tagBDSMThe Waitress Ch. 6

The Waitress Ch. 6


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Saturday night. Everything was ready for Ashley's debut at her night club. Harry had been anxious to get things done fast, so the workers had devised a structure made of wood and steel tubes.

There was a long stage at the center, and two big bars on the sides tended by two bartenders each, and a huge supply of booze to quench the johns thirst at will...

Douglas, the newcomer, had been appointed chief bouncer by Sam, something that Harry didn't like in the least. Harry knew at first sight that there was going to be trouble with this silent, enigmatic black man from the north.

Ashley had interceded on Trisha's behalf, claiming she was more experienced, so Sam and Harry agreed to name her chief waitress, so that she could earn good money too.

The men had already seen the explicit photographs Betty had taken of Ashley being used as a sexual toy by the truckers.

The expensive flyers that Harry had distributed among his peers all over the country had plenty of explicit photos, so the place was already full by sunset, the guys already half drunk and whistling wildly, waiting for Ashley to appear and do her thing.

The band, called the Fat Cats, and comprised of languid black players brought from Huntsville, were already churning out hot funky numbers, after a brief overture of country and bluegrass...

Ashley was pacing nervously in her little dressing room, thinking that she wouldn't be able to muster the courage to do what Harry wanted. He wanted her to dance naked for all of the men!... and with the high heels he bought her on!

"But Daddy, I can't do that. I am a clumsy dancer!"

"Don't worry, baby. Yes, you can. Just do it with your heart in it, and you'll see that it works"

"But... but I'm gonna stumble in these shoes, they're too high!"

"Non sense. At first, just dance with your hips and arms. Don't move your feet at all. Then, sit down and get rid of the shoes, while showing them some pussy... Then stand up and dance your guts out. Just feel the music, baby..."

"... You make it sound so simple" - she said with pouty lips.

"Ha ha!! It'll be easy, you'll see. They won't give a damn about your dancing abilities, as long as you shake your hips. They just wanna see that slutty body of yours, and they couldn't care less if you're a trained dancer or not. That's the difference between other girls and you"

Two professional girls brought from Dallas had already gone through their numbers, and the johns were demanding Ashley's presence, yelling and whistling and stomping their feet on the wooden floor...

Ashley looked at herself in the big mirror, and felt her heart thumping in her chest. As she did when she felt nervous, she took a deep breath and walked out of the little room and into the stage...

She came walking in long, slow languid cat- like steps, an inviting smile on her lips, following Harry's instructions.

She had noticed that the little gold coins attached forever to her clit by Wally rubbed it with her every step. She would therefore live forever aroused, day and night, never finding relief from sexual tension.

Her public went wild when they saw her! She was dressed up in a scarlet cape that fell down to her calves, and black latex slim thongs that barely covered her ample breasts and her cunt and ass, plus her high heels...

The gold rings on her eyebrows' corners made her look like some exotic oriental princess...

"Ladies and gentlemans... Ashley's Hot Spot gives you the most warm welcome in its opening night!! - said the D.J., a man brought from Montgomery who called himself Spice - ... and who better to give you the most enticing welcome than our STAR herself:... LITTLE ASHLEY THE HOT CUNT!!! "

She wasn't prepared at all to do this. She wasn't prepared at all to face the blinding multicolored lights... Her only functioning eye could hardly distinguish anything but amorphous shadows in front of her, her swollen eye still totally closed, courtesy of Harry's fist...

She couldn't see her public clearly, but they could see her... Right after a wild welcome, there was now little noise, the guys admiring her wanton figure, murmuring among themselves in the tables.

She looked sinfully sexy indeed, and her hurt eye made her looked even more attractive.

She thought that she wasn't going to be able to dance at all, blinded by the lights as she was, and she thought she was going to stumble on her high heels and fall over the tables inevitably.

The cat calls became loud again, and she could sense the men were growing impatient. They wanted the doll to perform for them.

She desperately tried to remember Harry's instructions. She knew he was looking at her, watching her every move. She panicked, thinking that she could not disappoint him, or punishment would follow...

The band began a funky piece. There had been no time for rehearsals, no time for nothing. She depended now on her natural feel for the music, as Harry had put it, and she knew it.

She moved carefully to the center of the stage, and then faced them and began to dance with her hips and arms, slowly at first, without moving her feet at all... She felt self- conscious as hell.

After a minute or so, always following Harry's leads, she sat down and took her high heels off, slowly, giving them a good view of her pussy lips, barely covered by the latex thongs... The men screamed wildly.

She raised her small pretty foot and licked her own toes languidly for a moment. This had the weird effect of relaxing her.

Then the music got to a faster drive. Ashley stood up barefoot and, gaining confidence, danced to the rhythm, now moving her feet in cadence.

The men grew excited by looking at this diminutive beauty dancing with such a horny feel, and got to shout obscene compliments to her.

There was such a radiant smile on Ashley's lips than even Trish thought that her friend was a natural slut... Ashley was thrilled with the men admiring her!!

They had seen nothing yet. She got rid of the long cape and then of the thongs that covered her nipples. Her plump breasts sprang free, and everybody could see that her large pink nipples were already hard... and that heavy golden rings hanged from them...

Ashley held the chrome tube with both her small hands, and got to dance there, languidly pressing her cunt against the tube. It was cold, but soon she was very wet down there. The coins pressing her clit had her permanently wet and irritated down there.

The music changed then to a frantic pace, and a big man of hairy chest wearing a red mask and holding a whip came in. He whipped the floor, and shouted:

"Showtime, bitch!! On your knees!"

She immediately did as ordered. She tried to remember Harry's leads. Then the man approached her, and pushed her head until she was facing his black boots.

He whipped the floor again. She kissed and licked his boots. The crowd yelled.

He raised her hips up, while forcing her to keep her face down, and making her ass face the public. He slashed the floor hard, and she got rid of the thongs that barely covered her ass crack and her pussy. Now she was bare naked.

Another slash to the floor beside her and Ashley got to move her hips lusciously, spreading her cunt lips open with her fingers, showing the golden coins that pressed her clit. All of the guys screamed and whistled uproariously.

She was getting very hot with all this, and when Spice focused a strong red light on her pussy, everybody could see the moisture shining on her small pink lips.

The band went then to a horny jazzy trio of drums, bass and trumpet, and then the man with the red mask put her hands behind her back and locked handcuffs to them. He put a blindfold over her eyes. This had been the part of the performance that Ashley had tried to refuse to, unsuccessfully. It scared the hell out of her...

She was on all fours, her ass up on the very edge of the stage, and while Red Mask kept whipping the floor, Spice announced:

"Very well, gentlemen. As you can see, our cutie here has a delightful little cunt, and a by no means less adorable derriére, waiting for you to taste. The bid now begins at $ 200 dlls. I repeat now: $ 200 dlls, who gives more?..."

After a second, several men were practically fighting to be the first one to enjoy Ashley's body, and Harry and Sam knew then that Ashley was a gold mine.

"Are you sure the license covers this?" - asked Trish very worried. She knew how a pack of drunken men could behave. She didn't know things would be like this.

"I don't think so" - said Harry sarcastically - "But you know, I can always offer a nice time with Ashley in exchange of not paying too much attention to legal technicalities ha ha!!"

"You just use her, don't you? She doesn't mean a thing to you"

"Watch your mouth, girlie. It's you who doesn't know a thing. And remember that you'll earn better money just because I listened to Ashley's plea..."

One by one, her customers fucked her, at their will, in the ass or in her cunt, and some of them in both holes alternatively. Others took then turns to fuck her sweet mouth, and there came a stance in which she was receiving three guys at a time, one in each one of her holes.

Things got out of hand when she was busy accepting pricks in her mouth and ass, when two pals started arguing over who'd be next in her pussy. They settled the matter by penetrating her at the same time in her cunt, thus forcing her to receive four cocks simultaneously.

"Nhhg!! Mmgh!!" - she complained in vain, her mouth full of hard cock.

There was something in Ashley that inspired to inflict her pain, maybe her small frame and innocent looking eyes. Many of the men pinched her nipples and squeezed her breasts hard, while others slapped her hard and spat on her face until it was full of saliva.

Some of them took pleasure in giving her a rough spanking and biting her fat ass cheeks hard, to the point of making them bleed, leaving marks on her soft skin. Another one smacked her large breasts until they were red, and gave a big bite to one of her nipples that made her scream in pain.

Things were getting totally out of control, with seven guys biting her and hitting her and fucking her furiously at the same time.

In spite of the pain, poor Ashley had managed to cum several times by then, the rougher the treatment to her body, the stronger the orgasm... But Douglas and several other bouncers intervened and, not without big effort, pushed the customers away.

When Ashley was visible again ( she had dissapeared under the pack of fiends ), she was laying spent face down, covered with sperm and spits, babbling incoherently...

Then Red Mask forced her to get up. He attached a silver chain with many ends to the rings on her nipples, belly and clit, and pulled her rudely while she shrieked in pain.

"Ah please, you're going to severe my nipples!! NO, PLEASE DON'T!! DADDY!! DADDY!! PLEASE MAKE HIM STOP!!"

Harry was thinking that things couldn't go on like this everynight, or else his slave would become old pretty soon... He had to do something to control the beasts, next time, including that damned Red Mask. Who had hired that man?

Red Mask pulled the chain around the stage, making her comically walk fast on tip toes to avoid having her nipples severed, while Spice asked the men for more money, if they wanted to have the privilege to urinate in her asshole.

Bills exchanged hands swiftly, and soon poor Ashley was forced to lie on four legs again, her eyes still blindfolded, and now real terror making her gasp uncontrollably.

A large plastic tube was inserted in her asshole, and the guys with their bladders full took turns and filled her rectum with urine.

In spite of her painful embarrassment, Ashley had another strong orgasm when she felt her intestines filled with warm urine.

Many of them urinated all over her and on her face, while others chose to relieve themselves in their rectum.

After six of the men were allowed to urinate inside her, finally Red Mask sealed her anus with a very large plug that distended her ass to dangerous proportions, keeping the warm urine inside her bowels. She felt that her distended belly, full of urine, was going to explode...

With a scream of pain, she felt her asshole being ripped apart by the enormous plug; her eyes were filled with tears under the blindfold, and poor Ashley lost consciousness...

Harry gave the signal to end the show, with his hand up.

"We thank you, ladies and gentlemans" - shouted Spice- " for having attended the inauguration party at Ashley's Hot Spot!! Did you like it? I bet you did!!

Then come back tomorrow... you don't know what surprise our STAR, the unique Little Ashley the Hot Cunt may hold for you..."

Trish was crying...

To be continued...

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