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The Dark Queen


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The prince dropped down into the dungeon. He had made it past the wall of thorns, the living forest, and the giant spider and fought off the ogres and trolls that stood in his way in the quest to save the princess, his fiancé.

Princess Flora, along with the royal family, had been captured and taken to the castle of the evil queen, Morticia.

Once the prince was inside the dungeon he could see Flora. She was chained in the center of a room with the shackles holding her arms up from the roof above. There was a beam of light shining on her that illuminated her tattered clothes and the look of defeat she had with her head hanging low.

The prince walked steadily and cautiously towards her, aware that it may be another trap. When it seemed that they were alone in the room, he called to her.

"Flora, are you alright?" he asked, still keeping his distance. She looked up at him, alarmed but relieved to see him.

"Oh my love! Help me! Morticia may be back soon!" she cried, shaking her chains.

"Where is she?" he asked surveying the cell.

"I don't know... she... she comes out of nowhere... like from out of the darkness... she's an evil sorceress!" Flora said.

"Where's the rest of the family?" he asked. There was a long silence from Flora as she started to cry.

"They're gone..." she said.

"What do you mean?" the prince wondered.

"Morticia transformed them into monsters... they serve her now..." she wept.

"That's impossible!" he proclaimed. But in looking at his fiancé realized she was telling the truth. "How did she do it?"

"She used her body... she seduced my father and brother into having sex with her... once they were inside her... her vagina placed some sort of flesh clamp onto each of their penises... then when they came... when they came in her..." she struggled to tell him the horrible truth. "They turned into these... creatures... and bowed down to her... then she had them rape my mother... and... then she...my mom transformed and bowed down to her as well. She made me watch! She transformed all of them! They are all evil now!"

"Oh my God..." the prince said looking to the side of the princess.

"Hurry up, my love! Help me get free and out of this vile place! We are the kingdoms only hope!" Flora said, but now she became aware of what her prince was staring at. Queen Morticia had emerged from the shadows and was moving towards her. She stood next to Flora and looked over at the prince. Flora realized why he had said 'Oh my God.' He was looking at the sorceress's voluptuous body.

"Well if it isn't Prince Charming." She said.

Morticia had long black curly hair that ran all the way down to her perfect ass. Her smooth skin encased a delicious looking hourglass frame highlighted by a pair of large ample breasts that were far bigger than Flora's rack.

"God no! My love... snap out of it! She's casting a spell on you!" Flora yelled.

The prince was staring, gaping at the body of the wicked temptress. Morticia smiled evilly at him.

"Don't I look wonderful, Prince? Don't I look better than your true love? Don't you just want to... fuck me?" Morticia moved in front of Flora now, so that all he could see was her. She was wearing a dark negligee that was transparent over her luscious melons and trimmed pussy.

The prince was stronger than the evil queen thought, however. He drew his sword towards her and threatened her.

"Don't come any closer, witch! I know what it is you do to men, now! And I will not fall prey to your charms!" he claimed. The prince knew that there was another trap, he just had to find out how from Flora.

"Why fight me, Prince? I mean you no harm... I only want to bring you pleasure." Morticia said closing in on him. Her hands roamed all over her voluptuous body and squeezed her round mounds.

The prince saw that she was moving to him and surprised her by closing the gap himself. He pressed his sword right into the throat of the evil queen. But she took advantage of their close proximity and grabbed his cock through his tights. Morticia used the dark magic in her touch to bring him to instant hardness.

"You like that, don't you, Prince? You like my hand on your cock?" she asked stroking him. The prince wanted to stop her, but if he did he'd give up his kill strike.

"Let Flora go... or I'll slit your... erghh... throat..." he struggled with his warning. Morticia was working his cock over. He felt a touch like he had never experienced.

"Look into my eyes, sweet Prince..." The Queen commanded. It was too late now for the prince; for he was already gazing into the evil stares of the sorceress and he was falling prey to the seductress. "You want me, Prince. You want to fuck me more than anything. That is all that matters to you now, pleasing me... Surrender to my body... You are mine." He was instantly under her spell and would do anything she told him to do. "Drop your sword."

The prince removed his blade from her neck and let it go to the ground.

"There, now that's better, isn't it? Now... take off your tights and lay down." She commanded.

"No, my love! Her spell is only temporary! Hear my voice! Break out of her spell!" Flora screamed in desperation.

But the prince paid no attention to her in removing his bottoms and lying on the dungeon floor.

"You are too late, Princess Flora. My enchantment cannot be broken. You are powerless to stop me. Tell me, Prince, have you ever fucked your fiancé, the princess?" she asked him.

"Yes." He responded from the ground in a chilling monotone voice with no emotion.

"What do you really think of my body? Am I sexy?" Morticia solicited from him.

"Yes. Your body is very sexy." He answered.

"Am I sexier than Flora?"

"Yes. You are sexier than Flora." He replied. Morticia giggled but it wasn't cute.

"Do you want to fuck me, Prince? Do you want to fuck my hot body right here in front of your true love?" she and Flora knew what he would say.

"Yes. Anything for you... my queen." He said. The dark queen smiled wickedly. Flora screamed again and again trying to put a stop to the seduction.

Morticia turned back to Flora. "Now you will watch once more as I transform another that you love, your prince charming, into one of my monster minions in service to me and my dark kingdom!" the wicked queen laughed evilly and mounted the hard cock of the prince, putting it into her cunt.

She started rocking on top of him; the squishing sounds of the velvety and wet folds of her pussy fucking his royal cock filled the chamber. "Fuck me, Prince."

The prince grunted as she rode him and started to piston up into her. Flora kept screaming in the background, trying to break him free of the sex spell.

"Oh you are the biggest yet, my prince! Ugh FUCK you are huge! I love fucking you the most!" Morticia said and gyrated on him, basking in the feel of yet another member of the royal family that she was adding to her collection of slaves. "Look Flora."

Flora looked down at her love's penis and saw that the evil queen had used her magical pussy to put that same flesh ring on the prince's cock. It wouldn't be long now; his conversion was half way there. Their moans drowned out the pleas of the helpless princess.

"Tell me, Prince... Am I a... ugh... a better lover than the princess?" the queen asked.

"Yes. You are a better lover than Flora." He said. Flora wept at the sound of his words and Morticia laughed once more.

"Touch me, lover!" she ordered. The prince reached up and grabbed a hold of her massive bouncing globes. "Rip my top open!" With his strong hands he tore apart her black dressing gown to expose the bare skin of her boobs. "Feed on my tits, slave!"

He raised his head to her chest and took one of her nipples into his mouth. Right away he felt her magic milk seep in past his lips. "Drink it all down!" she told him.

The prince feasted on her breast milk for a few moments, switching to the other one soon after and draining them both.

"Good boy... now you are ready. Cum for me, Prince... cum inside me and give me your soul!" she pulled her hair back with one hand and held one of her tits with the other while leaning back, waiting for the inevitable.

The prince moaned and his eyes rolled back into his skull as he erupted into the evil cunt of Morticia. The flesh ring on his dick glowed bright as he came in giant spurts, filling her full of his willpower. As he did it, she transferred her dark juices through her own orgasm into his system. His veins grew black and his skin pulsed. His eyes glowed red as he turned into an ogre. The prince's skin was dark green now and he was very slimy.

Morticia smiled at her new pet and dismounted him. The trap was too easy. No man could resist her seductive ways. His semen dripped down her legs as she stood.

The ogre climbed to his feet. He was bigger than the prince. He glared at the princess in bondage, his face now grotesque and full of boils like the rest of his body.

"God no... this can't be happening..." Flora cried, now in fear.

"I gave you a special gift, my pet... you have ability that few others in my realm have..." the queen said and looked over to Flora. "Fuck her!"

"Yes, my queen. Your wish is my command." The ogre stated in a malicious voice different from the prince's and smiled, showing his repulsive teeth.

Tentacles shot out the groin of the ogre and rapped around the princess's body. He ripped away whatever clothes she still had on and groped her openly. Morticia and the monster laughed at her inability to fight back. The creature broke the chains off of her but held her wrists high and spread her legs as his biggest tentacle moved towards her open pussy.

"Oh no! My love! What has she done to you?! ARghh!" she asked the redundant question as his tentacle cock penetrated her royal pussy.

"Your sweet prince charming, your true love, just like your father and brother are now nothing more than mindless trolls, slaves in forever servitude to me, the Dark Queen, Morticia." She hooted sinfully at her words.

The ogre's tentacle cock buried itself as far into the princess's pussy as it could get then began plowing into her again and again. The monster laughed.

"You're enjoying this aren't you, Princess? You like being raped by my troll and his feelers." Morticia said and knew she had won as the princess began to moan. "A slut, just like your mother... Your kingdom is now mine for the taking. All will bow, serve and please me!"

"You think you've won, Bitch?" Flora yelled. "The royal army is waiting outside your sovereignty... Ohhhhh... When we don't come back... they'll kill you!"

"Oh but that's if none of you come back... Show her... my Dark Prince." Morticia smiled evilly, looking at the troll that was once a handsome nobleman.

His face suddenly morphed back into his old, attractive self, but his eyes blazed red with evil.

"Impossible!" Flora screamed in horror. One of the prince's loose tentacles reached around her writhing body and jammed into her anus. "Owwww! Oh God!"

"That's right, Flora. Your prince charming will escort me all the way to the castle and name me, Morticia, not you, as his bride. The entire territory will think that he is still himself when really he is nothing more than a brainless ogre, serving me. With the rest of the imperial family gone, he will be king and I will be Queen. He will be nothing more than my puppet that will breed me, give me babies and my many children will rule the empire forever!" Morticia cackled at her victory speech.

Flora moaned at the pleasure the former love was giving her by pumping his appendages in and out of her ass and pussy. His enchanted juices were steadily flowing into her and overwhelming her senses, forcing her to surrender to the gratification and moan.

"How does it feel, Princess?" Morticia smiled knowingly and walked up to her. She felt the tentacles as they writhed into her captive.

"It... it feels... good. It feels so good! Ohhhh Fuck yes! Fuck me!" Flora gave in and began to respond to the thrusts of the slimy feelers with her own pushing.

"Do you surrender, Princess? Will you serve me?" the evil queen asked up close and personal to the princess who was stuck in sexual rapture.

"I... I... please..." Flora begged. She knew the game that the queen was playing. Morticia wouldn't let her cum until she submitted. But Flora needed to cum more than anything. She would do anything for the release.

"I can have him do this forever, you know. Give in, Princess. It is over. You have lost." Morticia said and grabbed the princess's face, holding her gaze. "Obey me!"

The princess looked into the dark queen's glowing eyes. The pleasure was overwhelming, she had no hope now.

"Yes! Just make me cum! I will obey you... my queen." She submitted.

Morticia let her go and cackled evilly. "Very good, Princess Flora. You and your body will make a fine addition to my new empire. Cum inside her, Prince, then drench her with the rest of your evil seed."

The ogre nodded and groaned out. Its tentacles pulsed like fire hoses with clumps of liquid traveling through them from his groin and into the princess's pussy and ass. Instead of it overflowing as it should have, her body swallowed all of the copious amounts of troll sperm. It was ready for its transformation. The loose tentacles let the princess go and splattered her from head to toe in his slime. Flora screamed out in pleasure as she came and accepted her former love's offering of dark seed into and on her body.

The former prince withdrew his feelers from her. Flora started to rub his cum all over her body, wanting the ooze to cover every inch of her. The goo seemed to be absorbed into her skin and she began to change. Her chin, nose and ears grew longer. Her hair changed from strawberry blonde to pitch black and her skin morphed into a dark green color, glistening with slime, not that different from the prince's. She was a female goblin now; her face was anything but pretty, except that she had an even more voluptuous body than before.

Flora continued caressing her new form as she looked around the now crowded dungeon. Her family had returned and now they were in their old human forms, same as the prince, but their eyes were glowing bright red with evil. They all served the dark queen now.

"Are you ready now, my pet? We have a kingdom to subdue and a throne to claim." Morticia said. She had changed her dress into a formal one, but still showing off her body. The royal family was all wearing their formal attires as well.

The goblin Flora stood up and morphed back into her human form. She smiled evilly as Morticia made her old princess gown appear on her. The princess's eyes blazed red with her own evil as she followed everyone out. Morticia laughed wickedly as she took the prince's arm and he escorted her to his land, what would be her land. The royal family laughed with her, all of them now corrupted.

The Dark Queen, Morticia, was victorious. And all she had to use was her lustful body.

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Wow, awesome story! I love it! An Evil Villainess finally getting what she deserves!

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