tagBDSMThe Mansion House Series Ch. 03

The Mansion House Series Ch. 03


The Mistress strode out of the living room. The guests started to rise and follow her lead. Mistress Allison got up from her seat, wrapped her arm around her daughter's shoulders, and escorted her through to the dining room. Ethan stared at them both – thoroughly entranced. He'd already fallen for Allison, and her daughter – or whom he presumed was her daughter - was equally as bewitching! He imagined for a moment what it might be like to be in bed with them both. Possibly tonight would be the night...

"Boy... come!" Allison was staring at him. She raised her hand and pointed towards the dining room. "Get a move on, will you. We'll be in need of your services at the table. Quickly, quickly!"

Ethan was a bit taken aback. He thought that Allison had forgotten all about him. But no. Here she was asking – demanding – his presence. He felt a sudden sense of excitement and quickly moved to follow his Mistress and her incredibly sexy daughter!

Slowly but surely, all the mansion house guests made their way to the dining area. Three of them brought along their fuck toys. The big titted Roxy was herded along by the lady in the fluorescent pink dress who had taken a real shine to her. One of the other trio – the lady in the golden coloured dress, who'd enjoyed having one of the maids suck her snatch out, now had a chain around the neck of her sex toy of choice. The maid scurried along the ground on all fours, trying to keep up with her Mistress. Liz, the older lady who had the hots for Ethan – she forcefully marched her maid into the dining area. She was slapping the girl's reddened buttocks, muttering a variety of profanities at her as she did so.

All the other maids – all four of them, waited for this evening's guests to take their leave of the living room area. They then made their way towards the kitchen. They knew full well that they'd also succumb to the sexual delights of the guests. It was only a matter of time. But in the meantime, they were to help serve up the food.

Once all the guests were seated, Mistress Jane Dechaump, who was at the head of the table, stood to make a toast. "Ladies and gentleman, I wish to thank you very kindly for gracing the mansion house with your presence. It means a lot to us to have such good friends in our company. I hope that we can serve your every need. Now, all that remains is to say, bon apetit and let's all drink to a very pleasurable evening!"

With that, the Mistress returned to her seat at the head of the table and the serving of the food and drink commenced.

On the menu there was organic foie gras as the entrée. The vegetarian option was poh piah which was a type of spring roll, but prepared in the Malaysian style. For main course, it was either Duck a l'Orange or the vegetarian option – which was not entirely vegetarian as such – king prawn, Foochow noodles, and a laksa sauce. For dessert, there was a choice of either strawberry cake or cherry and vanilla pie – both home-made. Jane always maintained a point never to skimp where the menu was concerned.

"Anyone who does not eat everything on their plate will be spanked," the Mistress at the head of the table joked. All the guests laughed. Liz piped up, "if I don't eat everything, then I'll take it out on this bitch," she pointed at her maid who was currently hunched over a chair with her reddened buttocks turned towards the dominant Liz. Liz slapped at the buttocks with her right hand. The maid flinched. This brought more laughter from around the table as well as some supportive clapping.

Ethan stood by his Mistress Allison, and tried to remain out of way as much as he could. His Mistress thrived on his company. What's more, her daughter was sitting on her left. Allison felt happy. Happier than she'd felt for a long time. She had lover boy toy at her beck and call, and hopefully she'd have him in her bed later on tonight. And she had her darling daughter – Jade - right beside her.

With her left hand, she reached below the table over towards Jade's thighs. Jade felt her mother's touch and opened her legs a little. She then guided her mother's hand up towards her cunt.

Allison pulled at Jade's g-string. She started to rub her fingers gently over her daughter's pussy lips and clit. Jade responded by opening her thighs more in order to relish her mother's attentions on her sweetness.

Allison then beckoned for Ethan to move closer.

"Baby boy, get yourself under the table. I want to feel your tongue between my legs. All this sex around me is driving me crazy. I need to be cleaned – my pussy juices are flowing onto the carpet. And baby boy," the Mistress whispered, "do be sure to get that tongue of yours inside my rose bud too. First do my pussy and clean me up a bit. Then move to my bud. Its getting a tad sweaty down there. There's a good darling." She snapped her fingers and pointed below the table.

Ethan didn't hesitate. He scampered in below the dining room table and started to push his Mistress's dress up. She pulled, he pushed. She edged her knees apart so that Ethan could get started. Ethan pulled her soaking pink g-string out of her pussy lips and manoeuvred it gently to the side. He then moved his head forward and down in order to make contact with her wetness. The Mistress's aroma was strong. Ethan thrust his nose ever closer to his target and sniffed deeply. He then dived in. The Mistress gasped as his tongue made contact with her sopping love hole. She reached down with her right hand to rest it on the back of her lover boy's head, whilst she continued playing with Jade's womanhood with other hand.

"Heaven!" she thought to herself. "Absolute heaven!" Allison bucked her hips in order to meet Ethan's attentive tongue. She pulled harder on the back of his head, edging him to go deeper still.

Ethan slid his tongue in and out making every effort to pleasure his Mistress as much as he possibly could. At the same time, he wanted to pace himself – the longer he was down between his Mistress's gorgeous thighs, the more chance he would avoid the attentions of any of the other house guests. In essence, he was in fact doing everything possible to heed Allison's wishes. Firstly to give her pussy a very good tongue massage and cleaning, and secondly, to avert any untoward attention from the house guests.

The entrée was served to Allison and her daughter.

"Wine, Mistress?" the maid who was doing the honours of serving the drinks enquired.

"Red for me. What is it tonight?" Allison asked.

"There's an Australian Merlot, Mistress, or there's a Carbenet Sauvignon from Chile. Oh, and there's also a Malbec from the Bordeaux region of France."


The maid turned to her drinks trolley and lifted the Merlot. She filled the Mistress's glass and then moved on to Jade.

"Ma'am, your preference please?"

"Got champagne have you, bitch?"

"Yes, Ma'am. We have Tattinger or Dom Perignon."

"The Dom is most thoroughly appropriate," Jade giggled.

"Yes, of course, Ma'am," the maid replied. She located the Dom Perignon on the trolley and filled Jade's glass. She then moved on to the next guest at the table.

Allison took her hand away from her daughter's dripping sex so she could drink her wine. Before she picked up her glass, she popped her fingers in her mouth and sucked. "Mmmm... as tasty as ever, my baby."

Jade pushed her g-string back into place. Her pussy was so hot, and she was desperate for more – much more. "Thanks mommy," she responded. "Mommy," Jade whispered to Allison after the maid had passed. "Is that girly boy sucking your pussy?"

"Yessss... yes he is, baby, and he's awfully good at it too. I always thought that the girls would be better when it comes to pleasuring me, but the boy here is a very good performer. Seems to me he's had a lot of practice. Oh yessssss. Fuck, that's good!" she was enjoying Ethan's tongue immensely!

She continued talking with her daughter, "I'd be willing to bet that he's been tongue fucking Kat. Its obvious he's in love with her, and if Kat's Aunt Jane is anything to go by, then Kat has the potential for being one seriously dominant kid!

Quite honestly, Jade, I'm just waiting for the day that I can test Kat's resolve. I'd adore to have her eating from my juicy snatch. But I figure she may have an equal desire to have me eating from hers. Ohhhh, mmmmm, that's so gooooood." She bucked her pussy onto her slave boy's face." Jade, this boy is goooood... ohhh, that's it, yessss!

Clean me boy, clean me properly!"

"Mommy," Jade said, "can I have the boy next. What with you fingering me, I'm wet too. I think it would be good that, after he's worked on your needs, he then turns to mine. What d'you say, mommy, darling? Can I have him? Can I? Please mommy?"

Allison bent over and kissed her daughter on the cheek. "Yes, of course, baby. I'd much prefer to share the boy with you than with anyone else in the world! After all, you're blood. In a sense, if he's working on your needs then he's also working on mine too. Oh fuck, keep doing that boy, keep on doing that – it feels great! Get it deep boy. Ohhh yessss. Fuck my sopping pussy with your tongue!

Fuck, yesssss!" Allison orgasmed twice while Ethan kept ploughing deeply at her drenched pussy hole.

She stooped down a little in her chair. "Okay boy, time to get working on my sweaty ass." She moved so that Ethan could get full access to her rose bud. Again, Ethan wasted no time. He needed no more encouragement than he'd already received.

"Mommy, when are you going to finish with him – or is it a "her"?" Jade quaffed. I'd really love to have it right now. I need it between my thighs and I need it right now."

"Yeah, baby," Allison responded. "Just wait till he's done my puckered one properly, and I'll push him over to you. Just give us a couple of minutes, is all."

Allison bent down once more, "boy, get your fucking tongue deeper. I need to be cleaned. What I don't need is a gentle massage, for fucks sake!" She opened her thighs a little wider in order to aid her lover boy's voyage to the depths of her being. She farted loudly. Ethan gagged, but managed to keep up the good work regardless. He looked forward to smelling her. He was totally immersed in both his Mistress's and his own sexual gratification.

"Mommy, once it – he – she – the boy, is on me, can I use his mouth for pee pee? I'm already needing and after some of this Dom champagne, I'll be desperate."

"No baby. You'll have to take him to the toilet with you if you want to use him. We can't have people using the dining room as a toilet, now can we?" Allison responded.

"I guess not, no. You are quite right. I'd never want to dampen Jane's beautiful Persian rug with my pee pee. And chances are that there may be some seepage from its mouth."

"That's correct, baby. The boy is new to this. No doubt if you used him, he'd spill. Let's not take the risk. Not until I've gotten him up to scratch, anyhow." Allison smiled an evil smile in Jade's direction.

Allison bent down a little in her seat and whispered, "that's better boy. Good – nice and deep. Slide it as far up my derriere as you can. Yesssss that's right," she moaned pleasurably. "I'll make a professional poop chute cleaner of you yet," she giggled.

Jade continued, "Okay mommy. In which case, once he's done you, I'll take him upstairs to your bathroom. Then I can start with his – her – the lady boy's tuition."

"That's fine honey. Just don't keep him up there all night, will you." I'm sure Jane wants to chat with you for a bit, and best not hide yourself away for too long with the boy. She'll be asking where you've got to, not that she'd need many clues to guess right, of course."

Allison once more popped her hand under the table but this time it was to push Ethan's head away from her pooper. "That's enough now boy. Time to go with baby girl Jade. Time to taste her golden juice."

Ethan came out from under the table, the lower part of his face covered with his Mistress's thick white cream.

"Best you wipe that off your face before you go any place," Allison instructed him. "We don't want everyone to know where you've been for the past 10 minutes, do we," she chuckled. "Here boy," she threw him a serviette.

Ethan wiped his face and then handed the serviette back to Allison.

"Don't give the fucking dirty thing to me, you idiot," she hissed. "Just put it down there on the floor behind you. One of the other maids will collect it shortly."

Jade got up from the table. "Time we were outta here, girly boy," she said to Ethan. "Mommy, I'll see you soon. Give us 20 minutes or so," she said.

"20 minutes – what, to have a piss?" Allison questioned.

"Erm, well yeah. Plus side benefits too of course," she winked at her mother.

Jade grabbed Ethan's arm and they proceeded to make their way to her mother's boudoir.

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