tagInterracial LoveThe Gold Bikini Club Ch. 02

The Gold Bikini Club Ch. 02


James stood there, totally naked, his erect cock sticking straight out before him. He wanted to move closer to the bed but was frozen in place. He was just a couple of metres away from his beautiful wife, who was lying on the bed with her legs spread wide. A muscular black man was between them, pounding into her wet pussy with a cock that for all James knew, could have been a foot long. He looked down at his own cock. It was still fully erect, but was smaller some how. Each thrust from the mystery black man was taking away his masculinity. Every time his wife moaned, his cock got smaller and smaller until it was nothing more than a small stub between his legs. His focus on his own cock was broken as he heard Rebecca, his wife, softly saying his name. He looked over at her but she was still in a world of her own, enjoying the pleasure she was receiving from this black stud.

James stirred as he felt a hand touch his shoulder and gently shake him. Suddenly the black man faded, the room faded and lastly his wife faded as he woke from his dream.

"Wake up sleepy head!" said Rebecca with a smile on her face. "We didn't spend all this money coming on holiday just to sleep all day."

James was finally back in reality. Rebecca was busy rushing around the room packing a bag for their day. She was wearing a gold bikini and suddenly the memory of the previous night came flooding back to him. The couple they had met, Jenny and Graham, had lured them into the hotel bar last night so that they could be propositioned by one of the hotel staff to join "The Gold Bikini Club".

James and Rebecca didn't know the full extent of what being part of the club entailed. All they knew was that the female members were free to have sex with any of the hotel staff they wanted to - all they had to do was wear the gold bikini to show their availability.

Recalling what happened after they had got back to their hotel room, James remembered that Rebecca had gone straight into the bathroom to try the bikini on and had locked the door behind her. When she came back out of the bathroom without the bikini on, James was both sad, but also relieved. They both went to sleep shortly after.

"I see you've got that bikini on," said James.

"Of course!" responded Rebecca. "Why not? After all I figured it'd be fun to tease these people for a while!"

James was happy that Rebecca was only interested in teasing the hotel staff, but still there was something deep down inside him that wished she would go too far and get seduced by one of them.

As with the previous day, James and Rebecca went to the pool side to sunbathe. During the walk from their apartment, almost all eyes were on Rebecca. The other women wearing the gold bikinis looked on at her with knowing smiles. James felt like a few of them were looking at him, interpreting those smiles as humiliating grins, knowing that he had let his own wife be seduced by the well hung hotel staff.

In keeping with their holiday rule (not being allowed to apply their own sun tan lotion) they covered each other's bodies form head to toe. James took extra time with Rebecca today so that he could appreciate her beautiful body for as long as possible.

When she lay down and closed her eyes to relax, James took a few moments to drink in her beauty. She was a size 10, with pert 32E breasts and an ass to die for - the kind that wobbles slightly when she walks, but with no hint of sagging. Her beautiful body was complimented by blue eyes and red hair spread out behind her head like fire.

After some more time, Rebecca told James she was going to get them some drinks.

"Are you sure it's safe to go alone dressed like that?" asked James.

"Oh don't be silly!" replied Rebecca. "The staff are just sexy horny men, not rapists!"

"Oh so they're sexy now are they?" asked James with a smile.

Rebecca just winked as she walked away.

On her way to the drinks dispenser Rebecca saw Jenny and Graham disappear into a room with two of the hotel staff. Although, actually what she saw was Jenny hand in hand with the two muscular black men, and her husband following behind like an obedient puppy. She decided to follow.

On entering, Rebecca saw that Graham was sitting on a chair in the corner of the room totally naked, Jenny was leaning over him wearing her gold bikini and the black guys were standing at the foot of a bed in just shorts.

"Now remember the deal honey," said Jenny to Graham. "You have to sit on your hands and not touch yourself. You don't move from this spot unless Leon, Wes or I tell you to."

James nodded his head in agreement before looking over and noticing Rebecca.

"Rebecca!" exclaimed Jenny when she noticed her. "So glad you've decided to join the club!"

"I'm not joining!" responded Rebecca. "Well, at least not yet... can I erm... watch?"

"Of course you can, baby!" piped in one of the black guys. Rebecca didn't know if it was Leon or Wes. "But you'll not be able to resist joining in for very long..."

Rebecca sat in a chair just across the room from Jenny and the hotel staff and watched as they got down to business. Like a choreographed dance, the men stood up and Jenny dropped to her knees and took out their semi hard cocks.

Rebecca couldn't believe the sight before her. She had only known this woman a couple of days, and here she was watching her servicing two men with extremely large cocks. What's more, neither of these men were her husband!

She felt a tingling between her legs and it was all she could do not to touch herself as she watched her new friend expertly service the 2 men. Their dark cocks were glistening with Jenny's saliva as she got them hard and wet. She was such an expert at this already. Her hands never left their cocks, and whilst she was sucking on the head of one, she was pumping the other.

Jenny took her mouth off the two cocks for just a moment to look around and see that Rebecca was sitting with her legs clamped tightly together, licking her lips.

"Do you want to come and help me?" asked Jenny before continuing to suck one of the cocks.

"I can't," responded Rebecca in a quiet, hushed voice. "I was only wearing this bikini to tease..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Jenny butted in, "Come on! They don't bite! You'll love it, I promise."

Rebecca felt like she was possessed. Her mind was screaming at her to run away, but for some reason her body made her stand up and slowly walk towards Jenny. Her eyes fixed on the cock nearest to her, she sank to her knees and stopped as the cock was just inches from her lips.

Jenny grabbed Rebecca's hand and slowly guided it to the base of Leon's cock. It felt like electricity ran through Rebecca's body as she lightly tightened her grip at the base of this huge cock. She used her other hand to cup Leon's balls, feeling the weight of them. Slowly, almost subconsciously, she started to run her hand up and down the shaft.

"See?" said Jenny. "It's good isn't it? This is a real cock. I don't even need to see your husband's to know it's not as big as Leon's. Leon, exactly how big it is?"

"Don't tell me you've forgotten already!" responded Leon. "You measured it yesterday!"

It was true, Jenny had measured Leon's cock. As part of an initiation ceremony on joining the club, all women had to pick a favourite man to measure in comparison to their husband. Jenny had delighted on making Graham stand next to Leon and measuring Leon's 9 inches and comparing it to Graham's 5.

"Oh of course!" responded Jenny as she started to giggle. "9 inches! 9 whole inches of sexual chocolate!"

"Go on Rebecca, taste that chocolate," said Leon.

Rebecca looked over at Jenny and watched her rubbing her tongue along the shaft of Wes's cock. It did look good. Leaning forward, she extended her tongue slightly and felt the tip of this complete stranger's cock touch her tongue.

At that moment, Rebecca realised what she was doing and let go of Leon's cock.

"I'm sorry!" she said as she got back to her feet. "I have to go."

Rebecca practically ran from the room and back to James.

"Are you ok?" asked James, looking concerned.

"Can we go back to the room?" asked Rebecca.

Without any hesitation, they were both running back to their apartment. As soon as they were inside, Rebecca wasted no time in telling James everything that had just happened.

"You sucked another guy's cock?!", exclaimed James.

"No, I just touched the tip of it with my tongue and then realised what I was doing!" responded Rebecca.

"Was he bigger than me?" asked James.

"I can't remember," responded Rebecca. "It all happened so fast!"

"Well remember then!" said James as he took Rebecca's hand and held it against his cock.

It was at that moment that Rebecca realised James's cock was rock solid. Harder than it had ever been. She presumed that James didn't realise he had grown erect either because he looked at shocked as he was.

Rebecca slowly took out James's cock and as calmly said, "He was bigger."

"By how much?" asked James.

"Much bigger. He was 9 inches long. And thick too. It was so dark and animalistic. I couldn't help but have a taste...", admitted Rebecca. Her tone of voice was showing less shame and more and more arousal and enthusiasm as she continued to describe Leon's cock.

"James, why are you hard?" asked Rebecca. "Do you like that I touched another man's cock?"

James didn't bother trying to fight it anymore. "Yes," he replied. "I used to think about it all the time when we were apart at university. I used to fantasise that you were out getting satisfied by other men."

"Oh..." was the only response Rebecca had at the time.

James, without being asked to, continued, "Not just any men. Alpha males. Strong men with large cocks that could fill you deeper than I ever could."

"Do you want me to take it further next time?" asked Rebecca. "I could even go back there right now and continue where I left off."

"Yesss," moaned James.

"I need to know that you mean it. Kiss me," demanded Rebecca.

Without hesitation, James kissed Rebecca full on the lips. Her tongue found its way into his mouth and at that moment James realised why she told him to kiss her. Her tongue had been on another man's cock just minutes before. When he didn't pull away, Rebecca knew that he truly wanted it.

"You had better get that cock inside me now!" said Rebecca with a big grin on her face. "It may be the last time you get to fuck me on this holiday!"

To be continued...

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