The Dryad


She wore a very old looking angora sweater that was stretched over an athletic, lithe body with modest but pleasing curves and a pair of worn looking Daisy Dukes. Those apple blossom lips smiled, "You should introduce yourself first, you're the visitor, you know. But it's okay, I know your name and where you're from." She shrugged and then slid off of the branch and plummeted towards the ground.

Don let out a strangled cry and dove to catch her; she'd break something falling from that height! The mysterious girl made no move to arrest her fall or roll with the impact but landed on her feet as if she'd hopped off a two foot stepstool, leaving Don to crash into the ground at her feet, her arms held up as if to catch her or in supplication. "Oh! That's not necessary, though I like the thought," her green eyes seemed to grow more vibrant and there was a flattered, pleased note to her voice. "You can get up though. Now, let's're the oldest son of the second son of the man whose house is over there," she said pointing out into the darkness. "The wind says your name is Don, which is good because I like the dawn."

"Thank you," he said as he rose, brushing himself off. He'd said it more because he didn't know what else to really say to that. "May I ask your name, Miss?"

"Yay manners! They're very important, you know. And yes, you may. I'm Dendra." She held out a hand to him and smiled, "Pleased to meet you."

"The pleasure's all mine," he answered, feeling a bit bemused and utterly at a loss as to what the hell was happening. He took her hand and shook it, blinking at the force of her grip; it was almost painful! Her skin was warm, very warm, and quite smooth but not soft. It wasn't hard either but more of some sort of unyielding middle of the road. "Are you all right, Dendra?"

She tilted her head to one side, "All right?" Then she looked up into the branches where she'd been sitting. "Oh. Oh, yes, I'm fine. See?" The strange girl threw herself backward into a flip and came up on one foot, "Ta daa!" She extended the raised foot towards him and wiggled her six long toes at him in the same manner one might give a little wave. "But aren't you sweet for asking!"

He didn't answer for a moment, merely staring. Partly because of the dexterity and flexibility she'd just shown, partly because she had six toes which looked like they might have an additional joint in them, and partly because she was lovely and had called him sweet. Plus her quick and dramatic movement had demonstrated very well that she probably was not wearing a bra under that sweater. Don felt himself flushing a little and shrugged, "I guess I'm just not used to pretty girls falling out of trees. But I'm glad you're okay. Um, how long have you been watching me?"

The mysterious stranger was standing over the now open wicker basket and looking at the cooler with intense interest. "Do you mean overall or just today?" She didn't wait for him to respond but looked up with another smile that made his heart lurch and his dick twitch in his jeans. It had been a long time. "I was kind of aware ever since you got into the..." She paused for a few moments, one hand making a vague, swirling gesture in the air, "I'm not sure of the word. But I really started paying attention when you touched Him." She turned her head and gazed at the ancient and gnarled tree with luminous eyes and a worshipful expression. "You spoke to Him and praised Him, which is only fair, and that really was nice. Most people who come up here wouldn't do that, even if they thought it." Dendra turned her eyes back to Don, "That made you interesting, so I started to watch."

"Oh. Well, the tree does deserve a lot of praise. He's very impressive." She beamed at him, which deepened the flush on his cheeks, and then went back to studying his food. Don licked his lips. This was ten kinds of strange. He should be freaking out, and he really wasn't. Could this all be a put on? It didn't seem likely. He was enough of a geek and read enough fiction and mythology that he had a sneaking suspicion that...well, it just wasn't possible. Was it? "Would you like something to eat or drink? I have enough to share."

"Why thank you! Yes, I would." She reached down and held up the bottle he'd finished off a few minutes ago. "What's this? I like the smell. Can I have one of these?"

"Sure." Don walked around the fire and unzipped the cloth cooler to pull out the last bottle of the stout. "Here you are." He reached into his pocket for his pocketknife, "My knife has a church key on it, one second here and-"

Dendra shook her head, "I got it." She took hold of the edges of the cap and pulled with no apparent effort; there was a popping hiss as the cap bent and gave to let the pressurized gas within vent. Don stared at her again; those were not twist off caps. It shouldn't have come off and the metal edges should have torn into her fingers and left them bleeding. There didn't even seem to be a scratch on her. "Cheers!" She took a long drink and made a happy, yum sound in her throat. She swallowed and licked her lips, "Oh, how interesting! There are so many flavors!" She plopped down on his camp bed, taking another drink and then sighed, nodding as she spoke, "You people have the best things to drink. Rain water is always refreshing but it gets SO boring sometimes!"

"I bet it does. That must be hard to deal with," he answered in a kind of daze. His brain was compiling and analyzing everything he'd seen and it added up to...well, it couldn't add up to that.

"Yeah!" She took another long drink, "Ahhh! Can I see what else you have in here?"

"Please, go ahead," he nodded. She grinned and giggled before digging into the wicker basket. She lifted the provided foodstuffs, lifting them and looking at them closely, sometimes sniffing and then either putting them back in the basket or on the camp bed next to her. "Um, Dendra, I have a question and I know this is going to sound crazy, but I have to ask." The unusual young woman paused in her rummaging to look at him. "But...are you a dryad?" Don felt like an idiot as soon as he said it, "You know what, forget I asked."

"No, it's okay." She unwrapped a half a sandwich, playing a few moments with the plastic wrap before taking a bite and chewing with an almost indecent moan. "Oh," she groaned with her mouth full, "This is so good!" She attacked the sandwich with abandon, scarfing it down in a matter of moments. "Mm!" Dendra licked her lips and then smiled back at him, "I guess that's what you'd call me. I'm not Greek, and my tree isn't an oak, but it's a pretty good idea for what's going on here."

Don felt his legs wobbling a little and slowly sank to the ground. A dryad? Impossible! But there she was. Dendra was still talking as he reached up to push his glasses back up his nose and then rub his forehead. "I mean, I'm not human certainly, and I am part of Him. It might be more accurate to call me a nature or fertility spirit...but dryad sounds nicer, so let's go with that."

He ran his hand through his hair, shaking his head and looking down at the ground. Couldn't this still be a prank or something though? It didn't seem likely. But then what did this all mean? It made no sense at all! But maybe it did. Was she why people never came up here? A chill ran down his spine. Did she...did she do something to those who came uninvited? God, or lit a fire near her precious tree? What was this all about? What was she going to do to him? She was so strong, tough, and quick, if he ran, could he get away? Or was everything all right and would trying to run make her angry?

"Hey." He heard her voice and looked to find her crouching down in front of him, her face on level with his and just inches away. Those pupil-less green eyes were concerned and her beautiful face was a bit sad. "Are you okay? I mean, with me and everything." There was something more in those eyes as they looked back into his earth brown orbs. "When I show up, I usually scare people, even before they really know what I am. Are you," her voice got small and soft, "are you scared? Are you going to run away? I'm sorry if I came on too strong, I was just so excited..."

God. It might be a trick and he might be an idiot but she looked so sweet and so afraid of being rejected that it just broke his heart. Whether she was human or not, he couldn't hurt a girl's feelings like that. "No, you're fine, Dendra. Really." Don gave a faint shake of his head, "I'm not scared of you and I'm not running off. It's're a lot to take in at once, that's all. But in a good way." Hoping he wasn't about to get his head slapped clean off, he reached out and ran the back of his hand over one of her cheeks with gentle tenderness. "I mean, it's not every day a girl as gorgeous as you comes around, human or not."

Her lips slid upwards slowly into a grin and she then quirked her brow, though it was bare of any eyebrows, "Darn right! You should appreciate your luck!" Then her expression softened into a sweet smile. "Thank you for not running, and for the compliment. Not that I didn't notice you looking."

Don flushed and looked away, "Sorry about that."

"I don't mind." Dendra stood up and danced back a few paces to strike a pose with her back arched, arms up to tousle her long, dark, thick hair...which he now noticed didn't have beads in it but buds on it. "I've got the goods and I know it; look all you like, handsome. I like the attention."

She was honest about it at least. Don chuckled, "Noted. Don't mind if I do, you really look great."

She gave an enthusiastic giggle and then bounced back over to his camp bed. The dryad sat back down and patted the space next to her. "Come on over. I don't get much company. I'd love to just sit close and talk for a while before."

He rose, "Before what?" Don came around and sat down on the cot about a foot away from the inhuman beauty.

She shook her head and then scooted over to press herself against him. He stiffened, in more ways than one, at the feel of her plushness against him, the warmth of her body, and the smell that drifted off of her and seemed to stir his desire. "So let's talk. I want to hear all about the world away from here. I know you're off at college in some city, and that's some kind of really serious school. Tell me all about it!"

Don had never before had such an attentive audience. Dendra was fascinated by his description of the city and of college life and asked question after question. He answered them as best he could and was soon surprised to find he was enjoying this, enjoying talking with her, immensely. She outright laughed at his jokes and seemed to enjoy needling or teasing him about his life, his friends, and his lack of a girlfriend but it was never mean or cruel. It was light and silly and after a time, he realized it was flirtatious. She was flirting with him. With him! She wasn't too subtle about it but it showed how little he knew about the romance game. She was even less subtle about their closeness. Fifteen minutes into their talk, she'd taken the bottle they were sharing out of his hand and pulled his arm around her shoulder before snugging up closer to him.

After a time, the conversation turned to her. Dendra talked about the things she'd seen in her long life, hundreds of years by human standards, or stories the wind told her. She talked about how things had gotten so much more interesting since humans showed up and even more so when the white people came here. Times weren't always good and were often sad but there was so much going on and all these wonderful new inventions and creations. Don changed his mind a little about his earlier thoughts; the trees and the mountains might not miss man when he was gone, but Dendra would. That made him feel a little better about his species.

She spoke especially about the land and its fertility and her lovely face was sad and grim. "It's getting harder for the people here, and the animals and even the plants too." She looked up at him, "You've heard people talking about it, right?"

Don nodded, looking a bit surprised, "Yeah, though I thought it was just old people complaining. You is getting harder to grow things?"

"It is." Dendra shook her head and then leaned it against his shoulder, "The fertility of the land is fading, and it fades from the soil, the beasts, the plants, even the water and the fish. More animals are born with defects or sickly and more crops die or get rot or parasites and the land itself just doesn't have the strength to give them."

"Good God," he murmured. He gave her shoulders a consoling squeeze, already comfortable and familiar with her enough to do so. That should have bothered him but it didn't. "That's awful. Why is it happening?"

"Well, it's because of Him." She looked over at the tree whose branches loomed over the pair. "I'm not sure how to say it in human terms but he's sort of...the boss spirit for this area in terms of nature. Its' fertility flows from Him. And it's been so long since he's flowered..." Dendra shook her head again, the buds in her hair rustling as they rubbed against each other. Holding her this close, he'd noticed that her hair wasn't actually hair but a series of very thin, flexible twigs or maybe vines, which made the buds on them more reasonable. "The last time was quite the flowering," her lips quirked into a proud smirk at that and then she sighed, "but it was a long time ago and the power of it has almost all faded away."

Don was looking at the ancient tree. "I always wondered why he never got new leaves or flowers." He sighed and looked out over the darkened landscape, barely illuminated by the cold light of stars and moon and the fading embers of the fire. This beautiful land...would it fail entirely? What would happen to the farms and the families? Would some massive soulless farming conglomerate buy the land and squeeze the last from it? Would it be torn up in the search for coal or fracked into pieces? Or would it just get swallowed up in poverty and despair? That was already starting to happen. "It's terrible. I don't want that to happen. Is there any way to change it? Or some way to make the tree flower?"

Dendra looked down and a small, triumphant, and frankly naughty smile crossed her lips. When she looked back up, her eyes were warm and there was a shy, sly look on her pretty face. She nibbled her lower lip, "There is a way. I can do it, but I can't do it alone." One of her small hands slid to his thigh and started to rub along it. "I need someone's help."

He felt a rush of heat and was more aware of her and her body than he had been a moment ago. Was this what all this was about? Did she need him for some kind of ritual? "My help. Was that why you appeared to me?"

She shook her head, "Not at first. I really was just curious. But as I watched you...I thought you might be able to. Like I said, everyone else I've shown myself to for the longest time has gotten scared and run away. When you didn't, I was hopeful, and then we talked and I decided that I liked you. And that I wanted your help but I wasn't sure how to bring it up."

Don believed her; he didn't know that he should, but he did. God, she felt so good against him. Her smell was so...arousing. And the way she was touching him, rubbing his thigh like that. Fuck, he hoped she wasn't going to kill him or something. He'd feel like such a fucking tool. "I want to help. Is it...some kind of ritual or something? It's not a, uh, a human sacrifice thing, is it?"

"No," she said, sniffing dismissively, her expression growing indignant "you know those stupid Aztecs and all the rest who were into that thing were totally missing the point! I mean," she stopped and then shook her head, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. Then she looked back up at him with warm, hungry eyes that send a delighted shiver through him. "No, don't be afraid. You don't kill for fertility, silly human boy."

Before he could speak again or move, Dendra had stood and then slid onto his lap, straddling him. He gasped as her plush breasts pillowed against his chest and he felt her press her crotch down and grind against his. "Fertility comes from this," and her apple blossom lips pressed to his in a tender, eager kiss. He responded without hesitation or fear, and in some corner of his mind he realized he'd wanted this to happen even if he'd felt it wouldn't. Her lips were soft and velvety and she tasted sweet. Her lips parted and they moaned together as his tongue entered her, tasting her deeply as it met her own. The kiss broke and she smiled, "Well, really it's from what comes after that for humans, at least most humans, but I think you have the general idea."

He laughed and kissed her again, bringing a happy squeal from the nature spirit. It became a purring groan as their tongues met and dueled again, lips sealed together. He parted them just enough to speak, lips brushing hers as he did so, "You've made it pretty clear and I'm glad. I wanted this with you."

She giggled, "I know, and so do I." Dendra leaned back on his lap and jerked her head back a bit, "On the ground, Don. We have to touch the earth."

Don chuckled, "I just think you like being dirty." He slid his hands beneath her and stood carefully, grunting with surprise at how much she weighed. The young man walked towards the trunk of the tree and then knelt, straining not to drop her, and set Dendra down on the soft grass.

The brown skinned girl stretched and gave him a languid smile, "Yes, and I think you do too." She reached up and ran a hand down his cheek, his neck, to grab the neckline of his t-shirt. "Take it off, all of it. I want to see you. It's been more than a hundred years since I've seen a man naked and you're handsome and fit..."

He took a moment or two to slip his socks off his feet before he stood up blushing. "Haven't you seen plenty?" Don didn't wait for her to answer to obey her request, pulling his t-shirt up and over his head and tossing it aside.

"Mm, I can't see into houses or anyplace people build unless I'm invited in," she answered, those green alone eyes scanning his chest. Don's body was hard and strong from his labors and swimming when he wasn't at the farm; leaving him with a slightly defined, muscular form. There was a thin dusting of hair on his pecs and down the middle of his chest. "Ohhh, man pelt."

Don blushed deeper, his hands pausing in unbuckling his belt. "Sorry, uh, I know it's-"

"Shush," she interrupted. "I like it. I like everything I see so far." Dendra nibbled her lower lip and her hands deftly unbuttoned her cut off shorts and one slid into them. "Ohh, but I haven't seen the best yet. Off with it all, baby."

God damn, that was so fucking hot. He wasn't sure if he meant her touching herself looking at him or this gorgeous woman calling him "baby" like that. Don grinned and pulled the leather binding on his waist open before his hands moved to his jeans. He was always nervous about this part; it wasn't like he hadn't had a good reception in the past but still, there was a certain tension in a girl seeing your dick for the first time. "As you wish." He took a deep breath and pushed his jeans and boxers down his legs at once; his hard cock jumping free of the restraining fabric and then he straightened up to expose himself to her eyes.

"Oh. Oh, baby," Dendra sighed happily and stared openly at his manhood. "You've got the biggest root I've ever seen; long, thick, ohh, modern times are just the best! Diet, health, you never got this kind of thing in the old days." She licked her lips and sat up, "It'll feel so good, reaching deep in me, where no one's ever been before..." Then she twirled an upraised finger in a circle, "Turn around, I want to see your ass!"

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