tagMind ControlThe Next Phase

The Next Phase


Author's note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to rozezwild for her editing to make this a better story.


I'd been sitting in the parking lot for only a couple of minutes when she pulled into the space to my right. She was alone in the van so I watched. She prepared to get out, opened the door and swung her legs over. In a split second, I took in her sweatshirt under a denim vest and the fairly large boobs that swung free under the maroon fabric. I was out of my car before her feet hit the step.

I circled my car and stopped where she was intending to step. I looked up and saw a fiftyish woman with graying brown hair, overweight and pushing 200 pounds, attractive face and a puzzled look. I stepped closer until I was nearly touching her. I said "You're going to lean back and pull your shirt up and hold it so I can play with your boobs. I'll let you know when I want you to do something else."

With a zombie-like expression on her face, she pulled her shirt up with both hands and held it at her shoulders, exposing a pair of white fleshed tits that still stood out like a pair of large funnels, although there was a ski-slope shape to them. I took one in each hand and began to rub the nipples with my thumbs, watching them become hard and rubbery.

I bent my head to one and began to suck it, as always loving the feeling of nursing from a woman's mammary. I've never been able to pinpoint exactly what it is about boobs that draw me, or other men, to them but for me there is a tremendous amount of eroticism related to big titties. And, no, I have no interest in doing the same thing to my mother!

I pulled my lips away long enough to say "Eureka" and then returned to sucking her tittie. Immediately the woman stiffened and began to shake and for the first time her hand touched me as she pulled my head back to her hooter. I sucked for maybe another minute before moving toward the other nipple and just before closing on it, I said "Eureka" and again she stiffened and quaked through an eighteen second orgasm. When my mouth closed over the newest nipple, she pulled her shirt until the front was behind her head and then pulled my head with both hands.

While I sucked, I worked my hands into the waistband of her sweat pants and moved them down around her hips. Unable to push them under her bottom, I broke the seal of my mouth and said "Eureka" and felt her climax again. I lifted my head and pushed on her chest until she eased backward. As she did, I pulled her bottom to the edge of the seat and pulled on the sweat pants until they were at her ankles. I worked my hands between her thighs and spread them until I could see the glistening red flesh of her gash below a thatch of curly brown and white hair.

Although there was not a lot of room to work in, I ran my fingers into her crease and pierced her with two fingers as my thumb worked around her mound and found her clitoris. I said "Eureka" and she stiffened and climaxed again, her eyes rolling back into her head. While I plunged my fingers in and out of her hot box and thumb-teased her little bud, she came twice more, immediately after I said the special word. I pulled out my soaked fingers and licked the sweet/sour love juices from them, loving the taste.

I tugged the woman's sweat pants and panties up and settled them in place as she struggled to raise her hips. Taking her hand, I helped her back into a sitting position. Her face again had a puzzled expression. I asked "Did you like that?"

"Yes" she whispered huskily.

"When was the last time you had an orgasm before today?"

"I ... don't know," she responded.

"Would you like more of it?"

"Yes!" she said emphatically.

"Would you let me fuck you in the process?"

"Yes, I ... wouldn't mind if ... you don't give me a baby."

"Oh, I wouldn't do that but you and I could have a lot of fun. If you want to."

"Oh, yes, I want to" she implored me.

I gave her my address and phone number and told her to be there at 7 o'clock that evening. I already knew she would and that she didn't have any other ties, like a husband or boyfriend, because the initial command block I had set up when I pulled into the parking lot including the "allow" commands and the orgasm trigger had specified that only unattached females with large breasts were to park next to me. Now I watched the woman drive off, heading closer to the store she had intended to visit originally.

She had been gone only seconds when a horn caught my attention. I turned to see a luxury sedan waiting to pull into the spot. I smiled and waved her in, then walked around to the right side of the car and opened the door. The driver turned and looked at me with a blank expression.

I reached the seat controls for her seat and pushed the button to lower the back, making it into a nearly straight bed. I did the same to mine and then reached for the woman as she pulled her blouse open and unfastened the soft bra that covered even bigger tits than the first woman. This one was shorter than the first and probably even more overweight for her height but her knockers would have filled two big serving bowls.

I kneaded the soft flesh and then lowered my mouth over a nipple that would have rivaled the last joint of my thumb. Two minutes later I raised my head and said "Eureka" and watched her climax. A minute later I repeated the word and then switched tits. I spent five minutes sucking the left one and said "Eureka" three times before I pulled her skirt up and pushed her white cotton panties down and began fingering between her legs. She was wet and slick and my fingers easily entered her fat-lipped pussy.

With two fingers in her cunt and my thumb on her clit, I watched her through two climaxes and then slipped a slick finger from her cunt into the valley of her anus and watched the surprise on her face as she swallowed all of my middle finger into her ass hole. Before she finished the second of her third orgasms in that position, her right hand was groping my crotch and she was moaning "Ooohh, ohhhh, ooooohhhhh, ooooohh ..."

I pulled my fingers away and wiped them on a rag I found under the seat. Her expression was a mixture of lust and wonder. I said "Do you want more of that?"

"Yes, oh, yes, please," she begged.

I gave her my address and phone number and told her to be there at 7 o'clock that evening. Then the woman asked "Can I suck that?" and nodded to my stiff cock. I nodded and leaned back for the first time. She got on hands and knees and lowered her mouth over my raging, throbbing hard-on and was soon hard at work bobbing up and down on my staff. I was beginning to feel good when I said "Eureka" and she climaxed, nearly sucking my cock down her throat. Twice more she came before she sucked the last of my sperm out of my one-eyed Cyclops.

Finally she sat back, struggling to swallow the last of my cum, and then said "I have never cum while I was sucking a cock without some finger action. Do you know how that happened?"

"Yeah, honey, I think you were just really glad to see me. We'll check it out tonight, okay?" I zipped up and headed back for my car.

The two women arrived at the same time that night. They looked at each other suspiciously as I ushered them into my den. I introduced Cindy to Leta but they were less than cordial with each other. I asked, "Have either of you ever shared a lover with another woman?"

Leta said, "Of course not."

Cindy said, "Absolutely not and I'm not about to start now!"

She stood as if to go but I said, "Sit down, Cindy. You are going to find out that sharing the right lover can be great."

She sat again rather reluctantly.

I said, "You both had some fun this afternoon." I could see the expression in their eyes change as they recalled our first meeting. "You're going to have that again and better tonight. You are going to experience more orgasms than ever before in your lives. You are going to forget about everything else except feeling good tonight. Do you like anal sex?"

There was a simultaneous chorus of "No" from them and Leta said, "It always makes my butt hurt so bad I can't go to the bathroom for three days."

I said, "You are going to find out tonight that, with the right lover, you will absolutely adore being fucked in the ass and there wont be any soreness afterward either. You are going to love tonight and you wont even think about leaving until tomorrow morning. Ladies, come to my bedroom and take off your clothes."

I led them down the hall to the master bedroom and as soon as they entered they stripped off their clothes. They didn't have to know that I had set up the command block so that they would follow my verbal commands tonight without question. In fact they didn't have to know that I was in their minds at all. They just needed to know that we were having fun.

When I was naked, I pulled the two nude women to me into a close embrace and kissed first one and then the other, back and forth until I broke and said "Eureka." I could feel the waves of pleasure course through their bodies and both women were shocked that they had just cum. We moved to the bed where I attacked Cindy's tits while Leta licked and sucked my cock. After four Eurekas, they swapped and I sucked Leta's tits while Cindy licked and sucked my cock.

After several more Eurekas, I got Leta into the submissive missionary position and slid my cock into her pussy while Cindy lay beside us sucking Leta's tit ... Cindy was by then totally submissive also and her entire attitude about Leta was friendly ... Leta convinced Cindy to turn around so Leta could play between Cindy's legs with her hand.

Every few minutes while I fucked Leta, I made both women climax by saying the trigger word; it always caught them by surprise. After I shot my load into Leta's pussy, Cindy licked me clean and sucked on me until I was hard again. Then she and Leta swapped places and I fucked Cindy doggy style while Leta lay on her back under Cindy and used her tongue around our connection. Again they came every few minutes, whenever I thought it was time to say Eureka. It took me longer to muster up another load of cum and spurt it into Cindy's cunt. Then Leta licked me clean and I got the two women into a 69 position to clean my cum out of each other ... the first time either of them had eaten another pussy. They had three more orgasms before I let them rest.

After we took a break for coffee and cookies, I modified the command block that surrounded the house so that the ladies would relax their anal sphincter when approached by any intruder. I got Leta into a doggy position and I plowed her lubricated back door and she never even whimpered. I reamed her ass hole for a half hour before I shot a load into her and in the meantime the two women had each cum seven times. Cindy cleaned me up with a wash cloth and I sucked their magnificent tits while my balls rested.

When I was ready again, I got behind Cindy's raised ass and gently plowed her ass hole for over forty minutes before spitting out another wad of cum after they had reacted to several more Eurekas. The women were both so exhausted they begged me to let them rest. We went to sleep with a well-fucked woman resting in the curl of each of my arms.

I am a fairly light sleeper and usually wake two to four times during a night, sometimes just to turn over and go back to sleep, sometimes to relieve my bladder and then return to sleep. That night I woke nearly every time one of the women moved. Six times I was awake enough to be aware of my surroundings and I had an instant hard-on. I slipped it into one pussy or the other the first couple of times but after that I slid it into an anus. Both of them were relaxed and sometimes the women didn't even seem to know when I entered her body.

My balls cooperated by providing a small load of sperm each time and I made sure the women came often, also ensuring that they did not sleep all the way through any fuck. However, true to my word the women realized that they were not feeling any pain at all when I fucked them in the ass, not even on initial entry, nor did it seem like there was any soreness building up, and the pleasure from the act was enormous. They graciously cleaned me up after every event, lovingly fondled my nuts and smothered me with sloppy wet kisses before we dozed off again.

The sun was well up when we all awoke around 9:45 in the morning. I talked the women into remaining nude while we padded into the kitchen and made coffee and breakfast. Both of them talked incessantly about how great they felt and how they could not believe the number of orgasms they'd had during the night. Leta said she couldn't believe that her ass felt great and there was not even a hint of soreness. I told them that it was all a function of which lover they were having sex with and they believed it. After we ate, I took them back to bed and screwed both pussies once more and, although I only spurted one load of cum and that into Cindy, I made sure that the ladies had several more climaxes.

Ten minutes after they left, I called Cindy's cell phone. She said she was stopped at a light just a few blocks from her house. I said "Eureka ... Eureka ... Eureka" giving her just time to finish one orgasm before going into the next. Her moans came over the phone followed by a cacophony of car horns as drivers behind her honked when the light changed. I let her go. I called Leta's phone and she said she had just turned into her subdivision. I said "Eureka ... Eureka ... Eureka." Her moans were soft and then there was a loud screech of tires. I asked "Leta, are you all right?"

She responded "Yeah, but I nearly wrecked my car. Don't do that to me, honey. Let me get home." I bid her goodbye.

Cindy and Leta have become fast friends. They spend every Tuesday night in my bed and Leta says that she has never yet gotten a sore butt from our anal sex. Once or twice each week, I call the girls just to say "Eureka" and listen to their heavy breathing as they cum.

It worked so well with Cindy and Leta that I pursued filling my sexual calendar with similar groups. I liked it so well that it resulted in groups for every night for over two years. After some of them began to break up for various reasons, I switched to filling my calendar by other methods but am retaining this one in my list of possibilities for future use.

Janet and Jenna are my Sunday lovers. Janet is a 31 year old blonde widow with a shaved pussy and an even all-over tan. I could park my car under the overhang formed by her hooters. She never wears a bra ... doesn't need to ... but she does work out four times a week. Jenna is a 32 year old blonde divorcee with knockers so big that they rest against each other. Jenna has let Janet convince her to keep her pussy shaved. I know that both of them are natural blondes because they usually let me do the shaving.

Linda and Toni are my Monday partners. Linda is a 52 year old 155 pound bleached blonde with 42FFF boobs and a very attractive face and jet black pubic hair. She says she never married but she does have two children. Toni is a 47 year old Latino with jet black hair down to her butt and 40EE knockers with inch-long nipples, a 26 inch waist and a 42 inch well-rounded butt. She is a widow with four grown children.

Anna Marie, Faith, and Elizabeth (Beth) are my Wednesday mates. Anna Marie, at 30, is the youngest of my group of lovers. She has long straight strawberry blonde hair and her hooters are only 38DD but she is a knockout in the looks department. Faith is a 41 year old with flaming red hair (pubic as well), so many freckles that they're starting to run together, and a big mouth that could swallow my balls without any problems. Beth is 42 years old, rather homely in appearance but has a tiny waist with huge butt and honkers.

Carrie and Myra are my Thursday companions. Carrie is a 54 year old widow with no children but a large set of jugs, long gray hair that she keeps in a severe bun except when we're screwing, when she lets it down and sometimes rubs it around my cock and balls, driving me crazy. Myra is a 34 year old divorcee with short brown hair and a Coke bottle figure including a great ass. These two strangers have become closer than mother and daughter. Carrie likes to role play various scenarios involving mother-son, mother-daughter, and daughter-son incest. Myra has jumped onto the band wagon and I'm along for the ride, loving every minute of it.

Martha and Lauren are my Friday intimates. Martha is a 39 year old 190 pound divorced brunette with two daughters in their twenties. Her heavy boobs are ultra-sensitive but she had never had an orgasm during intercourse until we fucked. Lauren is a 43 year old 210 pound divorced blonde/brunette with three children in college. The women had stayed with me over two years but left to get married within a month of each other. After that I left Fridays open for more impromptu arrangements with women I met that week.

Dawn, Paula, and Esther are my Saturday devotees. Dawn is a 32 year old unmarried blonde with brown pubic hair and a pleasingly plump figure and heavy oval hooters. Paula is her 35 year old divorced sister, also blonde with brown cunt cover and just as plump but with knockers an extra size larger. Esther is a 48 year old widow with shoulder length brown hair, big brown eyes that I could get lost in, and hooters big enough that she had to make her own bras; she said they are 44JJJ. She loved anal sex when I proved that I could make her cum and wouldn't hurt her. This is a particularly good group for me. Esther loves to give me tittie fucks. Paula had all false teeth due to a gum disease in her teen years and her toothless blow jobs are fantastic, although she is very careful to not let me see her without her dental plates in place. Dawn likes to suck my balls and finger my prostate. They usually came over during the afternoon and we start early ... and finish late.

I take great pleasure in having a regular harem of women that I can count on for all the tits and pussy ... and ass ... that I want. Some day I suppose I will tire of these games and send them on their way only to find a new group of women to provide me with their physical pleasures ... there will not be any problem filling my bed with women nor finding a suitable way to entice them to me. However for now I see no reason to change: every Saturday through Thursday is filled with fucking and sucking and fingering and kissing, predictable though it may be still it is enormously satisfying for all of us ... me and the fourteen regulars and any number of selected special visitors on Fridays. What more could I ask for? If you've got the power, use it!

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