tagNonHumanThe Ghost and Bridget

The Ghost and Bridget


Hi All,

This is my second submission of this story. The first, for all the proof reads, among other issues had many spelling mistakes and even I found it difficult to read and I wrote it. I hope this one finds less errors. Not much in the way of character changes but perhaps explains a little more.

This was supposed to be a short bit of fluff but it went a little longer than planned. This is stuffed with sexual encounters of both the physical and paranormal kind. It's all for fun and pure fantasy.

The Ghost and Bridget by Sarin Dipity.

The first time Bridget seemed to sense Derek was at the bar. Joy danced through him as she turned to face him. It quickly turned to disappointment as she looked right through him. She always did. He didn't know what he was expecting. Why this time would be different from the others. Still, for a moment, there was irrational hope.

He continued to watch her, longingly. He knew she was considered only pretty by most of the men, but to him she was beautiful. He'd even danced with her once in this very bar. Now, she didn't see him at all. Of course it could be that he was dead.

Dead. He still had a hard time believing it. He was still walking around people and objects, even though he could pass right through them. What really amazed him, was that dying hadn't been as difficult as he always thought it would be. One minute he was riding his dirt bike around the hills and discovered a large drop. He remembered cursing as he went over it. The next thing he knew was intense pain and then he was standing at the bottom of said drop, remarkably unhurt. He hadn't seen any light. No long tunnel.

It didn't take him very long to realize that not only did he not feel any injuries, but he felt nothing at all. The wind that whipped the desert grasses blew right through him without any resistance. Of course, the mangled body that looked just like him, lying on the ground when he turned around, was the main clue.

All in all, it wasn't so bad. He could go and do whatever he wanted. He found that he could even move things if he put his mind to it. He couldn't actually feel what he was picking up, but the effect was the same. He always chuckled at the faces of the people who saw him practicing.

Today he went to the bar, hoping to see her. It all looked the same. Everyone acted normal. Of course, they were alive. He saw Bridget sitting at the bar and moved closer. She didn't frequent the bar a lot, but when she did come in, she always sat in the same seat. He knew this because he'd worked here as a glass washer.

He'd watched her get drunk one evening and had worked up the courage to ask her to dance while he was on brake. He remembered the arousal that coursed through him as she leaned into him during that one dance. Remembered the soft curves he'd held once and never again.

He now tried to touch her again a few minutes ago. She'd felt him but he was unable to feel her. She'd looked around, a little weirded out that she felt a hand but no one was around.

Now she was waving at Jake, one of the bouncers. The guy was huge...all over. Unless he padded his jeans, but Derek didn't believe that. The bouncer was too confident in all his abilities and he was very popular with the ladies.

Derek frowned when Bridget had a silent communication with the bouncer and Jake gave her a ten minute sign. Derek had seen the communication before. Right before the two would disappear during Jake's break. The pattern was about to be followed once again. Derek had an idea what they were doing, and this time he would follow.


Bridget looked around when she felt someone touch her back but when she turned, there was no one there. She'd felt like someone had been watching her ever since she walked into the bar. She shrugged away at a shiver that ran down her spine. "Weird."

She turned back to the drink she'd ordered, already feeling the alcohol in her system. She usually got drunk when she came to the bar. It wasn't any more than once every few weeks or so but she just needed what she came here for. A good drunk and fuck. She wasn't interested in any attachments. She worked 12 hours a day, almost every day of the week. The last thing she needed was someone complaining that she didn't spend enough time at home playing wet nurse to him.

That's what made this arrangement with Jack so sweet. Jack was a handsome, well build hunk. Everything about him was strong and large. She knew she'd never qualify to be his 'girlfriend' even if that's what she wanted, but after getting drunk one horny evening, she'd asked him to do her and he did. Since then, whenever she needed to, she'd give him a nod and he'd meet her for his break. No strings, just a good time behind the bar in the back of his truck. It wasn't romantic, but then she didn't want romance, and he was fine with that also.

She nodded to Jake, who signaled that he'd be on break in 10 minutes. She glanced around again, still feeling that she was being watched but couldn't see anyone paying any particular attention to her. She called a cab, because she'd be in no condition to drive, finished her drink and slid off the barstool. She wove through the crowd and to the back door where Jake would meet her.

She was lost in the music when he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to him so she could feel him hard. "Ready darling?"

She smiled and led them out the door. She knew where his truck was parked, so she opened the tailgate herself and crawled in, ducking low under the shell covering the bed. He quickly followed, closing up behind them.

No words were spoken at first. They both stripped off their clothes and she pushed Jake back forcefully. He laid out flat and she sucked him into her mouth. There was no kissing, that wasn't what they were there for. She didn't even really look at him as she swallowed him down her throat.

"Oh yeah. Suck it hard." He moaned.

She complied. Sucking with all she had, pulling from the base of his cock to the fat, purple tip and back down. She rolled his balls between her fingers firmly. Replacing those fingers with her mouth, she rolled them with her tongue as she sucked them forcefully. Her hands now working his shaft, fingers twisting at the sensitive head and slit.

He writhed under her ministrations, the skin of his cock stretching tight. She took him again in her mouth, scraping her teeth up and down. Breathing heavily, he handed her condom, which she rolled onto him with a small twisting motion. A groan at the feel of the latex escaped him right before she straddled him. She took the time to direct his swollen head and shaft through her folds and over her clit, until she could wait no longer.

They both watched as she lined up and slowly lowered herself down, down... until he was completely sheathed. She let out a soft moan, sure that she felt Jake finger her while she was descending, but when she looked, both his hands were on the outside of her thighs. Dismissing the touch, she stopped, barely moving, savoring his heat buried deep inside. That was the only tender luxury she requested. A slow, intimate decent. That felt , oh, so good. Then a long, quite moment to just feel his fullness inside her.

"Talk to me." She whispered, her breath steady.

He knew what she wanted to hear. "It feels so good when you suck my thick cock and then go down on it." She closed her eyes and arched her back, her head just missing the roof of the shell. "My big, hard cock, stretching your pussy." She shifted a fraction, her hands over her head, gripping the convenient hand holds he had on the roof. She sucked in a breath, her brows raising slightly at a brush at her nipples. "I can't wait to feel your tits squeezed between my fingers. Pinch your hard nips."

Her eyes flew open when a sudden mashing of her nipple shot her straight into an orgasm. She would have cursed if she hadn't been so caught off guard. She contracted and began blindly moving up and down his shaft.

His hands went to her hips. "Yes!" She screamed as he began to buck up into her. She rode him, throwing her head back as one of his hands worked down to circle her button, then massaged it roughly. Soon his other hand worked up to her chest and squeezed each of her mounds. He pushed her clit and pinched her nip hard at the same time causing her to buck harder. "Oh shit, yes! Now!" She finally gave him a brief glance. "Fuck me blind!"

With that said, he grabbed her hips and rolled forcefully onto her. She cried out as he sunk deeper into her, but instead of the fast thrusting that she had been doing, he started with a slow, deep calculated rhythm. "You like my cock, don't you?" He continued her request to talk to her. "You like it fucking you, slow?" He was sure to press and hold on her clit with each full penetration. She thrust back, gasping for breath.

"Answer me." He growled in a low demand, pushing her into the truck bed and holding. All she could get out was a whine from the depths of her ecstasy as she came. "Oh yeah, you do."

He lowered his head and latched onto a raised nipple with his teeth, flicking it with his tongue. "Your boobs are so tasty to suck on." He pulled one, then the other with his teeth as she twisted through her orgasm.

"Yes!" She finally squeaked out. "Suck them. S....Suck!"

He continued to hold himself deep, using his pelvis to massage her clit until her breathing slowed. When it did, her hands pushed up the sides of her breasts so he could have access to more. She squeezed their fullness together firmly. The action appeared to make her nipples stand taller. He began thrusting into her, slowly as he licked at her offering, then taking the very tip of one, bit just enough to pinch and pulled it taut.

This made Bridget go insane. " I'm coming again!" Her words careened. She arched, pushing him for more. His pace quickened as he flicked and sucked at the bit between his teeth. "Fu....fu...fu..." Over and over.


Derek watched in awe from his vantage point at the back of the truck bed. When she had stripped out of her clothes, he'd thought he'd have passed out if he were actually breathing. She looked nothing like the skinny models of the porn movies. Her skin had patches of freckles on her back and parts of her chest. There was a mole on her side. Her thighs and ass, while not flabby, were curvy. Her snatch was neat but not shaven. Her nakedness was overwhelming and he stared, mesmerized.

The spell was broken when a large penis popped in front of her. He watched her suck in the incredibly large organ, amazed at her ability to put it so far into her throat. It was soon wet from her mouth. The glisten from the street lights coming through the cap windows made it look like it was it's own entity. It bobbed and swayed as she sucked the base and balls. Her small hands playing with the head.

Derek envied that wet shaft, but even if he were alive, he knew he couldn't compete with that monster. He was normal. His dick fit into his own hand comfortably and had room to slide, but nothing like Jakes solid piece.

He looked down at himself, willing some kind of reaction to the lust filling the back of the truck. To his amazement, his dick began to rise. His pants were no barrier; they weren't real. "Whoa." He thought more and focused and it rose until it protruded straight out, as if held by a string. He took it in his hand. No feeling on either part. His hands manipulated the shaft but he couldn't feel any physical contact. Still, he knew what it should feel like, so he focused on that. He knew his stomach would be tingling and his cock would crave for more touch. For a moment, he thought he could will the sensations. The past memories were so powerful that he watched his cock grow in his unfeeling hand.

And grow. His eyes widened as his cock continued to expand. "Wow!" He glanced at Jakes pulsating cock and when the size of his surpassed that, he willed the appendage to stop growing. He was so amazed with his discovery, he almost didn't notice that she'd straddled Jake and was rubbing him through her warm folds.

Derek moved closer to watch the shaft squeeze into the desired hole. He really envied that shaft. He watched the slow descent, the desire to touch her too great. Before she completely seated, he reached out and willed pressure from his fingers. He quickly slid one into the folds and pushed. He couldn't feel her but she let out a moan and he was elated to know that he'd caused it. He continued poking and pushing until the two bodies completed their link. Once the penis was completely encased, there was silence. A long moment of two bodies locked. Jakes eyes were focused on her cunt where he was buried and her eyes were closed, her hands held loosely to the roof handled, giving him a beautiful view of her heaving breasts.

Derek took this moment to focus again. Using his finger, he pushed on her nipple. The first time it went through with no effect. He tried again and the pointy nub sank into its ringed circle. He did this three times and on the third try, pushed the hard kernel deep until it pushed against the ribs behind it.

With a sudden suck of air, she shifted, raised and began to fuck Jake hard. While she rode Jake, Derek contemplated his own dick size again, wondering if she could take something bigger than Jake. He lifted the shaft and frowned. He's balls were tiny compared to his new length. With a focus that he was finding easier to control, his balls were soon proportionate to the cock. "That's better."

The truck rocked when Jake rolled Bridget onto her back. The force of his first on top trust moved her at least half a foot, so she wrapped her legs around his hips to keep from being pushed out from under.

"Answer me!" Jake demanded and Derek watched her arch into Jake, her eyes closing hard and her mouth opening wide.

Derek went to her face and put the tip of his new cock in her mouth. He focused on enlarging the tip once it was in. It filled her mouth and he stopped. He wasn't sure if she noticed the pressure in her mouth, she was so high on her orgasm. With a sigh, she began to come back to her senses and Jake began sucking her. He pushed her amazing orb up higher and tighter for Jake to access.

She was soon having another orgasm. This time Derek just watched her sweat. He took in the whole scene. The nipples, the jiggling boobs, her neck straining as she gasped. Jake grunting, his heavy balls clapping her ass. Derek took his shaft in his hand and stroked. Frustrated at being able to touch but not feel. He knew how he should feel. He focused on memories again. Not the action but how his stomach would flutter, his cock would pulse.

He watched Jake's cock push in and out of Bridget. Her tight hole puckering in then out with friction the on his shaft. And then...there was a tickle. Derek paused in his stroking. He focused and willed the tickle to grow. And like his cock, it did. It grew through his whole non-body. The burning intensified as he concentrated on building on what he was feeling and learning.

The feeling moved to his groin and he started stroking again. He still could not feel his skin, but his cock was on fire now. His new large cock. He watched it fill as he expected it should. He then tried something that he'd always thought would be fun. Removing his hand, he willed his cock to move. For a moment it fell. Then as he focused, it rose and pointed first one way, then the other. Derek smiled as he got it twirling and then he bent it so it was going out, then up. Then he twisted the up part to point around. "I can do anything!" He watched the couple next to him. Derek's smile grew.


"Fu...fu...fu..." Bridget's body was in over drive. Jake had taken her over the edge twice. This last one fried her senses. Jakes steady biting of her nipples held her for a long time. When she finally came down, Jake was still pumping but his thrusts were getting smaller and he'd stopped paying attention to her breasts. His entire goal was to climax.

Then he tensed and plunged into Bridget, holding himself tight. She felt his balls contracting as he released, pumping a few times, then holding. He did that a few more times before collapsing onto her. They laid there for a minute, catching their breaths. Then he held her hips and sat back so he was still in her and she was on top again. She rode him for a few minutes while he nuzzled her breasts.

"That was amazing, as always." Her comment earned her a smile from between her breasts. "Of course, you cheated when you played with my nips during the feel the fuck time." She flicked one of his nipples playfully.

"What?" He muffled around the mound in his mouth.

"During the FTF, you played with my nip. The rib rub went right to my cunt." She gave a shove to his lap to he could feel said cunt.

He pulled just far enough away from her to look up at her. "Not that I don't want to take credit for setting your pussy on fire, but I didn't touch your boobs. I know how you love the FTF."

She looked for any sign of teasing but found him completely honest. "But I felt..."

"Wasn't me, babe. How much have you had to drink?"

"Not enough to make me hallucinate." She remembered back to the touch. "It was so real."

Jake took a finger and tickled just her point. "Like this?" He pushed at her nib, as she watched closely.

It was even more intense seeing it. "Yeah." She breathed. Then he pushed in with the finger until the nip was rolled against a rib. His finger deep into her breast. He found a spot and held pressure as she began to squirm and then she began to contract around his limp cock. "Oh yes!" She rubbed against him hard and he continued the pressure, keeping it against the rib. Her orgasm strengthened. "Oh SHIT!" She screamed when another finger mimicked the first on her other nip.

She bounced and scratched her nails on him, the speed of going from aroused to coming, throwing her into a frenzy. Jake seemed fascinated at the reaction so he kept going. It was like she couldn't come down. Her legs flailed around him, her backed arched. Even as she arched back toward the floor with him still in her, he kept pushing into her ribs, rolling the nubs over and over. She writhed helplessly as long as he held her. When he let the pressure off, she began to come down. Then he'd push again. She would careen and shoot to another high.

It was like a switch. On and off. Eventually, Jake took pity on her. Either that, or it was the end of his break. Either way, he slowly released the pressure, but continued to play with her boobs as she completed her decent.

She lay there, spread open and exhausted. Jake sat back, removed the condom and began to clean his cock. "Now that was me. If I had done that during FTF, I wouldn't have stopped."

Bridget's chest rose and fell. "But..."

Jake shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe you have a ghost who likes playing with your tits." He smirked. "A little boy ghost. " He laughed at the thought.


Derek laughed also, looking down at his cock. "Not so little any more. Hope you enjoyed this truck fuck cause when I'm done with her, she'll never be back to you. Pee wee."

Derek was so excited. He'd learned so much about what he could do tonight. While he followed Bridget's cab home, he experimented with other body parts. Each responded the same as his cock had. He could enlarge, shape, twist, any part he wanted to. It was a little odd at first seeing bends where there shouldn't be but the possibilities made him eager to try things he'd never be able to do as a real, live boy. He kept thinking of the pleasure he could bring when his nose grew. "Just call me Pinocchio."

By the time he'd fantasized of all he could do with his new abilities, Bridget was unlocking her door and stumbling inside. She'd drank some more while she waited for the cab, so she as tipsy and exhausted. He watched her kick off her shoes and begin to shed her clothes as she stumble to the bathroom and into the shower.

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