tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sleep Over Ch. 02

The Sleep Over Ch. 02


When I reached the threesome of Krista, Betty, and Christa, I came up behind my lovely girlfriend and began kissing the back of her neck, while saying, "I love you so much, KinkyLilSquirt." Krista giggled as much from my kisses tickling her, as from my use of her nickname. I unzipped her white top and then lifted it over her arms and off her body exposing her, extremely low cut, lacy bra, which exposed most of her fairly massive breasts. I then unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off her body leaving her dressed only in white frilly panties below the waist. Krista turned and we stood and just cuddled each other for a matter of minutes. It just felt so good to be holding her semi-naked body so close to my naked one, that I had adrenaline just racing through my body. I saw others cutting their eyes toward us, as they continued their conversations. I realized they knew I was capable of anything and were just a little apprehensive about what might be coming next. Mwahaha!

That's what made it so surprising to everyone, including myself, when Krista made the next move by reaching behind her and unfastening her bra. She then reached up and brought the bra down off her shoulders and arms and dropped it at her feet on the floor.

Krista's breasts were perfectly shaped with wonderfully full nipples and just the exact size that was needed to wonderfully fit her body. They were large for her overall height and body, but not unpleasantly so. I immediately lowered my mouth on one of her nipples and began to suckle it.

"Oh!" my beautiful girlfriend moaned at the touch on my mouth on her breast.

Krista reached down and pushed her panties down to the floor and stood gloriously stark naked before me – and before all the other young women in the room with the late afternoon sunlight streaming through the windows.

As I was moving my mouth from one nipple to the other, I happened to glance at the rest of the party. Kristine and Nicole were grinning broadly at us, public sex being old hat to them. Kitty had pushed her gorgeous green dress up around her waist and her panties down around her knees and she had three fingers jammed into her labia and was working them in and out as quickly as possible. Her head was thrown back in a state of ecstasy.

Rebecca had pulled her short skirt off and was now watching us wearing only her halter top and sheer panties. Christa and Eudora were tentatively running their hands lightly over each other, while intently watching Krista and myself.

Betty, who was standing beside us, began to massage all around Krista's neck and shoulders, right in the areas where most people carry their stress and tension from the hassle of their day to day lives. She had strong appearing hands and supple fingers and was able to elicit a moan of satisfaction from my beautiful girlfriend every time she dug in with her hands.

Krista began to play with my clit; it being now extremely easy to find due to my hairless condition down there. As Betty continued massaging my best girl, I began to kiss KinkyLilSquirt passionately over and over driving Krista to manipulate my clit ever more strongly causing me to begin to thrust my hips at her hand.

Oh God damn, it felt good! I knew my lady love was feeling good also, as her face was extremely flushed and her eyes indicated that she was only in partial touch with reality at the present time. Her skin was so smooth and it was literally glowing at the moment.

I decided to take this to a higher level and I lead her over to one of the five beds that had been pushed into the large bedroom in anticipation of the sleepover. I was amused when Betty followed us, but you know me – the more the merrier. Mwahaha!

I helped my beautiful girlfriend to lay on her back on the bed and she pulled her legs up until they were bent at the knees and spread wide apart offering the entire room a complete view of the inner workings of her distended vagina.

As I lay beside her, whispering my love for her, and holding her gorgeous body next to mind, Betty crouched between Krista's legs and began to tongue her clitoris.

"Oh God!" my wild sweet love cried out, as her cum gushed from her cunt and into Betty's mouth. I began to kiss my sweetheart passionately slipping my tongue into her mouth, as she responded in like kind, while continuing to twitch and turn as her cum continued to roll from her in multiple orgasms.

She explained to me later it had been a peak sexual experience for her, as she had never ever experienced anything before near that good. We decided it must have been everything put together that added to it – doing it in front of a number of our friends, having her cunt eaten out by Betty, while being cuddled, kissed and loved by me.

As I lay relaxing in my baby's arms in post-coital sweet talking and sharing private jokes, I happened to glance over at some of our friends. Kitty had since stripped off both her dress and her underwear leaving her only wearing her green high heels and she looked hot in them, let me promise you that! With her long brunette hair, gorgeous face with a little button nose, and large breasts and a narrow waist, she was flat out drop dead beautiful. Kitty was currently laying on a bed with her nude body wrapped around Rebecca, who had seemed to have lost her panties along the way and was currently dressed only in her halter top.

Christa and Eudora were also completely nude and involved with each other on yet another bed, kissing and rubbing their clits against each other.

'Oh my God!' I thought. 'Krista has started an orgy, the likes of which hasn't been seen since the days of the Roman Empire!' Mwahaha!

Kristine and Nicole were standing in the corner watching everybody with bemused looks on their faces, but in case you think they were handling everything that had gone wrong with the sleepover so far in a mature manner, you're mistaken. They were just slugging down that punch and hadn't yet tumbled to the fact that it was heavily laced with booze. They were really just three sheets to the wind, haha!

Now that bitch Carrie was another matter. She stood over there, her face completely flushed, hands on her hips, and looking pissed as hell. I later decided that her red face was more related to being sexually stimulated rather than angry, but I certainly didn't know that at the time. And who would have?

Carrie began spewing her anger all over us. "Who do you two perverts think you are? You're not at your house. This is at Nicole's house and she said she didn't want you to do anything like this and if you did to take it to the bathroom."

"No, really," Nicole explained. "It's alright, I don't mind – really, Carrie."

Carrie stopped her rant long enough to smile at Nicole and then returned to spewing her bile out over us. "You dykes are disgusting anyway, you're an abomination unto the Lord, but then to insist we have to witness this sickness is even worse. You should have the common decency to keep this kind of abomination to yourselves."

I don't know what Krista was feeling, but I was PISSED! I turned to my lady love and said very calmly, "Let's fuck this homophobic cunt bitch up."

Krista smiled at me, the smile that is full of rainbows and butterflies. (Alright, so I'm corny when I'm in love – sue me). I took that to be a yes. This Carrie was so full of self righteousness that she wasn't even worried about any kind of retribution on our part. Maybe she was just so used to having her own way that it never occurred to her that people might fight back, but whatever it was caused her to pay no further attention to us, but to turn her attention to Nicole and Kristine. I suppose she was seeking some type of validation from them, but it never came as we crossed the room to her in a vengeful mood; at least there was on my part.

Carrie was wearing a yellow tank top and blue jean cut offs. She was just a tad chunky, but a far cry from being overweight in any sense. In fact, I had the idea it was a good chunky, as in muscle rather than fat based on the way her body appeared, as she moved around and the way her bosom filled out the front of the tank top promised some generous breasts.

We were standing directly behind her and she was ranting so extensively to Nicole and Kristine, she didn't have the slightest idea we were there.

"Hey cunt lips!" I yelled in her ear causing her to jump in surprise. Mwahaha!

As the young woman began to turn around, I decided not to give her any more warning than that. Gripping the bottom of her tank top, I pulled it straight up and over her head, while Krista had the hard job of unbuttoning Carrie's cutoffs and dragging them down to the floor. As soon the redheaded teenager turned all the way around, I crammed the wadded up tank top into her mouth preventing her from calling out immediately, but of course it wouldn't have proven to be effective in the long run.

I reached out and yanked her bra off and – hello – liberated her very sizeable, but wonderfully shaped breasts with their enormous nipples. Carrie made the mistake of attempting to cover her breasts from prying eyes, rather than fighting back. I believe, since KinkyLilSquirt and I are actually rather slight of height, she might have been able to out bully us, although we were much faster than she as it turned out.

Krista and I were working as well together as a well trained wrestling tag team. Krista pulled Carrie's panties off exposing her rather fleshy pubes and her large thatch of bright red pubic hair. Motioning to Krista to pick up our victim's feet, I carried her by her shoulders over to a bed and laid her down. Krista immediately set about tonguing Carrie's clit, while I first suckled both nipples and then began to kiss her gently all over her upper body. Her body was twisting and writhing on the bed, but I wasn't actually sure if it was in ecstasy or protest and noticing that she was desperately attempting to communicate, I grew frightened that possibly she was asthmatic and needed to be able to breath through her mouth. I quickly pulled the tank top from her mouth just in time to hear her moan, "Don't stop, do me, do me please." And she reached out with her arms and drew me close to her body and squeezed for dear life. This poor woman probably hadn't been touched by anyone, outside of a handshake or a pat on the shoulder, since she was a baby. I certainly am able to identify readily a person, who is suffering from touch deprivation and she was one of the worst cases I had ever witnessed.

As she continued to embrace me in a death grip, I moved my naked body against hers as much as possible, which I could tell she found deeply rewarding from the words of gratitude she was expressing to me. It turned out when I spoke with her later, that her parents had been killed in an auto accident, when she was an infant and she was raised by a great aunt and uncle, who were literally the ages of many of her friends' grandparents. They offered her all the material things she would want or need and words of encouragement throughout her life, but no physical contact, as they had failed to understand the importance of such in a child's development to a happy, mature adult.

Krista continued to tongue Carrie's clit as hard as she could, while I hugged the red haired pretty young woman, while kissing her over and over. Suddenly Carrie was arching her back in almost a drawn bow position, as her cum finally and furiously emerged from deep inside her. There must have been quite a build up of jism in her, as she admitted later she had never had an orgasm in her entire life, if you can believe that. I just remembered we used to say that somebody, who we knew hadn't had an orgasm in a long time, had a very bad case of white eye; meaning their cum buildup was almost all the way to their brain. Mwahaha!

As Krista, Carrie, and I lay cuddled side by side by side (haha!) on the bed, Christa and Eudora and Kitty and Rebecca were still involved in sexual play on two of the beds. Betty had also stripped herself naked and was leaning over Kristine and Nicole while removing their clothing, as they were presently passed out from too much vodka laced punch and thereby missed in its entirety the truly terrifying scene when Nicole's mother entered the bedroom unannounced carrying a huge plate of sandwiches! Mwahaha!

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