The Watcher

byDiana Retnuhvek©

So this is what I have been reduced to, he thought to himself as he looked through the bars of his cell.

He had been arrested and booked on charges of indecent exposure, flashing a woman in the parking lot of a nearby fancy restaurant.

How else was 21-year-old Scotty Jenkins going to get his kicks, his penis way too large for any woman to try and take him inside her.

He had began flashing girls a few years earlier, none of which gave him the satisfaction he was looking for. They would all just scream and run, calling him names like scumball and pervert, and then running to get help. He was always too quick for the authorities though, always able to run from capture. He had been, after all, a track star in high school.

Those were the days when girls would flock to him - he was so popular with his good grades, his status as an athlete, and his good looks. But God did it hurt him when it was time to have sex, the women he dated would run screaming from his overtly large phallus. It was a frightening thing what he had between his legs, an obscenely huge piece of meat that dangled down almost halfway to his knees. He was still a virgin because of his size, a bitter irony for him to swallow since so many people had often thought bigger meant better. In poor Scotty's case, he was too big for his own good.

But on this day, that was about to change.

He sat staring out through the bars of his cell, just waiting for someone to bail him out. He called one of his friends from his dorm at college, but that buddy of his did not have the necessary large sum of money it would take to get Scotty out of jail.

He wondered how on earth he had been caught flashing - everything went as planned. He walked up alongside an elegantly-dressed woman strolling to her car, pulled down his sweatpants and asked her what she thought of his penis.

She didn't scream like the others - she was actually on the verge of saying something, maybe even complimentary - when the flash of car lights came around the corner and Scotty was forced to dress himself and run for cover.

That woman was awfully beautiful, he thought to himself, her blonde hair accenting the dark blue in her eyes. He saw her long enough to know she had a nice figure underneath the dress she was wearing - her legs stocking-clad and her breasts partially exposed for good reason - they were awfully big and perfectly-pert.

She would have been the perfect woman for Scotty to flash - like he had thought to himself earlier, she was just on the verge of admiring his piece when that damn car came speeding into the parking lot and frightened him away.

Maybe she would have been the one to finally ask for him to masturbate for her. But he would never find out, so it seemed at the moment.

Scotty gave up on steady girlfriends for a while, too sick of getting so involved with a girl just to find out she had to break up with him because, as so many of his ex-girlfriends said, "it's just too big. This just won't work."

Showing a girl up front right away what he had would be a quicker way of finding out if that girl would give him a chance. He thought it was a good idea. He thought that plan would lead to sex, not to jail.

The minutes crawled by now, the young man not even sure what time it was. He was arrested sometime around 11 at night, and it had to be at least 6 or 7 the next morning.

Thinking of that hot woman he had flashed even tempted him to want to masturbate. But doing it in a jail cell would take too much effort in order not to get caught, not to mention the effort of both of his hands due to his size.

Why did women not want to give him a try, he thought to himself. Some of them would let him penetrate them for a few seconds, but then they would say he was hurting them and he had to stop.

Scotty was just too disgusted to think even more about his problem, and he began to doze off. In his semi-sleep he had dream-like images of the woman in the parking lot, her blonde hair blowing through the breeze, her large breasts pushing against her tight dress, her perfume almost as enticing as her looks. But a loud clang suddenly awoke Scotty, the sound of a billy club being knocked against the bars of his cell.

It was an officer, and he told the boy he had been bailed out.

"By who?" asked Scotty, surprised.

"The woman you flashed in the parking lot," said the officer, angered he even had to speak to a man he thought of as a sick pervert. "For some reason, she dropped the charges against you, and wants you released. So I suggest you get the hell out of here before she changes her mind."

Scotty's mind was racing now. What the hell was that woman doing bailing him out? Wasn't she the reason he was in jail? She must have been the one to call the cops, right? Why would she want the charges dropped?

Scotty went out to the lobby to find the blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty waiting for him, the same gorgeous woman he had flashed just hours earlier and a woman he thought must have hated his guts.

But she greeted young Scotty with of all things, an unbelievable smile.

"You bailed me out?" he asked.

She only nodded.

"Well, umm, thanks. I guess I'm gonna go back to my dorm now," he said, still stunned at this turn of events.

"Oh, before you do that, I was hoping we could have dinner," she said, grabbing his arm so he could not leave. Seeing her up close, Scotty noticed her breasts were even bigger than he thought they were, the size of them magnified by an even tighter dress she must have changed into before coming to the prison.

"Umm, okay," he said.

She introduced herself as Mrs. Black, but insisted Scotty call her Jennifer.

The woman led the boy to a black BMW, parked away from all the other cars in the prison lot to make sure it did not get a scratch on it.

"Nice car," Scotty said.

"Just get in," the woman said, seemingly in a rush. The doors shut and the woman drove from the parking lot. Scotty was officially a free man. But he was temporarily in the custody of this, although extremely beautiful, strange woman.

They were driving on the interstate, to a restaurant about one hour away.

Why would she insist on bailing me out, Scotty thought to himself. Does she always pick up flashers?

He couldn't complain about being in this situation though, riding shotgun next to a gal as hot as Jennifer.

"Well, I guess you're wondering why I am taking you out to dinner," the woman began.

"Yes, actually I am," said Scotty, noticing the woman's attractive legs, exposed all the way to her perfectly well-rounded thighs.

"I called the cops just so I could track you down," she said.

"What? What do you mean?" he stammered.

"The cops. I mean, that's the only way I could track your license plate," she said, still keeping her eyes on the road. "When you ran off to your car, I got in my car and I followed you onto the interstate. My intent was to follow you to your home or wherever so we could talk, but I lost you. The only way I could track you down was to report your license plate number to the police."

Now it all made sense to Scotty, well, sort of. That explained how he got caught, but why did she insist on tracking him down?

The car slowed gradually and eventually pulled off onto the shoulder. Cars wizzed by at speeds of 70 miles per hour. But Jennifer's attention was unshattered. She looked directly into the eyes of Scotty and began to speak.

"I've never seen a penis as large as yours," she said, in a voice so sexy it made the words she spoke even hotter.

"Ummm," was all Scotty managed to get out.

"I've had this fetish for a while now - this fetish to watch hot young guys masturbate," she explained, her eyes never leaving his. "But the men at the clubs don't have what you have. I thought I was dreaming when I saw yours."

"Ummm," Scott mumbled. He really was trying to speak, but he was still in shock over the conversation this woman was having with him.

"You're a really cute guy. When you came over, I was already attracted to you even before you dropped your pants," she said, eyeing his strong upper body now. "Imagine how turned on I was when I saw you. This tall, dark, handsome guy, the guy of my dreams, comes walking over to me, and then, off all things, pulls down his pants to display a penis that horses could be proud of. Can you believe how turned on I was?" Scotty could only mumble a few sounds again, none of which formed actual words.

"My girlfriends think I'm kind of a pervert," she said, using the word that so many people had called him - the two had something in common. "And my husband, who is kind of average in penis size by the way, doesn't even know about this interest of mine. I'm always going to strip clubs. I just love it. I love to look at penises...and erections. Is there anything wrong with that? I mean, I make a good living, I am faithful to my husband, and I look great. So what's the harm in watching guys jerk off?"

Scotty felt he had to say something, and he figured he might as well make it something to urge this girl into even sexier chat.

"Why big ones?" he asked. "Why big penises?"

"I like the look of them, how the shaft is really thick and long, and those bulging veins along the side - I just think big dicks, I mean really huge, hulking cocks, are just so manly," she said. "Especially when they shoot so much fucking come. What is hotter than watching a guy shoot his stuff? And big dicks shoot equally big loads of come. I love to watch it burst out, that moment of when a guy releases, all the tension in his body released in one big, white gush. So sexy." Scotty was back to being speechless now.

"So. Here's what I had in mind," she said. "Because I bailed you out, and because you have a humongous cock, we are going to make a deal. To pay me back for the bail money you owe me, you are going to masturbate for me once a week for the next six months. And if I wish to have my girlfriends over to watch you too, that is my choice."

"Sold," said Scotty - it was the fastest he got a word out all afternoon. He couldn't pass this offer up. He had finally met a woman that would satisfy his fetish.

"I guess here's a good place to start," she said, moving her legs over to the side of the seat so they could viewed even closer by Scotty.

"Here? On the side of the highway?" he asked, his words almost muffled by the sound of speeding cars whizzing by at tremendous speeds.

"Why not? No one will see us?" she said. Jennifer could not even wait until they got to a secluded spot. She wanted to see him jerk it right then and there.

"Pull down your pants," she said. "And you might as well take your shirt off too, you know, in case you shoot all over the place."

He took off his T-shirt, getting a "nice muscles" compliment from his female driver, and then took off his shoes and socks, followed by his jeans. His boxers were the only thing that blocked Jennifer's view from the biggest cock she had ever seen.

To have fun with her, Scotty showed her how he tucked away his huge penis. He pointed to his left leg, the outline of his enormous, yet still flaccid, penis clearly outlined. The head almost peaked out the bottom of his boxers.

"What a whopper," she said. "Come on, time to stroke it." Scotty obliged her, pulling down his boxers and tossing them into the back seat. He picked up his penis and placed it on his left leg, the leg closest to Jennifer. She could not believe it, but Scotty's penis was so huge that it reached halfway down his thigh, its shaft so thick that it resembled a salami one would see at a deli.

"Your prick is so so fucking huge," she said, further complimenting him. "Even soft, it's bigger than my husband's."

Scotty was loving his, and so was his cock. It began to inch further and further down his leg, as Jennifer's anticipation of him jerking it grew greater and greater. It now fell off his leg and began to straighten out from his body, the shaft uncoiling like a snake until it bobbed in the air in front of him with vigorous jerks. He went to grab it, but Jennifer stopped him, and took hold of his member.

She played with it a bit, then let go of it to stare at it for a while. When she releaased it, the huge penis slapped against the man's stomach to create a clapping noise.

Jennifer allowed Scotty to begin stroking his cock, the boy putting one hand near the base and one hand near the head, almost a foot apart from each other. He started slowly to allow Jennifer a good, long show, but when she started moaning with delight and whispering in his ear for him to beat his meat, the strokes became faster. The head deepened its purple color, the shaft getting harder and harder as the skin around his awesomely huge cock was even more thinly stretched out now.

She asked him to shoot his load straight in the air, but she didn't anticipate how far it would go.

Letting out a moan that was so loud it could be heard over the racing traffic, Scotty shot a blast of come that actually hit the windshield of Jennifer's car, a big piece of glass at least three feet away from Scotty's cock.

Following his first blast were two more of equal amount, although they didn't travel as far. His cock kept bobbing up and down even after he took his hands away from it, still aroused by the sexy blonde. She clapped quietly in approval, and whispered quietly to her passenger "Great show. And you still owe me 23 more."


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