tagBDSMThe Mansion House Series Ch. 02

The Mansion House Series Ch. 02


"Hmmm... I think we may get along just fine then, you and I. You've only been here for half an hour and already I sense you are more than capable.

Okay, let us have a quick look at the vegetable patch so you know the score there too. I need to help Mistress Dechaump with preparations for this afternoon's guests, so we don't have much time, unfortunately. I really do wish I could make you better acquainted with the workings of the mansion house today, but that will have to wait. Nothing to worry about however, we'll have plenty of time together, you and I." She reached forward and stroked Ethan's cheek with her right hand. Then, in an instant, her hand was between his legs and caressing his private area.

Ethan was bewildered. How should he react? Push her hand away or simply let things progress?

Allison smiled, but it was not a smile of kindness. She had total control over the new blood, and she was content with his willingness to subscribe without the necessity of force on her part.

She continued to stroke Ethan, then she reached for his trouser zip. She pushed her hand fully inside, and thrust his underwear aside. "Boy, once we are done here, you will remove your underwear, is that understood?" She did not wait for Ethan to reply. "The appropriate underwear is provided as part of your employment, and you will wear that at ALL times, unless we say otherwise."

Mistress Allison grabbed for Ethan's dick, and brought it out from its hiding place. "Hmmm, nice. Longer than Uncle Tom's shrunken piece." She stroked it, back and forth whilst staring at Ethan straight in the eye – enjoying the fact that she was able to physically dominate him purely at will.

Ethan moaned with pleasure. He'd never been handled quite like this before, and he was not at all against it. After all, Mistress Allison was a real stunner to look at, and the way she managed to dominate him with such ease really turned him on!

All of a sudden, Mistress Allison grabbed his balls and squeezed tightly. Ethan's pleasure quickly turned to pain. The Mistress smiled at his discomfort. "You see boy, never forget that I now have FULL control over you, at ALL times. Your life now belongs to me and to Mistress Dechaump. Is that understood?" She squeezed a little harder, encouraging his answer.

"Y.. yes... yes Mistress, I... I understand," Ethan managed to get the words out, even though the pain was very unpleasant.

Mistress Allison let go of his balls, and resumed the stroking of his dick, which had now grown to its full length of 7 inches, despite the ball squeezing just a moment ago. "Yes, we'll have to put this one to good use, so we will," she tormented Ethan.

"Whatever can she mean?" Ethan thought. "She and Mistress Dechaump actually want to have sex with me? Initially I imagined Kat and her Aunt in bed with me, but now its both the Mistresses. Well, it could be worse. In fact, it can't get much better!" Ethan was beside himself with the thought of having Mistress Allison and Mistress Dechaump fucking him for all he was worth.

Whack! Ethan felt more pain as Mistress Allison slapped his now full-sized dick hard with the palm of her hand.

Whack! Mistress Allison slapped his face, hard! Ethan stumbled back, more in shock than from the force of the slap.

"Oh come, come my dear little baby boy. I'm just getting warmed up," Allison said with a sneer of derision on her face. "Come to Mommy, baby boy, come to your darling Mommy." Ethan looked over at his tormentor and saw her fetch her breast out from the confines of her black figure-hugging dress. "Come, baby boy, suck on Mommy for a bit. Show her just how much you love her boobies."

Ethan hesitated, but only briefly, trying to regain his composure from the slaps that his Mistress had delivered. He slowly moved forward and bent down slightly in order to lick Mistress Allison's breast. Quite frankly, he couldn't believe his luck! He'd only been at the mansion for about an hour, and already was getting "intimate" with his new "owner".

"That's it darling little baby boy, lick and suck it. Please your Mommy Mistress and she won't forget it," Mistress Allison purred with delight, as Ethan began slurping at her breast with all the energy he could muster.

The Mistress moaned aloud with pleasure and leaned her head back. Ethan continued to feast on her breast – sucking hard on her large dark nipple and then toying with it with his tongue. The Mistress grabbed the back of his head and pushed it down as if intent on gaining even more pleasure from the new blood. Ethan knew he couldn't keep this up for too long, but he'd try his very best to please the Mistress. He continued to suck and slurp for all he was worth!

"Okay baby boy, that's enough. No, that's enough I said." Mistress Allison had to push Ethan off her breast in order to get him to stop. "My oh my, you are a greedy little boy now, aren't you. Don't you worry though, there will be plenty more where that came from, I promise you," the Mistress smiled gleefully towards her newly found sex slave.

Ethan pulled back on his Mistress's insistence, breathing heavily, face flushed – partly from the slap, and partly due to his heightened sexual attraction towards his tormentor. His appetite for pleasing his Mistress was suddenly all-engulfing, but he had no choice other than to follow her orders. After all, she was the Boss.

"Pity, my little darling boy, I know. But we must get a move along since we have important guests coming for dinner tonight." She looked down and gently pulled her dress over her breast. Next, she pushed both her breasts together, to make sure they were in perfect order. Her breasts were always perfect, but she still insisted on taking the necessary "precautions".

"Jane – Mistress Jane may already be wondering where the devil we are. And we can't upset Mistress at any cost! Come along, I'll show you the vegetable patch tomorrow. There's other matters to attend to now. We can resume where we left off a bit later on," the Mistress taunted.

Ethan remembered to slide the glasshouse door open for the Mistress even though his mind was focused almost entirely on the events a moment ago. She stepped out, and Ethan followed, sliding the door back in place before following Mistress Allison back to the mansion house – back to Mistress Dechaump. "Remember boy, four steps to the rear at all times, or you will be punished for insolence."

"Yes, of course Mistress Allison," Ethan replied, still gasping a little for breath from his ordeal.

They reached the house. Ethan opened the door for his Mistress. She glided in. He followed then turned to close the door behind him.

"Follow me, boy." Mistress Allison commanded.

She made her way through the hallway and turned left at the end. Ethan scurried along behind.

Mistress Dechaump was busy barking orders to a small figure who was leaning over a stove stirring the contents of a large cooking pot. "This must be the kitchen then," Ethan thought.

She turned around as Mistress Allison entered, with Ethan in tow. "Ah, good to see you Allison. I hope you had a pleasurable time with the new stock," she shot a glance at Ethan.

"Mmm... indeed I did, Jane, indeed I did," Mistress Allison replied. "This one has a whole lot of potential. I'm sure he'll make an excellent addition to the mansion house."

"I'm happy to hear it, Allison," Mistress Dechaump replied. "I knew that my niece would not let me down."

"What does that mean?" Ethan thought. ""I knew that my niece would not let me down"...? Has Kat been in on this all along? Cannot be."

Ethan looked at the figure leaning over the large cooking pot on the stove. Although he could not see the face of this individual, it appeared to be a woman – her copious dark brown hair was tied back tightly and rested on the top of her head.

What struck Ethan the most was that the lady who was stirring the contents of the pot for all she was worth, was wearing nothing around her buttocks. Her bottom was bare! Naked! Not only that, but it was striped with red marks. "Are those the marks of a lash?" Ethan wondered. He felt his dick growing. Hopefully neither of the Mistresses would notice, or he might be in serious trouble.

"cindy, turn around and say hello to our new blood. His name is ethan. Don't be shy cindy!" Mistress Allison barked orders towards the cook.

The cook turned around and looked up at Ethan. Then, she managed to whimper "hello sir." She quickly looked down towards the floor, shamed by her current predicament.

Ethan stared at Cindy. Her small breasts were bare, but not only that, they were covered in welts.

"Damn it girl," Mistress Dechaump hissed. "How many times have I told you to be polite to the new house guests!" Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Over and over, Mistress Dechaump thrashed Cindy's bare breasts with what looked like a riding crop. Cindy groaned and then let out a small howl of pain as the riding crop came crashing down on her small breasts once more. Nevertheless, she made no attempt to shield them. She kept her hands away.

"Now, get back to your duties, girl!" Mistress Dechaump barked.

Cindy turned around to continue stirring the contents of the pot. She was whimpering, but it was still impressive how she handled such ferocious physical punishment at the hands of her owner. Mistress Dechaump raised the riding crop once more and brought it down viciously on Cindy's buttocks. Thwack! Cindy continued to stir without protest.

Mistress Dechaump then dropped the crop to the floor and brought her hand up between Cindy's legs. The Mistress began to fondle at her pussy lips. "Damned girl!" Mistress Dechaump complained.

"Open your legs wider you stupid slut!"

Cindy did as she was instructed, and Mistress Dechaump made the most of it. She started to rub her fingers back and forth on the cook's pussy lips. Nevertheless, Cindy continued stirring the contents of the large pot, regardless of the Mistress's invasion of her nether region.

"Allison, can you get me some lube please my darling. I want to fuck this girl's butt whilst she prepares the food for this evening's guests.

She's got such a tight little butt hole that I think we'll need some lubricant in order to gain access to the gateway." Mistress Dechaump laughed outwardly at her own joke.

"Yes, of course dear," Mistress Allison giggled. "Just a moment, I have some in my coat pocket."

With that, the Mistress spun around and glided off through the door way.

Mistress Dechaump kept up the pussy massage, whilst Ethan looked on in total dis-belief, but at the same time, fully aware that he had a boner as hard as a rock!

Mistress Allison was back in an instant. "Ah, good girl," Mistress Dechaump said, as Allison handed her the lube.

Next, the Mistress pulled her hand away from Cindy's sex. "Obviously the girl enjoys my attention tremendously," Mistress Dechaump proclaimed, "just look how wet my fingers are," she lifted her hand to show Allison.

Allison nodded in agreement.

"Here girl, open your mouth. Time to clean your juices, you dirty little whore!" With that, Mistress Dechaump forced her fingers into the girl's mouth. "Come on, suck them clean – I haven't got all day, bitch! There now, that's better. Taste good?"

The Mistress allowed her slave to suck for a minute or so, then withdrew her fingers. She lifted her dress and hitched it around her hips. She was wearing a strap-on between her legs with a 9 inch long black rubber dildo attached. She flipped the lid of the lube and dripped some onto her hand. She coated her strap-on with the lube from her hand.

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