tagLesbian SexThe Slumber Party

The Slumber Party


The slumber party started out innocent enough... Three girls... juniors in college. Two of them have been best friends for years. The third was a new girl from California. She was a bit older than the other two, and she was very attractive. It was this girl who suggested they play a game of strip poker to liven up the small, intimate party. Her name was Mary. She wore her hair short and curly.

The other two girls, Cindy and Jillian, were also pretty. And yet, they were a bit shyer than the newcomer was. However, Mary seemed quite sure of herself, with enough confidence for the three of them. She had even supplied two bottles of wine to get things going.

"How do you play strip poker?" asked Cindy with a slight bit of nervousness in her voice.

"Well," answered Mary, "you play it just like regular poker, only the losers give up a piece of their clothing instead of money!"

The thought of seeing her best friend naked was very intriguing to Cindy. Deep inside she had secretly desired a more intimate closeness, although she had kept it quite hidden. To her surprise, when she glanced toward Jillian, her friend held a mischievous grin on her face. Could she also be harboring secret fantasies? And when Jillian announced that strip poker sounded fun Cindy could feel herself get a little wet between the thighs.

"Are you in, Cindy?" Mary gave her a flirtatious wink as she asked the question.

"Yeah, sure... why not?"

"Good! Let's drink to it." Mary reached for the wine and poured three glasses very full. The wine tickled their noses as it went down, releasing inhibitions along the way.

"Now here's the rules," Mary said in a mock authoritative voice. "Whoever loses a hand has to take something off. And whoever wins..."

"Whoever wins does what?" asked Cindy.

"Whoever wins gets to tell the losers to do something," finished Mary.

"What kind of something?" asked Jillian with a perky little smile.

"Whatever she wants," Mary replied.

Cindy and Jillian shot each other a quick look. Both were surprised to see looks of excitement and anticipation on the other. "Hmmm, thought Cindy, maybe this game won't be so bad after all!"

The three girls climbed up on the bed and sat facing each other in a circle. The light of the candles they had set out provided just enough illumination to see clearly, yet left it subdued enough to be seductive. Mary produced a pack of cards and began to shuffle. "Since it was my idea," she said, "I'll be the first to deal."

"Those cards aren't marked, are they?" Jillian asked.

"Maybe," Mary said with a chuckle. "The first game is five card draw, jokers are wild." She dealt each of them five cards face down.

"How does this go?" asked Cindy.

"You look at your hand and pick your best cards. Whatever cards you want to trade in you pass to the dealer."

"I want three," said Jillian, passing three cards to Mary.

"I'll take one," said Cindy.

"Hmmm. got a pretty good hand, eh?" said Mary with laugh. "Dealer takes four. Now we turn them over to see who has the best hand."

Mary was the first to reveal her cards; a pair of sevens with a king high. Jillian followed and turned over two pair, fours and tens. Cindy was last and revealed three deuces. "You win Cindy," said Mary. "Not bad for a beginner."

Cindy gave the girls a smug little smile and said, "Okay, take something off!" Mary and Jillian, who were already scantily clad in their negligees, each pulled off their tops. Cindy clapped gleefully and laughed as she watched her friend's strip.

"Now... what should I have you do..." Cindy gave Jillian as mischievous smile, leaned over and whispered into Mary's ear.

"What are you whispering?" Jillian demanded.

Mary grinned and looked into Jillian's anxious face. "She wants us to kiss each other."

"French kiss!" Cindy added with a laugh.

"Cindy! You naughty girl!" Jillian said with a shocked tone in her voice. Inside she felt a tremendous surge of excitement as she anticipated what was to come.

"Have you ever kissed a girl before?" asked Mary.

"Well.... No," Jillian replied.

"Let me show you to do it. Come here." Jillian slowly moved in close to Mary, trembling slightly with anticipation. Mary reached out and gently began to stroke her hair.

Pulling Jillians head to her, Mary began to lightly brush her lips against her face. With her eyes closed, Jillian could feel Mary's warm breath against her lips as she caressed her mouth. The tip of Mary's tongue began to trace Jillian's lips, sending shivers down her spine. Mary pressed her mouth in tighter, moving her tongue around the inside of Jillian's mouth. Jillian's nervousness disappeared as she gave in to the softness of Mary's kiss, which was unlike anything she had experienced with the boys she'd known.

After a long, slow moment the two separated. "Ooooo..." Jillian cooed, "that was nice!"

"Thank you," said Mary with a coy smile, "it was my pleasure."

Cindy, who had watched the two with a mixture of shock and erotic pleasure, felt her pussy get a little wetter. "Let's do another hand!" she said excitedly. "My deal this time."

"Yes," said Mary, "But first another glass of wine." She filled their glasses and the three drank deeply. "You girls learn quickly," said Mary.

"We have a good teacher," Jillian replied with a grin. The taste of Mary's kiss still lingered on her lips, leaving her hungry for more.

"Are you ready for the next lesson," Mary asked?

"Oh yes!" came the mutual reply.

"Good! Go ahead and deal."

Cindy paused a moment to take in the vision of her two playmates, both wearing only their panties and bras. A delightful vision indeed! "This will be another hand of five card draw," Cindy announced. "Deuces wild." She dealt out the cards all around.

Mary looked at her cards, then looked at the two girls. She licked her lips slowly and seductively. The other girls laughed. "I'll take two," Mary said as she passed her cards to Cindy.

"Hmmm... Guess I'll take four," Jillian said, handing her cards over with a dejected look on her face.

"Not much there, eh?" Cindy commented. The girls all laughed.

"I'll take three," said Cindy, dealing herself three new cards.

"Okay," said Cindy, "let's see what you've got."

Mary was the first to turn over her hand. "Full house," she said, revealing her cards.

"Oh! Two wild cards!" said Jillian.

"Yes, I love those wild cards", Mary replied.

Jillian was next. "Well, my pair of threes can't touch that," she said with a mock pout.

"Neither can my pair of jacks," said Cindy as she turned over her cards.

"Well, well," Mary said with a wide grin. "Guess it's time for you two to pay up!"

Cindy and Jillian looked at each other and shrugged with a laughed. "Guess so," said Cindy as she pulled her nighty off over her head.

"Oh boy, said Jillian, here goes nothing!" Reaching behind her back Jillian released the clasps of her bra. Slowly she let it slide off her breast to reveal two full and well-rounded tits. Cindy and Mary responded with applause and laughter. Jillian lifted her arms and seductively shook her breasts before her friends.

"Do you like what you see, Cindy," Mary asked?

"Yes I do," Cindy replied shyly.

"Good. Because I want you to caress them as you kiss her on the mouth... French kiss!"

"Okay," said Cindy with a giggle. She felt an odd pleasure at being told what to do by her dominating friend.

Jillian smiled as she moved in close and came face to face with Cindy. Cindy shyly hesitated. Jillian reached out and gently took her hands. "It's okay," she spoke; "I want to feel your hands on me." She placed Cindy's hands on her belly, and then began to slowly move them up until they reached her welcoming tits.

"Ohhh," Cindy breathed, "your tits feels good!"

"Now I want to see you kiss each other," Mary commanded.

Jillian, with eyes closed and absorbed in Cindy's caresses, reached out and pulled her friends face to her. The two joined in a hard, almost forceful kiss. Both girls were surprised at the passion they felt for each other as their tongues danced and played. At last the two separated, slowly and gently, then came together once again in a soft final kiss.

"Don't worry girls," Mary said with a laugh, "I'm sure there will be more to come!"

Jillian and Cindy giggled as they separated. Composing herself, Jillian spoke: "I think it's my turn to deal," she said.

"Yes it is," Mary replied, "But first... a little more wine!"

Mary poured the last of the bottle into their empty glasses. After they all drank Mary looked Jillian over with an appreciative eye. "One more losing hand and you'll be sitting there butt naked girl."

"I have an idea," said Cindy shyly. "How about if we make it that whoever is the first to lose all their clothes has to do whatever the other two want."

"You mean like a slave," Mary asked? "Cindy, you really are a naughty girl! I think that sounds very intriguing."

Jillian covered herself in mock embarrassment. "I'm sure you two would love to make me your little sex slave, wouldn't you!" Everyone laughed.

"Okay, said Mary, the loser is the slave and must do whatever the mistresses say. Let's drink to it." The three tipped their glasses back and finished the wine.

"Here's a poker game I know called anaconda," said Jillian as she began to deal out the cards. "You get seven cards. Keep four and pass three to the person on the left."

"Tricky", said Cindy. "Are you sure you're not cheating?"

Jillian smiled knowingly. "Now why would I want to do a thing like that?"

The girls studied their cards, passed three to the left, and studied some more. Two of the girls had puzzled looks on their faces, as if they weren't sure what to do. The dealer just smiled.

"Now you keep your best five cards to make a hand with, Jillian stated. "What do you have, Cindy?"

"Just a little pair of sevens" Cindy replied with a pout.


"I've got three little ladies, just like us!" Mary said, revealing three queens. "What do you have Jillian"?

"Read em' and weep, girls," Jillian turned over an ace high straight.

"You really were cheating!" said Cindy.

"No I wasn't you naughty girl," Jillian replied. "Just for that I'm making Mary pull your panties off so she can spank your bare naked butt!"

"Oh!" Cindy replied with a shout.

"Stand up girl," Mary said, "let's take a peek at that cute little tush of yours!"

Cindy gave in and stood before them on the large bed. Mary and Jillian took a moment to tease her by stroking her legs with the tips of their fingers, sending chills running down her spine. Mary locked her fingers around Cindy's panties and slowly worked them down her legs. Cindy, trembling slightly with excitement, let out a little gasp as her tight little ass was exposed to her friends.

Jillian settled back into a reclining position on the bed to better take in the scene. "Nice ass girlfriend," she commented. "Now I want you to get down on your knees and assume the position."

Cindy dutifully obeyed her. Jillian unconsciously moved her hands to her breasts and began to fondle herself as she proceeded. "Be gentle, but firm, Mary," she said.

"Yes, mistress," Mary replied with a smile.

With Cindy kneeling and bent over in front of her, Mary reached out and began to stroke her ass. Cindy's protruding bottom began to sway gently with the rhythm of Mary's caresses. A small groan escaped her lips. Unexpectedly, Mary gave her bottom a slap.

"Oww!" Cindy squealed, "that stung!"

"Just doing as I'm told," responded Mary, who returned to caressing Cindy's bottom.

"Naughty girls need to be punished," remarked Jillian as Mary gave another slap to Cindy's behind.


"I think you need to make up now," said Jillian. "Cindy, I want you to take off Mary's bra and then, just to show there's no hard feelings, I want to see you massage her nipples... with your tongue!"

Cindy, feeling very submissive after her spanking, turned to face Mary. Slowly and carefully she released Mary's bra strap and pulled it away from her body. Mary's breasts were large and voluptuous, and Cindy seemed fascinated by the sight of them.

"You're beautiful!" she said with a tone of awe in her voice.

"Enjoy," Mary said as she pulled Cindy's head into her bosom.

Cindy's tongue began to gently rotate around Mary's right nipple. Almost instantly she could feel it become erect in her mouth. In eager response Cindy pulled the nipple into her mouth and sucked gently, still rotating her tongue. Mary closed her eyes and let out a moan of pleasure.

Cindy released her nipple and moved her seeking mouth to Mary's left breast, kissing her body as she moved. Again Mary groaned as Cindy devoured her tit with her hungry mouth.

Jillian, who had been absorbed in her own ecstasy, finally interrupted them. "Okay my pretty little kittens, you have pleased me well. Whose deal is it now?"

"I do believe it's my deal," said Mary, breathing somewhat heavily. She retrieved the second bottle of wine from a large, ornate bag next to her side, opened the bottle and filled their glasses.

"Looks like whoever wins this hand will have two slaves," Mary observed. "This should be quite interesting." Cindy and Jillian looked at each other and giggled. "Now," Mary continued with a bravado that was encouraged by the wine, "let's make it where the one with the lowest hand is slave number one, and the one with the next lowest is slave number two. And the slaves must do anything and everything their mistress tells them to, no matter what that might be."

"Anything?" said Cindy with a mischievous grin.

"Yes! Anything... agreed?"

"Anything goes," chimed Jillian as she raised her glass in affirmation.

"Anything," said Cindy, raising her glass as well. Mary followed suit and the three glasses met in a toast.

"Good!" said Mary. "Shall we play?"

An electric silence filled the room as Mary began to shuffle the cards. "I'm rather fond of five card draw," she said. "And I did so well with it before that I think we'll do it again. Let's play this hand real clean... no wild cards."

Mary dealt the cards. The three became silent again as they studied their hands. "I just want one," said Jillian, passing a card to Mary.

"Must have a good hand, eh?" Mary replied.

"Can I take five new ones?" Cindy asked sheepishly.

Mary laughed. "Of course!" She dealt her a new hand. "Dealer takes two," Mary said, dealing herself two cards from the deck.

"Okay girls, its show time!" Mary said with a grin, obviously quite pleased with herself. "Show your stuff, Jillian," she demanded.

Jillian proudly turned over her cards. "A natural, ten high straight!" she said.

"Not bad," Mary observed. "How about you, Cindy?"

"Would you believe a queen high?" responded Cindy as she turned over her cards with a pout.

"Yes!" Mary shouted. "Read em and weep, slaves!" Mary turned over her cards to reveal a nice little heart flush.

To Be Continued...

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