The Face-Painter Ch. 09


"Oh Mom, you look so good with my cum all over you like that," you said softly as you finally stopped stroking your cock. I watched as you drew the enflamed tip all around the surface of what you were holding before gently setting it down on the bed in front of you. You released your spent pecker, and I found myself licking my lips as I watched it bob with each beat of your racing heart as it slowly lost its stiffness. You reached right in front of you and picked up a folded towel I hadn't noticed beneath you. Aahh, I realized you obviously knew what you were doing and the towel had been there to catch all that cum, rather than make a noticeable mess all over your covers. I watched, totally enthralled, as you wiped the sticky lubricant off your hands and dwindling pecker before wiping clean the plastic surface of the object you'd had in your hand and then stuffing the towel under your bed. Still wondering exactly what it was you'd been looking at, I saw you slip it into the bottom drawer of your bedside table beneath a couple of magazines. Knowing now where you'd hidden it, I pulled my hand from beneath my skirt, ducked down beneath your window and tip-toed away. I quietly grabbed my file off the patio table before quickly making my way back to my car. I hurried out of the driveway, hoping you hadn't come out of your room and heard it."

I just looked at her, a dumbfounded look of shock and amazement on my face. I couldn't believe how excited I'd felt as she'd told me the story, especially about how aroused she'd become by watching me jerk off to her. As I lay there totally transfixed by her lurid tale, she reached her hand up and ran her soft warm fingertips across my toned chest, her sexy blood-red fingernails glistening in the glowing lamplight. With her teasing fingers moving gently across my firm chest, she continued her story.

"That night, I couldn't stop thinking about what I'd seen. I knew I had been wrong to watch you. As soon as I realized what you were doing, I should have just turned away and left you to your privacy. But as I looked at that beautiful huge cock of yours, it seemed like the ability to know right from wrong was sucked right out of me, along with every ounce of willpower that I thought I had. The more I thought about it that night, I knew deep in my soul there was no way I could have looked away; I had to watch you, I had to keep looking and see that perfect piece of majestic manhood ejaculate. I'm sure your father must have wondered what had gotten into me that day; I fucked him ragged that night. I wouldn't take no for an answer and if his cock wasn't inside me, I was sucking on it trying to get him up again."

I could feel my own rod starting to respond as she continued with her riveting story, the scintillating narrative causing the surging blood within me to start flowing to my midsection once more.

"When I woke up the next morning, I thought I'd gotten it out of my system, but as soon as you and your father left for work, my curiosity got the better of me. Three times I went to the door of your room and turned away, telling myself to try and forget it.....but each time, my resistance was getting weaker. Finally, I couldn't take it any longer. Ensuring the outside doors were locked, I went into your room and opened the bottom drawer of your bedside table. Pushing the sports magazine on top out of the way, I reached into the drawer and pulled out what lay beneath. There were a stack of adult magazines, full of explicit hardcore pictures. As I flipped through the various covers, I gasped as I realized they were all devoted to mother/son incest. I opened one at random, my eyes encountering a picture of a woman about my age hungrily sucking on her son's cock, a look of pure bliss on her face. I flipped to another page to see another woman on her hands and knees, her son's engorged prick about halfway into her wet pussy. I shivered with excitement as I realized these were your magazines, knowing that you must have been thinking about me as you looked at these pictures. I could feel my pussy starting to throb as I thought about it.

"As much as I wanted to continue looking at those magazines, I knew this wasn't what you'd been holding in your hand when I'd watched you jerk off yesterday. It had been much slimmer than a magazine and it seemed to have a hard plastic coating. I looked down into the drawer and didn't see anything more; but I was sure I had seen you put something back in there. I got down on my knees and looked closer......ahhhh....I could see a piece of black cardboard cut to almost the same size as the bottom of the drawer. You had made a false bottom to hide what lay beneath. I reached my fingers into the drawer and under the edge of the cardboard. I reached underneath and pulled out what you'd hidden there. I sat on the bed and looked at what I was holding, and I gasped out loud as I saw pictures of myself, enlarged and laminated. There must have been about twenty of them. I remembered that a number of months before you'dgotten a new camera with a zoom lens for a present and had constantly been experimenting with it. Most of the pictures were of me in a bright yellow bikini that I had at that time, obviously taken from your room with the zoom lens while I'd been out by the pool. I had to admit the pictures were very good, and very sexy. In some, you had zoomed right in on my tits or the inviting yellow V at the front of the bikini bottom. Still others had shots of my whole body, and I had to admit again, that bikini looked great on me; I guess you must have thought so to. I was sure there were a lot more somewhere, but obviously these ones were your favorites as you'd gone to the trouble of having them enlarged, and then laminated so you could jerk off on them time and again without ruining them."

I remembered those pictures she was talking about. Like she said, I'd used the zoom lens from the window of my room and gotten some great shots. Yeah, the ones I'd taken while she'd been wearing that yellow bikini were fucking hot. I still used them to jerk off to sometimes. My sisters were still pretty young at that time, so my mother was definitely the main subject of my jerkoff fantasies. I don't know how many times I'd watched her from the window of my room while she'd been out sunbathing by the pool. I'd stand there, hidden from view, stroking my cock. There were more than a few times that I had to wash the wall below the window where I'd shot off all over it. And those mother/son magazines, I still had them stuffed away in my closet for occasional use too, although, like most people, I used the internet for jerking off most of the time these days.

"As I looked at the various pictures of myself, the plastic coating still showing residual traces of your cum, I felt myself getting more and more excited knowing what you were using these for. My pussy was throbbing and I could feel myself soaking right through my underwear. Remembering watching you wipe up that massive load with a towel, I leaned down and reached under your bed. I pulled up the towel I'd seen you shove under there yesterday. I couldn't believe how heavy it was. I held it in my hands and kind of spread it out. I could see that it was heavy and shone with the residue from the Vaseline. There were a huge number of clumpy matted areas that I knew you'd used to wipe up your cum. I don't know what lurid instinct possessed me, but I brought your cum-towel to my face and breathed deeply. I could smell the distinctive powdery fragrance of the Baby-Fresh Vaseline, but my senses detected the other scent that I had come to love so much, the distinctive manly scent of semen.

"Mmmmmmm," I found myself purring and my eyes closed with pleasure as I inhaled the illicitly wanton fragrance of my son's cum. I moved from one clumpy patch to another as I breathed deeply....and then on to another area that had a stiff matted surface, pressing the damp material to my face. Overcome with excitement, I looked back at the pictures of me you'd shot your cum on. I quickly pulled off my underwear and shot one hand underneath my skirt, my fingers starting to relieve the hot itchiness I was feeling there. I picked up one picture that had a couple of semi-dried milky splotches on them, as if you'd wiped them off quickly without doing a thorough job of it. I wondered if this was the one you'd been using yesterday when I'd been watching you. It didn't matter; I was too excited to care. With my fingers rubbing my gushing pussy furiously, I brought the picture up to my face and extended my tongue.

"Mmmmmm," I mewed like a little kitten as I licked at the surface of the plastic, my warm tongue making your congealed semen regain its delicious flavor as it came back to life under my hot oral caress. I loved the taste and moved on to another sizable dried gob on the same picture. You'd shot this wad right onto my tits, the milky residue covering my skin and the bikini too. That made it all the more exciting for me as I licked. As your delectable seed warmed and clung to my tongue, I swallowed, the silky masculine flavor sliding smoothly down my throat. Knowing I was swallowing my son's cum for the first time, even just a little bit, triggered a shattering climax deep inside me.

"Oh fuck," I gasped as I drove my fingers deep into my gushing snatch. I fell over on your bed as I shook and convulsed through a tingling orgasm, waves of ecstasy radiating out from my throbbing pussy through my entire body. When I finally finished, I laid there on your bed, gasping raggedly with relief, but with an overwhelming desire for more. I laid there and hatched a plan, anxious to see if it would work out."

She paused as she laid on her stomach beside me, her head propped up on my chest as she looked at me, lustful wanton desire burning into me from those spellbinding blue eyes of hers. I was mesmerized by her story, and I didn't want it to end, but listening to her had aroused me beyond belief. I could feel that my cock was hard as a fucking baseball bat, and I needed to be inside her.....right now.

"Mom, I want to hear the rest, but you've got me so turned on, I need to fuck you again," I said heatedly as I started to roll her over and move on top of her.

"Ssshhhhhtt," she shushed me, pushing me forcefully back down, a wicked little smile on her face, "I think you read my mind, sweetie, but I want to fuck you this time."

She got to her knees and quickly swung her leg over me until she was straddling my midsection. God, she looked gorgeous. I looked at her long shapely legs on each side of me, those sexy red strappy stilettoes still on her feet. My eyes travelled upward, automatically drawn from the inviting V of her spread thighs to her glistening wet pussy lips. They looked red, swollen and puffy from the last fuck I'd just given her, but the shimmering wetness let me know she wanted me inside her as much as I did. I followed the shapely line of her flared hips to her narrow waist, where the alluringly sexy satin bustier started. The vivid crimson material shone in the soft light as the vertical structured ribs drew my eyes upward. I felt my heart start to race even faster as I took in the exhilarating sight of the overflowing bra cups, her enormous breasts all but pouring out of the tightly packed satin material. I looked at the sumptuous upper swells and followed the sultry compelling curves inward to her deep dark cleavage, and then downwards to the front of the bustier, where a delicate lacy edge sensually teased my piercing eyes by barely covering her nipples. I looked further up to see her frosty blonde locks framing her sexy face as it fell about her smooth shoulders provocatively, her pretty mature face flushed with excitement as she gazed into my eyes wantonly.

"Oh honey, was it little old me that got you this hard?" she asked with doe-eyed innocence as she reached down between her legs and wrapped her hand around my thrusting erection.

"Yeah, you did. Now what are you gonna do about it?" I asked challengingly.

"How about we try this?" She wriggled backwards slightly as she brought the enflamed head of my beefy prick to her hot moist pussy-lips. I could feel how wet she was as she fit the broad flared head between her gooey labia and started to sink down. I watched as the bright red petals stretched open and formed themselves possessively around the massive glans as she slowly lowered herself.

"Oh fuck that's good," I moaned as her velvety hot channel started to envelop my upright prick in a tight buttery embrace. She leaned forward slightly with her hands on either side of my chest as she continued to settle down onto my long thick cock, her huge breasts looming deliciously over me. She got down to the point where we'd momentarily stopped last time; the deepest point within her that my dad had been able to reach with his smaller cock. I felt her internal resistance press down on my probing lance once more.

"Mmmmmm, that feels so good," she moaned softly as she looked at me through lust-filled eyes. "But I think we're going to have to keep doing this to get me used to taking those extra inches of yours. What do you think, sweetie?" She accompanied this teasing question with a scintillating slow roll of her wide motherly hips, my throbbing pecker being exquisitely massaged by the soft wet folds of flesh inside her.

"I think you're right, we're going to have to do this a lot to get you used to it."

"Mmmmmm, that sounds perfect." She looked at me with an intense look of smoldering sensuality in her eyes. "But I think I better start practicing right now, don't you?"

I didn't even have a chance to answer as I felt her raise her hips up an inch or so before she started to press herself down onto me more forcefully. I hit that tight point of resistance again but she just kept going, the tight wet tissues inside her molding themselves around my penetrating erection. I couldn't believe how hot and tight she was. I simply watched as she drove herself downwards, the final inches disappearing inside her gorgeous matronly body until her smooth warm groin was pressed flush up against mine.

"OH MY GOD!" she moaned loudly as she threw her head back, her eyes closing in blissful anguish. She moaned a couple of more times as she wriggled herself against me until she was totally settled in the saddle. She leaned forward and placed her arms back on either side of me before looking down at me, her smoky desire-filled eyes peering at me from above her massive swelling tits. "It's so thick and so hard. It feels like it's splitting me in two......but it feels so good."

She kept her eyes on mine as she slowly lifted herself, her wide flared hip rising until just the tip of my 10" prick remained inside her. With her eyes locked on mine, she gave me a wry little smile before letting herself drop all the way down my long thick cock.

"Mmmmmmm....." I'm sure we both groaned with pleasure at the same time as her velvety pocket sheathed my turgid member in a hot tight embrace as she ground her flesh into my midsection. She quickly raised herself up again and this time, she accompanied her downward movement with a teasingly delicious roll of her wide flared hips. Oh man, it felt fantastic. I didn't think I had ever been harder in my entire life than she had me right now.

"Oh fuck, you're killing me, Mom," I said as I took her hips in my hands and held on for the ride. She really started to go then, rocking back and forth and driving that beautiful hot cunt of hers up and down on my surging cock. She moved back and forth wildly as she pistoned herself up and down; it was like I was being ridden by a bucking bronco. I'd never felt anything like it in my life as my sexy stacked mother rode me like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh Jesus, Connor, it feels so good. I can't believe how hard you are," she said as she continued to drive her twisting hips up and down. "It's so thick..........OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She let out a loud moan as she started to cum. Her body was convulsing and shaking like crazy, but she still continued to rock back and forth on my thrusting prick. I felt my cock become awash with her hot gushing juices, the excess oozing out around our joined bodies to slide down over my exposed nuts. She quivered and shook for a long time as wave upon wave of tingling ecstasy tore through her twitching body.

"Oh, that was so nice," she purred as she shivered in post-orgasmic bliss before slowing for a second and looking down at me, her huge heavy tits looming over me in that sexy bustier. She still had that devilish twinkle in her eye. "Are you ready to cum?"

"I'm close," I replied.

"I can feel another one coming on. Do you think you can hold off for a minute or two until I catch up?"

"I think I can do that, but you better be fast," I replied as I flexed my lower body up and gave a slight roll of my own hips as I stirred her insides with my probing rod.

"Ohhhngggggghh," she groaned as her eyes closed in pleasure and I felt the engorged head of my prick rubbing salaciously against the hot wet tissues deep inside her. My teasing probe got her right back into it as she kept herself pressed right down against me but rocked her lower body back and forth, the full length of my thick hard dick being beautifully massaged by the tight slick folds of flesh surrounding it.

"Oh fuck, Mom, you are so fucking hot," I said breathlessly as she rose up on my glistening prick and then slammed herself back down. She quickly got into a smooth fucking rhythm, the intense heat of our connected bodies rising dramatically from the hot wet friction. She seemed anxious to do all the work, and I loved it. I looked up at those huge voluminous breasts of hers heaving within the restricted confines of the exquisitely sexy bustier, my mind trying to will them to burst forth from the tightly-packed cups.

"Connor, I'm close," she gasped raggedly as she bounced furiously on my rigid stalk.

"Me too," I replied as I grasped her hips and held on. She rolled her hips in a scintillating downward circle, every bit of my buried prick being skillfully massaged by her hot gripping cunt. The searing heat of her steaming tight channel finally sent me right over the edge.

"I'M GONNA CUM," I warned as I felt my testicles up close to my body. The boiling spunk in my balls was released and I felt that delicious twinge as the first rush of semen sped up the shaft of my cock. The first thick creamy wad shot forth deep inside her, the hot cum pasting itself forcefully against her cervix.

"YESSSSSSSSSSS," she squealed, her own climax hitting her as I started to flood her insides. She twitched and shook on top of me as I unloaded wad after wad of milky seed deep into her gripping pulling snatch. We were both gasping and jerking as our mutual orgasms washed through our tingling bodies. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed as she continued to ride my spitting cock, her body being racked with nerve-jangling sensations as the muscles inside her squeezed down and gripped my spurting erection. The release I felt was tremendous as gob upon gob of hot milky cream shot forth, her velvety love-pocket filling up with my warm thick cum. Finally, she just sat down; my twitching prick buried to the hilt inside her, and leaned over me as she gasped raggedly, her mouth gaping open as she sucked in cool air. As the final tingling contractions coursed through me, I relaxed back against the sheets as I felt the final few shots ooze forth into her hot buttery channel. We both just stayed still, each of us looking at each other through half-closed eyes, our chests heaving as our racing hearts slowly started to return to normal.

"Oh my God," she finally sighed, "that was incredible."

"Mom, you were fantastic. I couldn't believe how hard I was. I thought my prick was gonna burst inside you. I've never had anybody make me feel that good," I replied as I felt my spent member slowly start to lose its rigidity.

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