tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Lingerie Store

The Lingerie Store


The sale at the lingerie store was the sale of a lifetime to Debbie as she went through rack after rack of slinky, sexy items. She gathered them into her arms and walked towards the changing rooms.

A small line-up was forming there, even though the elite boutique was near closing. The line-up was mostly of women, but one man in particular stood there, his arms full of lacey, frilly women's undergarments, looking incredibly embarrassed.

Debbie smiled comfortingly at the man. Then she watched, open mouthed, as his girlfriend came out of a nearby stall. The girl was gorgeous to a fault, but painted on her thick red lips was a sneer that never seemed to go away. She looked mean from the first minute Debbie noticed her.

"George," the woman said in a thick accent. "This is not the color I asked you to get me. Now go and get the right one this time. Do not be so stupid as to think mauve will ever look good on this flesh!"

With that, the other woman stormed back into the stall, leaving 'George' to wander around the store looking for the right color of garter belt.

Debbie frowned. The poor guy looked utterly lost and alone, surrounded by mostly beautiful women and being picked on by someone he was obviously with only for her looks.

For a moment, she thought she should stay right where she was and not lose her spot in line. But her good heart got the better of her. Debbie walked over to George and smiled amiably.

"Hi," she said softly.

He looked up at her with eyes that sparkled and shone with interest, and yet when he said hello back, his face blushed a cute crimson.

"My name is Debbie. I come here a lot. Did you maybe want a hand with something? Your girlfriend seems rather irrational."

At that, George frowned and looked towards the stalls.

"She's not even my girlfriend. Guess I'm not even good enough for that," he muttered, but Debbie couldn't be sure of what he said. "Well she's looking for a belt thingy – "

"Garter?" Debbie offered.

"Yes! Yes a garter belt. One of those things that has the stockings attached?"

Smiling, Debbie took George by one hand over to the right section. She showed him some lovely hues of purple, violet and lavender, avoiding the mauve belts altogether.

"Perfect!" George cried, heading back to the line-up.

Debbie sighed, watching him go and getting into the back of the line again. George wasn't a beautiful man. He was probably some sort of construction worker or labor worker, with big hands like he had, and that rough outdoorsy skin type. But he was well groomed and obviously very physically fit.

Soon the line-up had dwindled down to just Debbie and George. She smiled at him when he looked at her, which was actually rather often.

Then his girlfriend came out, catching Debbie looking at George. Ruthlessly, the girl put her long lacquered fingernails on either side of the man's face and smothered his lips with hers, her eyes never leaving Debbie's face.

Now there's a lady with issues, Debbie thought, looking away. What a bitch.

The store would be closing in about a half hour, and the best items left in the yearly blowout sale were all sold. Debbie looked around at the sparsely populated boutique and then tilted her head, studying George one more time.

The changing stalls emptied, and all that were left were Debbie, George and his girlfriend. Debbie decided she would show that girl a thing or two about treating a man right.

Walking slowly, Debbie chose a stall three doors away from George's girlfriend. She walked in and plopped her handful of garments down. Then, she walked back out, walking directly up to George until he towered over her five-foot-four petite frame.

"Call that a kiss?" she whispered to him, putting a finger gently on his lips and rubbing tenderly.

George didn't respond. He seemed completely flabbergasted, dumbstruck, as Debbie leaned forward slowly and put her mouth against his.

As she kissed him, surprisingly George began to kiss her back, eyes closed, lost in the moment. Then he opened them, staring at his girlfriend's stall.

"I can't – you shouldn't – please..." he begged quietly, his bright blue eyes pleading with Debbie.

"You can..." she said, walking back to her stall and kicking off her heels. "You should," she said, leaving the stall door open and undoing the buttons on the front of her dress.

Then she stopped, knowing George's eyes were locked on the round swell of her large breasts, showing through the opening of her dress.

"Please," Debbie whispered to George, beckoning him with one finger.

The man seemed in a turmoil. His eyes roved from Debbie's door to his girlfriend's. The girlfriend was now chatting rudely about the staff and about 'other customers' who should keep their eyes to themselves.

Too late, Debbie said to herself, watching George and licking her lips lasciviously. The man finally gave in, dumping his armful of intimate apparel onto the floor in front of his girlfriend's stall, and walking over to Debbie's stall quickly.

He moved into the small cubicle, closing the long floor-length door and looking nervously at Debbie.

"I've never done – "

But she put a finger on his lips, whispering to him.

"Neither have I," she said softly, putting her arms around his waist. "But there's a first time for everything, and you never know until you try."

George gulped as Debbie began to pull his jeans apart, undoing the button, unzipping the zipper, and sliding them down to his thighs. He almost squealed as she reached into his boxers and pulled his cock out.

He was big. Really big!

Debbie tried not to say anything about it, not wanting to look like she was going to be the one chickening out. It was too late now to stop, anyway, she figured.

Debbie dropped to her knees in front of George, and he instinctively put his large hands into her waving brown hair.

Carefully, she put his cock into her mouth, stretching her lips wide around the bulbous head. Already a drop of oozing precum was meeting the back of her mouth, and she could taste his excitement. George moaned, seemingly unable to tear his eyes away from Debbie's mouth on his shaft as she pushed him closer in between her cheeks. She suddenly got the feeling that the gorgeous girl a few doors down didn't bother to treat her man right at all. It made Debbie want to work harder.

Quickly she began to bob her head, up and down, up and down. Soon George's shaft was slick with her spit, and her lips were running up and down the veined member easily. Again George moaned, but still he didn't cum. Debbie reached into his jeans and tugged at his sack, pulling his balls free of the lowered waistband of his boxers.

She rolled them around in her palm, looking up to see George's face flushed with his desire. He was really experiencing this like it was the first time. And Debbie liked the idea that it just might be.

But then he pulled away from her, withdrawing his cock as he pulled her face back by her hair gently.

"Please," he whispered. "I want to feel you, I want to be inside you."

The earnest desire in the man's voice almost made Debbie's heart wrench. He was so honest and sweet, how could she say no?

Debbie stood up slowly, removing the rest of her dress, undoing it button by button, then undoing her brassiere and underwear clasp by clasp. Now George could see that Debbie really did come to this store often. She wore only the best lingerie beneath her loose casual dress. And her curves were even more perfect when she stood before him naked except for her garter belt and pale grey stockings.

George gulped, his hands lifting to press over Debbie's breasts. He seemed unsure of touching her, as if she weren't real and this was all just some Playboy fantasy letter. Debbie put her smaller hands over his larger, rougher ones, pressing his palms against her nipples. She smiled encouragingly into the man's worn face and he looked at her, almost dizzy.

For a moment, he just held her round breasts in his hands, squeezing them as if checking fruit for ripeness. Then he finally seemed to come to life again. George put a hand on each of Debbie's hips and turned her around so she was facing away from him, facing the back wall of the stall. She put her hands on the meager bench there, bending over.

Again, George seemed to freeze as he looked at Debbie's lovely bottom. He ran his hands over the curves of her behind, a finger slipping erotically between the cheeks. And boldly, surprisingly, Debbie felt him teasing her anus with one rough thumbnail. Then he was holding himself to her, pressing his cock against her folds. Debbie could feel now how wet she was, how swollen her labia were. She peered at George over her shoulder hopefully, and he gazed back at her. His eyes were full of no hesitation now, only pure lust and fire.

Thrusting, the man entered her. And Debbie had to put her hands on the wall in front of her to keep from banging her head.

George likes it rough, she moaned to herself. Just like I like it.

The man began to fuck her puss, gripping her hips tightly in his big hands, pulling her back and pushing her forward by her slender waist. He groaned, and Debbie knew he was looking down at his shaft, where it was entering and stretching her tightness. She could feel him dragging on her insides, pulling in and out of her.

Soon he began to move faster. Then he was leaning over her, his own hands over hers on the wall. Molded together, he continued to fuck her.

Debbie could feel his hot breath against her ear, and feel the weight of his large and muscular body over her back and backside. He was thrusting into her like a mad man, and together both of them groaned and moaned.

She couldn't help herself, even if it hadn't been her plan. Debbie climaxed, orgasming around George's cock. And as her sex clenched tightly around George's cock, he gasped and nipped at her neck with his teeth.

Panting, Debbie didn't move but spoke softly to George.

"Keep going," she said. "I want you to cum, too."

The man nuzzled Debbie's ear, his cock still buried in her trembling cunt.

"I – could I – maybe..."

Debbie knew what he was going to ask. And if he had been a boyfriend, she probably would have said no, or would have needed a really expensive dinner before agreeing.

But here was a really sweet guy being treated like trash by some girl who thought that because she was so beautiful, a man should be glad just to be seen with her. Debbie looked at George over her shoulder.

"Yes," she said. "You can fuck my ass."

George groaned in relief, standing up again and withdrawing from Debbie's tightness. He was slick with her now as he dragged the mushroom head of his cock up from her puss towards her private pucker.

Debbie could feel his gentleness as he teased her, getting her thoroughly wet with her own juices before he even tried to enter her.

"It's okay," she said encouragingly. "You won't hurt me."

Still cautious, George began to push his cock head into Debbie's tight ass, forcing the hard flesh past the circular ring of muscle in her rectum. She moaned, shivering as he began to intrude within her.

Looking down and seeing the head of his cock go inside her there. For the first time, feeling that ring of muscles resisting then stretching. The very idea of what George must be feeling made Debbie shiver again.

Soon he had buried himself within her. He had pushed himself all the way in, buried himself to the hilt. And now, he had to pull out.

With careful hands holding Debbie's hips very still, George began to withdraw his cock, watching as it slid out inch by inch. He moaned. He groaned. He sighed with watching himself coming out of her ass.

Then he thrust himself back in again.

And soon, he was sawing in and out of her like an expert.

Debbie gave off little gasps and moans of pleasure, loving how a good anal episode could make her feel like she had been filled with liquid fire. And George continued to move in and out of her, not stopping. Finally his cock began to grow larger, thicker, throbbing in its shape. He was going to cum soon, Debbie knew. And the idea of it pleased her so much.

The man cried out dangerously loud and released his hot seed into Debbie's ass. And she had to bite her lip to prevent her own cries of delight at the delicious pain that filled her bottom.

George stayed still until he had finished cumming, then he gently withdrew. He looked around sheepishly for something to clean himself with, and Debbie, turning and seeing his face, handed him her underwear. She didn't have to wear them, could really just toss them in the trash when she left the store. Besides, she still intended to buy everything she had with her in the stall. Trying things on was just something that made shopping more fun. George had been better than that, though.

She smiled at him, and he smiled back. The look of honest confusion as to what to do now was so evident in George's eyes, Debbie had to stand on tiptoe and kiss the man. Then she shrugged slightly as she opened the door for him so she could get dressed. When she was done, she walked to the counter and laid everything she intended to buy on it. She looked over her shoulder as the cashier was ringing up the long sale.

George was standing over by the stalls, his girlfriend still rudely chattering away, completely ignorant that her boyfriend had just been fucked and sucked three doors down. The look on the poor guy's face was one of longing and resignation.

Debbie chewed her lip, and then thought, what the hell, why not.

She walked over to George and took up the clothing he had picked up off the floor, the things his girlfriend had yet to try on. And Debbie heaved them over the top of the stall. The girl inside squealed, and then began to cuss George openly.

Debbie took George by the hand and led him to the counter.

"Is that everything?" the cashier said, smiling curiously at George on Debbie's hand.

Debbie smiled at George, smiled at the cashier and pulled on George's hand.

"Yes, just what you see here."

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