tagInterracial LoveThe Discovery

The Discovery


It is said that the best hiding places are in the open, and my wife would have done better if she had followed this philosophy – I would never have noticed any of the things that I found in the autumn of last year if they had been in their normal places.

I wanted to install a network cable from my router in the study to the spare bedroom, but I didn't want the cable to show. I had an idea to pass it through the wall to the kitchen, up inside a tall cupboard, through the floor into my wife's wardrobe in the main bedroom and then into the roof space, across and down into the spare room. As she had gone to the nearby city for the day, with her friend, on a shopping trip it seemed a good opportunity to do it.

The plan worked out well and I was standing on some steps to pull the cable through a gap behind the top shelf of the ceiling-height wardrobe, but there were a variety of boxes that were in the way, so I took them out and stacked them on the bed. As I went to climb the steps, the pile of boxes started to topple over and I managed to catch them, but not before the top one had spilled out. I cursed, climbed down, and started to repack it, but then I stopped and looked at the contents.

There was a new, smart black dress. Nothing unusual there, except that it was in the box instead of hanging up, but then I found some stockings, a black suspender belt, bra and knickers – my wife never wears stockings. There was also an envelope from a private clinic, containing a letter dated a few weeks earlier, which started by saying that two copies were enclosed and went on to give a comprehensive list of sexually transmitted diseases, with 'clear' written against each. There was only one copy.

I carefully re-packed everything in the box and finished the cabling work, thinking about what I had found. I took care to shake the boxes up a bit before putting them back on the shelf in a haphazard way, making it obvious that I had moved them to do my work.

I thought that she had been spending a bit more time on the internet lately, so I decided to have a peek in her user area on the computer, and it didn't take me long to find a series of eMails that were hidden away in a folder with ones from the friend she was out with.

I started with the oldest, reading the ones she had sent and then the reply. She said that she had been given their website URL by a friend, going on to say she had been intrigued by the site, then asking for a login. The reply told her to read the conditions, then if she still wanted a login, to ask again. She acknowledged and they gave her a temporary login valid for a specific time, with a URL to the site. Naturally I was straight onto the site for a look, although I couldn't get into the 'members' area of course, and the summary was certainly intriguing.

The conditions said that logins would only be given to women and that to get one, she would have to appear naked on a webcam chat with them to prove this. I couldn't imagine her agreeing to that, but the next message was there, with the full login details and a comment about how much they had liked her body.

I logged-in and found that the site was run by two black guys, who looked - from the naked photos - to be about 30 and were well built, but not overly muscled, and certainly well endowed. It described how they offered unique sexual experiences, no strings attached, no charges or payments, on a one-off or regular basis; it said they were choosy but did not discourage older women; it gave the name of the private clinic where prospective members would have to go to be tested for STDs – a copy of the 'all clear' letter would be needed; it said that all sexual encounters would be broadcast live to the other "members", on the website; it made it clear that the women were solely responsible for contraception but that they should not bring condoms.

I went to the webcam pages and found that I was looking at a bedroom. They were streaming very high quality video, from what must have been a fast internet up-link, so it was a good job I had a fast download connection too. There were a selection of webcams to choose, showing the room from different angles and from above looking down on the bed, which was unmade – presumably from the night before, as it was Saturday. I downloaded a video clip from one of the other pages and watched them with a white woman. Back in the eMails, I found some recent ones where my wife had answered a variety of questions, including the dates of her period, and they had offered her a weekend next month, or in three months time, both to coincide with the middle of her cycle as she had told them that she is at her most aroused then and for the last couple of years had been fantasising about doing something about it. She had accepted the date for next month.

When she got home, I explained about the cable and showed her it running up the back of the kitchen cupboard, where I had jumbled up the boxes and appliances to show that I had moved them, hoping that she would think the things in her wardrobe were just the same.

Later, she told me that her friend (that she had been shopping with) had asked her to go on a weekend to a health club, next month, for some 'girlie pampering'. They had done this before, so it wasn't unusual, and I told her it was fine.

The weeks passed very quickly and it came to the weekend she had planned.

On the Friday, she had gone before I got home from work, as expected. It was about an hour's drive to the location the black guys had specified, and they had said 7pm. I looked in the wardrobe and the clothes box was empty.

I could feel my heart racing as I was watching the screen, the webcam images showing the empty room, its soft furnishings dominated by the king size bed that was visible from various angles by selecting a different camera, including the one mounted in the ceiling looking down and one in the headboard. I looked at the clock in the corner of my screen and it was already past the time she should have arrived. Just as I was about to go and get a drink from the kitchen – my mouth was dry – I saw the door open and the first black guy backed into the room. He was standing in the doorway, with white arms wrapped around his back, caressing his skin and he was kissing a woman I couldn't see behind him, then I saw a glimpse of breast as he cupped it in his hand. He turned towards the room, holding her hand, and my wife followed his lead into the room. She was wearing a smart black dress, cut just above the knee and with thin shoulder straps, only one of which was still on her shoulder; her breasts were nicely framed by the top, apart from the one that had just been fondled, whose nipple was poking out, and she was carrying one of her small handbags on her arm and a large, almost empty, wine glass.

The second black guy came through the door, closing it behind him, and as the first turned and wrapped his arms round her again, she responded by hanging hers around his neck, passing the glass to the other as she did so and lifted her head up to kiss him. I selected a webcam view that showed them from the side, so that as the second guy stood behind her I could see her sandwiched between them.

With the volume turned up high on my speakers, I heard her gasp as the second kissed the back of her neck, her head tilting back as the first guy moved down to kiss the tops of her breasts, one hand reaching in between her legs. The other was starting to caress her sides, moving down to stroke the top of her legs and backside; she was responding by touching them both, then she shrugged off her handbag and dropped it on the floor, at arms length, so that it wasn't in the way.

One now had his hands inside the top of her dress, stroking her breast, and I imagined him rubbing her nipple between his fingers as he kissed her again and she pressed against him. The other had his hands under her dress and lifted it up, pushing it past the top of her knickers and working them down as he reached around, stroking her bare flesh; then he unfastened her suspenders so that he could slide the knickers down until they fell to the floor. She kicked her shoes off into the corner and stepped quickly out of them.

Now that the flimsy barrier was removed, the one behind was working his fingers deep into the crevice of her backside and although I could only see a movement, he would be pushing right forward until his fingers were stroking her wet lips, then he must have slid a fingertip across her anus as she groaned and threw her head back in the way that she always does when I do that. The straps of her dress were down her arms, and both her breasts had been scooped out, the guy in front was sucking on her nipples as he worked his fingers into her evidently willing body.

"Wait, Louis," she said in a slightly tipsy voice, pushing him away until she stood free, then grasped the hem of her dress and pulled it straight over her head, throwing it to one side, then she reached back and unfastened her bra, that was just wrapped around her chest, and did the same. Apart from the black stockings, that were partly down, and the suspender-belt, she stood naked before the two strangers. She held up a leg, swinging round to each in turn, so that they could each peel down one of her last vestiges of clothing and then she removed the suspender-belt. It was one of the most erotic sights I had ever seen.

The one in front went to unfasten his jeans, but she promptly put her hand on his fly, pressing against his erect cock that was poking out of the top of the waistband. She unbuttoned and unzipped him, bending down and licking up and down the length of his cock as she pushed his jeans down to his ankles. I saw my wife briefly take the tip of his cock fully into her mouth, then she turned to the second guy and undressed him the same way, lingering over sucking him until finally turning back to Louis – as I now knew him - on her knees, and on seeing that he had removed his trousers completely she smiled up at him then reached her arms around his buttocks and began licking and sucking with a passionate abandon that I had only experienced when she was incredibly turned-on.

He put his hands into her armpits and, with a little pull, she rose and pressed herself against him, flattening his cock against her belly, then began to kiss and caress him as the guy behind pressed close again and ran his hands over the body that had only experienced mine before. I thought of those two pairs of strange hands, the fingers squeezing her nipples and probing into her cracks and I heard her say, "Oh god, I want it in me," as she stood on one leg, wrapping the other around him, moving her hips, trying to slide her pussy onto the tip of his cock, but she wasn't tall enough to work herself onto the large shaft that was poking up almost to between her breasts. The one behind reached down, removed the trousers entangling his ankles, then put his arms around her backside, positioning her so that his friend could enter her. She shifted her weight and lifted the other leg as he reached around to support it too, then Louis slowly slid the entire length of his cock into her.

He started to stroke in and out, in and out, her body jerking upwards as he pushed in to the hilt each time, then she was moaning loudly, moaning and gasping as she clung to his neck, kissing his face and chest.

Although I couldn't see them, I could perfectly imagine her lips stretching and clutching at his thick black cock as he continued to fuck her, but I could see his friend leaning back and jiggling her hips as her body moved against him, so that the length of his cock was pressed into the folds of her buttocks. She has very pale skin in any case, but she looked pure white, and very small, pressed between the two muscular jet-black guys.

After a few minutes she had let go with her arms and thrown her head back onto the shoulder of the one behind; she was breathing heavily as Louis varied his stroke, sometimes slow, sometimes fast and furious, pulling right out and thrusting back deep into her so that she squealed and cried out almost every time.

Suddenly he pulled out and took hold of her legs. "Don't stop," she moaned, but between them they carried her quickly over to the bed and placed her feet on the pillows. "Hahhh," she moaned again as Louis positioned himself alongside her and his head went between her legs, his tongue found her clitoris and he reached his hand between her spread thighs and started to work his fingers into her. Very quietly, so that I only just heard it, she said, "Yes, oh yes."

Louis licked and worked at her until she was writhing around, then he moved his head and told her to show herself to the camera. She was so turned on that there was no hesitation and she lifted up and pointed her crotch at the lens in the headboard. He held out his two fingers, plunged them into her and then held them up to show them coated with her juice. Then, on the other camera I saw him dip into a pot at the bedside and again showed them to her coated with a large globule of the lubricant. He started to circle his fingertip into the ring of her anus, working the lubricant inside, then he held up his fingers so that she could see them, slowly separated them into a V whilst she smiled back at him, then pushed them slowly into her until they were both buried in their separate places, beginning a sawing motion in and out, until she was groaning at the intense pleasure as he flicked his tongue across her clitoris. The other was kissing the top half of her body, and he asked, "You like it there?" She nodded her head as she writhed in passion, then he continued, "and cocks as well?"

"No, just do it properly," she replied, but he laughed and sucked hard on a nipple until she squealed.

Taking hold of her arms, he slowly pulled her down the bed; she was near orgasm and was resisting the movement, trying to keep her body pressed deeper onto Louis' fingers and tongue; she had her hand circling the base of the others cock and turned her head to try to lick and suck him.

Louis stopped, but she begged, "Don't stop, please don't stop, I'm nearly coming."

I could see that he was kneeling and taking her feet in his hands, lifting her legs until they were vertical, then opening her so that he held them forward and out level with her breasts. The other man bent forward, and placed a pillow under her hips, so that they were raised up and started to lick her cunt. "Jesus," she said, and from the side view I knew where the tip of Louis's cock was pressing, it was too far down to slide between her pussy lips.

"No, don't," she said and Louis asked, "You want Geoff to stop licking you?" then he moved his hips, stroking his cock-tip around the place he had lubricated with his fingers. Geoff turned his head and looked up at her face. "Don't stop," she breathed, tilting her head back.

He was licking, then stopping; teasing her; and all the time working his fingers too and his friend was keeping his tip pressed against her anus. I could see that he had moved his position again and from the side I could see the shaft pointing into her at just the right spot; I was was willing her to press herself onto it; to do what she had never done before.

"Don't stop, oh god don't stop again," she said finally, and Louis just said, "Do you want it now?"

She replied "Just do it, do it." I imagined the cock pressing into her.

"I'm coming," she said, and I knew it was intense from the way she groaned and gasped, until finally she stopped crying out and sagged back saying, "Oh god, that was amazing".

She was still held up by her legs and, on the webcam facing them, I could see her still positioned at the tip of his cock, but then he moved her legs to his shoulders, lifted up and sank his long, thick cock fully into her wet cunt in one thrust. From the amount of movement, he must have been plunging hard against her bones and pulling out to his very tip, if not completely, and then spearing back in, building up a savage rhythm that couldn't last long. I couldn't see much on the headboard camera, couldn't see the black shaft pounding into her, but from above I could see her wrapping her legs round his back and lifting her hips to meet his every downward stroke; she was rolling her head from side to side and her breasts were heaving with every gasped breath.

They turned her over and made her kneel; she looked as if her legs had turned to jelly. Geoff climbed up behind, thrusting himself straight in to her and started a series of powerful strokes that seemed to be pushing her further up the bed. Between her cries I heard her say, "God that feels bigger still," as I switched to the headboard cam view, to see a sight I had never seen before: my wife's face contorted with pleasure as she knelt and was fucked hard from behind.

She was gasping, panting, her mouth was making an 'O'; she was burying her head into the bed; her breasts were swinging under her and sometimes she slipped down and he would stop so she could get up again; sometimes he would reach round, cup her breasts and pull her up, so that I could see down the length of her front to where the black cock disappeared between her legs, glistening with juices. He went on and on, until I thought that surely he must come soon, then stopped abruptly and Louis took over.

Geoff moved up so that she could suck him whilst Louis fucked her, but he kept pulling away and I guessed he was close to coming, just letting her bring him close and then stopping. Louis was holding her firmly and fucking her so hard that she could hardly keep Geoff in her mouth, then she cried out, a long, high, "Ahhhhhhh," as she came again, then he was coming too, grunting as he spurted deep into her. He pulled out, but Geoff was straight behind and plugged into her dripping cunt, thrusting in quick deep strokes until he came too, spraying another load of hot semen deep inside her body.

She lay exhausted, but they spun her round and over, and I switched to the overhead view to look down on my wife in the centre of the bed, on her back, with her hips raised up by the pillow again and legs and arms wide in a traditionally erotic spread. On the headboard camera I could see the white liquid slowly seeping from her body.

Then it hit me. After we had children I had a vasectomy, and it was so long ago now that sex without any other form of contraception was quite normal. I couldn't believe what had just happened and I tried to think of the possibilities. Perhaps she had got something from the clinic? A diaphragm maybe? She had mentioned a few times recently that she was thinking of getting a hormone-releasing IUD to reduce period pain – when I thought back to the eMails, I realised that the talk of this had started at around the same time.

I looked down at her spreadeagled on the bed, her neck and breasts flushed red.

Louis lay down next to her and she moved up to cuddle him, her head on his chest. Geoff lay behind, against her back, so that she was sandwiched between them as the three of them rested after their erotic exertion. After a while they hadn't moved, so I took the opportunity to get the drink I needed. I was just back in time to hear the guys saying that they were all going into the other room, where there was food and plenty of drink, and I was surprised when they all put on dressing gowns and departed – I had imagined that they would keep her naked the whole time.

It must have been a couple of hours before they returned and although my wife wasn't drunk, she was taking swigs from a bottle, which had to mean she had already consumed a fair amount. She stood in the room, her dressing gown open and her nipples prominent on her large breasts, then she moved her hand between her legs, pushed it into her hair, turned to them with her hips thrust forward and asked, "are you two going to have me again, or what?"

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