tagBDSMThe Slave Ch. 07

The Slave Ch. 07


This has chapters in several different categories, though mostly BDSM, Non-consent, Group and Lesbian. I highly recommend reading in order. As always, please let me know what you think


Nika opened her eyes to find several men standing around her bed. The five of them stood looking down at her. All black clothing, jeans, t-shirts and ear pieces giving away their roles in the compound as guards. Fear doused her body in shivers.

"Get up girl. Get dressed, you're coming with us"

She scrambled from her bed and into her closet. Throwing on one of her nicer dresses and running a brush through her hair she found herself slightly quaking before the leader in only moments. He looked her up and down nodding. Turning, the rest of the guards followed taking her with them.

They walked out of the hall and over to the main building. She started to worry about where they were going. If they went to the top floor she was in trouble. The only people up there were the trainers and the Master. Their steps echoed on the marble floors of the entry and sun light reflected down from the crystal domed ceiling. They climbed the grand stair way to the second floor, walked down a long hall to the left and stepped in to an elevator. Nika nearly fainted. She was going to the top floor. In the Master's private elevator.

There was no ding when the doors slid open with a quiet rush of air. She stepped forward with the guards the opening large enough for three of them to walk nearly shoulder to shoulder. The Master sat back in his chair, concentrating on the papers in his hands. As they neared the desk she took in the room as fast as she could. The room was fairly large, her whole apartment could fit in here. Floor to ceiling windows were spaced evenly along one wall, she could see the front iron gates in the distance. Solid, dark stained wood, with dark brown leather and brass accented furniture filled the room a reminder of the library four floors below.

When they arrived in front of the large desk, she dropped to her knees and pressed her fore head to floor. Nika heard the large leather chair creek as he moved. His steps moved around the room to a near by couch. "Come."

She slowly crawled across the room as gracefully as she could. Laying her head on his knee she waited in fear. This man had already changed her life, with that one sentence of his when she had first arrived, her life was turned upside down. Turned into a play thing of rich jaded men, she could have been simply a slave in the compound unsure of anything except that those who disappeared to the other end of the complex were never seen on this side again.

His accent poured down her back like liquid silver, "Nika..." his fingers moved over her hair, "I have been told you've been an outstanding slave in the house. Your trainer has giving me glowing reports and not one of your guests has given a complaint about you. You've been respectful and kind to all the attendants. At first I wondered if this could be true, for no one in their right mind could be that perfect given the situation." His fingers fisted pulling her head back roughly exposing the fear in her eyes, "and now I have been notified that you have become the toy for one my guards. Michael has been placed on suspension for playing with one of my girls without permission and now its your turn."

He stood quickly, knocking her back and returning to his desk and papers. With out a word from him the nearest guard picked her up and took her to the corner locking her wrists above her head and hooking the wrist bands on the lock that hung from the ceiling. She stood on the balls of her feet watching the Master as he worked.

For the rest of the day she hung in the corner. This is my punishment? she thought to herself, not that she wanted something worse, but she didn't understand how being on display was a punishment. Not long after she had been strung up the Master left the room. As soon as the door closed the two guards who had been left, turned, and started to play with her. Fingers groped her chest and slid over her body reluctantly bringing it to life.

They slid over inch of her skin. Smirking at her body's betrayal, they touched her and pinched her. Smacking her ass till it burned a bright red and stung like a sunburn from the California sun.

When her British Master returned to the room the two guards were standing at her side and she was frustrated beyond belief. Confused at the situation she hung, her muscles tightening up and her arms becoming sore.

His eyes never left his papers as he spoke barely above a whisper, "Orgasm before I tell you to Nika and you will find yourself wishing you had never known this compound existed."

She squeezed her eyes shut and finally understood her punishment. Every time Master left the room the guards played with her. A finger slipped in and out while the connected thumb tormented her clit. She cried out and bit her lip wanting to go back to her room, jump into her bed, hide under the covers and never wanted see another guard for as long as she lived!


Time did eventually pass and just as the sun had finally set, the Master returned after his last absence to eat his dinner. An attendant followed behind him carrying a little try that held two bowls, one filled with rice the other with flavored grilled strips of chicken. Nika licked her lips as she watched the attendant sit the tray down on the table only two feet from her.

She held her tongue. She knew better than to hope. The Master sat back in his chair and nodded to the guards. They released her bindings gently lowering her to the floor. Her arms laid dead in her lap sore from finally being released. She kept her eyes on the ground as the guards moved the tray in front of her.

"Eat," the accented voice ordered.

She ate slowly, her arm gradually returning to life as she raised the fork to her lips. The Master watched her eat. When she finished the meal he called her to him. As she neared her Master she wondered about this man. It was his fault she was here. This tall, strong lean bodied, well groomed man who's accent alone was enough to make her melt; if she weren't scared out of her mind. The Master's eyes were the brown of the earth found buried beneath a deep forest, she could almost smell the last of the showers on the trees. The light dusting of stubble on his checks would have made any other man look shabby or like a pirate, on this man it was daring and handsome.

Over her time in the compound she had thought about the Master's appearance, it wasn't what she would have thought of a man who owned such as this. One would have thought he should have been short, overweight, unable to get a woman on a good day and so he set up a system like this; or maybe that was just her resentment at her situation. As her eyes slid down his rough cheek, mentally she rolled her eyes at herself. Handsome in a way that said not only could he pose for GQ but he could have any runway model he wanted, she didn't really understand why this man needed this compound. As far as she noticed, he rarely left the compound and no female came to visit. The only women to grace his bed, well his desk, as he never used his bed with a girl, were the girls brought here for the guests.

She shuddered as his finger tips softly breezed over her jaw line to suddenly and roughly grab the back of her head. A small moan escaped her parted lips as he leaned in tightening his fingers, "What pray tell is my little slave thinking of when she should only be thinking of me?"

She swallowed, "I was thinking of you Master," her whispered reply would only be heard by him due to his position.

Nika could tell by the look in his eye he didn't completely believe her. He made a motion with his hand that would have been a swift flick of the wrist if it weren't for her head in his grip, "Try again, the truth this time."

She cried out in response, "Truly Master! I was thinking of you. I was wondering why a man such as you only uses the women of the compound and not someone more worthy."

A look passed behind his eyes that she didn't recognize, "Don't worry about such things. After your indiscretion with my guard Nika, you will listen and you will listen well. You're returning to your duties, do not," he flicked his wrist again, "do not disappoint me again."


Nika raised her eyes to look across the room. The dim lights, soft music playing in the background made for what should have been a relaxing moment. She found out quickly why she was returning to duties instead of being punished more; James and a couple of his friends were back. She liked Brian and James the best out of them all but just couldn't get into the night. She had spent all day with Master to be notified as soon as she had reached her room's door, that she had guests waiting.

She sighed and watched as James played a game of pool with Michael, Brian stood from the chair close on her right to walk to the bar. While he poured himself a drink Brian looked back at the girl. She had a guarded look in her eye as if something had happened. Curious he returned his chair, before sitting he placed the glass on the table and moved his seat closer to her. When he leaned forward in his chair, she noticed his movement, he went even closer until their foreheads touched, "your silence is lifted for us this night. Now tell me, what is wrong Nika. You're not the same girl tonight."

Nika closed her eyes and sighed, "I apologize Brian. Please, I hope you, Michael and of course especially James wont hold my bad behavior against me. Its no excuse but I was punished today and I guess a part of me is not into even a small party..."

He smiled kindly, "its alright girl, why don't we head upstairs?" She smiled and waited in her chair while Brian spoke with the other two. Once James nodded, he and Michael moved for the door, Brian came back and picked her up. She protested but he insisted with a smile.

They entered the room and moved to the couch, Brian sat with her on his lap next to James; Michael sat on the floor leaning against the arm. James found the remote and her flat screen TV rose from it's hiding spot inside a side table under her painting of mountains. A mindless movie that meant nothing to her put Nika to sleep and just as she was dozing off she felt Brain shift taking something from his pocket.

He watched her eyes close and then slid open the four inch pocket knife. James noticed and grinned adjusting his seat so the back of her head on his thigh was barely touching his zipper. Brian touched the tip to the skin on her upper arm and dragged it gently up leaving no mark. She moaned in her sleep and turned to her stomach.

Brian sliced down the back of her dress opening it slowly and then, using the dull side of the blade slowly scratched letters along her back, the whole time the soft breathy moans became stronger and her right leg bent opening her thighs to Brian's touch. James took over the knife, adding little designs along her new marks as Brian's fingers slid along her lower cheeks spreading the round globes to run his finger tip around her entry and the down to her throbbing clit.

Though she had woken some time ago, Nika let them play on her skin enjoying the feel of their knife. At the feel of Brian's fingers though she wiggled off their laps with a squeal. She tumbled to the ground a smile on her face and her ruined dress hanging around her elbows exposing her large breasts to the three men. James rose from the couch and walked into the bedroom, was stripped and waiting on the edge of the bed before Brian even had her off the floor. Michael helped lead her to the bed. Brian pushed her dress to the floor and pushed her up on to the covers. James helped her on to her back, Nika laid before them completely naked, watching Brian and Michael undress.

Once all were stripped and arranged on the bed, her head in James' lap with Brian and Michael on either side, the boys took turns drawing the dull side of the knife along her exposed skin. With each light white scratch they left Nika moaned anew and soon couldn't hold still. She bunched the covers in her fists as the tip was dragged along her stomach, over her hip and down her inner thigh. As Brian finished the stripe, James leaned forward and kissed her hard and strong. The knife left her and didn't return, she whimpered into his mouth. One of the boys tickled her and she laughed loud and clear. Brian grinned when that time, her smile reached her eyes.

James tightened his grip on her hair, pulling her back for another deep kiss. He pulled her up, twisting her body around to straddle his strong legs, the whole time never loosing contact between their mouths. Her breasts pressed against his chest as he pulled the pillows out from behind him to lay flat on the bed. She was lost in his kiss and the feel of his hands, unaware of the other two moving around taking their places. Hands moved over her skin and hair. The sensations tingled and burned across her sensitive skin.

A hand guided James inside her tight sheath, the feel of the fullness inside her made her gasp and arch. She rode him slowly savoring each pull and push. Fingers moved their way in to her hair pulling her head up and high to the gently jumping cock in front of her. She licked her lips as her eyes followed up Brian's body to meet his eyes. Nika watched his eyes as the tip of his cock pressed to her lower lip and then slipped inside. Her eyes shut, she relished the taste and the fullness in her body. As Brian reached deeper and deeper in to her mouth, it felt as if James was going to touch through her lower half. The pleasure built and built until Brian bumped the back of her throat, James pressed into her g-spot and the tip of Michael's finger slipped through her last unclaimed virgin hole. The orgasm rocked through her body, she screamed around Brian's member.

Brian clutched at her head, pressing and rubbing in the back, choking off her air way, "Damn it Michael get in there so we can finish!"

Nika snapped her eyes wide in fear, tapping at Brian's waist as tears started to fall. She was given breath just before Michael pressed into her. His penetration burned as her skin stretched and opened to accept him.

When he was fully lodged inside, Nika took several shallow breaths not sure at how it felt; then James moved inside of her. She was lost. Filled before, she was startled at how it felt to be taken in such away. It wasn't just that they filled every hole, but that they were using her for such pleasure she could see it on Brian's face, in his eyes and in how his hand gripped her hair so tightly. Without warning her body exploded, she fingers gripped Brian's waist as her inner muscles gripped them all.

James and Michael burst and their cum over flowed out of her and as her body milked them dry, Brian fucked her mouth till finally he pressed to the back and she was truly filled. They're bodies vibrated sex and release for hours though it was mere moments before each slipped from their place and she fell on the strong chest beneath her.

Brian and James both curled up around her, holding her close and tightly as Michael grabbed a wash cloth from the sink and wiped them all clean. Joining them on the overly large bed they all slept soundly though Nika winced in her sleep when her legs or waist moved. They missed the Master's visit in the darkness.

After the boys left the next morning Nika stumbled to her bathroom and looked in to the mirror. She looked in to her own eyes, the black pupil surrounded by golden petals on a brown background of the iris. The pain and the confusion. She pondered the acts from the night before and the day with Master. She realized the boys knew what they were going to do with her, Michael had never joined with them before. The guests were told it was a limit for her and yet it happened, and Brian would never do something that she wouldn't necessarily allow; he had stopped James and others from crossing lines before. The Master knew. It was the final part of her punishment, to have a limit taken from her. His way of reminding her, to whom she belonged to now.

She looked in to eyes once more before turning around. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed white lines on her back. She twisted her back to the mirror and grinned at what Brian had scratched: "Property of James & Co"...

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