tagIncest/TabooThe Ice Queen Cometh

The Ice Queen Cometh


Derek sneaked off to his room early on the night of his stepfather's annual beginning-of-summer party, miles out in the country at the estate. Not that the party wasn't interesting. It was a virtual 3-ring circus, with liquored up lawyers, older women pretending they were young chippies, and actual young chippies strutting their stuff quite prominently. There were young guys hoping to impress bosses, and bosses who didn't give a shit about anything but the free booze and young tail. Nearly a hundred folks were there, but nobody that Derek was close to. But then, there were only a handful of people in the world that Derek was close to, and none of them was in his family.

Derek was in his room to try out his latest project. His stepfather had assigned him a full summer's worth of unpaid jobs which would assure him a bed and food for the summer. At the end of the summer, as he had just graduated from high school, Derek knew he would get the boot. That's just the kind of step-father Lawrence was. A real prick.

His assignment had been to install a security system in the house. Like many rich people, Lawrence was overly concerned with keeping the grubby hands of the poor off his stuff. The irony never hit him that most of that "stuff" was obtained by overcharging and swindling people. Derek was given some leeway about the details of the project, and so he was able to buy a high-quality closed circuit camera system, and he had placed tiny cameras discretely around the house prior to the party. He had deliberately neglected to mention the cameras to anyone, including his mother and stepfather. One camera was of particular interest. It was placed in his mother's art studio, which was nearly always locked and strictly off limits.

From his vantage point behind the laptop, Derek observed the party in silence. Switching from one camera to the next, he saw middle aged men make vague passes at bikini-clad office girls, older women clumped together discussing pool-boys over pooh-pooh platters of cold shrimp, and younger men doing cannonballs off the diving board or swilling free drinks. Late in the evening, as some of the guests began to head for the rented vans that would take them back to the city, he saw movement on the art studio camera. It was relatively dark in there, with only a small night light, but as the door opened, he could make out two figures entering the room together. He set his laptop to record.

Half an hour later, Derek was watching the front door camera. There hadn't been much to see there so far, since most of the guests left by the side entrance. But when he saw his mother and a young guy he recognized as an intern come out the front door, something told him to begin recording. A second later, Delores was turning her face up to kiss the young man, an exchange student from Holland. After a brief cuddle, she led him by the hand out of view of the camera, behind a large hedge next to the front porch. Derek's eyes were glued to the scene for long minutes until the pair returned, the Dutch kid adjusting his belt and Delores straightening her party dress and swiping the back of her hand across her mouth. They kissed again, and she patted his butt as he headed for the van.

Derek stopped the recording. "Holy cats," he said. Derek knew this was a momentous occasion. Sometimes, a small event is life-changing, and he felt that this was such an event. He had the videos. Now he needed a plan.


Derek's mother (not mama, not mom, but mother) was aloof and exotic. In reality, Delores was quite plain and ordinary looking, but she had a talent for hair, makeup, and clothes through which she had made herself over into a "woman of mystery". She was known to many as the "Ice Queen" and was living her life as if she were in a play. Lately, she had been less enthusiastic about the wealth she enjoyed, and she even began to question whether being Lawrence's wife was worth the rewards. Often, she felt hollow inside, but she kept up the pretense. It was the only life she had.

Physically, she was short and slim-waisted, with hips a bit too wide for some tastes and smallish breasts. These perceived defects she hid with clothing and all the womanly arts. Delores' hair was dark red and extended half-way down her back when she wanted to show it off. Most of the time, she wore tasteful but rather dramatic makeup.

To Delores, Derek was a constant reminder of the one great mistake in her life, and he had suffered because of that association. As a teenage girl, she had given her heart, and other body parts, to an older man who had suddenly felt the need to be on the other side of the globe as soon as Delores announced she was pregnant. Her parents had done the minimal amount required by their narrow-minded religion to provide support for their daughter and her new son, until the day Delores disappeared into the big city, leaving young Derek behind to grow up miserable.

Her native intelligence and knack for looking good and ingratiating herself with bosses had led over time to a position at the law firm where her future husband, Lawrence, was a partner. Lawrence saw her as a trophy, a good organizer for the home, a great hostess, and his personal whore, and he married her not long after they met. Throwing her success in her parents' faces, Delores contacted them and told them about her marriage to a rich man. They promptly showed up at her door, dropped off young Derek, and hit the road. He had been there ever since, in a largely loveless home, coping the best he could. Lawrence and Delores had not been pleased that he was there.

Up until recently, there had been another member of this household. Juanita Flores, the housekeeper, had been with them for a couple of years. Juanita was a pistol, as Lawrence would say. Nearly 50 years old, muscular and quick from years of physical labor, but still with an attractive face and penetrating eyes.

Not having a car, Derek had always ridden the bus to school, which drastically limited his social life. He had gotten through high school with none of the usual fumbling in the back seat of a Toyota. His total experience with women had been via pictures and stories on the Internet. His fortunes changed dramatically one day when he found himself alone in the house with Juanita while Delores and Lawrence were gone for the weekend, early in his senior year.

"Juanita, don't you get lonely living out here in the country? You only get to town a couple of times a week."

"I gotta cell phone. I keep in touch," she said.

"Yeah, but don't you have a boyfriend, or something?"

"You think a man would want an old lady like me?" she said, looking up from her work and smiling.

"Well, sure. I mean, you're hot, Chica."

"Gracias, Hijo. So glad you noticed," replied Juanita. "But you're the needy one. You need a girlfriend. Have you ever had a girlfriend, Hijo? I never see you with any friends out here. I know you like girls, though."

"How would you know that, Juanita?" He laughed.

She looked at him with her piercing black eyes. "Hijo, I do the laundry. I wash your sheets and underwear. I know everything that goes on around here."

Derek's eyes went to the floor.

"Hey, don't be embarrassed. It's natural, what you do. And those things you look at on the computer. I know about those, too. It's okay." She walked to Derek and put both her hands on his shoulders, her face near his. "Hijo, you need a date. You want me to be your date, just for practice?"

"I don't have a car," he stammered. "I don't have money to take you anywhere."

"I tell you what. You clean yourself up, pick me some pretty wildflowers, and come to my room about 8 o'clock tonight, and we'll have a date."

By 7:30, Derek had been washed and dressed in his suit for an hour. The last half hour before 8PM dragged by at a snail's pace. When he knocked on Juanita's door at 7:59, flowers in hand, his heart was beating hard in his chest. When she opened the door, his heart flip flopped.

Juanita must have learned her sexuality from old copies of Playboy. She was purely old-school sexy, in a sheer black nightgown over bustier, garter belt, black nylons, French-cut panties, and high heels. Her look worked on young Derek. She accepted his flowers from shaky, sweaty hands and laid them on a side table without bothering to put them in water.

"Juanita, uh, you don't plan on going out in those clothes, do you?"

"Hijo, we're not going anywhere. I promised you a date. You can stay home and still have a date," she replied. "Let's get you out of that jacket. You won't need it, and I think it might get a little too hot for you soon."

Juanita took the jacket and hung it on her bed post. When she turned back around, she leaned up and kissed him on the mouth. A chill ran down the right side of his neck.

"Come over here and sit down, Sweetie," she said as she took him by the hand and led him to a stuffed chair. As he sat down, she slid neatly into his lap, her thinly-clad bottom easily locating and pressing against his hard-on.

"Juanita...please...I...I'm afraid I might have a... an accident." She leaned in for a lingering kiss.

"Hold on, Sweetie. Just calm down a little. We've got all night to have fun. I know about you young guys and how quick you can be, but just use a little control for Mama. I raised one boy myself, and I gave "rises" to a few other ones, so I know all about how you're feeling right now. Just relax and let Mama take care of you."

With that, she eased her ass off his cock and planted a wet kiss on his trembling lips. Then she began undressing him, slowly. First, the tie came off, and then she unbuttoned the top 3 buttons on his shirt, talking the whole time for distraction. Juanita kissed down Derek's neck and across his sensitive chest, playing with his nipples with her tongue and lips.

Slipping off Derek's lap, Juanita went on her knees between his legs, unbuttoning and kissing her way lower. When his shirt was open, she helped him out of it and tossed it over the bedstead.

"God, you're killing me, Juanita!"

"Hmm, just wait and see, Hijo. Mama's gonna eat you up!"

Derek felt his cock lurch at these words, and he thought he would lose it then and there.

Juanita knew well enough that she couldn't drag this out very long. This kid was a virgin, in over his head, and even if he'd beaten off earlier, she doubted that she could get in more than a few strokes before he blew. So, she soon got Derek's belt and zipper loose and slid his pants and undies down together. She found herself staring at a very proud, average-sized cock, pulsing.

"Come to Mama, baby," she said, as she lowered her thick lips to his dick, took it in her mouth, and slid down it as far as she could go.

Derek began to erupt as Juanita's mouth withdrew from his penis and her hand gripped and pumped the shaft. She worked him professionally, sucking, swallowing, and jacking.

"Ohhhh, Jesus! Unhhhhh!"

His climax went on for long seconds as Juanita worked and Derek's brain went to the Land That Time Forgot. At length, his muscles relaxed and he slumped in his chair, hands still resting on her shoulders, as she cleaned him with her tongue.

Noting that his sweet cock was not diminishing in size very much at all, Juanita moved fairly quickly to the next phase of her seduction. She kept stroking and licking until his breathing became normal again and he opened his eyes on the beautiful sight between his knees.

"Baby, it's time for you to learn some things about a woman. Come over on the bed with me and let Mama teach you."

Derek was happy to oblige, and Juanita knew he would be a good student. Maybe even her best one.

She lay on her back and asked him, "Would you like to take Mama's clothes off?"

Derek smiled and nodded. "You know, I've never called anybody 'Mama'. The Ice Queen has always been 'Mother' to me. Can I call you 'Mama'?"

"I'd like that, Baby. You know, there's an old rhythm and blues song called, 'Tell Mama'," and she began to sing:

"Tell Mama all about it.

Tell Mama what you need.

Tell Mama what you want,

And I'll make everything all right..."

"I could never tell anything to my mother," said Derek.

"Well, Mama's gonna tell you something now. Come here and Mama's gonna teach you how to kiss."

Juanita and Derek kissed for awhile, and he took to it naturally, although he'd never had any real practice.

"Untie the laces on this thing and take a look at Mama's titties, Sweetie," she said, shaking her shoulders.

Derek readily complied, his hands much steadier now than they had been when he'd come into her room. Juanita's skin was uniformly brown, and her tits were soft, warm, and finely textured. She had medium sized breasts with pointy nipples and big areolas.

"Suck on 'em, Sweetie. Just like you sucked on your real Mama's titties."

"Sure thing, but I don't think Mother ever nursed me. This'll be my first time."

"That's too bad, Hijo. Delores has nice little titties."

"You've seen 'em?" Derek sounded more than casually interested.

"I've seen her naked a few times. She tries to act like we're friends, but I know she's the Head White Lady in Charge. She's not my friend, but I think you are."

"I'll be your friend for life after tonight. This won't be the only time we're together, I hope?"

Juanita proceeded to show Derek how she liked her breasts sucked and kissed. He looked so sweet to her, enthusiastically licking and milking her. She was feeling more turned on now and wanted him to move on to the next course, so she unlaced her bodice all the way down, and his mouth followed her trail as it lead to her lower abdomen. There he lingered, waiting for her to direct him further. He smelled her warm aroma now, and his cock stiffened.

"Baby, I want you to eat Mama, like she ate you. Take off my garter belt and panties."

Derek was kneeling between her legs now, and she lifted her hips to allow him to remove her panties. He felt the dampness there, and he brought the crotch of her black undies to his nose and inhaled. Juanita moved her legs very far apart, opening herself to his delighted eyes. She had trimmed her curly black hair, and he could see her flower opening, wet and waiting for his touch.

"God, you are so beautiful!"

"Derek, lean down and take a close look. Do you like the way I smell? Would you like to taste my pussy?"

"Juanita, Mama, tell me what to do."

"Remember how I showed you to kiss me awhile ago? Well, I've got lips down there, too. You can kiss me the same way there. You just kiss me all over, and then put your tongue around all over, and then you can put your tongue in the little mouth down there."

Derek did as he was told. He knew something about pussies from the Internet and from books, but a real one was so much nicer than the pictures. On his own, he found her clit, and she was surprised when he began tonguing it in light strokes.

"Oooo, that's nice, Baby. Keep on doing that, and put your middle finger up inside me, too. Stroke the inside of my pussy along the top, not too far in."

After awhile, Derek could tell from the way Juanita's hips began to rotate and move that she was enjoying his licking and fingering. He was surprised how hard his cock was getting from the taste of her and her responsiveness to him.

"That's good, Sweetie. Oooo, if you keep that up, you gonna make me cum. You wanna make Mama cum, don't you, Baby?"

Derek didn't answer but kept up his ministrations, and soon Juanita was bucking, making it hard for him to stay in position. With his left arm under her leg and over her abdomen, he restrained the worst of her movements and brought her to an intense orgasm, her thighs clinched at last around his ears, her hands in his hair.

When Juanita had calmed down a bit, she hugged Derek and rolled him on his back for his first real fuck. She wanted to show him how she could move, and she didn't yet trust him not to just pound away and shoot his stuff, like most teenagers would do. Carefully, she lowered herself onto his cock, sliding it all the way in and holding it in her depths. She smiled, watching the involuntary movement on his face as he felt pussy for the very first time. She leaned down to feed her breast to him, killing time until his initial thrill subsided.

When she was sure he was settled, she began a slow rolling grind of her muscular hips, keeping his cock deep inside. Derek's hands were on her breasts, her shoulders, sliding down her arms, and resting lightly on her tensed-up hips and thighs. There was little talking now. Juanita wanted to keep him on the edge but not push him over into orgasm yet. She kept up the slow, steady pace, but she began to draw back more and the push him back in harder, all the while gauging his reaction to keep him from coming too soon.

Juanita's moves were affecting her as well. She was one of those women, not unlike Derek's mother, who get off on being in control sexually. Other women might have rape fantasies, but Juanita was not one of them. Her fantasy was being the sexual aggressor and teacher, and she was living that fantasy now. So it was that she began to feel herself in need of another cum, and it was her choice to either ride him or give him the thrill of pounding into her. It was a generous act on her part to lie on Derek's chest and roll him over on top of her.

Derek sensed her signal, and he took up a long stroke, putting considerable force into pistoning her pussy. Juanita began to encourage him with grunts and "oooh's", and he responded with more speed and force, and together the new couple reached their release. To Derek, it was an unforgettable moment.

Derek got a sexual learning experience that night that would be the envy of any young man. In the months to come (and cum, and cum), they would share each other's bodies whenever it was practical. It wasn't terribly difficult to keep their affair hidden in that household, where both Delores and Lawrence were so self-absorbed. All they really had to do was use a little caution and never give any appearance that anything had changed.

Juanita liked being in the pseudo-mother role, and she also reveled in dreaming up things to excite her lover. One day while doing the laundry, she found something that gave her an idea. Lawrence was at work, but Delores was in and out of her studio. When Derek came home from school, Juanita waved him into the laundry room.

"I told you that I know everything that goes on around here, didn't I?" she said. "You know that Ice Queen mother of yours, she melts a little sometimes. Come here and look where she melted."

Derek followed her to the pile of washing on the table. Juanita handed him a pair of yellow panties.

"See what I found? Take a whiff of these." Derek held the panties to his nose and inhaled, the rush of his mother's pheromones hitting his brain.

"And look what else I found", said Juanita. She held up a white blouse and pointed to a crusty streak. "That's not ice cream from the Ice Queen. That's a man's dried cum."

"Jesus", was the only thing Derek could say. He kept putting the panties to his nose. They were stained where her pussy had leaked heavily. "What do you think she was up to? Was she with Lawrence?"

"She was wearing these today when she went out, and she changed out of them while ago. She was with somebody, but it wasn't Lawrence." Derek seemed mesmerized by the panties and the thought of his mother playing around with someone.

After supper that evening, Juanita called Derek back to the laundry room.

"You like the way your mother smells, don't you? You'd like to get into her panties, wouldn't you?"

"Uh, Juanita, that's not a fair question. I mean, sure, her panties smelled great, but I'm with you, and even if I was interested in her, I have you, and you're all I need."

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