tagSci-Fi & FantasyTroll Slave Ch. 02

Troll Slave Ch. 02


Carrie got very nervous as Ariel got out a razor and a bowl of warm water and foam, "What’s that for?"

"We have to shave you," Ariel smiled at her, "So that you’ll look like me." and she gestured at her crotch. Suddenly Carrie realized what was so odd about Ariel’s mound, it was mostly shaved except for a small patch of hair, her pussy lips were very prominent like that. Although she wasn’t sure how she felt about it, at least it didn’t look too bad...

Gently Ariel spread Carrie’s legs apart, kneeling between them and spreading the foam on her pussy... to her shock a pleasant feeling swept through her as the other girl touched her. The razor scraping against her skin was frightening, but as the hair was shaved from her mound she could also feel a kind of excitement, tingling in her belly. It was absolutely foreign to her and she didn’t know why it would be happening. Ariel shaved all of the hair from Carrie’s mound, not even leaving the little strip... she thought it was very odd to be able to see her own pussy but she didn’t mind either. It seemed to be pinkish and glistening, a little slippery between her thighs.

As Ariel wiped off the remaining foam, gently bathing her pussy with warm water, Carrie moaned. She didn’t even know why, there was just something about the way that Ariel touched her that felt so good, so strangely good, it made her tingle inside.

Smiling a secret kind of smile Ariel put the implements away and began working on Carrie’s hair - which of course wasn’t nearly as exciting. Still, it felt nice to have someone brushing out and then arranging her hair, it was something she’d only done with some of her closest girl friends in the village and she rather liked the intimacy. Ariel was very kind - so were Kylia and Nadine - and she found herself wanting to cling to them in this strange place; they were something almost familiar at least. When she was turned around to see herself she gasped at the beautiful display of braids that Ariel had wound around her head... they wrapped around her like a crown, with long wavy lock of hair falling to her waist and a braid on each side of her face. Carefully Ariel threaded a string of sapphires through the braids, making her hair look like it was threaded with stars.

Turning Carrie back around, Ariel began to apply make-up - something which was totally foreign to her. Black paint was smudged around her eyes, making them stand out clear and wide in her pale face, a hint of color added to her cheeks and lips to make her appear flushed and pouty, and some kind of dark paste made her eyelashes look very long and sooty. When she saw herself in the mirror she almost didn’t recognize herself; she looked like some kind of exotic princes... although without the clothes.

The next adornments were jewelry, a wide gold collar set with sapphires that adorned her neck, jingly bracelets around each wrist and gold bands around her ankles. More sapphires dripped from her ears, long shining decorations that accentuated her slender throat. Around her waist went a belt of gold medallions, sheer blue scarves hanging from it.

"Yes, that looks nice," Ariel said, stepping back and admiring her charge.

Carrie felt a tinge of alarm, "This isn’t all I’m wearing..." she asked faintly.

Making a face Ariel nodded, "You’re on display tonight... and I’d suggest you get used to it. Of course, most of your outfits won’t be nearly this bad - except for during the defloration ceremony of course - but you still won’t ever be wearing much." Gesturing to herself and smiling demurely, "Especially once you join our ranks. Which you will eventually... everyone does."

"I could escape before then," said Carrie, somewhat defiantly as she tried not to panic at the thought of appearing in front of so many... well people wasn’t exactly the word, but in front of so many beings with her assets so blatantly displayed.

Ariel made a noise that might have been called a snort if she wasn’t nobility; looking over Carrie one last time her eyes lit up, "Whoops! Missing something!"

Going over to a wooden box on the dresser she opened it and pulled out two strange hoop looking things connected by a chain of tiny medallions, it looked like the one around her waist but smaller. And she didn’t understand the hoops. Standing still as Ariel approached her she looked at the strange item curiously, trying to figure out where it was supposed to go. She got the shock of a lifetime when Ariel suddenly bent down and put her mouth on her nipple.

Shrieking she leaped back, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" dainty hands covered her nipples, pale breast flesh spilling out between her fingers.

"Oh..." Ariel looked rather taken aback, "Your nipples have to be hard for me to put this one," she held up the strange piece as though that would explain everything, "So I’m making them hard."

Carrie felt faint. Ok, so the same tingling in her belly had started when Ariel’s mouth had touched her nipple, but that didn’t mean that she had to abandon all decorum. Setting her mouth in a hard line she said, "I’d really rather not wear it then."

"You don’t get a choice," Ariel sighed, "You’re a slave and this is what you’re supposed to wear... if you didn’t then I would be the one in trouble, and I’m not getting into that much trouble just because you’re shy..."

"SHY!!!" Gasped Carrie, well she was MUCH more than SHY. Ariel gave her a withering look.

"Or whatever, I’m not getting into trouble. So if I have to call the guards to come in and hold you down so I can get this thing on you I will. And if you don’t hurry up and take down you’re hands I’ll do just that, we’re starting to run short of time." The older girl was looking at her sternly now, as if she was a youngster caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Gulping, Carrie slowly lowered her hands and closed her eyes as the pretty brunette approached her. Again she felt that soft warmth on her nipple, that soothing touch that made the inside of her belly light on fire... she could feel that slipperiness between her thighs. Gasping as teeth gently bit down and rolled the little bud around, she felt faint with the sudden ecstatic sensations that were sweeping through her body. Her knees went weak as her eyelids fluttered, she had the most overwhelming sensation to fall to the floor and plead with Ariel to continue doing whatever it was she was doing. Then the mouth was gone and something was tightening around the hardened bud on her breast. Opening her eyes she looked down to see the little hoop closed tightly over her nipple and Ariel’s mouth descending on its neighbor.

Groaning with pleasure, she pressed her chest forward as Ariel sucked the pert bud into her mouth, the sensations that was in her belly seemed to be spreading... lowering down into that slippery slit between her legs. Something burned inside her, something that yearned to be completed in some way... something that was going to feel fantastic, even better than everything did right now... something... something...

The little hoop tightened over her other nipple and she was left with nothing more than an empty burning between her slightly spread legs... and two pinched nipples that insistently told her body there was something more. Ariel stepped back and smiled, her gaze was admiring, but there was something else glowing in the back of her eyes. Carrie just couldn’t figure out what it was.

Carrie was very much on display that night, in fact she was chained - with gold manacles no less - to a large frame, her body spread out in an X. Ariel had been replaced by Nadine, who explained apologetically that any who wanted to make sure that she was still a virgin was going to be able to come over and check. The King had been the first, sliding his finger around her folds until it was slippery and wet before putting his finger into her slick hole. More discomforting than the violation was the fact that it had felt good, that she'd wanted to move against his questing finger; the same strange yearning rising in her that had when Ariel had sucked on her nipples.

As the guests filed past some of them took advantage of her position to grope her pussy, making her groin ache and her nipples throb with excitement. By the last few stragglers it was very hard not to gasp and moan, she had been moving her hips in response for quite awhile now and her pussy was burning with need. The fact that the handsome Prince Luke was the slave who unchained her and led her to her seat didn't help either; he ignored her as usual but she wanted to jump on him and kiss him... and do something else. She didn't know what, but she knew that she wanted to do it, and badly. Right now, she probably would have been happy to have the King deflower her, if only it would quench this thirst in her body.

Dinner was spectacular, and so were the entertainments. Human slaves did their juggling as usual, but there were also paid human magicians who threw up spectacular fireworks, some goblin trainers who did tricks with griffins, unicorns and small dragons. Nadine whispered in her ear that the fantastical beasts were actually intelligent paid members of the traveling company, they were equal in place to the goblins directing them. Carrie thought it was wonderful, the griffins were magnificent and imposing, the unicorns beautiful and elegant, and the dragons were just stunning. Small though they were, each was a different brilliant color with shadings all over their shiny bodies, she thought they were fantastic.
At the end of the night a few of the unicorns traveled over to where she was and nudged her, thrusting their noses under her hands to be scratched. They whickered and made strange sounds among themselves as she basked in their beauty.
"They like you," it was a rough harsh voice, male, one that she didn't recognize immediately. Looking up, she was stunned to see Prince Luke watching her... it was the first thing that he'd ever said to her. "They are saying that they will visit you often."
"But I'll be losing my virginity soon!" protested Carrie, "I thought unicorns only liked virgins!"
The Prince shook his head and walked off. Tsking after him, Nadine informed her, "The first time they meet you they'll only approach if you're a virgin, but if they like you then they'll continue to visit afterwards." She held out her hand to be sniffed and a majestic looking stallion submitted to having his mane petted.
"They're wonderful..." sighed Carrie, watching with regret as the traveling company was led away. The next entertainment was two of the biggest trolls fighting, something that she wasn't that interested in. By the time the evening finally ended she was exhausted, and slightly frustrated. There was still a kind of burning in her pussy but it had become muted and aching as the night went on, she didn't know what to do about it but at least it wasn't the insistent nagging that it had been at the start of the night.
Nadine led her back to her rooms where she handed her off to Kylia, who helped get Carrie take off her make up and undo her hair. Those feeling stirred in her belly again as Kylia removed the jewelry and costume she was wearing, those soft hands touching her skin. When the hoops were removed from her nipples the tender buds felt swollen and throbbing, reawakening the earlier desires.
"How do they feel?" Kylia asked, and Carrie gasped as the girls fingers rubbed the tender buds, pleasure spurting through her body and making her insides tense. The other girl smiled, “Seems like they’re fine.”

“What’s wrong with me?” wailed Carrie, utterly confused, and wishing that Kylia hadn’t taken her hands away.

Kylia shook her head, “Nothing sweetheart, it’s completely normal. Don’t worry, this week you’ll learn about everything.”

She tucked a trembling Carrie into bed, naked, before leaving. In bed Carrie curled up her hands pressed between her thighs and shaking with that burning in her belly. When she finally managed to drift off to sleep her dreams were filled with running unicorns, flying griffins, and then Prince Luke... the handsome man’s hands touching her breasts, his mouth on her nipples... but there had to be something more too. There had to be.

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