tagFetishThe Fetish Shoe Shop: Mother & Son

The Fetish Shoe Shop: Mother & Son


Anne was the most unlikely visitor we had ever had to The Fetish Shoe Shop. She made the appointment without giving any details about herself. What surprised us was when she walked in with her son. I guess she was in her late 40s maybe slightly older. She was very pretty but probably could look more attractive if she made the effort, and was dressed very conservatively. It wouldn't have surprised me if she had come straight from church. Her son was a teenager. She sat down at the desk opposite me and said that James had to be punished. I looked surprised and asked her why. She said, 'You don't need to know the details only that I want him to wear some cream high heel shoes and be video'd wearing them so that he can see how ridiculous he looks in them. I looked at Mrs. Wyles and she just nodded as if to say OK.

I asked them to follow me and Anne said she wanted James to wait outside while she chose something appropriate for him. He sat down again and I went through to the showroom with Anne. I led her over to the racks of shoes and she said, 'I never realised there were so many types. She picked up a 6 inch high heeled cream sandal and said, 'Surely no one can walk in this'. I said, 'We sell lots of those, ladies find it very sexy to walk around in those, it makes them feel dominant'. She said, 'That's what James needs. He needs to be dominated. He needs to be taught the error of his ways. I asked her, 'Why has James got to be punished. What has he done'. 'It's very personal, but suffice to say he has been interfering with my shoes'. I said, 'Many males find high heel shoes a sexual turn on'. Anne said, 'That's the trouble with the country today, there's too much sexual openness, too much emphasis put on sex.'

'I caught James doing something disgusting with my shoes, he needs to be taught that it is wrong and must never do anything like it again. I want him to wear a pair of high heel shoes and to walk around the showroom and for you to video him. When we get home he will watch it and realise how stupid he looks and if I ever catch him doing the same thing to my shoes I will send the video to his school for his teachers and classmates to see how bad he is.'

In the meantime, Mrs. Wyles was talking to James and trying to find out what he had done. Mrs. Wyles was sitting opposite James with her legs crossed and as usual exhibiting quite a lot of thigh. She was also wearing her 5 inch high spiked heel shoes with the ankle straps. Once she saw that James couldn't take his eyes off her legs and shoes Mrs. Wyles made sure she was exposing as much thigh as possible. It was rather ironic that James had been bought in here to be punished and here was Mrs. Wyles doing exactly the opposite to him. He kept shifting uncomfortably in his seat and Mrs. Wyles was certain he had an erection. He blushed when Mrs. Wyles asked what he had been doing with his mothers shoes and refused to say. But Mrs. Wyles was an expert in getting what she wanted. She made sure her skirt rose up higher and her stocking tops could be clearly seen.

She swung round on her chair with her legs crossed and James's eyes followed her all the time. Then Mrs. Wyles said, 'You like my shoes, don't you, they turn you on, have they made you hard, is your cock hard.' James blushed terribly. He didn't need to say anything, Mrs. Wyles knew she was right. 'Your mother caught you wearing her shoes, didn't she, what were you doing in them. You weren't playing with yourself were you, did you cum while you were wearing your mothers shoes.' James blushed even more and nodded. Mrs. Wyles said, 'I don't see what the problem is. I don't know why your mother is making such a fuss.' 'Come over here, touch my shoes, feel how nice they feel. Don't worry, your mother will be in the showroom for quite a time yet'.

James did as Mrs. Wyles told him. He stood in front of her and she raised her leg and offered it to him. He knelt on the floor and held her foot in front of his face. Mrs. Wyles said, 'Go on James, touch it, smell the lovely leather, rub your fingers up the heel, imagine its your cock your rubbing. That's it wank my heel, wank Mrs. Wyles heel for her. I bet your cock is lovely and hard now, would you like Mrs. Wyles to play with it while your playing with my shoes, or would you like to wear my shoes while I play with you or would you like me to take my shoes off and rub my stockings over your cock and make you cum all over Mrs. Wyles stockings.

Tell me James what would you prefer. A very embarrassed James eventually said, 'I'd like to wear your shoes while you rub your stockings against my cock please Mrs. Wyles. Mrs. Wyles was more than happy to do this. She loved cock wanking with her stockings and even more so when it was a young virile cock. She took her shoes off and handed them to James. They were a little too large but it didn't matter. He stood up and looked in the mirror. He said, 'I'm worried in case my mother comes out'. Mrs. Wyles stood up and silently locked the door. James took his trousers and pants down and sat on the floor with his legs stretched out in front of him. His cock was almost 6 inches in length and was already throbbing. Mrs. Wyles knew he wouldn't need much rubbing before he would cum. She sat on the chair in front of him and pulled up her skirt so that he could see her knickers.

She put one of her stockinged feet on his cock and started to rub it very slowly. James had his eyes closed all the time and he had a very contented look on his face. It was only a couple of minutes before Mrs. Wyles felt the tell tale twitching of a cock about to cum. She pressed down harder and rubbed her foot faster and made sure that the other stockinged foot was directly in front of his cock and suddenly Mrs. Wyles felt the lovely hot feeling of James spunk shooting over her stockinged foot. James had a lovely look on his face and Mrs. Wyles was by now very horny. She said to James, 'My turn now'. With her feet covered in James's spunk she really wanted to offer him her feet to suck and lick clean but thought that was asking too much.

James sat back on his original chair opposite Mrs. Wyles. She still didn't want him to pull his trousers up as she was certain that the display she was going to put on for him would get him hard again and she loved nothing more than watching a young cock growing to a full erection in front of her eyes, especially when she had caused it.

She had taken back her shoes and dropped her knickers and stepped out of them. Her dress was now up around her waist completely exposing her pussy to this young boy. Mrs. Wyles eased her legs apart and slowly inserted the spiked heel of her shoe inside her throbbing pussy. She loved the feeling as she fucked the heel in and out of her cunt. She looked across at James whose erection was already growing. After a few minutes she withdrew the heel from her cunt and offered it to James. 'Smell Mrs. Wyles pussy juices, put the heel in your mouth and lick it clean'. James did exactly as she told him to. Mrs. Wyles had the heel of the other shoe embedded deep inside her cunt now. She could feel her orgasm nearing. She couldn't take her eyes off James's full erection now.

She said to him, 'Let me watch you wank yourself off, I want you to wank into Mrs. Wyles shoe, I want you to cum in my shoe, just like you did with your mother's shoe. Put Mrs. Wyles shoe over the end of your cock and shoot your spunk into it. Oh, I'm cumming too James, I'm watching your cock, I'm watching your lovely spunk going inside my shoe, Oh James, its lovely, that's it spunk for Mrs. Wyles, oh yes, that's it. Both Mrs. Wyles and James orgasmed. James depositing a huge amount of fresh young spunk. Mrs. Wyles pulled her skirt down but left her knickers off and reached for the shoe that James had cum in. At first she couldn't decide what she really wanted. Should she drink his cum out of the shoe or should she put the shoe on and let his spunk squeeze and squelch between her toes. She decided both, she raised the shoe to her mouth and dipped her tongue in and scooped a large dollop of James's spunk and transferred it to her mouth where she swirled it round her mouth taking in the texture and taste that she adored. Then she put the shoe back on her foot and loved the feel as the rest of James's spunk mingled between her toes.

Meanwhile back in the showroom, Anne was taking more than a passing interest in the wide selection of shoes on display. She didn't put down a pair of cream 6 inch spike heel sandals with ankle straps. Robert asked Anne what James had done that was so bad. She said, 'I could never ever tell you, I might be able to tell Mrs. Wyles but not a male'. I suggested that Mrs. Wyles came in and replaced me. Anne agreed. I went back into the office and asked Mrs. Wyles to see to Anne. I saw straight away the cum on Mrs. Wyles feet and knew she had been busy with James.

Mrs. Wyles went into the showroom and said to Anne, 'What sort of shoes had James misbehaved in'. 'These', she said, holding aloft the cream 6 inch high heels. 'But they were only just over 3.5 inch heels. I didn't really like them but I bought them to match an outfit that I had bought. They were only ones in that colour. They were certainly too high for me though. Mrs. Wyles said, 'Oh you should try them on, they make you walk taller, they give you more confidence, they make you push your chest out, they emphasise your breasts'. Anne replied, 'I don't want to feel anything like that, its disgusting'. Mrs. Wyles didn't know what to say. Obviously something had made her feel this way. Mrs. Wyles noticed that she still held the 6 inch spiked heels in her hands.

She also noticed that Anne was subconsciously playing with the heel. Her fingers formed an O round the heel and she was definitely rubbing it, although Mrs. Wyles was sure she didn't realise what she was doing. Once again Mrs. Wyles asked why James had to be punished. They sat down on the sofa and Anne said, 'I found that every day these shoes were in a different place and I couldn't understand why. James always came home before me and one day I decided to arrive just a couple of minutes after him. I crept indoors and went upstairs. The sight that I saw disgusts me every time I think about it. Anne fell silent. But in her mind she was remembering what she saw. Mrs. Wyles said, 'Carry on, tell me what happened'.

Anne said, 'I crept upstairs and saw my bedroom door was open. She peeked through the crack and saw that James was naked. He held her cream high heel shoes in front of him. One was held in front of his face and he was sucking the heel, the other he had over his erect cock and he was wanking himself with the shoe. What really bothered Anne was that she was powerless to go in and stop in. She couldn't take her eyes off what he was doing. For the first time in years she felt herself getting wet between her legs. She was getting sexually aroused watching her son wank himself off into her shoes. She knew she should go straight in and stop in, but she wanted to watch. She wanted to watch her son cum in her shoes. She watched with lust in her eyes. She was amazed at the hardness and size of his cock. She felt so guilty at what she was doing. She waited until she saw his spunk shoot out the end of his cock and pump spurt after spurt of hot cum into her shoe. Then she stormed in, 'James, whatever do you think you are doing, go to your room immediately, and I'll speak to you later, you'd better have a good explanation of what you've just done.

James hurried of to his room. But Anne excitedly picked up her cream shoe. She looked inside and saw the pool of James's cum in the toe. She dipped her finger in scooped a dollop onto her finger. She hesitatingly lifted her finger to her mouth and smelt it and then pushed her finger deep inside her mouth and licked it clean enjoying the taste of her son's cum. She realised that she was very wet in between her legs. She found herself going into the adjoining bathroom and told herself she was going to wash this disgusting stuff off her shoes, but deep down in her subconscious she knew differently. She locked the door and quickly undressed. She glanced at herself in the full length mirror.

She didn't need to look at her nipples, she already knew they were hard and erect. Her pussy hadn't felt this wet for ages. She put the shoes down on the floor and stepped into them and immediately she felt her sons cum in between her toes. She turned round to face the mirror and her hands went between her legs. Anne knew she had to cum. She finger fucked herself and played with her clit. She felt terribly guilty. This was the first time she had done this since she was a teenager and then it was alone in bed imagining her latest boyfriend fucking her from behind and if she was really fortunate getting them to fuck her in the arse. She loved the feel of James cum between her toes. Because it was her sons cum it made her even hornier. She felt her first orgasm rushing through her body in only a few minutes. Her second and third took a little longer.

She looked at Mrs. Wyles and apologised. Mrs. Wyles said she had no need to apologise. Why not give in to your feelings. Why do you feel guilty. If it gives sexual satisfaction and isn't hurting anyone, whats wrong with that. Mrs. Wyles took them 6 inch high heeled cream shoes from Anne's hands and put them on her feet. She held out her hand and helped Anne to her feet. For a moment she was unsteady, but soon found her balance. She paraded up and down the showroom, looking in the mirror at every opportunity. She turned round and looked at the back of the shoe, she loved the look of the heel. Mrs. Wyles said, 'You're horny aren't you'. Anne smiled and nodded.

Mrs. Wyles said, 'I think James should be rewarded not punished, why don't we get him to come in and let him see how sexy his mother really is. Lets get ready for him.' Mrs. Wyles helped Anne to take her blouse and bra off. Anne's nipples were hard. Mrs. Wyles found stockings and suspenders and helped Anne into them and then she stepped into her shoes again. As Mrs. Wyles knelt in front of Anne and fixed the stockings to the suspenders she could see how wet Anne's pussy was and could clearly smell her juices. Mrs. Wyles couldn't resist it and reached upwards and licked Anne's pussy.

Anne was at first stunned, this was the first time she had this done to her, but after only a few seconds she realised what she had been missing, she adored it. Anne wanted to cum and Mrs. Wyles wanted her to cum over her face but she also wanted James and Robert to join them. She hoped that Robert would be watching through the two way glass from the office. Fortunately both he and James were. They opened the door and walked in. Anne saw them in the mirror but was so near to her orgasm as Anne's tongue plunged in and out of her cunt, that she was powerless to stop.

She quickly realised that it turned her on even more knowing that her son was watching her. Robert and James undressed and Anne saw their erections in the mirror. Anne's first orgasm was soon upon her on but Mrs. Wyles was not going to only let her cum once. Robert stood in front of Anne and started sucking her nipples. James stood behind his mother, his erection rubbing against her arse. Anne reached round and felt the hardness of her sons cock. She knew she wanted it. She wanted it up her arse. Only once before had she experienced that when she was a teenager but she had often fantasised about it. Now she was going to put that fantasy into action. Anne opened her legs and guided her sons cock towards her cunt. She knew she had to be lubricated before she could take it up her arse.

Anne sighed as James cock entered his mothers soaking wet pussy. She hoped he wouldn't cum too soon. She didn't know that Mrs. Wyles had already seen to that. James fucked quickly in and out of his mother pussy. After a couple of minutes, Anne said to James, I want it in my arse, I want you to fuck my arse.' James withdrew his cock, the wetness of Anne's pussy juices helped him ease inside her arse.

James was very gentle but Anne soon wanted more. She moved in unison with her son's arse fucking. Robert and Mrs. Wyles soon bought Anne to yet another orgasm only seconds before James emptied the contents of his balls deep inside his mothers arse. It was now time for Robert to cum and he knelt in front of Anne and Mrs. Wyles wasted no time in wanking him off making sure he coated Anne's stockings and shoes with his cum. Mrs. Wyles was more than happy to get on her knees and lick Anne's stockings and shoes clean.

Everybody recovered and dressed. Anne decided she wanted a copy of the video but not to punish James but to watch it with him together when they would both be wearing the cream high heel shoes that they now both adored.

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by shoeslayer01/26/18

Thanks 4 a gr8 read

Hello Fantasy Boy, I think the story is great,
I really enjoyed it.I have no idea why it is that
I like older woman's shoes so much,maybe
their seriousness and the black patent makes
them look moremore...

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