tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Corruption of Felicia Ch. 04

The Corruption of Felicia Ch. 04



Stewart sat in his office looking at images on his cell phone.

Monday didn't go quite as swimmingly for Stewart as it had for Felicia. All yesterday morning he tried repeatedly to get a hold of Xavier, but no luck. It wasn't until the early afternoon that he got a call from her. She told him with great disappointment in her voice that although she wanted to see him, she couldn't as yet because Monica needed her to do 'things,' but that she'd get in touch with him when she got free.

He waited about an hour then decided to call her, but again no answer. It wasn't long after his attempt, however, that he received an apologetic text message from her saying that she was delayed, but also describing all the juicy things she was going to do to him when she could finally break away from Monica. Although disappointed, her last message had him incredibly hard, so he bided his time.

A couple more hours passed and still no call from her, but she continued to send text messages along with quick pics of her, all done to keep the wolf hungry and interested. The pictures were self-shot by her in a bathroom mirror. One pic was of her topless, holding a fake dick between her tits, while she licked the top of the dildo. The accompanying text read, 'This is where I want your cock right before you cum in my face.'

The pic and message just about sent Stewart through the roof, particularly the look in her big, blue eyes as they looked up into the mirror. If his office helper weren't in the room with him, he probably would have jerked off. However, the last pic she sent him that day was a true corker that made Stewart audibly moan with delight. In it, Xavier was bent over slightly. She was bottomless, her long legs were together and her firm, round ass pushed out. Her head was cocked to the side as she looked back toward the mirror. The whole scene she created was reminiscent of one of those old 'cheesecake' posters drawn by Vargas. The accompanying text read, 'After you cum in my face I want you to put your cock here.' Stewart had a permanent hard-on for the rest of the day, and could barely contain himself waiting for their get-together.

It was close to quitting time when he got a final text message from her. It read that she couldn't meet today but to be in his office around noon tomorrow.

Disappointed again and still horny, he closed up shop and went home hoping that Felicia was 'in the mood,' only to find she was sick again.

Now it was Tuesday, and Stewart had the fidgets, brought on by extreme sexual frustration. He looked up at the clock on the wall, which read 11:51, then looked back at the last digital pic Xavier had sent him. All last night and this morning he thought of nothing else but that picture, with Xavier bent over, and her head turned to the side while looking behind her with that wanton expression.

He didn't like meeting her at the office during work hours. It was too public, and had too many watchful eyes. Yet, this is where she wanted to meet, so he was stuck with the arrangements for now. He didn't have to worry about the guys in the garage. They usually left him alone when the office door was closed. Still, as soon as she gets here he'll suggest they go to a motel close by. The main thing was to get Julie out of here before noon.

He looked over at his secretary, and said, "Julie, why don't you break for lunch."

"You sure Stew? I can work through lunch if you want me too."

That was a first, he thought. Ordinarily she would have bolted out the door without a second thought, but given that he tore her a new asshole yesterday at the way she left things when he was laid-up, she was reluctant to leave her post this time.

The last thing Stewart needed right now was a third wheel hanging around the office when Xavier showed up, and said in a conciliatory tone, "No, you can pick up after lunch, and sorry for the way I barked at you yesterday."

"I understand. I'm such a ditz when it comes to filin' things," she said. You're such a great boss. Tell you what, I'll just get a small salad and come back early..."

"No, no, no!" Stewart broke in before she'd finished, "Take your time. I don't want to see you here before one."

Stewart breathed a sign of relief when he got her out the door, but he definitely was going to suggest Xavier and him go to a motel. That is if he could keep from coming in his pants when he saw her.

It was about five after when Xavier knocked on his door, dressed in a way that exceeded all of Stewart's expectations. She leaned up against the door jam with her hands clasped behind her back. She was wearing a short, spandex mini-shirt and a short button-down, cashmere sweater. The lower three buttons were undone, exposing her taut midriff. As far as Stewart could tell, she wasn't wearing a bra as her tits were almost spilling out the front of the sweater.

"I hope you don't mind me burstin' in like this. I told your boys in the garage you were expecting me," she said demurely while playing with the buttons on her sweater.

"'Bout time," Stewart almost yelled in excitement, and then lowering his voice, "Close the door and get your sweet ass in here."

Closing the door behind her, and without saying another word, she ran up to him, bouncing the whole way over before giving him a long, slow kiss. Stewart totally forgot about the motel, and wasted no time in unbuttoning the rest of her sweater. Cupping both of her oversized breasts in his hands, he massaged and gently pulling on them until her nipples hardened.

"Oh baby," Stewart said, as he stepped back to view her near perfect form, "You are all I could think about for the last couple of days. Don't leave me hangin' like that."

She smiled slyly, and said, "Haven't you heard, absence makes the heart grow fonder...And the cock harder."

"I don't know 'bout that first part, but the second part is most definitely true. Now, why don't you do that little pose for me in real time, just like you sent me."

"You mean this one?" she teased, while turning around and leaning over his desk.

Keeping her backside toward Stewart, she slid her skirt and panties down then assumed the cheesecake pose that sent Stewart into orbit for the past day.

Stewart knelt down behind her and fondled each of her buttocks while saying, "That's what I'm talking 'bout. How did you get to have such a great ass?"

She giggled a response, and stuck her ass further back as Stewart kissed both cheeks.

Stewart was in heaven, and all was seemingly 'right with the world.' That is until he ventured further into her anatomy. Shifting his hand up between her legs in order to get at her sweet honey pot, he encountered something he hadn't expected, causing him to stumble backward onto the floor in stunned disbelief.

Stewart continued to sit dumbfounded on the floor of his office, stammering gibberish as Xavier stood over him and visually confirmed for him what his hand had already told him was true. He blinked twice, hoping to clear the vision from his mind, but to no avail. She continued to stand over him looking every bit the woman that is except for a sizable erection that stood pointing stiffly out into the air.

As the initial shock started to abate, Stewart suddenly realized that he had kissed her, him, or whatever it was. Kissed her on the mouth and just kissed her... 'Jesus!'

"What the fuck! You're a guy!" he yelled, and then started spitting and wiping his mouth as if to metaphorically remove the taint that surly corrupted his lips.

Xavier stood with hands on hips, laughing whimsically. Stewart's reaction to her true nature was all too common for her. She'd seen it played out dozens of times in her life with all sorts of men. From the burliest, testosterone infused male reeking of uninhibited machismo to the most coy, effeminate momma's boy, their reactions had all been the same as Stewart's; and nine times out of ten she always got them to do what she wanted. It was her true talent.

Still smiling down at Stewart, she said, "A guy? Not really. Not even in my former life. I prefer to be called a 'T-girl.' It has kind an innocent, but provocative flavor about it, kind of like 'Candy Stripers.' Now 'he-she' is okay, but it sounds so technical and cold. Oh, but I really like slut with nuts, because I'm frightfully slutty and a bit nutty, pun definitely intended," she said that last part while trusting her hips forward while seductively playing with her breasts, "Still, other guys call me..."

Stewart stared up at her in astonishment as Xavier continued to prattle on aimlessly into the nomenclature of her being, as if that were the critical issue at that moment.

Stewart had seen pictures of transsexuals before, and yes, objectively he had thought some of them were attractive, even beautiful if not for the male accoutrements they still possessed. However, he had always convinced himself that he could tell they were really men. No matter how feminine they tried to present themselves, there was always something about them that hinted at their true nature, even before they removed their pants, or so he thought. That was the thing that was really bothering him now. Xavier had really fooled him, and in so doing had seemingly shaken the foundations of his own sexuality. He stared up at her trying vainly to see some telltale sign that hinted at her maleness, but there was nothing. There was no heavy brow or chin, no hint of facial hair or Adam's apple. There was no triangular shape to her upper torso that would suggest a broadening of the shoulders, and her legs and thighs showed none of the characteristic bulkiness and musculature inherent of men.

She stroked her breasts lovingly and seductively as she continued to talk, played with them as a woman would in order to entice him. He listened intently to her voice, hoping to hear some change in tenor that suggested more testosterone than estrogen, but it remained at a sweet, high alto pitch. She was every bit a woman in looks and manner. Yet her erect cock still stood straight out mocking this assessment.

Even with full knowledge of what she was, he was still captivated by her looks, and could not square the circle between that deeply feminine form to that which resided between her legs. Worse than the confusion Stewart felt, was the discomfort that he was getting aroused looking up at her. He really wasn't sure whether he wanted to kiss her or kick her teeth in, but most of all, he wanted to be away from her before the seduction went any further.

Not being violent by nature, kicking her teeth in was not an option, so he yelled, "Will you just shut up!"

Faking surprise at his outburst, Xavier said with injured tenor in her voice, "I thought you liked me."

"That was before I found out you were a fruitcake, now get the fuck out of here before I beat the shit out of you!"

"Please Stewie, don't be mad at me," she said, as she lowered herself down with the intension of comforting him.

Stewart quickly scooted away from her as a crab might when encountering a flame, and said as he backed away, "I'm warning you, don't come any closer or I will kick the shit out of you."

Seeing his reaction, a genuine look of hurt momentarily passed across her face before she stood up with what Stewart hoped were intensions of leaving. She picked up her skirt and panties, and she said matter-of-factly, "Okay, I can take a hint. I'm going."

She quickly turned away from Stewart and began walking toward the office door that led out into the garage.

Seeing the catastrophe Xavier was about to bring down on his head, Stewart yelled, "What the fuck! Not like that. Put your fuckin' clothes on first."

She paused for a moment and turned back, saying, "No. I like showing myself off, so why should I? Why should I cover up for you since you've been such a dick to me? I came all the way down here and got all hot and bothered, only to have you threaten me with violence. Fuck you!"

She turned back toward the door. Just as she touched the knob, she felt Stewart's arms around her waist pulling her back into the room. Even though Stewart was much bigger than she was, she was surprisingly strong for someone with such a slight frame, and was able to turn herself around so that they faced each other. Gaining leverage with her feet against the floor, she pushed away from him with her arms, and almost wormed free of his hold. Stewart, sensing he was about to lose his grip, shifted his hands down and grabbed a hunk of her ass and lifted her off the floor. Even with her leverage gone, Xavier still fought him with her arms, and continued to wriggling against him like a greased pig, all the while spitting out commands for Stewart to, 'Let me go' interlaced with colorful expletives. Stewart continued to hold her tight and pleaded with her to calm down and to shut up. This only made her demands for freedom louder, and to the point that Stewart feared the guys in the garage would hear her cries and investigate. Stewart finally relinquished by throwing her down onto the office couch. At the last second, Xavier grabbed a hold of his shirt collar, and in so doing, her momentum pulled Stewart down on top of her.

Like a flash, Xavier wrapped her arms around Stewart's neck and her legs around his waist. This action also pinned Stewart's arms against his body. Now it was Stewart's turn to try to squirm his way free, but with his arms pinned the way they were, he could gain no advantage in order to escape from her embrace. Stewart started to threaten her to let go, but as soon as he opened his mouth to speak, she pushed her tongue deep inside him. Stewart resisted her as best he could, but she had too tight a grip on his head and neck. She continued to kiss him deeply, and soon his staunch resistance became uneasy compliance, which quickly fell into a tentative acceptance. Before long, she felt his once rigid body relax as he began to return her kiss with equal enthusiasm.

Xavier unclasped her legs. There was no more need for restraint—she had him. With his arms finally free, Stewart brought his hands up to her breasts and fondled each for a time. Then, leaving one hand cupped to a breast, he brought his other up to her head, and in a romantic gesture, pulled her even tighter against his lips.

Xavier clamped her hands to Stewart's ass, and began to shift her pelvis against him. He could feel her hard cock sliding back and forth across the bulge in his pants as she continued to grind her pelvis in mock fucking. With their mouths still in contact, Stewart lifted his hips up so that Xavier could loosen his belt and pants. With a little help from Stewart, she pushed his pants down his legs, and in one fluid motion grabbed his cock and clamped it against her own. She held their two cocks together as both of them simultaneously and slowly thrust their hips forward and back.

The feeling of his cock sliding against hers was all so new and incredible to Stewart, and the sensualness of the moment was augmented by Xavier's soft moans of delight as he forced his tongue deeper into her mouth.

Their thrusting became more fevered as each could feel their pending climax start to build. Caught up as she was in the moment, Xavier disengaged the kiss and softly pleaded for Stewart to fuck her. Stewart, not yet ready for that aspect in their relationship, just shook his head, and said hoarsely, "No, just keep jerkin' me."

She pleaded again, "I want to feel your cock inside of me. Please!" again Stewart shook his head.

She didn't want to press him any further, and so resigned herself to gently stroking their cocks. Stewart watched her hand gliding effortlessly along their shafts.

Each head sported a small bead of pre-ejaculate fluid. Taking her free hand, Xavier played with each bead, smearing them together and around each head. Stewart flinched at the sensation. More fluid emerged, which added more lubricant to her finger. With her finger sufficiently moistened, she reached down and cupped Stewart's tightened balls with her palm while pressing her finger to the sensitive area between his balls and anus. The effect was instantaneous, as Stewart shot one long string of cum after another across her stomach. Even before Stewart had finished Xavier too, climaxed, leaving nearly identical white strands that landed heavily across her midsection and nearly reaching up to her breasts.

Looking down at her stomach and chest, Xavier giggled saying, "That was so nice, but I really wanted you to fuck me."

Stewart didn't say anything, but instead got off the couch to get her a towel. As Xavier wiped herself off, Stewart looked up at the clock and saw that it was 12:40, then said in a strange monotone, "You better go, my secretary will be back soon."

Xavier sensed his change in mood, and asked with real concern, "What's wrong?"

Stewart smiled weakly trying to hide his true feelings, but said again in that odd monotone voice, "Nothing...Really...You better go," then he got up and went into the bathroom and closed the door.

He sat in the bathroom waiting for her to leave. He listened and heard her putting on her clothes. Then, after another few minutes he heard her ask, "Can I call you later?"

He didn't answer, because he really didn't know what to say.

She waited a few more minutes for a response, and then asked, "Stewie, you're scaring me. Please answer. Can I call you later?"

Knowing he needed to say something to get her out of his office, he said weakly, "Okay."

"Can I see you later?"

"I don't know. Please, just leave."

Stewart breathed a sign of relief when he heard her footsteps walking away and heard the office door close behind her. He remained in the darkness of the bathroom until Julie got back from lunch, the whole time wondering how much he just fucked up his life.


Again, Felicia arrived at her father's house late, and again Leosha was waiting for her on the living room couch. Felicia's slutty outfit remained neatly folded next to her stepmother, just as they had been yesterday.

Leosha looked at her watch, and said, "Well baby doll, this is our last full day together, and I've got a full day planned for you. So let's shake a leg."

Leosha wasted no time in getting Felicia dressed into her slutty schoolgirl outfit and into Leosha's car for a drive across town. Along the drive, neither spoke until Leosha pulled up in front of a somewhat dilapidated, doublewide trailer, complete with a broken down Chevy Nova up on cinder blocks and a weed-infested front lawn.

"What are we doing at this dump?" Felicia asked.

"Figures you wouldn't know where your stepsister lives," said Leosha, sneeringly.

"Tina! My lord, all she needs is a couple of broken down washers on her front stoop to make it complete. This truly is hillbilly heaven, and I am in hell."

"Watch your mouth, baby doll. She's had a string of bad luck and bad husbands, but she's good people. She's prideful though; throughout all her shitty marriages and troubles she never asked me or your daddy for any help, and this is what it got her. So don't go lookin' down your nose at her—you be respectful."

Felicia laughed, and said sarcastically, "Right, I guess all those arrests for drugs and bar fights didn't have a thing to do with her situation."

Leosha ignored her insult, "Like I said, prideful. You best get used to the surroundings baby doll, you're gonna be here a while. Now you go on in, she's expectin' you. I'll come back later to get you. Have a mind baby doll, I expect you to be as obedient with Tina as you are with me. If I get back and find you've been a stubborn bitch there will be hell to pay. You can bank on that."

Tina was waiting at the door when Felicia knocked, and greeted her stepsister with uncharacteristic warmth.

Tina was about Felicia's height and weight, and both wore similar hair colors and styles, but that's where the similarities ended. Physical resemblance aside, Tina was every bit her mother's daughter, right down to her ample bust size and extremely brassy personality; and as with her mother, Tina rarely hid her contempt for Felicia's side of the family, which is why Felicia was thrown off guard by Tina's current affability.

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