tagNonConsent/ReluctanceToni's Torment Ch. 2

Toni's Torment Ch. 2


Toni looked at the man that was climbing on top of her. She was still in shock from the fucking
she had just received from her husbands new boss, and now his other boss, a huge black man
named James was climbing on her to take his turn.

Toni tried to move away, but Tom and James strong hands gripped her and held her tight.
James pushed her legs apart and steered his huge black cockhead towards her pussy opening.

"No please. Don't do that. Please!" She begged.

Toni began to beg for him to stop. To give her more time. To give her a chance to relax.

James ignored her and shoved his cock into her.

Toni screamed in pain as his huge black cock impaled her pussy. It felt like giving birth again.
James ignored her pleas and kept pushing more and more of his immense cock into the married
white woman.

James looked at his friend Tom and said, "Put something in her mouth man to shut her the fuck up."

Don pulled Toni towards the side of the bed so her head hung slightly over. His cock was
getting hard again and he pushed his cock into her mouth muffling her screams.

James and Tom quickly got into a motion. As James would push deeper into Toni, she would
struggle to get away, but would be met by Tom's thrusting cock. She was stuffed with cock
and had nowhere to go.

Toni's husband still sat on the stairs crying. His head came up as he heard his wife scream.
He sat there for awhile and slowly walked to the door. He looked inside and his heart went
into his throat at the scene he saw.

His wife was laying sideways on the bed, her head hanging over one side. James one of his
new bosses was between her legs fucking her hard with his huge black cock. His other boss
was shoving his cock into her mouth and his wifes body was writhing in apparent ecstasy.
The sounds she was making were a combination of screams, grunts, and moans. He shook
his head and walked away from the door and out of the house to his car.

Toni was struggling to breath. She felt light headed. Tom's cock was fucking her mouth
so hard, deep, and fast that she could barely get any oxygen in. She was struggling to get
away from these men who were abusing her body, but they were too strong. Her body began to
relax as an oxygen deprived euphoria began to sweep over her.

James now had almost all of his huge black cock into the white housewifes writhing body.
She had stopped struggling and was holding her legs high so James could fuck her long and deep.
Her eyes were beginning to gloss over and she had lost total control of her body.

She heard noises, voices, but was not aware of who and where they were. She felt like she was
floating and had lost control of her body. She felt a powerful feeling building up in her loins,
but had no idea what was happening.

"Jesus Christ man. Look at this bitch!" said Tom looking down at Toni. James looked down
at the petite housewife. Her eyes were open and she was sucking Tom's cock like a woman
processed. James cock was now fully impaled into Toni's pussy. He felt her begin to clench
down and fuck him back awhile back. She was theirs.

"Oh man. Oh fuck. I'm going to shoot in her mouth." screamed Tom. He grabbed Toni's head
and shoved it deep one last time as he shot the first jet down her waiting throat. Toni
sucked and swallowed and sucked and swallowed.

"Man, she's sucking me dry. Look at fucking that!" said Tom.

Tom pumped several more times and emptied his load before he withdrew. Toni moaned and
tried to keep his cock in her mouth, but he was softening and withdrew. Tom sat back in a
chair to watch his partner finish.

James now took over. He was a huge strong man and he began to fuck Toni with a strength,
speed, and intensity she had never know before. She was still having trouble breathing,
now due to James immense body on top of her.

Her body began to spasm involuntarily as small orgasms began to hit her body. One with
every thrust. Each orgasm more intense than the last. She was building up to something
she had never felt before or even imagined. Her body felt like one large orifice that was
being used up.

In the distance, Toni began to hear noises, screaming, moaning, and the grunting of
animals in heat. Her body was now reacting to every thrust of James immense black cock as
though she was being shocked with thousands of volts of electricity.

James lifted off the woman onto his hands. He looked down at the woman he was fucking.
She was screaming and trashing under him like a woman pocessed. His balls ached and he
wanted to cum. He pushed deep and a low moan escaped as his first show of cum shot deep
into Toni.

Toni screamed as the largest, most intense orgasm she had ever felt exploded. She screamed
and screamed as each spasm each wave of the orgasm raked her body.

James looked down at Toni as he kept pumping more cum into her. He body jumped as wave
after wave swept over her. She was screaming incoherently as she came and came and came.

"Damn, fucking damn. Never seen a fucking bitch cum like that." He thought. He rolled
off of her and walked over to Tom who was chuckling from the chair.

"Shit man. You ever see anything like that?" Asked James.

"No man" Answered Tom.

Toni laid there on the bed as he body began to relax. She was drenched in sweat. Her mind
no longer deprived of oxygen began to come back around. And the realization of what had just
happened began to hit her. She rolled to her side and began to sob.

Tom and James looked at one another. No one would fucking believe this they both thought.
Then they both smiled and looked over to the corner behind the screen. Good thing that
damn camera was set up to record the whole thing. It might come in useful sometime.

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