tagRomanceThe Girl Next Door Ch. 03

The Girl Next Door Ch. 03

byMr James©

We walked to the local carvery for lunch, Pauline on one arm and Joanna on the other. We all skipped dessert, Joanna saying that she had to squeeze her things back into her little car for the drive back to university and Pauline yawned and told Colin that she was still tired from her night shift. I smiled and pecked their cheeks, outside Pauline’s door and stepped into my flat.

I had barely made a pot of coffee and sat down with a steaming mug and a book when I heard a light tap on the door. Rising from my armchair, I went to answer it and found Joanna on the doorstep. I hadn’t even opened the door fully before she had slipped inside. Closing the door quietly I followed her confident steps into the living room. I had not even chance to sit down before she had flung her arms around my neck and was kissing my face.

“I decided you might like dessert.”

“Joanna if I ate another bite, I would burst.”

“Wait till you see the menu.”

Giggling softly, she pushed the straps of her dress and let the dark blue shift fall to the floor. Underneath, she was naked, apart from a pair of black hold-up stockings. She had shaved her pussy smooth and stood proudly in front of me. She was mouth-wateringly beautiful and I could feel my loins stirring. There was a knot of fire in my belly and I’m sure that I growled at the sight of her. She stepped closer and unfastened my shirt, pushing it down my arms and as she kissed me and invaded my mouth with her tongue. Her long fingers moved to my belt and I felt her tugging the buckle undone and unzipping my pants. The cloth tumbled down around my ankles and Joanna put her hands in the middle of my chest and pushed. I took half a step back, before getting my feet tangled and falling back into my armchair. Joanna dropped to her knees and began to stroke the bulge in my tight, white silk, briefs Hooking her fingers in the waist, she eased the material over my swelling cock, before leaning forward and slowly sliding the firm length of my shaft over her tongue into the back of her throat.

Slowly, Joanna used her tongue to bathe my stiffening cock in her sweet saliva. She could feel every movement of my cock against her tongue and, as she felt the first tremors of my eruption, she would release me from her mouth and hold me with the edge of her teeth until the tremor had passed. Her head, with her curtain of chestnut hair, bobbed prettily on my cock as she sucked and nibbled gently on the swelling head.

She pulled her head away, a loud ‘plop’ sounding as my swollen cock slipped from between her moist lips. She tilted her head slightly and the tip of her tongue peeked from her mouth as she took hold of my hard cock with one hand and used the fingers of her other to explore my tight, full, sac. Her hand on my cock stroked slowly up and down, spreading the slippery coating of pre-cum and saliva up and down my shaft. She could see the head becoming slick and shiny, as her fingers caressed me. Releasing my throbbing cock, she stood up and straddled my thighs; her shaven pussy poised just above the purple head of my cock. As she lowered herself down, her fingers pulled the wet fleshy lips apart and eased the head of my cock into the entrance to her sweet pussy. The rim of my cock brushed her swollen clit and she gushed creamy juices over my cock. I could feel the hot cream oozing down my length and wetting my tight ball sac. Reaching up a little I closed my fingers around her breasts, pinching the hard nipples between my fingers and thumbs.

Joanna closed her eyes and whimpered a little as she felt my cock edging into her. I caught her by her hips and slowed her down even further, teasing her as I lowered her. Gently I took each nipple into my mouth and sucked then nipped sharply at her budding breasts. I was rewarded with another flooding gush of her come splashing onto my balls. Slowly I lifted her a little and let her sink back down, relishing the caress of her pussy on my knob.

Taking a deep breath and holding it I tilted my hips slightly and pulled Joanna hared down onto my erect cock. The length of my shaft plunged into her womb and she opened her eyes wide, as if in shock, as she felt herself being impaled on my cock. Tears sprang to her eyes and she let out a shattering groan as her juices poured down my cock. I could feel the tip of my cock pressed hard against her cervix and then she began to lift herself on my cock, gyrating a little before dropping back down onto my loins. I could feel her pussy contracting as she pressed her hips down harder, enveloping my cock with her tight pussy.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her to me so that I could invade her mouth with my probing tongue. She mashed her lips against mine opening her mouth to suck greedily on my tongue. Her nipples were like glowing embers against my chest, hard and hot. Every movement brushed them against my chest and I pulled her closer to feel the hard points digging into my skin. Her rocking movements and the caress of her sopping pussy had me ragingly hard and I could feel the cum bubbling inside my shaft.

“Joanna I’ gonna cum inside you.”

“God Yesss! Fill my cunt with your spunk.”

“I’m cumming”

“Fuck yesssss!”

Joanna arched back violently, almost slipping from my grasp as my cock began pumping inside her, spurting thick cum into her dripping womb. “Her legs gave way and she was impaled on my cock, her spasming pussy milking the lasts drops of cum out of my cock and balls.

The last ripples shot through her pussy and she slowly slid off my dripping, slimy cock. She grinned wickedly for a moment and then knelt between my legs and took my cock in her hands, guiding it back into her warm mouth. I looked down as she greedily sucked on my sticky cock and licked my balls clean. I couldn’t believe that my aching cock was becoming hard again and, as she nibbled along the prominent vein my cock twitched explosively. Sensing the building sensation, she slid me smoothly to the back of her throat and cradled my balls in her pretty hands. I was jerking my hips when she suddenly tilted her hand ad slid her forefinger into the tight starfish of my anus. I almost leapt off the armchair and spurted madly into her mouth flooding her throat and tongue. She swallowed and swallowed, drinking me down. At last my cock was empty and she slid it out of her. Kneeling between my spread legs, she rested her head on the inside of my thighs she looked at me dreamily.

“Did Sir enjoy his dessert?”

“Very much so, very sweet and juicy.”

Still grinning, Joanna slipped the dress back on, well more poured it on really. Decent again she walked to the door, where I stole a long lingering kiss.

“Don’t stay away too long darling.”

“Or else?”

“I shall have to come and visit you.”

“I think I’d liker that, but now I need to finish loading my car.”

We kissed again and I watched her go next door, as she opened her door. Closing mine I leaned on it for a moment, catching my breath. Dessert was certainly a welcome change.

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