tagIncest/TabooTwo Moms, Two Laps: Rage

Two Moms, Two Laps: Rage

byTx Tall Tales©

Lap Moms 8: Two Moms, Two Laps: Rage

by Tx Tall Tales ©


Things get out of hand.

*Note* to anyone confused about the order of these stories. It starts with Two Moms, Two Laps, Two Hours, and moves forward in alphabetical order. They are in correct order on my submissions page. It was never intended to be a series. The first entry was a stand alone, but I got too much feedback to continue.

I'll admit it. I wrote myself into a corner, and had a hell of a time finishing. I can't remember who, but some author commented on writing to the point where you didn't know what was going to happen next, and your readers never would. Hit the worst case of writer's block. I'd find myself working on anything else, since I was having so much difficulty on this one. I'm not sure why.

I've gone through several iterations of the finish. I'm still not 100% happy, but it is what it is. I can't drag it out any longer, I already feel guilty as hell taking this long, but I felt bad short-changing what I thought was a good premise.

The last three chapters are being submitted. I may end up with a fourth chapter epilogue, but not now. It's not all love and roses, at least not to start, but I've tried to pull everything together, and hope you enjoy it. Thank you for you patience.

BTW - editing may not be the best ever. During the edits I keep making revisions, trying different things. I had to stop, or it would never get out. Sorry for any mistakes.


I was in bed, enjoying the new sheets, and listening to Mom and Dad go at it. I wasn't the only one having their share of fun that day. Not at all.

It was late enough that I figured it was alright to call Penny. I could use the distraction. I was feeling more than a little jealous of Dad at the moment. Mom was on fire, and he was feeding the flames.

Penny picked up after the first ring. "Jeremy?"

"How'd it go, gorgeous?"

"Jeez, we have some weird, screwed up families, don't we?" she laughed.

"That bad?"

"Naw. Pretty good. Good thing you didn't come in. Dad was sitting in his chair wearing nothing but his robe, and it was wide open. Mom was wearing some kind of sleazy see-through nightie and was on her knees gobbling him down, while he watched the video of me giving you head. The old perv."

"That's funny. I remember seeing a similar scene over here."

"Maybe, but it wasn't your Dad!" she whined.

"Actually, it was my Dad... and Mom."

She chuckled. "I guess. Still it was super weird."

"You freak them out, showing up when you did?"

"A little. Mom got off him quick, blushing redder than a tomato, lipstick all smeared. Dad pulled his robe closed, but it didn't do much to hide what was sticking up. He's not big like you, but pretty substantial. Mom's not doing without." I heard another giggle. "I was a real shit. I walked in like nothing was going on, the video still playing. 'Anything good on TV?' I asked."

"You didn't! Evil girl."

She laughed. "Oh yeah I did. I don't know what got into me. Y'all are a bad influence! I went over and sat on his lap, carefully pushing his big stick to the side. I put my arms around his neck, gave him my best innocent baby girl look, and said 'You're not disappointed in me, are you Daddy?'"

"Go on. Don't leave me hanging, rotten thing," I told her.

"You're not going to get upset or jealous, are you?"

Upset? Jealous? "Do I have any reason to?" I asked quietly. Then again, with what had been going on in my house, I sure as hell didn't have any moral high ground.

"No. I swear. Just a little teasing. Do you want to hear it?"

"Of course."

She laughed, and continued. "Alright, like I said, I was giving him the Little Miss Innocent look, the video of me sucking you off still running in the background..."


"Of course I'm not disappointed. A little surprised, maybe. I... I thought, I didn't know, maybe you had already done it."

"Nope. Daddy's little virgin baby girl, until a few nights ago."

"Mom was sitting on the couch, doing her best to cover up with that ridiculous see-through outfit. I mean, it showed everything, Jeremy."

"Are you trying to make me jealous?"

Penny chuckled. "Now who's teasing? Dad was stiff and awkward, the video still playing. Mom grabbed the remote and turned it off."

"Too bad for Dad," I chuckled.

"Not really..."


"You want to watch the other video with me Daddy?"

"Uhh... I don't know," he mumbled, while I settled into his lap, wiggling.

"I want you to. Talk to me. Ask me anything you want. I don't mind. I don't want to keep anything from you, ever. Please?"

"You sure? You won't feel uncomfortable?"

I teased him, reaching down and wiggling his hard-on with my hand. "Just a little. We can deal with it. Mom can take care of you if things get too crazy, alright?"

Mom leaned over. "Maybe it's best if I finished taking care of it first," she said. "Why don't you go change into something comfortable? Give us a few minutes."

Penny laughed. "I didn't give 'em much time. Stripped down to a t-shirt and panties, and a couple of minutes later I walked in on Mom blowing him again."

I laughed. "You really are trouble, aren't you? You couldn't give them five minutes?"

"I could have. I didn't."

"Bad girl."

"Your influence. Now where was I? Oh yeah, Mom was back blowing him..."


"Don't let me interrupt," I told them. "Not like you haven't seen me doing that."

Mom didn't even slow down, and I guess Dad had gotten over his nervousness.

"Mom's good, isn't she," I asked.

"The best," Dad groaned.

I laughed, told him that maybe she could teach me a thing or two. "I bet this isn't the first one of those she's had to take care of tonight."

Dad shook his head.

"How many?" I teased.

Mom acted like nothing was going on. Gotta give her credit. One track mind. Seems like I'm learning more about Mom every day.

"Third," Dad said, then he gave me a little self-satisfied grin.

"All blowjobs?"

He shook his head.

"Good for you Dad! So this one might take a while?"

He shook his head again.

"No? Because I'm here?" I leaned over and pulled her hair back out of the way.

His face was turning red, and he nodded.

"Jesus, Penny! When did you become such a little tease?" I asked.

"Look who's talking. You teased me to death today."

"Did it take long?"

"What do you think?"


"Maybe I could help?" I told him, and his eyes got big, fast.

I stood behind Mom, and took off my shirt, standing there in just my panties. It was so cute. He didn't want to look, but he did. He turned away twice, then couldn't help himself, staring at my titties. Weird, since Mom's are so much bigger. I gotta confess, Jeremy, I kinda liked it.

"There not too small, are they Daddy?" I asked.

"No baby, perfect," he gasped. I saw Mom was really working on him, trying to get him off.

"You like them?" I asked. I bounced on my toes, watching his eyes follow my breasts.

He nodded, moaning, thrusting his hips up at Mom.

I cupped them both, pulling on my hard little nipples. "They're really sensitive."

It was too much for him. He groaned, grabbed Mom's head, and shot off for her. When he was done, Mom stood up and turned to me, wiping her mouth with her hand.

"Don't tease your father like that, rotten thing," she said, but I knew she didn't mean it.

"Not even just a little?"

She smiled, and gave me a hug. "A little is fine. Too much and I won't be able to walk for a week." She gave me a kiss, and I wouldn't let her go until I got a small taste of Dad.

"Jesus! Really?" I asked

"Just a hint. I guess I still wanted to tease him. I hopped into his lap, and told Mom to put on the video. It only took her a second to change it, and we were off and running."

"What about your shirt?" I asked.

She giggled.

"Oh, yeah, my shirt..."


"Uh... Your shirt, Angel?" Daddy whispered.

"No biggie, Daddy. You're going to see all of me on screen aren't you?"

"It's not the same," he said.

"It's just titties. I don't mind. I know they're not as good as Momma's."

"No, Angel. Your breasts are perfect. You're a beautiful young woman."

I gave him a kiss for that. "Thank you."

The first time video was already starting in the background. He didn't say much, and I didn't encourage him. I leaned against his chest, occasionally whispering how I felt, when I was nervous or scared. How lucky I was to have both the mom's there. Things like that. When he watched our mom's licking my face clean, he moaned.

"You're not mad at her are you?" I asked.

"No, Angel. I understand she was trying to make it special for you."

"I didn't know Momma was so naughty."

He chuckled. "Very naughty sometimes."

"You like that, don't you? Having a naughty slut-mommy all your own."

"I do."

"He seemed to be getting over his nervousness. He laughed with me, when you tossed me back on the bed, getting grief from the moms," she added.

"I was just playing," I reminded her.

"I know. It was perfect. Took away the stress of the moment. I really was nervous."

"You didn't seem like it. What was it you said?"

"It's not going to lick itself?" she chuckled.

"Yeah, that."

"It didn't have to, did it?"

"Never will, as long as I'm around," I told her.

"You don't mind doing it? I always feel a little guilty afterward."

"Guilty? Don't be silly. I love doing it. If anyone should feel guilty it's me. You don't have any problems sucking me, do you?"

"I love it. I'm going to be the best you know. You better not leave me, 'cause I swear, you're never going to find anyone else even close."

Except Mom. "No, I think I'm going to keep you. If that's alright with you."

"More than alright. Now stop interrupting my story..."


"You guys looked like you were having fun," Dad said, his brazen hand rubbing way up high on my thigh.

"Was your first time fun, Daddy?"

"Not like that. We were nervous. Both of us virgins. In her parent's basement, hoping nobody would come down and interrupt us. It was awkward, and there was a lot of clumsy fooling around, but once I was inside of her, it was all worth it."

"Who was it? It wasn't Mom, was it?"

He shook his head. "Jessica Beauregard."

"The little tramp," Mom teased.

"Momma! Don't interrupt! This is me and Daddy time. I don't want him to be afraid to tell me anything."

He leaned down and kissed my cheek. "No secrets, baby girl."

When he kissed me, I could smell his aftershave. It made my nipples hard. "Thanks, Daddy, that means a lot to me." I grabbed his hand and put it on my breast, when Jeremy on the TV finished going down on me. "I was really scared here," I explained. "Hold me?"

"He... he didn't hurt you, did he?"

On the screen, the moms had finished getting me positioned for the big event, and it was about to happen.

"A little. It had to hurt a little. I was a virgin."

I realized then, that Mom hadn't shown the version where she sucked Jeremy. We both stayed quiet while we watched that big fat cock get ready to penetrate me and inch its way in. Daddy was squeezing my boob real nice.

"He's big," Daddy said softly.

"Huge. Couldn't even get all of it in. Not at first."

I realized then that Daddy was hard again. I laughed, wrapping my fingers around it. "Again, Daddy? What are you 18?"

"You jacked him off?" I asked.

"No, baby. Just held it. He never came for me or nothin'. It wasn't about that. Mom took care of him later. Matter of fact, it sounds like she still is, or I should say he's taking care of her. Can you hear them? They're really loud."

I laughed. "No, I can't hear anything. Same thing's going on over here. For at least the last hour."

"That's good, isn't it?"

"Very good."

"Let me finish my story, and I'll go check on them..."


We were quiet, until the action paused for a moment. It was when I was about to get the whole thing, captured on video for all eternity. Mom apologized for being mean.

"She was mean to him?" Daddy asked.

"A little. Before we started. You saw how she looked at the beginning. She got over it."

"I wasn't mean," Mom said. "I was just, I don't know, really nervous."

"You were mean, Mom. You know it. Now hush up," I told her.

On the screen, your mom was lubing up your cock.

"This is when it starts Daddy. I was scared. I tried to hide it, but I knew he was really going to fuck me."

We were quiet, while your mother coached you on how to treat me.

"You were lucky to have her there. With just the two of you, it could have been a disaster," Daddy whispered.

"I know. She wanted to make sure it was good for me. Her first time wasn't so good. He was big like Jeremy. She wanted better for me."

"Was it her idea for your mother to be there too?"

"Yeah. That was the greatest you know? Mom there to help me, take care of me?" I turned to face Mom. "You were perfect Momma. Just what I needed."

"I was glad to help. It was beautiful to share with you."

"And now we get to share it with Daddy."

He was still focused on the screen. "A little rough," he mumbled, as my body shook with each deep stroke.

"No, never! It was perfect. Alice made sure."

Things got quiet, as my moans on screen started up.

"See? Perfect. He made me come for him. It was really nice. I wasn't expecting that, not the first time."

I could feel Daddy's cock swelling in my hand. I'd almost forgotten I was holding it.

You were hammering me on screen, getting ready to make me come again.

"Look Daddy. What he does for me. It was incredible, perfect. I took all of it, all of that great big cock and came all over it."

"Your first time, like that," he whispered.

"Only because everyone helped. I was pretty spoiled huh?"

He chuckled. "My girl deserves to be spoiled."

"I'm still your baby girl, right Daddy? This doesn't change anything."

"Always, Angel. My perfect baby girl."

We stopped talking, until the big one started. "Watch now. Watch me make him come for me."

I tugged on his cock a little, while he played with my nipple. I could feel his heavy breath. Daddy was enjoying it a little too much. I took my hand off his cock, and he moaned.

"Shh, watch," I told him, while you drove me crazy on screen.

We were quiet, long after the huge finish.

"I'm not a virgin anymore." I told him.

"No kidding. You kids could go pro."

I giggled. "I think Mom should take care of you now. Thanks for watching that with me." I pulled his head down and kissed him. Not a daughterly kiss at all. "We'll have to do this again sometime."

I climbed off his lap, and he grabbed Mom's hand and practically ran to their bedroom.

"You were really pushing the 'Daddy' thing, weren't you."

"What? No! I always call him Daddy."

"Pretty wild day all around, it sounds like," I told her.

"Oh, yeah. Can you hear them now? I'm right outside their door."

I listened carefully. She must have pointed the phone toward them, because I could hear them going at it. Colleen was getting very vocal.

"I'm going to tease him a little more."


"Just a little," she whined.

The phone got quiet, and I listened to her father gasp. "Penny!"

"Don't stop, Daddy," I heard her as if she was a little ways from the phone. "I don't want you guys to hide it from me anymore. If Momma needs to scream, let her. I want to know you guys have a great sex life, Ok?"

I heard her Mom. "No more hiding. And yes, we have an excellent sex life. Your father is very, very good. But I don't want you walking in on us like this. That's a little over the top, don't you think?"

"I think it's beautiful, what you guys are doing. It's how you made me. I... I'm really happy to see you together. I didn't know if you guys even still did it. You're always so secretive."

"It's private," I heard her father say. "Intimate. We're not exhibitionists."

"It's just me Daddy. If my being here bothers you, I'll go away now. She's a great Momma. Make her come really good, Ok? She deserves it."

He laughed. "I'll do my best."

Mom spoke up. "Wear some clothing next time, rotten thing. Seeing your titties like that is going to leave me bowlegged."

"These little things? When he has yours?" There was quiet for a second. "Fuck her, Daddy. Hard. Let me see just for a moment."


"Please? You saw me. My first time. All of me. Do Mom good."

I heard Colleen's moan, and her father's grunt. "Yeah, like that," Penny said. "Pound that Momma pussy."

The sound of flesh-on-flesh was loud and clear. The bed was creaking, and I heard a soft moan. "A little suck, Daddy. Not too hard, they're very sensitive."

Shit! What was she doing?

"Mmm. Like that. Don't stop fucking her. Suck my titty 'til one of you comes."

God, she was worse than me! Where was the innocent Angel of a week ago?

I heard Colleen's familiar keening, and knew she was close.

"God, Momma's sexy like that, isn't she? She's gonna come hard for us."

"Big comes," I heard her father growl.

Colleen cried out, and I heard Penny's giggle.

"Like that," her father said. "So good."

"I'm gonna leave you guys now. Thank you. I... I'm really happy right now. That was beautiful." I heard kissing, a couple of times, and then her voice was loud and clear again.

"Wow! Did you hear all that?" she asked.

"Pretty much. You are a very naughty girl."

"Not as naughty as you. Not nearly as naughty. Maybe someday."

"Someday?" I asked, feeling that old jealousy creep up.

"No screwing. I won't do that. I thought I might have Momma do some BJ training with me, using Dad. Would you mind much?"

"I... I don't know."

"Imagine if I learned everything both moms know, and brought it back to you. Pretty incredible, huh?"

"Let me think on it awhile, Ok? I'm having a hard enough time right now."

"I wish I was having a hard time. Wish you were here. They got me really horny."

"Tomorrow?" I asked.

"You'll wake up with me naked in your bed."

* * *

For four days everything was wonderful. Mom and Dad were almost like old times. Penny and I were inseparable. We spent time at both of our houses. Nothing started up with Colleen, the whole video watching night seemed to put the brakes on anything we had going. We still kissed, and there might have been a little playful touching, but no more naked visitor with us in Penny's bed.

Six of us went to the matinee again. This time Colin replaced Drew. Big improvement. Aunt Marie even gave me a couple of twenties, and a big kiss for getting Colin his first date.

"It's not really a date, Aunt Marie. We'll see what happens."

"I've been coaching him a little. You watch over him, make sure he doesn't screw things up, Ok?"

I laughed. "It's a movie and a snack, that's all."

It turned out to be a little more than that for Colin. A few minutes into the movie I had my arm around Penny, kissing her neck.

"Didn't get enough this morning?" she teased.

"Never enough. This isn't about that. Sort of follow the leader for Colin."

She laughed, glancing sideways. "You planned this out?"

"Not really. He told me he didn't know what to do, right before we went in. I said he could watch what we do."

"You're not going to bend me over the seat in front of us, and fuck my brains out are you? That would be a hell of an example."

"No, naughty girl. Although the idea is tempting. We're taking it slow. Very slow."

An hour into the movie he had left us behind. I knew he was going too fast, and it took me a few minutes to get enough of his attention to slow him down. I waved my popcorn bucket, and nodded to the back of the theater. He took the hint.

"Too much, too soon," I warned him.

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