tagMind ControlThe Transformed Man Ch. 05

The Transformed Man Ch. 05


Tom got up off the bench, wiping the back of his hand against his mouth. His cock hard from Paula's sucking, which had also cleaned his crotch and balls. Debbie's eyes were riveted on him, his toned, sweat covered body, and his massive cock that looked ready to go again.

Paula pulled her t-shirt off, and quickly after that unhooked her bra, freeing her big, firm tits and hard, dark nipples. They shook as she undid and wriggled out of her jeans, showing her big ass and thick thighs. She shucked off her soaked panties, and stroked her dripping bush as she took Tom's place laying on the bench.

"Come here, Debbie," she said, gesturing. "I want to eat that pussy, too."

Debbie's eyes bulged and she walked over. Paula took her hand, smiling at her, and guided her. Debbie slowly straddled Paula's face, engulfing Paula is the steamy heat coming off of her cunt. Paula's hands stroked up the outside of Debbie's thighs and hips, stroking her stomach and ass as she kissed, licked and nibbled on Debbie's plump pussy lips.

Paula's hands pushed Debbie gently to move her head down. She didn't want to just eat pussy, she had some that desperately needed attention. Debbie's eyes widened at the sight of Paula's lush, trimmed bush and thick thighs, her huge tits and big, round ass. She lowered her face and gently kissed around Paula's pussy and her thighs. As she worked closer to Paula's aching pussy she saw Tom move into position between Paula's legs. His giant cock throbbed and moved toward Paula's pussy and Debbie's mouth, guided by Tom's hand.

Debbie kissed the licked his shaft as it pushed against Paula's bush and worked it's way between her lips. Debbie felt Paula's groans against her pussy as Tom fed his cock into her. He lifted Paula's legs, holding onto her calves, and he pumped into her. Debbie's lips moved as Tom's cock did, and she found her lips buried in Paula's bush, licking and seeking out Paula's clit. Meanwhile, her own pussy was being sucked and licked as Paula shook her mouth back and forth, then up and down her slit, sucking her clit, burying her tongue in her hole.

Debbie's hair danced over Tom's plunging cock. Tom looked down over her body, seeing

Tom pulled out of Paula to the sounds of wet suction. He lowered her legs, her cum dripping from his cock as Debbie moved her head to lick Paula's emptied cunt.

He walked around between Debbie's legs, as they bent and shook from the diligent and noisy pussy eating Paula was doing. Debbie's nice round ass tensed and eased, covered in a sheen of sweat, now massaged deeply by Paula's roving hands. Tom moved in and Debbie felt him between her thighs. Paula took her mouth from Debbie's smooth, cumming pussy, "Hi big guy," she said, greeting Tom's cock.

Tom guided his cock between Debbie's plump pussy lips, eliciting squeals from Debbie into Paula's wet muff. He frowned as he felt the tightness of her fuck hole, flexed his muscles and pushed in.

"Oh fuck," he grunted. "You're tight like Paula's fat ass." Paula and Debbie moaned from the words and sensations they felt.

Tom pushed deep and started a rhythmic pumping deep into Debbie's box. He watched her asshole move with every stroke in and out, her inner lips pulled out as he pulled out. He bit down on his lower lip, concentrating, forcing his cum to stay in his massive balls a little longer. The pain from his big bull balls smacking Paula repeatedly in the head helped him concentrate and keep from cumming, and helped push Debbie deeper into depths of orgasmic insanity. She screamed and convulsed, held fast by Tom's hands on her ass and Paula's hands holding her head down against her pussy. Tom pumped mercilessly, immune to the sounds of Debbie's screams of pleasure and only slowed now by the feeling of Debbie's pussy clenching hard on him.

"Aaaargh," Tom grunted. He couldn't hold on much longer. The cum boiled in his balls as Debbie's screams were continuous and high pitched, every muscle in her body tensed and clenching. He pulled out just as Debbie's screams went silent and her body limp, and he jerked his cock at Debbie's ass, her convulsing pussy and Paula's beautiful, cum covered face and open mouth. The cum shot out in rope after rope of thick, white cum into Paula's mouth, Debbie's gaping cunt hole, and her clenching asshole. Tom breathed hard, milking the last of his cum, now putting the head of his cock in Paula's mouth for another cleaning, his ball sweat dripping onto her forehead.


Tom brought in a tray with tea for Paula and Debbie just as Susan let herself in and called out a hello.

"Oh good," an exhausted Paula said, sprawled in an arm chair. "You'll get to meet the other member of our harem, Susan."

Debbie smiled, looking to see Susan come in. She was amazed at how she felt - satisfied in ways she had never dreamed and luxuriating in being a complete fuck toy in a harem. This was not what she had expected.

"Hi Susan," Tom said, smiling and reaching out to hug her. He hadn't bothered to put on clothes after fucking Debbie and Paula senseless. "I just got some tea and snacks for Paula and Debbie, our newest friend here."

"Newest fuck toy," Paula said, smiling over at her. Debbie blushed, smiled and waved.

"What do you have for me?" Susan asked saucily.

"Why don't you get your clothes off and bend over here in front of me. I'd like to enjoy a nice, slow fuck while we get to know Debbie a bit more."

Susan took her long coat off, revealing that aside from the heels, thigh high stockings and pearls she had already stripped off her other clothes. She had sexy but tasteful makeup on, her light brown hair was beautifully coiffed, and she smelled of a bit of perfume, just barely detectable over the smell of fucking still lingering in the room. Her nipples were already hard.

"I was hoping you didn't just have tea and cookies for me," she said, standing in front of Tom.

"Turn around and hold onto your ankles," Tom told her. She smiled at the girls and bent, exposing her ass and bush covered pussy. Tom grunted hungrily, holding Susan's hips and eating her pussy, pushing his tongue in her, sucking her clit, probing her asshole with his tongue. He worked her until she trembled and he knew she'd fall over in a moment if he persisted.

"I think you're wet enough now. Here, take a cushion for your knees and your head, and bend over for me on the floor there," Tom said. She moved to do as he said, anxious to feel him fill her.

"So Debbie, tell us a bit about yourself," Tom said as he sunk his long, fat cock into Susan's pussy. She grunted hard into the pillow her face was against as he filled her more than any man should. Debbie's eyes were wide with amazement, watching inch after inch spread and sink into Debbie's hungry fur covered cunt.

Debbie felt herself getting wet and aroused, and was distracted, but talked as Tom listened dutifully to her as he pumped in and out of Susan. Susan was beating the ground under her, shaking her sweat glistening ass and grunting obscenely.

"Oh, this is so fucking good," Tom said. "Debbie, I'm sorry to interrupt, but why don't you come over here so you can eat my cum as it oozes out of Susan's cunt."

Debbie lit up at the invitation and gladly moved her naked, aroused body over to watch up close as Tom's huge cock stretched and filled Susan. She moved under Susan's spread legs, moving around Tom's so she could get her face close to where Tom's arm thick cock filled Susan, his huge, full balls slapping into the matted bush of her trembling pussy. Tom's grunts were continuous now, his body straining. Susan was screaming, holding onto her thighs with her hands, leaving her body supported by her head.

Debbie saw the cup of cum pulse from Tom's massive balls and contort his already super thick cock. Susan screamed even more as the cum fired into her electrified fuck hole. There was no room in there as it was, and Tom's pistoning only served to make it overflow out of Susan. Debbie eagerly licked and ate the cum, smacking her lips and making sounds of appreciation of the taste of Tom's seed.

Paula smiled contently, knowing what Tom's cum did to them, and knowing that Debbie's addition to the group would help to milk Tom's ever full balls.

Susan grunted a final, loud noise of satisfaction and dropped flat to the floor, plopping Tom's huge cock from the boiling cum bath of her sex. Debbie's eyes widened at the site of his cock and all that cum and she swallowed him, working to take as much of him in her mouth and throat as she could. She surprised herself with what she could achieve thanks to the effects Tom's cum had on her.

"I think we're going to have a little costume party to introduce you to Debbie's friends, Tom," Paula said, smiling. She stroked her well used bushy pussy, thinking about all the sluts Tom would have under his control in their harem.

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