tagMind ControlTo the Palace Ch. 02

To the Palace Ch. 02


Tia awoke in a luxuriously decorated bed in a luxuriously decorated room. The bed was huge and comfortable and covered in silks and velvets just like the rest of the room. Tia was completely confused and disorientated She couldn't remember anything after leaving the apartment and now here she was, in someone else's bed; but as soon as she started to worry the thought disappeared. She got up then realised she was completely naked but for a black leather collar. She turned around and saw a tall, gorgeous blonde naked in a chair.

"What's going on?" asked Tia, still completely confused. The woman flashed her a gorgeous smile

"Come here," She beckoned seductively. Tia walked across to the chair. She found the woman strangely difficult to resist. She found herself dropping to her knees in front of the woman without even thinking about it. She wondered why but then the thought disappeared.

"Where am I?" asked Tia, as though nothing where that out of the ordinary.

"You are in the palace," she replied, spreading her legs lewdly. Tia crawled forward so she was sitting directly in front of the woman's neatly shaved pussy, staring at the gorgeous lips and salivating. She wondered why but the thought disappeared.

"Why am I here?" she asked. Feeling a strange tingly sensation in her sex the more she drank in the woman before her. She smelled wonderful and Tia couldn't stop staring at her smooth, curvy body.

"Don't you remember?" she said, entwining her fingers in Tia's dark curls and gently pulling her up. Tia put up no resistance. She was suddenly so eager the woman was almost holding her back. Tia didn't understand what was going on as her face became enveloped by the woman's gorgeous tits. She felt her clit twinge and her cunt moisten as she brought her hands up to feel the huge, smooth curve of the gorgeous orbs, pushing them closer into her face. Smothering herself with them. Her thumbs sought out the nipples almost desperately as her hands roamed and kneaded and played with the gigantic breasts. They were so smooth and they smelt so good and the moaning that came from the woman's mouth only made her desire heighten. Tia began to lick and kiss the delicious orbs passionately; hungrily searching out the long hard nipples. As soon as her lips found it she suckled on it like nothing else mattered. Nothing else existed but pleasuring these magnificent breasts before her; her hands roamed the blonde's body passionately and desperately. She wanted nothing other than to touch her forever and pleasure her. A hand pushed her head down but before there was even enough pressure to force her to move she understood. She slid down the gorgeous body moaning before her and between her legs. She hadn't needed encouragement. She wanted this. This was all she'd ever wanted. It felt so right.

"Do you remember now?" asked the woman breathily. Tia smiled up at her Mistress from between her beautiful thighs and nodded before burying her face into her Mistress's sopping pussy. It tasted exquisite. The sweetest of nectar's flowed into Tia's mouth as she lapped at her Mistress's gorgeous sex. She found the clit and started to flick at it with her tongue. Her Mistress's wanton moaning made Tia so horny and as she picked up pace Mistress's hips bucked and rode her face like Tia was just a large sex toy. Tia felt so satisfied. She was Mistress's sex toy and she was making Mistress happy. Mistress made her so wet; so horny. Her hands squeezed and roamed over Mistress's ass and legs and made her even hornier. She wanted to cum so much but Mistress must cum now. She licked furiously and plunged two fingers deep inside Mistress's hole until Mistress exploded, screaming and squirting her sweet juices all over Tia's face.

"Good girl," gasped Mistress, sagging back into her chair. Tia licked up every last drop of her Mistress's juices and knelt down before her again, smiling up at her own Goddess.

Cindy heard a knock at the door and shuffled through from the bedroom. It was still before dawn and she had had no plans to get up for hours yet.

"What is it?" she snapped at the two burly officers that were filling her doorway.

"Lucinda Meriwether?" they asked her in unison. Cindy raised an eyebrow and nodded at them.

"Where is Martina Meriwether?" they continued.

"Did you check her house?" Cindy scoffed sarcastically at them.

"She is missing. Where is she?" they continued as if she hadn't just taken the piss out of them.

"I'll sort this out boys," said a woman's voice from behind them. The officer's stepped aside to let a tall curvy blonde through to the doorway.

"And you are...?" asked Cindy warily. There was something about the woman she didn't like.

"I'd rather talk about this indoors; the less public this is the better. Shall we?" The blonde smiled at Cindy, not waiting for the answer before steering her inside her own house. The officers followed them inside but shut the door and stayed there as Cindy was led further into her house. The blonde pushed Cindy into a chair and stood before her so Cindy was eye-level to the woman's chest. And what a chest it was. Cindy was met by huge globes spilling out of a very low-cut tight blouse. I glittering red gem was nestled in between them. It caught Cindy's eye and she found herself just staring at its many shifting facets.

"Like what you see?" laughed the blonde. The laughter made her breasts jiggle around the gem momentarily breaking Cindy's eye contact with it. She was suddenly hugely embarrassed.

"I... um... I... oh..." she stammered, not knowing where to look.

"You can look if you want," laughed the woman, turning Cindy's head gently but forcefully back to look at her impressive rack and the jewel encased by them. Cindy found herself caught in its gaze once more.

"No... I don't want to look," she said to the woman, but she never moved her head at all even though the woman's hand had now moved to stroke and play with her bronze curls. Cindy didn't understand it. She didn't feel any kind of desire to look but could not move her eyes away either.

"You are looking though," retorted the woman.

"I don't want to look. I don't understand," Cindy spluttered. Suddenly the gem seemed to blaze with fiery light; it streamed into Cindy's eyes, dazzling her. Even her mind seemed blinded by the light.

"You do want to look really, don't you, Lucinda?" cooed the woman softly, tickling the back of Cindy's neck. The light had faded from the necklace now but Lucinda still felt dazzled.

"No..." she replied blankly. Then she saw them properly for the first time; the large expanse of milky white flesh. It wobbled like blancmange when she breathed or talked and it looked wonderful. Cindy couldn't drag her eyes away from them.

"You want to do more than just look though," purred the woman. She started unbuttoning her blouse and revealing more of the gorgeous globes she kept hidden within.

"No..." said Cindy, dazed. She wanted to do everything to those breasts. The longer she looked at the growing expanse of exposed skin the more she wanted to do.

"You want to give in," she continued, pulling Cindy's face towards her now fully exposed tits.

"Yeah..." Cindy said slowly. The woman was still slowly pulling Cindy into her voluptuous breasts. She felt her will to resist begin to fade the closer she got to them, as the anticipation grew.

"You're will to resist is almost gone," purred the seductive voice now holding Cindy's face just an inch away from the breasts she now wanted almost desperately.

"Yes..." groaned Cindy.

"You can smell their sweet scent filling your head," the woman finally let go of Cindy's neck, "drawing you in to your final surrender."

"Yes!" breathed Cindy as her face finally dropped into the magnificent heaving bosom before her. They felt exquisite around her face; soft and warm and moist with sweat, but smelling so strongly of the delightful woman. Cindy moaned as she buried her face deep into them, smothering herself with them, kissing them, licking them and nibbling them. Then she felt her hands being placed onto them. They felt so good in her hands as well; their perfect curves and long, hard nipples that she rubbed with her thumbs.

"You have been ensnared by me," The woman said suddenly as Cindy covered the luscious orbs surrounding her with passionate kisses.

"Yes!" exclaimed Cindy as she roamed their expanse.

"I'm your Mistress," breathed the woman finally, pushing Cindy's mouth onto her nipple as she said it. Cindy sucked it into her mouth almost desperately and began to suckle it.

"Yes Mistress!" Cindy gasped with arousal around the nipple in her mouth. And then everything went black.

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