tagBDSMThe Kirsty Fantasies Pt. 03

The Kirsty Fantasies Pt. 03


This is a continuation of my slutty weekend serving Susan and Alan and follows on directly from "The Kirsty Fantasies Part 2" although it can of course be read in isolation if you wish.

Day 2 -- Saturday Evening

"Now this will be a night you're never going to forget my slut." Susan said to me, observing me putting my rather negligent maid's outfit on again, fixing my stockings to ensure the seam was straight and presentable.

"As you know, Alan has been out all day. Saturday's nights are his poker nights. He has his friends around and he's gone to collect some of them after work. They will be here in about an hour. There's usually about six guys and guess what..."

I knew where this was heading. I was about to fulfil a fantasy. I'd had my two builder guys take me both at once, numerous times now but I already knew exactly what Susan had in mind. I was going to be gangbanged. I felt breathless and heady already from the day's events. Despite my previous slut-dom with Kirsty previously, I had never before serviced total strangers before I had come to the cottage. Two guys this morning and now apparently, numerous more tonight. The thought made my knees go weak in fear tinged lust

She continued, "As the resident house maid and slut, you will provide a range of services to all of our guests. This will include fetching drinks and snacks, taking their jackets at the door and any menial task they ask. Oh yes, and I almost forgot, you will of course also be their dirty fuck toy. Anything any of them wants, cock sucking, hand job, fucking your pussy, your arse, you do it. Is that clear?

I almost came there and then at the thought and my head swam so much I had to hold the bedroom dresser to maintain my balance. I was so turned on at the thought but so scared and nervous at the same time. Possibly six guys, all using me like the slut I knew I was. I'd always dreamed of this but I thought I would never have the courage to do it.

Of course this whole scenario with Susan, and in fact, the one with Kirsty, was all based on consent but I knew if this was too much, I could just get in my car and walk out. Yet I didn't want to, I already knew I was going to do this and fulfil a long held fantasy but it didn't stop my stomach churning up in nervous fear at the thought. Images already flitted through my mind of my lovely humiliation at the hands of these as yet unknown guys.

Susan saw my mixed emotions and good enough, she dropped the dominatrix thing enough to help and reassure me. We spent the next hour or so idly chatting until she stood up and announced it was time. She led me down to the main lounge and we waited. I looked over to her and laughed at my futile attempt to pull my skirt over my legs a little. Sitting there on the sofa, if my legs weren't firmly closed, my pussy was fairly easy to view which obviously, was Susan's intention; the humiliation had started before they'd even arrived.

The knot in my stomach grew further as I heard Alan's key turn in the door and the sound of possibly three or four men chatting loudly. It turned out to be four guys that came in with Alan. Susan introduced me to all of them politely. There was Giles, a weedy, sappy looking guy probably in his early 50s and dressed like a country Gent. I took an instant dislike to him, he had that arrogant air of entitlement about him that I hated so much and he looked down at me like a piece of dirt when he saw my seedy outfit. His son, Marcus, was also there. He had a fresh complexion, in his early 20s. He was very attractive for a young man, piercing blue eyes and a mop of stylish brown hair, he gave me a look of uncertainty and a little nervousness I thought.

Then there was Rob, a larger than life character, very little hair on top of a round face but a thick moustache and beard, he reminded me of a young Brian Blessed as he was very large and round and grinned from ear to ear as he nodded his head to acknowledge me. Finally, the numbers were made up by Colin, an army guy who sported designer stubble and a shaved head. The striking thing about him was his physique, he was ripped and had strong broad shoulders. Of all the guys, I thought he was the most desirable just because of his body but in truth and given the choice, none of these were my 'ideal type'. I guess this point is fairly irrelevant though for a whore.

Susan introduced them all in turn politely before informing them all that I was natalie and was to be their maid for the evening. I was standing up, already conscious of the five guys looking me up and down, staring at my cleavage and my ridiculously short skirt which did nothing to hide my stocking tops. I didn't know at that point if Alan had told his friends about me and why I was there, I hoped he had so at least it would spare me the astonished looks as I revealed my true purpose there -- not just a serving girl but a whore to do their bidding.Susan clearly wanted to drag the scenario out a little to tease me some more:

"Natalie is here to look after you all during your poker night. Get her to fetch you drinks and snacks and make full use of her!" she said, a cheeky glint in her eye. The guys exchanged furtive glances to each other and smiled. I wasn't sure whether that was because they knew that this was only the start of the fun, or just an acknowledgement that they were enjoying the entertainment (i.e. me a serving wench in fancy dress) that Susan and Alan had already provided.

As the guys settled down for their game, it was obvious they'd already been drinking. I was put to immediate use by Giles, who immediately referred to me jokingly as the 'wench':

"Beer all round wench, come on, put yourself to some use, get busy!" he leered as the guys watched me scurry off to fetch them beer. As their sprits rose, so did their lewdness as at least two of the guys swatted my arse on the way past to drunken cheers and some of them commented on liking my tits.

I assume Susan gave the guys some time to let them play some cards and settle in before deciding to reveal me as their own slut for the evening. I was already enjoying the humiliation of this and knew that I would do everything I was asked without question. I can't say I was particularly attracted to any of these guys but right now I felt an overpowering urge to demonstrate my submission to them.

Fetching drinks had already changed the dynamic in the room. I wasn't anyone's equal there, I was the servant. Soon I would be the sex servant and plaything too. This was now to be helped by Susan who moved towards the table after a game of cards had just finished and called for hush. She said she had an announcement:

"Guys, I have a surprise for you. I see you have already made some use of natalie, our serving girl. However, it's not just snacks and drinks she'll fetch for you. She's mine and Alan's whore for the weekend and she'll do whatever we tell her. Well tonight for your enjoyment, I've told her she has to fuck you all, however way you want her. So, play your cards, have your fun, and use the slut to your heart's content!"

I blushed and grimaced at the announcement. I couldn't look at the guys who I knew were all staring at me. Instead of cheering and lewd comments that I expected, there was silence as the poker guys tried to weigh up the situation and weren't sure how to act. Susan took control:

"I expected as much," she said, "the guys are too polite and reserved to treat a slut as she deserves. We need to put a little slutty show on for them my little whore. Why don't you lose that little outfit? The guys have been looking at your tits since they got here so let's give them all a proper look, slut's don't need or deserve clothes!"

I knew this moment was coming but it didn't stop my nerves. With trembling hands, feeling 6 pairs of eyes all on me, I unhooked my top quickly from around my neck, allowing it to fall down my front. Being a fancy dress outfit essentially, it was only held on by flimsy velcro. All the guy's eyes nearly popped out as my tits immediately burst free. I am always quite proud of my 36c breasts and they definitely approved as my reveal was greeted by nervous chuckles and lewd comments. So did Susan who smiled eagerly as she saw the approval and delight of the men.

"I can see you like her tits, I don't blame you, she has some pair on her, not quite as big as mine of course, but you're not getting a view of them! Let's see what the rest of her is like." Susan commentated on events as she could see the guys become more aroused, seemingly adopting the role of master (or mistress) of ceremonies. "Skirt up slut and spread those legs. I want everyone to see their gift in all its glory."

I lifted my flimsy skirt and quickly sat on the chair in front of the guys. I spread my legs wide before all of these men, my face blushing crimson as the guys all enjoyed a full view of my cunt as I slid down the chair so they could see right up me. They didn't spare my blushes either as I was greeted with cat-calls and wolf whistles as the guys enjoyed my humiliation and began to revel in this turn of events.

As I faced them, everything completely on display, my stomach was doing cartwheels of lust and excitement. This was one of my long held fantasies, commanded like a cheap slut to display myself before a hungry pack of guys knowing as soon as she clicked her dominant fingers, she could unleash them on me. I was so nervous but also so ready. I already had mental images of cocks surrounding me poking in front of me demanding attention.

In the space of a few weeks I had come from a staid business executive to this moment, naked apart from a slutty pair of stockings and heels, preparing myself mentally for the abandon of a gangbang. I wanted it, I wanted the whole room to see just how much I wanted their cocks, not only that, I wanted to demonstrate my inferiority to them. Stick your cock in me guys, any hole, because I am your cock whore to be used however you want, I'll show you how completely easy I am, tell me where you want me and I'll obey, no questions asked, use me, use me all night so you can all see I am a dirty willing cock slut.

Without really thinking of anything other than my impending humiliation, I reached between my legs and opened my pussy lips gently apart, glorying in being treated like such a slut and already badly wanting to be fucked by these guys.

"There you go lads!" Susan said triumphantly to them. "You can see what a slut she is, she obeys whatever we say and even goes further, look at the way she's showing us her cunt, the dirty little whore! Do you know she's a manager in a big office in the City and here she is in our house starkers eagerly displaying her slutty pussy for us all!"

As she said this, she asked Alan to stand up and move across to me. She unbuckled his belt and pulled his trousers down, greeted by now raucous cheers from the other four guys. His white boxers were tented almost comically as his stiff cock begged for release. He didn't have to wait long as Susan slid his boxers down and his stiff prick bounced out. Susan looked across at me as she started to wank him slowly as he watched me exposed on the chair. She smiled as she saw that hypnotised look Kirsty says I always get in my eyes as I locked my gaze on that gorgeous dick. I was mesmerised, I had to suck it while the others all watched my easy submission. Luckily, this was exactly what was about to happen.

"Get over here and get on your knees you filthy slut!" Susan barked at me. I did eagerly, knowing exactly what I was about to be asked to do. "Are you ready to suck my husband's big dick in front of our guests?" She said, somewhat nastily and impatiently, getting into her role as Domme deliciously for me.

"Yes Miss. I am." I said, as submissively as I could, kneeling before them, my face only a few inches from his dick, that I now desperately wanted to feel pushing and pulsing down my throat as it had done yesterday. I leant over to try and suck it but Susan pulled it out of the reach of my mouth to further giggles from the guys.

"Ask him for permission then!" Susan commanded, an evil glint in her eye as she continued to hold her husband's cock in her hands and kiss him passionately. She wanted to ensure I demonstrated my slut desire and what I was willing to do to the guys so they would be comfortable in using me later. She wanted to demonstrate my defeat and surrender. I was on the same page as her, it was what I wanted to demonstrate too.

"May I please suck your cock, Sir?" I said. I was so embarrassed by being made to do this and my whore question was greeted by laughter and disbelief from the other guys.

"Yes you may, you fuckin' dirty whore!" Alan barked, his face a mixture of amusement at laughing along with the others, and arousal at seeing my mouth ready to service him again. That was Susan's cue to take a step back and she took on the role of keen observer for most of the rest of the night.

Given permission to suck, my mouth was already open but Alan was more determined to enjoy the moment. I guess it's not every day you get your dick sucked by a woman on her knees, in front of your mates and your wife! Even better I guess when the slut was begging you to suck it.

"Before I ram this in your mouth, you're going to tell all the guys just what you're going to do tonight, you cheap slut. Tell my friends that you're going to suck all of their cocks and that if they want, they can fuck your cunt, or your arse. Tell them that you're a cock sucking cum slut here for our amusement."

There was a collective intake of breath from the guys and silence as they waited for my response. Thus far, I think they'd interpreted the events as me being there as a naughty serving wench, just a fun game that Alan and Susan had set up as a bit of saucy fun, probably a hooker they had hired to give them a cheap thrill. Now, depending on my answer, the evening could get a lot more interesting than just their usual poker night.

My face was already blushing hot in embarrassment. Here it was again, the moment I had to declare my submission. Usually this was to one or two people. This time, it was to a husband and wife and four of his friends, none of whom I'd known just a day or two earlier. If I thought about these things too much I would never say stuff like this in a million years but here I was, on my knees, naked apart from stockings and stilettos in front of 5 guys. I try not to over-think at times like this, I just say what I genuinely feel:

"Yes Sir! I am a cock sucking cum slut. I want to do everything you want. I will suck anyone's dick and you can all use me as a slut in any way you want. I'm a dirty whore waiting to be used. Take me, take me hard and fuck me like the cheap whore I am." I delivered this breathlessly and humbly on my knees, inches away from a stiff prick, my tits and pussy on full display to five guys. I didn't feel shame, I felt intoxicating desire, I was about to live out a life-long fantasy. I was about to be gangbanged. I was light-headed and giddy.

The guys roared in delight at this. Alan spun me around so my back was turned to them and immediately fed his stiff prick into my mouth. He gripped my head and began to thrust his hips methodically so his cock slid in and out my mouth, slowly and gently at first. As he started to fuck my mouth, he called over to the guys that they should play cards to decide who should fuck me first, the highest card would win 'first cock in the cunt.' I moved my hands around to feel his bum as he started to push it back and forward, pushing his dick down my willing mouth and throat.

I concentrated on trying to suck Alan's shaft as I heard cheers behind me. A minute later, as I felt a pair of hands lift my inadequate skirt up over my waist, I realised I was about to be fucked without knowing even who it was inside me. Whether deliberate or not, Alan had a firm grip on my face as he slid his tool in and out of my mouth and despite me trying to look behind me, he kept my head front and centre.

I vaguely heard a trouser zipper going down and soon, the head of a cock nudged against my wet hole. One hand gripped my hip and I let out a muffled scream as I felt my pussy take a cock deep inside it. He didn't stand on ceremony and he met little resistance from my slippery cunt as he hammered it deep inside me. I was so wet and juiced up already, I actually nearly came as I toyed with myself a few minutes earlier. He thrust in and out of me, pushing me onto Alan's cock, as he now gripped me with both his hands. Sometimes, my nose was flat against Alan's belly as the whole length of his dick was stuck down my throat.

Now, modesty forbids me to go too far with this but I've always been considered a 'hot' woman by men. Whether it was this, or the erotic situation, the guy invading my cunt must have lasted barely a minute. He was rutting me, I could feel him almost pull right out of me, before slamming it back in. I guess he was using his slut just as I had announced a few minutes earlier that he could. My guess was that it was Rob as I think I felt his belly fat against my bum as he fucked me. I felt him take one of his thrusts, pull his cock completely out of me and groan. I felt several hot splashes of come over my back and my bum and then felt him rub his cock head against the flesh of my bum, presumably to wipe sperm off his prick. I then heard him get back up to re-join the table behind me. I think I heard some high fives and congratulatory talk. I was a little frustrated, just a little toying with my clit and I would have come. I needed to come.

Alan was still going strong, taking full use of my mouth. Now he pulled his cock out and made me suck and lick his balls. I think he was determined to demonstrate his dominance of me and that was fine by me. As I continued to suck him, I heard further snatches of conversation from the guys behind me.

"That was amazing, nice tight little cunt, you'll enjoy it up there!" said whichever guy had just fucked me and whose cum was now already dripping down my leg. The guys were joking and shouting, the game had started again for the next cock inside the slut. This time, the winner was announced as it was Giles.

"Just a second Giles!" said Alan, "Nearly done here!" he said, as he continued to stuff his cock into my mouth. He grabbed my head and stopped thrusting and I felt his cock erupt inside my mouth, blasting come all over my teeth and my tongue. I swallowed it all, thinking proudly to myself how well I had done not to spill any, even remembering to continue to suck his cock clean. My duties with him done, he pulled his cock back into his pants and motioned Giles over. As Giles walked over I saw Alan move across the room to Susan. She took his cock and his balls in her hand as they kissed and chatted.

Giles leered down at me as I remained on my knees. I looked at him and immediately despised him somewhat. As I said earlier, he was the type of sneery, arrogant pretty rich boy I detested and he seemed to know exactly how I felt. It did bring to mind a strange quirk of my sexuality, the more I didn't want to be made to do something, the more turned on I got with the humiliation of the situation. I already knew that of all the guys, I would be more turned on by being made to service this prick more than the other guys for the very reason that given my own choice, I wouldn't touch him with a barge pole.

"You don't like me do you, slut?" he barked as he approached me.

"Not particularly no! I think you're an arrogant fucker" I offered honestly. I didn't think it mattered what I said, he was going to do to me whatever he wanted anyway. In fact, calling him that, I was probably subconsciously angering him so he could 'make me pay' for my insolence.

"You know what you nasty whore? I couldn't give a fuck, because in a few minutes, I'm going to be coating that pretty face with my upper class cream. Tell me you're going to suck my cock," he said, a horrible mean grin pulling across his face.

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