about her.

Shai Li gave Jay a polite, shy smile yet he noticed a fascinated, excited shine to her eyes. Shai Li read the look of desire and fascination in the young black man's eyes. She felt a heat in her cheeks and averted her eyes, but she could not stop the wide smile that conquered her face. Jay felt excited and could not stop chatting fast and eying Shai Li as he gave the two women a tasty, well grilled poultry steaks. Shai Li would steal quick looks at him. Melinda nodded surreptitiously at Shai Li and winked at Jay before leading her off to the buffet, chatting gaily.

As he gazed after the two women, Jay remembered how as a youngster, he had thought Asian women were ugly. He used to call them ugly ass chink hos. But ever since watching a couple of Jackie Chan and Jet Li movies, he had rapidly changed his opinion. They were as hot as any other women. Oh how he would love to make love to this delicate Asian, who was beautiful as an eastern lotus flower in full bloom.

As she chatted with Melinda, Shai Li was quite enchanted with her and her dark, handsome, young nephew. The Chinese woman had never seen black people face to face until she came to the United States with her husband, five years previously. She had always found the black musicians, dancers and actors that she saw on TV back home to be exotic and beautiful.

What she especially liked about Melinda was that the alluring hostess was so relaxed and exuded warmth and a good Karma. Shai Li had been raised to be controlled and polite. Melinda on the other hand was obviously wild and liberated. Shai Li could sense a strong sexual energy. That coupled with her energetic body, big, proud breasts, curvaceous hips and a thick round ass made Shai Li suddenly smile to herself as she imagined Melinda in bed. The black woman was definitely wild, loud and lusty, Shai Li decided.

Melinda liked Shai Li instantly. She displayed a keen interest in her, asking her about China and Hong Kong. Melinda, like most Americans that she had met, was quite ignorant about Red China. However, she was not arrogant and snobby. The two women fell easily into conversation. Shai Li was lured out of her polite reserve by the black woman's infectious smile and laughter.

When Shai Li told her that she had once worked as a masseuse, Melinda literary begged her to give her a massage. They exchanged numbers.

Shai Li and her husband left early in the evening. Most of the others however stayed on. As the men drank heavily and chatted sports, Aunt Melinda and her inner circle of naughty housewives withdrew to the back patio and started smoking blunts and drinking heavily, sharing some dirty talk. Jay was asked to go and chill out at the back of tools shed, in some dark part of the garden. The youngster leaned against the wall puffing on blunts as the horny, stoned housewives sneaked to him one by one, with just one aim, to suck his big, young dick and drink his cumm, with their husbands less than a stone throw away. Jay didn't give a fuck, he would charge them for all that cumm. He stuffed their mouths full of cock and definitely must have bust at least six nuts in six women before the get together finally broke up.

Chapter 3: The Apprentice.

The following Friday, Jay was sitting in his mom's apartment in QB, doing his school assignments as he nursed a severe cold from having gone out jogging too long in a cold rain shower. He got a call from his Aunt Melinda and she was sounding pissed. She said that she and Uncle Eddy had been planning on going away for the week end with their kids, to have a nice time and talk things over. However, her husband had suddenly canceled at the last minute, saying an emergency had come up in one of his company's subsidiaries out of town, and he was needed on the spot. She had even threatened him and thrown tantrums, to no avail.

She was sounding very depressed and even though he was ill and exhausted, Jay decided to drop by and cheer up his favorite Aunt. He knew that Melinda was no angel, but Jay figured that had his Uncle been taking care of business, she might not have been fucking around behind his back.

Jay completed his assignments first, school work came before pussy.

Jay pulled up at her house around ten. His Aunt had already brought her two kids to bed. The back door was open and as he walked up to her bedroom, he could hear her favorite fuck songs, "T-shirt and panties," from Adina Howard was playing. He pushed the door gently open and there was Melinda, waiting for him on her spacious bed, lying on the silk covers in in a tiny halter top, even tinier thongs and mid thigh, lacy stockings. She had a bottle of sparkling wine chilling on ice in a decanter and several blunts ready to get fired up.

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