tagRomanceThe Pawn Ch. 02

The Pawn Ch. 02


Drowsily Kristine opened her crystal blue eyes, a wrinkle of confusion between her gently arched eyebrows. Her shoulders ached, and when she tried to move them, she suddenly remembered that she was tied to the bed. Alarmed she turned her head, her eyes locking with Lord Eric's. Eric was sitting on a chair next to the bed, his cold gray eyes observing her panicked struggles.

"Good morning, luv." he said, a finger stroking her soft cheek, before moving down her neck to her chest, lazily brushing the tops of her heaving breasts.

Looking down, Kristine realized that under the fine linen sheet she was naked, the dark brown of her nipples peaking out. She turned her head from him and blushed, embarrassed. The night before he had left her maidenhead intact, but barely. While she had been busy recovering from that delicious sensation, he'd swept her up in her arms and brought her to this room. Ignoring her protests he laid her on the soft feather mattress, wrapping silk scarves around her wrists and tying her to a steel hook embedded in the sturdy bed frame. With one last smoldering look at her soft body, he'd pulled the sheet up and left. Confused and frightened, Kristine had cried herself to sleep.

Now his knowledgeable fingers were slowly pulling the sheet from her, his eyes on her breast as they were revealed in all their glory. Fearfully, Kristine cringed away from the heat in his eyes, the strength in his jaw. She knew that no amount of pleading or crying would stop this man, her captor. Kristine closed her eyes and turned her face from him, her face burning bright as she remembered the way he'd made her beg the night before. Kristine sent up a fervent prayer that he wouldn't do that to her again.

"Look at me." he said, his voice deep, his fingers tips lightly tracing a pattern around her pouty nipples.

Unable to resist the command in his voice, Kristine returned her face to his, her eyes instantly getting caught in his hypnotic silver eyes. She whimpered, unable to escape the power of his gaze. Eric smiled, a slow twist of the lips, and then bent his head to her breast, gently sucking her hard nipple into the warmth of his mouth. Liquid fire shot up from the spot that his wet mouth was suckling, and Kristine let out a groan, and then a cry as his teeth found the sensitive tip. She could feel her traitorous pussy grow moist, and a single tear slipped down her cheek at the betrayal of her body. Eric's other hand came out to firmly pluck her other nipple, increasing the heat of her body.

"Please, please, don't do this to me again." Kristine begged, her hips moving restlessly.

"Why?" Eric asked, briefly pulling his mouth from the intoxicating play at her breast. "You like it, and so do I, there's nothing wrong in sharing pleasure."

"'Tis a sin." Kristine cried, her back arched, pushing her full breasts further into his mouth. "I'm to be married."

Eric pulled his head back, his eyes dangerously smoldering. Belatedly Kristine recalled what he'd said the night before, and knew her mistake.

"Precisely." he said, his teeth gleaming briefly against his skin.

Quickly Eric pulled off his clothing, tossing it to the end of them bed, his male member hard against his stomach. "You will be mine, and he will always know that I took what could have been his. He will come out from behind those walls he hides behind, and then I will kill him." Eric's eyes gleamed with cold triumph; his hand sliding down her body to where she'd tightly closed her thighs. "Open up." he commanded, his face stern.

Defiantly Kristine kept her thighs pressed tightly together. She would not allow him to use her like this. She jumped at the sharp smack on her leg.

"Do you need another spanking, my dear?" he asked, locking his eyes on hers.

Inwardly Kristine quailed under the will emanating from him. Slowly she spread her trembling thighs.

"More." he commanded, watching as her pretty pussy was bared to his gaze. "So pretty." he groaned, a finger sliding through the moist pink interior. "So wet."

Kristine closed her eyes, slow tears falling down her face at her cowardice.

His finger caressed her gently, the feeling still foreign in her virgin pussy. She let out a small sob as she felt her body begin to respond, moisture bathing his hand, and her mind clouded over until relief was all she could think of. She could feel her body twisting, her hips moving urgently on his finger, striving toward the peak she was coming to need.

"No!" she whimpered as suddenly he pulled his wonderful finger from her clinging pussy, her eyes flying to where he was kneeling between her widespread legs, his mouth sucking the juices from his hand. While she had distracted by the tumulus passion he'd aroused in her moved between her legs. Suddenly afraid, Kristine tried to bring her legs back together clenching her inner muscles in fear of the inevitable invasion.

"Don't be afraid." Eric said softly, pressing an amorous kiss to her mouth, his large hands cupping her face possessively. "You were made for this, for me and my cock."

Kristine relaxed under the soft words and kisses, her eyes locked with his.

"Don't hurt me," she whimpered, wrapping her arms around him, pulling him down to her.

She knew that reality would soon return, but for now she desperate to pretend that he was deeply in love with her, that he wanted her as more than a pawn for his revenge.

Eric made no comment, knowing that pain was inevitable. Carefully he found the entrance to her body with the smooth tip of his cock, pushing in slowly, the hard steel of his body pushing aside the tight muscles of her pussy.

"Oh, god." Eric groaned. "So good, so tight."

Kristine stiffened as she felt him bump into something, pain radiating from there as he kept pushing.

"No, stop! You're too big." she whimpered, her hands trying to push him away.

The muscles in his shoulders bunching, Eric broke Kristine's hymen with one brutal thrust, her scream echoing in his ears as he slid all the way into her. Gritting his teeth against the urge to move he held himself there, waiting for her tight muscles to relax around him.

"No more pain." he whispered as her muscles relaxed around his cock, kissing away her tears. "I promise."

Kristine tilted her head to his, craving the feel of his mouth on hers. She wasn't disappointed as his firm lips slid over hers, his tongue sliding sensually in mouth. Slowly he began to move in her, and the pleasurable feelings began again. Soon she was gasping for air, her sharp nails digging into his shoulders, her breast pushing against his chest as she desperately strove for release.

"Come for me, kitten." Eric whispered in her ear, just as she went flying, soaring like an eagle. He could feel her tight muscles shivering around him, massaging his cock till he exploded inside her with a shout of release.

"Mine." he said possessively, his voice hard, before he collapsed on her, drained from their orgasm.

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