tagMind ControlThe Power of Pleasure Ch. 02

The Power of Pleasure Ch. 02


Monica had spent the day dreading going home. Her fear came from the conviction that someone waited for her in her house. She didn't know who he was, or how he would be there but she knew that he would be there. Last night she had been attacked by the stranger and made to be so...wanton. When she awoke this morning there had been no one in her house but her, and everything was in order. It was as if what had happened the night before had all been a dream. There were not even any marks on her breast where he had bitten her. But in her heart she knew he would be there.

Being a busy woman, she had plenty to do, plenty to keep her occupied. All day long she had tried to find things to occupy her evening. She had asked a couple of her friends at work if they wanted to go out for a drink and have some fun after work but they had all declined, being busy with one thing or another. With increasing dread Monica looked out of her cubicle window and watched the sun approach the horizon, and eventually sink beneath its line.

Shortly after the sky was dark, a growing itch started in her mind. Trying desperately to complete the work she was trying to concentrate on, she became aware that her nipples were erect of their own accord. Her pussy was wet, and her clitoris had begun to emit its own little buzz. Her cubicle, which normally felt pleasantly cool to her, began to feel stifling hot. She found her mind wandering, until with a start she realized that unconsciously she had begun to run her pen around the straining peaks of her areola, the one where he had bitten her.

Standing up so swiftly Monica knocked her chair over. Turning to stand it up she brushed a pile of papers that also fell to the floor. Disgusted with her senseless reaction, she got down to pick up the papers with a deep felt curse. Down the hall she heard the soft foot steps of someone coming toward her.

"Monica? Is everything o.k.?" Questioned her secretary Lisa.

"I'm fine Lisa. I just made a mess." Monica replied, looking over her shoulder at her dark haired friend. Lisa was twenty-three and cute. Long dark brown hair framed a smooth tanned face, over a moderate bust and shapely curves. Lisa's lips were colored with a bright shade of lipstick, making her succulent mouth stand out. What would Lisa's mouth taste like? Does Lisa taste as good as she looks? Looking at the woman over her shoulder, Monica felt her pussy throb with heat. An unnerving urge to go kiss her and find out formed unbidden in the back of her mind.

Startled by the reaction, Monica frantically began to pick up the papers in an effort not to look at the woman again. You are not into women! Monica yelled to herself. With a sense of fear Monica realized that Lisa was coming closer to her, could smell the sweet electric scent of the secretaries perfume making her breath come just a little faster and things tighten deep inside her body. A burning throb had started in her loins, and there was a building sense of pressure coming from her loins.

Lisa knelt down and began gathering up the papers with her boss. The frantic motions of this woman who was normally so calm and in control had the young woman concerned. Getting the last of the papers together, Lisa grabbed the manila file and placed them back into it, looking up to see if Monica had hers evened up, ready to put away. It took her a second, but Lisa realized that Monica had been looking down her top. Surprised, Lisa didn't know what to think. The young secretary was used to men looking down her top, but not many women were so bold as to be looking, even if they were interested. On impulse Lisa reached out and took Monica by the hand, grasping it over top of the papers.

"Let me take these from you." Lisa said with a smile.

At the touch from the brunette Monica gasped, the feel of Lisa's hot hand covering her own exquisite. The heat seemed to transfer itself directly to Monica's swollen bosom. Monica could only kneel there grasping her lip between her teeth, head swirling at the sensation running up and down her body. Lisa took the papers from Monica and put them in the folder, then placed them on the nearby desk.

Using her now empty other hand Lisa helped Monica stand. Lisa noticed that Monica's face was flushed, and unless she missed her guess, Monica had a serious case of THO. With a look of concern, Lisa touched Monica's face.

"Is everything all right Ms. Preston? You seem very flushed all of a sudden." Lisa asked.

"I'm...fine." Monica responds. "I'm just feeling very strange suddenly."

"Strange how? You mean like your dizzy or something?"

"No...everything is crystal clear. I just don't normally feel like this." Monica said trying hard not to look Lisa in the eye as she said it.

"What do you feel like? You're being really vague. You could actually be feeling good and just not admitting it." Lisa joked, trying to get her friend to express what was going on.

"I don't want to explain it." Monica said.

"Tell me, I can't help you if I don't know what's going on."

"I feel like I've been engaged in foreplay for a couple hours and really badly need to cum." Monica blurted her hand flying up to cover her mouth after the words flew out.

"I never expected that from you." Lisa laughed after a moment. "I thought it looked like you were all worked up, but didn't know why."

"I don't know why I did, but when you said 'Tell me' I couldn't stop myself." Monica said with fear in her eyes. "I couldn't control myself."

"Don't worry, I'm sure it was just one of those moments when we all do or say weird things." A wicked gleam came into her eyes. "Have you ever had fantasies about having sex with me? Tell me."

A look of pure horror came on Monica's face. Quickly she covered her mouth with her hands and said something quietly behind them. Lisa's grin became even wicked and she said "Put your hands at your sides now, and say it clearly."

In a tiny strangled voice Monica said "I was wondering how you tasted a few minutes ago."

"Reeeeeeaalllly. How very interesting Monica. Now you have me wondering what is going on here. Do you have to do what I say for some strange reason?" Lisa asked as she moved slowly around her boss, looking her up and down.

"I don't know. I just know that when you gave me an order I couldn't stop myself." Monica answered.

"Well that's very strange. Lets see how far this goes to. I can't let you go out on the street like this and have some stranger having his way with you because you can't say 'no' now can I? I wouldn't be much of a friend." Lisa said stopping behind her boss. "Go lock your door, Ms. Preston."

Slowly Monica walked over to her office door and closed it. A look of wonder and fear covered her face as she could not stop herself from doing as she was told.

"Now take off your blouse." Lisa said, sitting on the edge of the desk.

"I will not! I am your boss and this kind of behavior could get me fired!" Monica snarled, while at the same time she undid the buttons and shrugged out of her blouse. With smooth steady movements she folded it and placed it on the desk next to her secretary Lisa. Monica was mortified that she had not been able to stop herself from taking off the blouse. When she had placed the blouse on the desk, she stood covering her breasts with her hands, ashamed that she no longer had a shirt on.

"Well you sure did what you were told. Hmmmm. What next....how about your panties, I want to see them and see if you are as turned on as you claim to be. Take them off and hand them to me." Lisa's own pussy was wet and hot. It had been a couple of weeks since she had had any good sex and her fertile mind could think up all kinds of fun things to do with a girl who could not tell her 'no'. As Monica pulled up her skirt and then slid her panties down her legs Lisa couldn't stop her own hand from brushing lightly over her own nipples. The panties were soaking wet, and the heady aroma of female juices hung heavy in the office as Monica placed her underwear in Lisa's hand. From the way they felt juice was going to be running down her boss's leg any second now.

"So you wondered how I taste eh? How about you slide your finger in my pussy and rub it around inside so that you can get a good taste." Lisa pulled up her dress and showed her luscious boss her purple panties. Monica stepped forward and slid her hand into Lisa's underwear. Her face was contorted in horror as she tried desperately to stop herself from following the woman's command. At the same time her breath was coming in near huffing gasps as she felt her arousal reaching all time highs.

Monica slid first one finger and then a second into the hot wet interior of her secretary, feeling little rocket pops going off in her own vagina. Lisa moaned appreciatively, sighing in disappointment as Monica drew her fingers out and put them into her mouth, sucking and licking them clean, intoxicated with the smell and taste of the aroused young woman next to her. Lisa reached out and fondled Monica's swollen breasts, cupping and pinching the nipples lightly. Monica shuddered and had to grab onto Lisa's arms for support as her body shook in ecstasy, reaching all time highs with no sign of orgasm.

"That's right my Pet. You will beg to orgasm long and loud before I allow you to orgasm. I told you I control your body, and your orgasms with it. I will train you to cum when ordered, and not until. I want you to service this woman and bring her home with you. Now get busy, I have no way of forcing her to enjoy what you are doing, it is all up to you. You will not orgasm until you are with me again, think on that, and know there is no escape from your own body." Monica heard in her head the vampire from the night before, and through the fog of her own lust felt the stab of pure fear at knowing he was in her mind.

"I've never been into women! I don't know if I want to do this..." Monica said as her rational mind tried to take over again, tried to push the possessive force controlling her away.

"You are now Pet. I will see to it that you find yourself unable to resist the lustful advances of any woman that wants you. I have no need for a pet with hang-ups. You will do as I say, when I say it, or I will search out new ways to degrade you. From now on you will refer to her as 'Mistress' unless in the presence of others. Now service her and speak to me no more!" her Master lashed out at her psychically, causing her to cry out and gasp, just as Lisa's wandering hands reached Monica's swollen and dripping pussy.

"I think you were into women all this time and just didn't know it. You are sure excited. Wow I have never seen anyone have that reaction when just touched down there!" Lisa said with a lascivious grin on her face, attributing the reaction to her touch.

"Please let me service you Mistress!" Monica begged, being driven mad by the swirls and strokes to her desperately aroused organs, yet denied the ability to orgasm.

"Wow, you are submissive. 'Mistress' is it? All right I will play along. Except...how do you wish to service me?" Lisa asked, being very turned on by the submission of her former boss.

"I wish to perform oral sex on you Mistress." Monica said quietly, mumbling.

"No, I want the dirty words Monica. You know them. And say them loudly." Lisa said sternly.

"I want to suck your pussy please Mistress. I want to suck your juices and lap your clit until you explode on my face!" Monica said, her face once more burning red.

"First I want you to suck my nipples slave. I need to feel your lips around my tips, and then I will let you eat my cunt." Lisa said with a groan, unbuttoning her blouse, and then unhooking the front clasps on her bra. Lisa had nicely rounded breasts, with no sag to them. The perky nipples were very hard. Lisa slid her hands behind Monica's head and pulled the blond woman's head down to her bosom, groaning with satisfaction as hot lips circled around her swollen nipples. The secretary wrapped her hands in the blond woman's long tresses, using them as a handle to move her boss from one needy breast to the other, feeling the degraded woman's hands sliding tentatively around her body. With one sweep, Lisa pushed all the papers they had just picked up back onto the floor and lay back, detaching her boss from her distended nipple with a pop.

Using Monica's head as a handle still, Lisa guided her face down to Lisa's crotch. "Pull my panties aside and lick me. Lick my hot pussy." Lisa ordered, her eyes closed in ecstasy. Monica did as she was told, using her tongue in a flat spooning fashion, licking the outside of her friends slit. Up and down Lisa moved her head, until Monica began to lap of her own accord, splitting the vaginal lips and finding the swollen bud of the darker haired woman's clitoris. At once Monica began to suck and stroke the clitoris as best she could, remembering what felt good to her when her boyfriends had done it to her, and improvising. Lisa began to spasm and thrash under the tongue lashing, becoming more and more violent in her impending orgasm. With a great cry the dark haired woman came, juices pouring out of her throbbing slit and into Monica's mouth.

"Wow that was good." Lisa said with a sigh as she began to come down from the orgasmic high. "I need some of that every day. Hell if it is always that good I might switch parties!" Lisa said with a chuckle. "No I still want to have a big cock fucking me there. I love the feeling of being filled. How about you Monica, you like to be filled by a big cock?"

"Yes I do Mistress." Monica relied, trying to think of a way to get this woman to come home with her. "I have several under my bed at home if you would like to come and try them out." Monica said, voice trembling with need, her breath coming in little gasps as her own need to orgasm remained unabated. How Monica wanted to rub her pussy on something, her own fingers, the door knob or something.

"I'm sorry dear, I'll bet you need to cum. Now stand up here and let me look at you." Lisa said with a look of kindness and concern. "I would love to come to your house and try out your toys. I have several at home but they are boring to me now. But first let me get you off."

"Yes Mistress, please, I need to cum so bad." Monica begged.

Lisa ran her hands down Monica's body, fingering the prominent nipples and then slipping a finger into the other woman's bush. Monica's body shook and shivered, torn in the wind of her need. "OOOOOH that feels so good! I am right on the edge, please stroke my clit more!" Monica gasped, leaning forward to kiss the dark haired woman in front of her. Lisa played and stroked Monica, working on the blond woman's clit and pussy, doing everything she could think of to make the other woman cum. Slowly fear came into Monica's eyes, as it became totally clear to her that the vampire had total control of her body.

"I can't cum until I get home Mistress." Monica gasped, trying to reach for the hand manipulating her throbbing sex, but was unable to move coherently as Lisa swirled her manicured nails around the throbbing but of Monica's clitoris. "Please come home with me....ahhhhh, it feels so good but I c..c..can't cum until I go there. Oh god please stop, I'll do anything. I can't believe how this feels. I'm begging you Mistress, I can't think while you are doing that. I NEEED it so bad, and I can't."

"Your serious? You can not get off as long as your not home? How wild. I want to know how you do that. Do you have a Master at home who won't allow you to cum?" Monica nodded desperately, as Lisa slid three fingers in and out of her bosses sopping gash, using her thumb the whole time to keep up the sensation on the clitoris. "Will he teach me how to hold off my orgasms? That sounds so hot. O.K I'll go with you. On the condition that you do not wear your bra or panties."

Monica nodded her head desperately, willing to do anything to let herself orgasm. Never in her life had Monica needed to orgasm this bad. It was as if every nerve ending in her body were screaming all at once. All at once Lisa took her hand away from Monica's box, holding her dripping fingers in front of Monica face.

"Lick them clean. Then get dressed so that you can dress me. Oh and you will need to fix my makeup. Also I think you should endorse my time card for overtime, working on a new proposal and all that. Get to work Slut!" Lisa said nastily, her eyes slits of desire and wily manipulation. It made Lisa hot all over to know that this blond slut was under her every whim. Monica had to get Lisa off twice more before they could leave, simply from these thoughts alone.

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