tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTina Tormented Ch. 02

Tina Tormented Ch. 02


Tina pulled on the bonds that held her in place on the short workout bench. She was still naked, with her legs pulled as far apart as they could possibly go with her ass just hanging off the edge. Her arms were pulled down and tied to the legs and her head hung over the back.

She had stopped begging Jennifer to let her go, realizing that the more she begged the more it pleased her tormentor.

Jennifer was now dressed after forcing Tina to satisfy her orally, then fucking her with a large makeshift dildo while she had been forced to orally pleasure Jennifer's friend, Rhonda.

Rhonda had left the room to gather up any of the men who happened to still be in the building. Jennifer told Tina that since she enjoyed using the jacuzzi to get herself off in front of the men, that she was now going to be forced to play with her pussy in front of them.

After two orgasms already, Tina wasn't looking forward to masturbating again so soon. Especially not in front of a group of people who knew that she was doing it for them. It was one thing to pretend to accidentally show her nipple while bending over. Or to get herself off using the jets in the jacuzzi while she acted like she didn't know others realized what she was doing. But this was going to be humiliating. And she could tell from the look on Jennifer's face that she was going to enjoy watching Tina humiliate herself.

The door opened and Rhonda returned, leading six men into the room. Tina recognized four of them at once. Billy and Charles were to men in their late twenties that she spoke too in passing. Both men were attractive, both standing about six feet tall, with short dark hair and firm bodies. Tina had allowed each of them to peak down her shirt at times, accidentally of course.

She recognized the other two, but had never known their names. One was overweight and plain looking. He looked to be in his mid to late thirties. Tina had often caught him watching her while she worked out. She knew that she had teased him as part of a group, but had never focused on him at any time.

The other was one of the men who had been in the jacuzzi tonight when she had stood there allowing the stream to flow into her crotch, bringing her to orgasm in front of him and another man. He was good looking, probably in his late thirties and showed touches of gray on the sides of his hair.

Tina had never seen the other two, who looked to be around twenty. Both were tall, average looking men with slightly longer hair. But not unattractive.

The six of them made appreciative and lewd comments as they stood about looking at Tina's fully exposed body.

Jennifer leaned over and unfastened Tina's right arm. "OK, now it's time for you to show everyone how you play with your pussy."

Tina wished that she could disappear. She loved exhibiting herself, but always when it was supposed to be accidental, and when she was in control. Now she was being forced to do this in front of them. She wanted to refuse, but thought that Jennifer and Rhonda might do something worse if she did. So she decided that the sooner she got this over with the better.

Slowly Tina raised her right hand, slid it down between her legs and began to rub her pussy.

After being stimulated to a pair of orgasms already it didn't take long for her juices to begin flowing. Her clit swelled up and she began stroking it, softly at first. But with more intensity as the desire between her legs began to grow.

All six men were bulging in their shorts as they watched Tina masturbating for them. Tina blushed as she felt her climax approaching. She could see by the clock on the wall that she had only been rubbing herself for three minutes and she was nearing orgasm already.

Her hand began working her love button harder. She could feel fluid trickle out of her slit and down the crack of her ass. She blushed as she caught herself moaning aloud as her climax began.

Tina's legs trembled; she breathed heavily and could not stifle the sounds escaping her throat as her third orgasm in less than an hour raged throughout her body. Her hips bounced up and down and she tried to ignore the jeers of the men who were cheering her on as she continued.

Finally it was over. She dropped her hand to the floor and closed her eyes, trying to pretend that no one else was there looking at her as she caught her breath.

She felt someone grab her free arm and before she thought about it and opened her eyes Jennifer had resecured it to the leg.

"All right guys, she's yours to do with as you will." Jennifer announced.

"No!" Tina yelled as her eyes opened wide in fear.

She looked at the six men, each of them bulging in the shorts. She realized that this had been Jennifer and Rhonda's intent all along. First they force her to eat their pussies, then continue the humiliation by making her wank off in front of everyone. But what they had in store for her from the beginning was to have her gang raped as revenge for stealing Jennifer's boyfriend.

The overweight man was quicker than the rest. Tina cringed when she saw him drop his shorts and rush over to stand between her legs. The bench had been raised to just the right height for the average man. Now he was standing there, his six-inch cock hard and ready to plow Tina's pussy.

"Please don't do this to me." She begged. But he ignored her and drove his cock inside her cunt.

Billy came around the other end. Tina looked up to see him approaching her head, stroking what had to be at least eight inches of thick cock.

"Suck this." He said, rubbing it against Tina's pretty face.

Tina kept her mouth closed. Then Billy pinched her nose, holding it until she had to open her mouth to breathe. He then thrust his pole down her throat and began fucking her face.

Hands played with her B cup titties as she was fucked in the pussy and mouth. She could hear Jennifer and Rhonda cheering them men on as they raped her.

The man fucking her pussy began pumping more quickly. Tina realized that he was about to cum. She tried to wrestle her body, praying that he would pull out of her. She had cheated on her husband, but always used condoms to make sure that she didn't get pregnant, or worse. Now this man was about to spew his cum inside her if she didn't do something to stop him.

But there was nothing she could do. He held her hips and thrust harder and faster. Then Tina could feel his cock exploding inside her. Coating her insides with his cum as he came at her expense.

He withdrew his cock and was quickly replaced by one of the younger, unknown men. As he began fucking her, Billy began thrusting his rod deeper into her mouth. Then, without any warning, she felt his cum blasting down her throat. Tina gulped it down as quickly as she could in order to prevent gagging. Billy trembled as he continued to cum in her mouth.

The other young man stepped up to her face as Billy backed away. Tina didn't resist this time, but instead opened her mouth to accept his cock.

The two buddies fucked Tina from both ends, working with a rhythm that suggested that this wasn't the first time they shared a girl. Tina rocked her head as best she could to match strokes with the cock thrusting in her mouth. She suddenly realized that her pussy was beginning to respond once more.

"Oh yes!" The man fucking her pussy cried out as he buried his cock deep inside her. Then Tina felt him spilling his seed inside her.

As wet as her pussy was she almost regretted it when she felt him slide out of her worn hole. She shamelessly waited for the next cock to fill her, knowing that she would climax almost immediately.

Charles stepped up to take his turn. He rubbed his cock up and down Tina's sopping wet snatch and she waited for him to push into her.

Just as she was anticipating Charles' cock entering her the man above her began cumming in her mouth. Tina gulped his seed down as he unloaded.

Then she realized that Charles had changed positions. His cock had slid down below her pussy and was pressing against her asshole.

"No, not there!" She cried out, as her mouth became free.

"Yes, fuck her ass!" Jennifer cried out.

Tina begged Charles to stop, but he was intent on popping Tina's tight little asshole. With all of her own juices mixed with two loads of cum dripping down into her crack he had little problem lubing his cockhead for the task.

Charles pressed forward. Tina tried to clench tightly to prevent him from gaining entrance. But that only brought more discomfort upon her. Charles pressed through her anal ring with a sudden burst. Tina felt the pain of his invasion wrack throughout her body. Then he was inside her ass and fucking her with long, deep strokes.

The two girls cheered as Charles pounded Tina's butt.

Charles had lusted over Tina often. It didn't take much for him to see through her charade. He knew that she was a little tramp and had fantasized about pounding her asshole for sometime now. He could not believe that he was actually doing this.

Tina jerked around on the bench as Charles plowed her asshole for all it was worth.

"I'm gonna cum in your ass, baby!" He bellowed as he began banging her more quickly.

"Ahhhhhhh." Charles began cumming in Tina's ass. Enjoying the sight of her being bounced back and forth on his thick cock. When he had finished her jerked his cock free.

Tina cried out as his dick exited her asshole with a pop. She felt as if she was going to crap on the floor as he did so. Tina lay there shivering, waiting for the final man.

The graying man who had been in the jacuzzi stepped up between her legs. His cock was almost as large as Billy's. She groaned when she felt him press it up against her asshole. Then, he too was inside her ass and fucking her. His cock rammed deeper than Charle's, causing her more discomfort. But to Tina's relief he did so for only a minute before pulling free.

"Just wanted see how well you could take that," He said with a grin. "But I really want that cunt."

He pushed his cock inside her pussy and began fucking her hard and fast. Tina's head began to roll from side to side as she felt the tingling inside her growing.

"Ohhhhhhh!" She called out as her fourth orgasm ripped through her. This one was perhaps the most powerful she had ever felt. Tina's body shook uncontrollably as she climaxed.

The man from the jacuzzi was enjoying making the tiny woman orgasm almost as much as himself. He pounded her pussy harder as his own climax released. Not stopping until every last drop of cum had been drained from his cock.

Satisfied, the six men redressed and left, offering their final comments of gratification to Jennifer and Rhonda for giving them the opportunity to teach Tina this lesson.

After they left they untied Tina, helped her to the door and pushed her outside. Tina quickly pulled her shorts on, but found her top unusable as torn as it was. She grabbed her purse and made her way to the car in the darkness without being seen. But she found the drive home not as private. As three times she found herself sitting at a light next to a car or truck with at least one guy looking over at her sitting their topless. She rushed home, covered herself and raced inside, happy that her husband wasn't awake.

Tina showered off, reliving her ordeal, and knowing that she would forever keep quiet about it.

Tina crawled into bed beside her husband. Who woke up and rolled over to her.

"Oh shit," She thought. "Now he wants to fuck too."

Tina had to comply. Her husband may have wondered why his wife wasn't as tight as usual. But the cries of her multiple orgasms were all that remained on his mind as Tina's fifth orgasm of the night consumed her before her husband's cum was added to the rest that was already inside her.

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