tagBDSMThe Mansion Ch. 2

The Mansion Ch. 2


About 3 a.m., just when I was going to call it quits, I noticed a stir in the room. Men and women gathering to leave! Some hooked up chains to their "girls" and took them away, either leading them on their knees or allowing them to stand and walk behind them. One woman put her slave into some sort of box on wheels. The lid was removed and she lay down inside it, bringing her legs up tight against her chest. Her mistress chained her into position, then from the outside, slid in a large dildo through the outside into her cunt to hold her into position. Then she went around to the front of the box and slipped in another dildo, pausing to order the girl inside to lift up her head and accept the monster. Her jaw distorted around it and she looked panicked for a moment. Her mistress ignored her discomfort. The girl's collar was fastened to the front so she couldn't wiggle free. The lid was placed over her and snapped into place. A butler helped her wheel the box to the woman's car.

After the guests had left, there were still about a half-dozen slave girls remaining, plus two butlers. Now I could see who the host was, for he was clearly in charge. He was a tall man, thin, with a large head and heavy eyebrows. His sharp features made him look ominous. I wouldn't want to cross him, so I could imagine what it must be like for the helpless girls. The ones who were free kneeled down in a row before him, heads bowed, legs apart, apparently awaiting instructions. The girl on the low bench had been wheeled over, and the butler returned to the room with one arm around the girl from the foyer, now freed, but clearly quite weak. When she saw the man, she immediately squatted down like the rest, keeping her head low. Her cunt dripped fluid onto the carpet until a butler hurried over to lay down a towel between her legs. The butlers then took their places behind and to both sides of the host.

The man said something, and two girls jumped up to free the bound woman. She was too cramped up to squat, and the man allowed her to just sit on the rug. He spoke for a few minutes to the group, but I couldn't hear anything. Then he clapped his hands, and the women all stood, staying in line. The butlers went from one to another, clipping chains from the back of one collar to clamps placed on each one's nipples until they were a true "chain" gang, unable to move independently. They then led them from the room, one in front and one behind. Quickly, I moved back to one of the darkened windows, hoping to see where they were being taken. From the light of the hallway, I could see a door being held open by one of the butlers. The girls were trudging through it and moving down some stairs, I could tell. They moved gingerly, trying not to cause themselves or each other any pain. Their shoulders were slumped as if they were going to their doom. The second butler followed them down. A few minutes later, the host disappeared down the stairs.

He was down there about 15 minutes. I wanted to go home, as I was exhausted, but I held on for reasons I couldn't explain. Finally, both he and the butler returned. The one who had remained upstairs closed the door, turned a key in the lock and hung the key from a hook by the door.

The thought struck me – if I could somehow get that key and open the door, perhaps I could free the girls! Then I could just disappear into the night, and the girls could go to the police themselves. They would be free and I would be in the clear. I waited, watching. The butlers nodded to the man and left, heading toward the back of the house, where I had to imagine their rooms were. The host went in the other direction. I followed him, creeping back toward the front of the house until I saw his legs as he mounted the stairs to his room.

Though I was exhausted, I had to see this through. I waited there for a full hour, hoping that they would fall into deep sleep before I made my move. The guards had also gone to bed, for I was alone out there. Perhaps the high fence gave them a false sense of security. I wondered if they had an alarm system. One way to find out, I said to myself as I tried the window. Locked. I moved around, trying windows as I went. They were all locked tight. Just when I was about to give up, I found a bathroom window ajar at the back of the house. I knew I was close to the butlers' quarters, so I had to be very quiet. I took off my shoes.

Opening the window fully, I crept inside, placing my stocking feet on the tile as if I were stepping on eggshells. Opening the door, I padded into the hallway. There was only dim, indirect lighting from outside illuminating my path. I tiptoed down the hall until I reached the door to the dungeon. Cautiously, I brought the key down from the hook and inserted it into the door. Incrementally, I turned it, hoping it wouldn't creak or clank. The lock was relatively well oiled and it opened almost soundlessly. Now I feared the door would creak, so I cracked it only as far as I needed to in order to slip through.

I dared not turn on a light, for the girls might cry out, or someone upstairs might see it. Feeling my way along, I let my stocking feet guide me down the steps. At the last step, I could see a little better. There were some kind of night lights down here – faint ones like you might find in a movie theater. The scene before me took my breath away. Of the seven girls I had seen upstairs, four of them were naked in small cells, chained into position so they couldn't move. Gags and blindfolds completely blocked out the world. But it was the other three that really grabbed my attention. One was strung up by her arms to the ceiling, her feet planted wide on the floor. Between her legs a dildo on a post was thrust up into her pussy. Moving closer, I could hear it vibrate. Wires led from it to a small transformer that was plugged into the wall, so I knew it wasn't going to quit. She could stand up tall and relieve the pressure on her shoulders, or she could slump down on the vibrator, relieving the ache in her legs, but she could never entirely escape the torment of the buzzing. Her eyes were blindfolded and a gag of some sort filled her mouth. I recognized her as the girl with the short hair who was on the rolling bench.

On a table, the other two nude girls had been tied together into a sixty-nine position. Soft cords held them firmly in place so they couldn't wiggle off the table. Each one's head was wedged firmly into the other one's shaven groin. I guessed that they didn't satisfy some of the women like they should have, so they were being "trained" to enjoy cunts.

This man was extraordinarily cruel! I pulled out my knife, grabbed the short-haired girl by the waist and whispered in her ear. "Don't cry out. I'm here to help you." I shut off the vibrator and gently pulled it free. Then I cut her down from the ceiling. She was too weak to stand, so I eased her to the ground, then cut the cords holding her feet. Still, she didn't pull her blindfold off or yank her gag free. She seemed to be waiting for instructions. I removed them and was disgusted to see that the gag had been in the shape of a short, fat penis, to keep her mouth "trained" during the night. When she saw me, she gasped, "Wh-who are you?"

"I'm just a stranger, here to free all of you. Can you help me?"

She nodded, uncertainty in her eyes. I'll bet she wondered if this was a cruel hoax. I think my age convinced her that I wasn't one of "them," and she struggled to her feet and helped me untie the girls on the table. When they saw me, they also had a look of fear in their eyes. After all, I was a man, albeit a very young one.

"It's OK, I'm here to help," I repeated. "How do I unlock the cells?"

One of the girls, a tall blonde, pointed to a wall. Dimly, I could see a ring of keys. "Please stay here until I get everyone out."

All three girls just nodded. They didn't appear to want to do anything without someone's permission. One by one, I opened the cells and freed the girls. All had dildos in their pussies and one had a butt plug in as well. I told them to remove them if they wanted to. They were stunned to see me and a couple of them questioned me hard about what I was doing. It was as if they had been brainwashed to the point that they felt ownership of this mansion and I had violated it. I recognized one as the girl who had been serving drinks. "Look," I whispered. "You can stay if you want to. I'll even lock you back up. But some of the girls are leaving and I don't want you to try and stop us."

That shocked them into silence for a moment. They looked at each other and seemed to come to an agreement. "We'll stay here," the servant girl said. "When Master catches up with the rest of you, you'll wish you hadn't done this."

"OK, but we can't leave you free to alert the boss," I told her. With the help of the other five girls, we replaced their dildos, blindfolds and gags and locked them into their cells.

"Do you have any clothes?" I asked the short-haired girl. I have to admit, I had a bit of a crush on her.

She shook her head. "We aren't allowed any clothes."

"All right. I'm sure the police will help you." The thought of these girls running down the street naked flashed through my brain. My idea to abandon them no longer seemed wise. "What's your name?"

"Janet. But they call me Slut8 here."

"Well, Janet, we can forget about that other name. Come on, we have to move quickly, but quietly." I led them up the stairs, single file. Carefully, I opened the door, looked both ways, then signaled them to stay put for a moment. I went across the darkened room across the hall and checked the sash. I could see no alarm devices, so I unlocked the window and slid it open. Returning to the doorway, I motioned for the girls to come out. I pointed to the window. They crept out of their dungeon, clearly terrified. Looking at all that naked flesh gave me a royal hard-on. I hoped they wouldn't notice. Fortunately, they seemed intent on escaping.

One by one, they climbed out the window. I went last. They huddled outside, shivering in the early morning air. Motioning them along, I led them to the wall. "Careful," I whispered, "you'll have to climb up onto the fence. Wait here while I get up on top to help you over."

They nodded, fearful looks in their eyes. They knew that if they were caught, the punishment would be severe. I climbed up, balanced myself on the narrow wall and signaled the first girl to come up. The other girls helped give her a boost. In minutes, she was balanced on the wall next to me. I flipped the rope over to the other side and she climbed down. She waited there, shivering, while I reversed the rope. The second girl climbed up. We repeated the process until one girl, a buxom blonde, remained.

"Psst!" she whispered to me.

I leaned down. "What?"

"I can't climb up by myself," she said.

I nodded, climbed down and wondered how I was going to do this without having my dick explode. I tried to calm myself by talking to her for a moment.

"What's your name?"


"Nice to meet you, Linda. Now, you ready to get out of here?"

Her beautiful breasts seemed to wave in my face as I bent down to hook my arm under her legs. Linda pulled herself up about halfway, then got stuck. I watched her struggle for a moment, then girded my hard-on and climbed up after her. Placing my right shoulder against her thigh, I helped push her up until she could grasp the top of the wall. Together, we managed to get her over the wall and down the other side. I quickly followed.

"Come on," I told the shivering girls. From their nipples, I could tell they weren't faking.

Mindful of their bare feet, we walked carefully through the woods to the rear of my house, pausing outside my window. "Can you climb in?" I was worried about them scraping their tender parts on the window sill. They all nodded, shivering. I pushed the window open all the way and climbed in, then helped them one at a time. Handling their naked bodies caused my erection to press against my jeans.

Once inside, I found five pairs of pants or shorts and tee-shirts for them to wear. We talked about what their lives had been like. I was surprised to find that some of them had volunteered to be sex slaves. Or at least their vision of what a sex slave should be. The reality proved to be a bit harder to take.

"I want to be dominated by one man that I respect," Linda told me. "Being passed around like a party favor is not what I expected."

"What made you want to be a sex slave in the first place, even to one man?"

"I can't explain it. It's just a need I have. Men seem so weak today. I wanted someone strong."

"Well, Master Byron is strong, you have to admit that," chimed in Janet. The others nodded in agreement.

I wanted to ask them more about this Byron character, but there wasn't time. "Now listen," I told them, "I don't want my parents to know about you, so I'm going to get you to close to the police station and let you take it from there, OK?"

"Police? I don't want to go to the police," Linda said suddenly. "I just want to get away."

I was confused. "Don't you want to stop those men? They've still got two of your friends."

"They're no friends of mine. Besides, I originally volunteered for all that," she said.

"Volunteered? You mean you wanted to be used like that?" I was dumbfounded. "Why? And if so, why run away?"

"It's hard to explain," Janet chimed in. "We have a need to be dominated, to be used by a kind and just Master. It's just our way. But joining the Order pushed most of us right to our limits – and beyond. If we had stayed there any longer, we would've lost ourselves and become true slaves."

"Sounds like you're regretting being rescued," I said.

"In a way we are," Linda said. "Escaping shows weakness. It's like having a safe word and using it too often. At the Order, there are no safe words."

I wasn't sure what a safe word was, but I didn't ask. These young women were clearly torn. My appearance suddenly in their dungeon caught them in a weak moment and they most were happy to escape, but now, as they contemplated returning to the real world, they were having doubts.

"Well," I began, "I'm not sure—"

The door suddenly burst open and my father stood there, mouth agape. "Jack! Wha—Who are these girls? What are they doing here?"

"I can explain, Dad. I rescued them from—"

He held up a hand. "Never mind. I know exactly what you did." He paused, the addressed the women, "Shame on you! Giving up on your training at the first opportunity! What will Master Paul say!"

The girls gasped. I recoiled as well. "What do you mean—Do you know what goes on up there?"

"Of course I do, son. Why do you think your mother and I live here? We're the first line of defense for the Order. They helped us buy this house after we 'retired' just before you were born. We owe everything to the Order."

I stared at him, uncomprehendingly. Dad and Mom? Part of that debauchery I witnessed? Did Mom…. I couldn't bear to follow that train of thought. "NO!" I shouted, rising to pummel my fists on his chest like a small boy. The girls just stood there, mouths agape.

Dad caught my wrists and pushed me down on the bed. "Now, son, I know you meant well. But you're 18 now, it's time you learned a few things." He again turned his attention to the women. "Now, slaves, you have a decision to make. Because you voluntarily left the Order, I can't force you to return. If you'd like to leave now, I won't stop you." The girls looked at each other for a moment. "But if you decide to return, I'll make a case for you to Master Paul. I'll tell him of my son's interference and I doubt the punishment will be too severe."

Janet – my lovely Janet, the girl I could have learned to love – stood finally and faced my father. Without a word, she stripped off my clothes and dropped them to the floor. "I was weak," she said. "I admit it. But faced with returning to the world, having to work every day just to sustain myself, not having anyone I can count on to support me is too painful to deal with. I want to return."

The other girls looked around at each other, then one by one, stood and shed their clothes. Soon, all five were naked again. "We're ready, Master," Linda said, dipping to her knees and crossing her wrists out in front of her. All the other girls followed suit.

"Come, son," my father said. "It's time you learned about the Order."

# # #

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