The Retirement Years


Moving to the bedside table, Buffy produced a small clear, glass bottle of a preferred brand.

"Only the best, Frank. What kind of girl do you think I am?"

"One who's about to get fucked in the ass." Frank said, effortlessly flipping Buffy over on her stomach and working one, then two, then three well lubed fingers up her little brown hole. Satisfied that he had accomplished his mission, Frank flipped her back over and positioned a pillow under her fine young rump. Greasing his stiff cock with the lube, he stroked his fat meat for several seconds as he looked down upon the feast before his eyes. Buffy read the signals pulling her athletic young thighs up against her hard little tits, locking her feet behind her head and smiling expectantly while working her nimble little fingers over her clit.

Kneeling before her, Frank placed the engorged, bulbous head of his fuck tool at the entrance to her hairless little back door. Buffy smiled and nodded. Frank moved forward quickly and broke the seal of her anal ring. Buffy gasped but never stopped smiling. She nodded again. Frank eased into the little channel, watching for her signs as she accommodated the fullness. In short order his big balls were slapping her fine little butt.

Paying special attention to her astoundingly firm and ample breasts, Frank started a slow, persistent balls-deep stroke. Buffy rotated her fine young hips in perfect harmony, moving her little ass up with each stroke to meet his increasingly rapid thrusts. Frank made love to her mouth with his own as Buffy moaned and whimpered in appreciation. Frank moved her hips up slightly, assuming an almost vertical stroke which enabled Buffy to watch Frank's fat cock stretch her little rectum to the absolute limit. Buffy was a butt fucker's dream. . . she moved, she grinned, she responded...and she talked.

"Oh, yes, balls deep, baby. Fuck this little girl's little ass hole. God, I love it up the shitter, butt fuck me, Frank! Make me your little anal slut...your dirty girl. Oh, fuck! Don't stop, don't cum yet...I'm so fucking close, oh, shit, oh, damn, oh God...yessss!!!"

Buffy's little chute clamped down hard on Frank's fat cock and Frank knew he had to shoot a load in Buffy's hot little hole. Accelerating his stroke, he looked down at the sweet little thing beneath him.

"Yeah, fuck! I'm ready, Frank...I felt it. . . shoot that load in my ass...I want to feel it!"

Frank complied, shooting a massive load of cream deep in Buffy's rectum as he screamed in ecstasy. Buffy continued her nimble finger work. As Frank's cock plopped from her gaping little hole, Frank went down on her, replacing her fingers with his own mouth and tongue. In seconds, she came again, trapping Frank's head between her strong young thighs and fucking his face with her smooth little cunt. Moving down and tasting his own juice as it dripped from her distended little hole, Frank felt her shiver as his long tongue explored her anal opening.

Moving up, he kissed her, sharing their combined flavors with her in a deep and probing kiss. Wrapping the small woman in his arms, he held her snuggly; she fit so perfectly. Caressing the crease of her little ass, Frank nuzzled her neck and breasts and provided the after fuck tenderness that so many men ignored. Buffy responded appropriately, pushing her young form deeply into Frank's strong arms.

"God damn, Frank, you are an absolute fucking stud! I can't believe how long you held off in my ass...most men cum too fast back there. Damn, Frank, you are an amazing lover---you're more than a fucking stud...that was absolutely the best...I had no idea what I had been missing." Buffy said, pausing only to give Frank a long, tender and genuinely affectionate kiss.

Frank smiled at the compliment but seemed troubled. "What's the matter, Frank?"

"There's nothing the matter with are an amazing lover. I need to confess something. First, I'm very happily married. Bonnie and I have a great sex life along with being best friends. When I was married to my first wife, I fooled around---a lot. When Bonnie and I got married, I swore I wasn't going to cheat on her.... and I didn't...not once until a couple of weeks ago---also with a woman young enough to be my daughter, also astounding sex...and I felt really guilty. The problem is right this minute I don't feel that guilty. I'm probably rationalizing; it's not like I'm not satisfying my wife...daily...or that in view of our thirty plus year age difference we're going to fall in love and run off together. But I should feel bad about this...and I don't remotely."

"Is Bonnie good in bed?" Buffy asked.

"Astounding...great cock sucker...enjoys anal...never too tired to get boned, a bit of an exhibitionist, loves to fuck in strange places...a you."

"Do you think she'd fool around?"

"Never! It's just not her style. And I truly believe she'd be crushed if I told her."

"Any chance that she already knows? Women have a sixth sense."

"No, Bonnie is not that way. She doesn't let things ride. She'd confront me and I'd be unable to lie to her."

"Does she like girl sex?"

"It's never really come up although we were completely open with each other about our previous sexual escapades before we got married and she admitted to an occasional bi dalliance in her former life."

"Well, Frank, I have a confession to make. I like...I love cock! I love sucking cock and I absolutely need regular penetration by a stiff dick. But I also have a bi side. Jack might suspect but I'm sure he doesn't really know. Would you like me to explore that with your wife? I mean, it's a win-win. I'll be glad to try to seduce her. . . I'm pretty good in that department. I flirted with her a little bit at the party and she didn't get turned off...she responded...she was interested...I'm damned sure of it! She wouldn't be the first woman in the neighborhood..."

"It's a tantalizing thought; after fifteen years, you have to work constantly to keep things interesting in the marital bed. Sometimes my dick isn't as hard as I'd like it to be with Bonnie---it's the old familiarity thing. But how would you approach the subject?"

"Pretty directly, I think. 'Hey, Bonnie, your husband is a fucking gorgeous man and you are one very hot woman. I'm attracted to both of you. What's the chance of the three of us hopping in the sack together and fucking and sucking until we pass out?"

"Well, she's a very direct woman. She'd either say 'sounds like fun' or 'no, thank you but thanks for the compliment.' If you're serious let me do a little exploring and, if it seems possible, we'll invite you and Jack over for dinner when he gets back."

"Jack gets a lot of temptation on the road but he loves me. It's just sex---if it's happening and I'll accept it for the moment."

"By the way, which attractive young neighborhood wife did you seduce, if you don't mind me asking?"

Buffy thought for a moment. "Your nearest neighbor...the tall blond, Belinda---and she's screamingly fucking hot! She sucks pussy almost as good as you do! She loves pussy to pussy action, ATM and hinted that she'd like me to do her with a strap on. What a kisser!"

Frank started to laugh. Buffy got it. "You fucked her too, didn't you, old man?"

"Her pussy...not her ass...but she clearly indicated that her ass was mine if we ever got together again...which we haven't."

"Did you know she's pregnant?"

"I knew they were trying; good for them!"

"Frank, Buffy and I are very close. Her hubby and mine are good friends too, which is odd since they are such total opposites, but they bring out the best in each other. Belinda and I don't have many secrets. I wasn't going to tell you, I was going to act surprised, but Belinda already told me she fucked you. I mean, generator or not, I fully intended to find a way to get in your pants. She's never strayed before. That combined with her detailed description of your carnal expertise made me decide.

"Look...I have no intention of fucking any of the young husbands around here. They talk, they fall in love and things get messy. Plus, they all have the same problem...they cum too damned soon! You were safe. I'd heard that older guys had staying power but had never really experienced it. She told me you fucked for over forty-five minutes and never came or went soft. Even in my little ass you showed amazing fucking control! And, bluntly, your cock is big. . . bigger than any I've ever enjoyed in the past. It would be a shame not to share it!"

Buffy seemed to be deciding whether there was more she should say. "There's another thing you need to know. Belinda is almost positive that you knocked her up. You guys didn't use protection. Hubby was too drunk to do her when he got home and was hung over the next day. They didn't fuck until four days later when she thought she might be pregnant---the old female sixth sense---and wanted to be sure to cover her bases---even though the thermometer said she was no longer ovulating.

"You fucked her Saturday morning. She took a home pregnancy test the following Saturday and it was positive---there's no fucking way she implanted from screwing hubby on Wednesday---it's just not possible in less than six to ten days from conception. She went back and checked her calendar and her temp chart; she was in full ovulation when you fucked her; she passed the peak by the time hubby did his business.

"He also has a moderately low sperm count so unless you've had your tubes tied---and if you had, you'd have told me and I'd have let you fuck my little pussy---you made a baby, old man! And before you say anything, Belinda is not remotely upset. They'd been trying for a long time without success. You're a great looking guy, better looking than her husband in my opinion, and she is happy as a clam being pregnant. What's your blood type, by the way?"

"It's 'O' positive."

"Belinda will be relieved to hear that. It's the same as the two of them, so unless they do a DNA test, which is unlikely, she's in the clear. Any strange family illnesses in your past?"

"Nope. My grandparents lived into their nineties. In fact all of my relatives lived long, disease free lives or died from accidental causes."

"Well, expect a blond, blue eyed bouncing baby next door in less than nine months and no one will be the wiser."

"Now I feel really guilty."

"Don't! They're a great couple, they'll make great parents and they've been friends and in love since high school. Still, you and that cock made an impression on her. She was absolutely gushing when she told me about how damned well you fucked her...not that I'm surprised. 'O' Positive, eh?"

"What are you thinking about now?"

"The problem is, both Jack and I are brunettes with brown eyes.... although we're both 'O' positive. The blue eye thing isn't that big an issue...brown is the dominant gene but it is very common for brown eyed parents to have blue eyed babies. And Jack's grand mother had blue eyes and blonde hair. You're taller than Jack, obviously more anglo-nordic.... hmmm...."

"Don't tell me you're ovulating?"

"No, not today...but I'm damned close. Jack and I really want a baby...two in fact. Like Belinda and her husband we've been trying for some time with no success. If it doesn't work this cycle, Jack's going to have to go jerk off it a cup---again---and they're going to try artificial insemination...which excites me, not!"

"When does Jack get back?"

"Late Friday."

"When will you be ovulating?"

Frank suddenly realized that having knocked up his pretty blonde neighbor turned him on was the validation of his virility...and an opportunity to do it again excited him. He and Bonnie had considered children but she had been unable to conceive and the cause was irreversible.

"Friday, that's why he cut his trip short---to come back and fuck me. He has to go back out first thing Monday morning. When do we have to go out and check the concrete?"

Frank checked the bedside clock. "In about half an hour."

"You're hard again."

"You noticed."

"Fuck me. We need to practice. We don't want to fumble the ball on Friday when you put---hopefully—a baby inside me. By the way, have you ever had your sperm tested?"

"'s strong...very strong."

"You just got lucky, Frank; I know you enjoyed fucking my ass...I sure did...but my pussy is exceptional!"

Buffy was not overstating the facts. She had astounding muscle control and worked her little cunt like a professional. After having already cum twice Frank was in top form. He could have lasted longer but having already cum more than once, Buffy got impatient, tickled his balls with her talented little hands and brought Frank to a screaming orgasm.

"No practice after Wednesday, Frank...I want you to build up your sperm count."

"Bonnie will be out of town Wednesday thru Friday."

"No jerking off, old man."

"I promise."

Frank and Buffy covered the concrete with plastic after a final brush finish and Frank headed home with his pups. He knew Bonnie would be disappointed if she didn't get her coming home fuck so about half an hour prior to her expected arrival he popped one of the tear drop shaped little flesh colored pills. Ten bucks well spent he thought to himself. An hour later, he came for the fourth time in six hours in his wife's still astounding little quim. Later after dinner as the couple was in bed together the subject of Buffy came up. Frank briefed his wife on the day's activities, less the fucking, of course.

Chapter Four, Frank Learns about his Wife's Desires.

"Frank, do you think Buffy might be bi?" It was all Frank could do to keep from choking.

"I don't know, hon. She certainly is a hot little number. What makes you ask?"

"Well, at the party before you met her, she and I talked for quite a while. I swear she was coming on to me...not overtly, but...she is an exceptionally attractive and very sexy young woman."

"How did you feel about her...ah...flirting with you?"

"I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I got just a little bit wet. You know I haven't done it with a girl since before we were married. I love your know that...but..."

Frank decided to be bold. "Bonnie, are you telling me you want to fuck the little minx?"

"Yes...don't you?"

"Well, sure, who wouldn't? She's gorgeous, sexy...amazing little body...what are you suggesting, dear?"

"I'd like to invite them over for dinner over the weekend...feel her out...see if my instincts are correct. I'd also really like to hire her husband. . . that can be the excuse. I have no desire to fuck another man---you're more than I can handle. But another woman...well, that's different. Fair is fair...if she's up for it and wants to fuck me, you get to fuck her too. I've always wanted to watch you fuck another woman...fuck her ass...make her scream with that fat cock while I go down on her...does that turn you on?"

"Unbelievably!" Frank said softly, as Bonnie slid over and softly fondled his cock.

"Would you like to practice on your hot little wife's back door?"

"Great minds think alike, sweetheart."

As Bonnie drove to work the next morning she considered the plan she had put into motion. She was certain that Frank had been faithful to her until very recently. The temptation in this neighborhood was just too much for him. She knew Frank was unable to lie to her and would therefore never ask him. After fifteen years of wonderful marriage with Frank, she was completely secure in her relationship with her husband and best friend. She had noticed his frustration when he could not stay quite as hard as he once did when he fucked her. She had also noticed how hard he got after spending time with all of the ravishing young twenty-something women in the neighborhood.

She was not afraid of losing her husband to some twenty-something hottie. The little cunts flirted with him shamelessly; Frank had the strongest sex drive of any man she had ever known and she had found the evidence of his constant jerking off when she was at work. She loved work and had no intention of quitting. Additionally, as much as she enjoyed their monthly all day Sunday fucks she doubted that she could keep up with Frank's needs on a daily basis.

Buffy had indeed come on to Bonnie and Bonnie had been both intrigued and aroused. Buffy was exactly the kind of woman who turned Bonnie on. She had enjoyed girls more than boys before she had met---and fucked---Frank but he had changed all that. Frank was the first man who had really ever rung her bell---and God did he! And she had always wanted children with Frank but it was not to be. Still, if things worked out as planned, she would soon have many surrogate children to dote on. First she would get Buffy in their marital bed, then she would work on the tall, leggy blonde next door, Belinda. Bonnie knew Frank was very attracted to her...might have even fucked the gorgeous young woman...probably had...but it was no matter.

Bonnie had responded as was her nature to Buffy's overtures at the party.

"Do you want to fuck me, little girl?" she had asked brazenly.

"Yes." Buffy had replied after a few seconds of thought.

"I'd like that, Buffy; I've missed girl sex over the years. But here's the deal. . . fuck me...fuck my husband, Frank. The three of us. . . together...are you okay with that? That's him right over there talking to your husband---and by the way I'm not remotely interested in fucking him or fucking around with other men. Frank meets my needs in that department completely. I'll introduce you. Seduce him...make him fuck you...if you're successful, we've got a deal."

Buffy glanced at the man speaking to her husband. She'd seen him before; he was older...a lot older...but hot. And she knew from talking to her best friend that he was a great fuck. Did Bonnie know about Belinda? It wasn't important at the moment.

"You've got a deal," Buffy replied, and the plan was set into motion.

As Bonnie pulled into her reserved parking space she checked the last email on her PDA and smiled. Buffy had come through.

Chapter Five, Frank and Buffy working together.

Frank and Buffy were hanging black iron pipe and running electrical conduit. It was Tuesday. Frank marveled as the small woman drilled the required holes through the basement sidewall to accommodate the gas pipe and electrical conduit. She handled the heavy impact drill like a pro. Frank finished up the pipe and prepared the basement wall with lugs for the transfer switch while Buffy rechecked each gas connection. They turned on the valve and there were no leaks. They had started late because Buffy had a conference call. Still they had done everything they could do by noon. Having shared a late breakfast together, neither was hungry for lunch.

As Buffy bent over replacing the last tools in Frank's tool box, she again presented that incredible ass for Frank's inspection. Yanking her sweats down with no preliminaries, Frank was delighted to find her without panties. Working his strong fingers into her young cunt from behind Frank was also pleased to find her very wet. As Buffy grabbed hold of a pipe on the wall for support in anticipation, Frank was out of his shorts and pressing his rock hard fuck tool against her dripping little slot. He was balls deep in a flash, banging the young woman with animalistic ferocity, lifting her tiny body off the ground with the force of his thrusts. Buffy absolutely loved being taken hard from behind and squealed in appreciation. Frank ravished her steamy little cunt for close to half an hour; as she felt him prepare to cum, she spun around.

"On my face...cum on my face, baby!"

Frank complied, aiming accurately and getting most of his cream where Buffy most wanted it. Still there was a lot, and soon her sweet little face was dripping with cum. Frank thought she was the cutest thing he'd ever seen with cum dripping from her mouth, hair and firm little tits. Buffy sucked his still stiff organ into her mouth and removed the last traces of his special juice. God, she thought, fucking this man could become addictive!

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