tagGay MaleTwo Vietnamese Boys Dominate Me

Two Vietnamese Boys Dominate Me


There was something in the young Vietnamese man's eyes, a strength of will, and knowledge of his power over me. Yes, I know it wasn't logical. It is not as if I were a weakling or a waif. We were about evenly matched in height and I'm sure my own 155 pounds exceeded his by 20. But still, he intuitively knew what I needed and what I lacked.

I was young though and naïve. A 25-year-old recent college graduate, I was in my first job in a larger city living in a small, two-bedroom apartment I shared with another recent college graduate. I knew I liked guys, but had never had the courage to do anything about it while in high school or college. I think I had been kissed once by a girl—yep, she initiated it—but never by a guy. Boy, was that about to change.

Sarah, who worked in my office, spoke about the hot man who had been her massage therapist. Apparently he was young, only about 20, but his parents had set him up in his own business so that he could work part-time while going to the local university. He had developed a decent clientele, many referred to him by Sarah. While she was too snobby to date an oriental, she waxed eloquently about his strong hands and beautiful eyes. I had to admit, he sounded awfully dreamy to me.

I successfully ignored her comments and the joking among the women who worked in my office until I twisted my ankle while jogging one Saturday. I iced it and wore an ace bandage but the pain seemed to linger into the next week. Hearing of my plight, Sarah insisted that I try Huan. I tried to put it off saying I was uncomfortable having a man massage me. Sarah replied saying, "it's not like he's gay or would be interested in you! Matt, it's not about sex, it's about getting the help you need so that you can put weight again on that sprained ankle."

I knew she was right, but the fear of finding the young Vietnamese masseur attractive and of even popping a boner while under his ministrations scared the hell out of me. Needing some relief from the pain, I convinced myself that it had nothing to do with sex. "Matt, it's just a massage and nothing else! Get over yourself," I kept telling myself. So, I made an appointment that evening with Huan.

I arrived at his studio just in time for my 8:00 p.m. appointment. There was a little waiting room, a simple bathroom with shower and the room with Huan's massage bench, the typical padded massage table with the donut-like opening for the client to lie face down on.

Huan was waiting for me wearing athletic shorts that showed off his remarkably sculpted and moderately hairy legs—almost as if he were Latino. Of course, his skin had a beautiful almond hue. His eyes were just as Sarah described, his hair, thick and black and his handshake strong and firm.

I had worn a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt, which Huan told me to remove along with my running shoes and socks. I had thought Huan would focus solely on my ankle, but after a brief in-take interview, he insisted on providing a full-body massage with extra focus on my sore ankle.

He told me to lie, face down on the pillow and then got started. His touch was amazing and firm. I had never been touched by another man and even though it was a totally legitimate massage, my mind began to roam wishing that it were more. After working out the kinks in my shoulders and upper back, Huan worked on my feet than my legs. As he moved his hands up, I, without thinking, spread my legs further to give him free-range access to my inner thighs.

Huan must have known what I needed when he politely suggested I remove my briefs so that he could more effectively massage my lower back. I had a partial erection by that point and didn't want him to see it. I don't know why, but I never thought to refuse him. Instead, I got up on all fours and allowed him to pull my underwear off before lying flat on the table again so he could pull them off my feet.

Huan's touch was amazing. He worked on my hips and then began an intent massage of my ass. I should have known something was different when he started to slap one side and then the other massaging each bun with firmness I never thought possible. It felt amazing. He had my legs spread wide enough for him to climb on the table and get between them. After working me over for a while, he got off the table and went around the front near my head. In my relaxed state I heard Huan's voice say, "Matt, you have an incredible ass, it's so fleshy yet firm, better than any woman I've had on this table."

I didn't know what to think when I heard this. Should I feel proud as if he were complementing me or insulted because he was comparing my ass to those of his various female clients but not to that of other men? The next thing I knew, Huan was telling me to turn over. I felt humiliated, as I knew he'd see my erection now totally uncovered and exposed.

I was soon on my back gazing up at the sexy Vietnamese stud looking down on me. Huan said, "don't worry, Matt, all the women get hot when I touch them, but you are the first guy who's reacted this way. I guess you must have liked my hands on your butt!"

My face was definitely flushed; I didn't know what to say so I just nodded my head making Huan laugh. My dick, though, was as hard as it ever had been adding to my humiliation. Huan then commented, "I thought white guys dicks were supposed to be superior to us Asians but it looks as if this Vietnamese guy has you beat!"

I had to admit that I was less than the six inches that is supposed to be average isn't it? In reality, I was more like five and a half inches and a little under five thick. Of course, I had looked around in the showers and knew there were some hung men out there but I had never seen a Vietnamese before. Still, I hadn't thought I was all that inadequate but then again, I had never used my dick on another before.

While I was absorbing his words and pondering all that was going on, Huan began massaging my chest squeezing my breasts and then pinching my nipples. Each time my dick, which remained untouched, seemed to jerk. "Wow, Matt, your nipples sure are hard and directly wired to your dick. You seem to be sexually wired just like a woman!" Huan was chuckling and I felt ashamed. "Have you ever fucked a woman before?" Huan asked. When I nodded, no, Huan then asked, "Why not, Matt, is it because you are gay?"

Flushed and humiliated I finally found my voice and said, "No, I've been saving myself for marriage!"

At this, Huan laughed aloud and said, "Matt, I may only be 20, but I know a gay boy when I see one and believe me, you are it. I can tell already that you'll never be a fucker, no Matt, I bet you could never sexually please a woman with that dick of yours. Your tongue looks pretty long. Perhaps with training you could learn to make love to a pussy that way. But there's no way, Matt, you could ever fuck a woman to orgasm. Instead, I can tell you were made to serve men like me. Just look at your dick—it's hard and neither of us has touched it. It's hard simply because I massaged your ass and played with your breasts like I do with my girlfriend's. Matt, let me be the first to tell you, your body is wired like a woman's and so you should be treated like one!"

My mind was reeling. Huan had never raised his voice with me but it seemed to bellow. I was afraid the guy in the waiting room might hear. And yet I knew he was right.

Then Huan went on and asked, "Have you ever seen a real man, Matt? Have you ever seen a real man's dick, one large enough to satisfy a woman? Here was this Vietnamese guy, five years younger than I, mocking me with his statements and questions. I guess if I had been a real man, I would have jumped off that table and smashed him but I was mentally immobilized, frozen, unable to react as I ought to have.

"Matt," Huan said, "Unlike you, I'm not gay, but as this is your first time, I feel as if I should help you understand yourself." He pulled his shorts and underwear off, placed them in a corner and then came around and pulled me forward so that my head was lying slightly off the table. He leaned over me with his pungent balls resting over my nose. "Breathe in the scent of a real man, Matt," Huan said. "Smell my potency!"

It was absolutely intoxicating. I did what came naturally and licked his balls making Huan moan. "Make me hard, Matt, as you smell the dick that will soon be your Master." What was he talking about, "My Master?" I fleetingly thought, as my tongue did as he ordered.

He moved briefly and I was able to look up his taut, firm abs into his resolute eyes looking down on me with the tip of his dick hanging almost menacingly between my eyes. My will was broken and when I opened my mouth, he placed the tip of his now turgid cock in it. I was in heaven. Sucking on the surprisingly thick head made my own head spin. Seeing my obvious pleasure and hearing my moans, Huan took charge once again telling me to get on my knees on the floor before him as he sat lewdly on a swivel stool. Psychologically, he knew the power of posture and clearly sought to reinforce his control over me.

My own cock was dripping as I got off the bench and dropped to my knees. Huan said, "look up at me Matt, look at your Master and show his cock how much you respect him and are thankful for his helping you to understand your position in life."

Before I could think or resist, he grabbed the back of my head with his strong hands and pulled me forward onto that almost seven-inch long spear--so much for those Asian generalities. I gagged as he rammed his cock down my throat. "Don't worry, Matt, you're a natural. I want to help you and I'll train you to service cock well. Just take your time. You're paying for it anyway," he laughed. He then said, "You know instinctively what a man wants and what his cock needs."

It seemed like I sucked him for hours and I was sure the guy outside the door must have heard the slurping sounds and gagging noises I was making. As I gripped Huan's hard ass and sucked him as deeply into my throat as I could, he held me head in place. I was overwhelmed with the sensations of smell, feel and taste. My nose was deep in his pubes when he powerfully shot his baby makers into my mouth sending them straight into my stomach.

I came, at the same time, involuntarily on his carpeted floor. At this, Huan laughed and said, "See, Matt, I was so right about you and now you've proved it, you came by sucking me off, on your knees without any physical stimulation. You are sooo gay for me. Now my sperm is deep in you making you mine!" With that he pushed me off his now sensitive cock and said, "Clean up your mess, Matt.....lick up your cum. I don't want my next client, a real man, to have to step in the mess you made." I know I should have felt revulsion but I simply did as he ordered noting the difference in taste between him and me. His pungent baby makers were intoxicating; mine seemed weak, bland by comparison.

I stood up, feeling a sense of dread now that I had cum. I had sucked off another man, a straight guy younger and smaller than myself. As he put his clothes back on and washed his hands he said, "Matt, it's well after 9:00 p.m., and I have a client waiting. You can pay me an extra $25 for my helping you. I expect you to be here on Friday for further training. You can be my last client, I'll see you at 9:00 p.m. and don't even think of coming up with an excuse. What would Sarah think if I had to call her? Don't worry, I know what you need," he said as he laughingly groped his cock and balls.

By this time, I was clothed. What could I say? Instead, I hurriedly opened my wallet to give him his fee. I looked down and my sweatpants had a wet mark showing my still aroused state. I untucked my shirt as he laughed and opened the door hoping whoever was out there wouldn't see nor recognize me. I felt so humiliated yet more turned on than ever as I fled by another hot stud with a knowing look on my way to my car.

I had forgotten all about my sprained ankle by the time I got home. Either it no longer hurt or all the other feelings and fears I had made it go away. My roommate was watching TV and thankfully didn't pay too much attention to me as I walked by him on the way to my room. He seemed to sniff and I'm sure I smelled of sex, but thankfully, Alex just kept his eyes focused on the basketball game he had been watching.

Once I got to the safety of my room, I took a hot shower and jerked off twice before I could get to sleep, my balls now totally drained and my dick sore from the over attention it had so recently received. The agony in my mind worked itself to the surface in my dreams. I could hear his laugh and replayed those words, "your Master's dick" repeatedly all night long.

I was a wreck the next day when Sarah asked how my appointment went. What could I say, "I sucked off the little Vietnamese guy, Sarah? He's a real stud, Sarah! What a man, Sarah!?" Instead, I simply told her that I hadn't slept well but that my ankle seemed better which got her at least temporarily off my case.

Meanwhile, my eyes began to roam around the office. I had been hired along with about five other recent College grads and I began to size them up, glancing surreptitiously at their crotches wondering what they were like in the dick department. Where they only "slightly" average like me? Did they suck cock too? Looking at the relatively cocky guys with their rather macho attitudes made me think not. Maybe I was different like Huan had said. I was going crazy.

The bravado of a few of the guys at lunch reminded me of Huan and I had to flee to the bathroom and jerk off in a stall. Although far from quiet, I never was great at sports and certainly never had their cocky, macho confidence. More than ever before, I couldn't wait until 5:00 p.m. when I could get the hell out of there!

That night and the next one were the same. I started to surf the internet a bit more intentionally reading stories on Nifty and Literotica. One entitled, "The Prick" really got me hot, especially when the younger brother and his friends dominated the older brother. When I got to the chapter where his little brother fucked him nightly I was beside myself.....and this was before seeing Huan again. Then I found another one entitled "Dominated by Doug." Was this my destiny? Was I intended to be beneath another man rather than on top of a woman?

I was so worked up on Friday morning that I felt ill. "It is just a stage," I kept telling myself; yet knowing all the while I was simply deluding myself. By the time 9:00 p.m. arrived, I was a wreck. Still, I was waiting in that room while Huan finished with a client, having lacked the courage or ability to cancel. His client walked by me on his way out....a beautiful woman with a smile on her face. She was obviously satisfied. Huan had a sneer on his face as he greeted me. "Hey Matt, how's it hanging?" he laughed. "Oops, I guess that was a cruel question given your rather small equipment," he continued. All I could do was look down. Most Caucasians view Asians, especially Filipinos, as wimps, lady boys or natural bottoms. Yet with Huan, the world was upside down. It was this Caucasian that was the wimp, maybe the lady boy, but as Huan had pointed out, most likely a natural bottom. How soon, I'd realize that to be true.

"I'm glad you made your appointment with me," Huan stated, "especially since Sarah from your office was so concerned about your welfare. I assured her that I was teaching you to stretch a bit and was loosening you up as much as possible," he said with mirth. Yep, Huan's speech was filled with double entendres, but every one of them was true. Huan told me to "loose the clothes since they'll only get in our way."

As I stood there naked before him, my cock already on the rise, he simply pushed me to my knees. "When you are around me in private, it's important that you remember your proper position," he stated. "I expect you to lose your clothes immediately and be on your knees when we're together. And just to remind you who's the man here, I bought you a present—some beautiful lady boy panties to wear under those jeans. Since you are the "girl" here, you might as well begin to understand and live the part."

Huan may have only been 20, but he had the knowledge of a PhD in human psychology and sexuality as he moved quickly to reinforce his mental control over me. I was speechless but my dick said all that was necessary as it sprang to action when he placed the panties in my hand.

Again, I was humiliated but couldn't bring myself to stand up, face him down and be a man. Instead, I simply held them and looked down at the floor in shame. Huan told me to look up. His eyes looked right through me. They seemed to know all of my deepest secrets and desires and I had a sense that soon, I'd realize even more.

Huan then said, "Matt, everything that you do, must be done respectfully or I'll immediately stop your training. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Huan," I replied. With that, he slapped me. It wasn't that he hit me all that hard, but I was stunned not understanding what I had done wrong.

"Matt," Huan said, "when you are before me on your knees, your posture demonstrates your inferiority. Therefore, I expect you to naturally address me as Sir or Master.....first names are reserved for friends, not gay bottom boys like you! Am I making myself clear?"

"Yes, Hu...I mean, Sir!" I replied.

"Good, Matt, you're a quick learner. I have high hopes for you." Huan or Sir adeptly used praise to reinforce his lesson....posture and verbal subservience were now expected. My relationship was lopsided but I couldn't deny that I craved his attention. It seemed so natural to me.

Huan then said, "tonight, I want to start off where we ended earlier this week. I want you to take out my dick and begin sucking on it."

I did as Huan asked and immediately noticed a rubbery taste and figured out why his previous client had such a satisfied look on her face when she left. Yeah, Huan had made her happy too. Noticing my reaction, Huan said, "Don't worry, I knew you needed my sperm more than she did. Yep, you need a man's sperm inside you and I know you want mine. Natural born cocksuckers like you have a hormonal deficiency only made up by ingesting real men's sperm." It was probably bullshit, but by that point, his hard cock was deep in my throat and I could only moan my agreement.

Huan then said, "I'm going to pull back a little bit so you can taste my pre-cum. The taste will vary depending on what I eat but I want you to get used to it so you can recognize how much you crave a real man."

At this point, his words alone had me on the edge. I hadn't even touched myself but I felt as if I could cum at any second. Sensing this, Huan pushed me off his rock-hard cock and onto my back on the floor.

"Obviously, Mattie, you are enjoying this. There's no doubt at all that you now know what your true position is in life. Tell me how much you appreciate my help in aiding your self-understanding," he said.

I was beside myself as I looked up at him. I craved his dick and felt a yearning for his masculine sperm as if ingesting it would make me a man. He had taken off his shirt and now stood there looking down on me as if he were a Roman conqueror and I, a mere slave.

"Mattie, tonight I want to help you understand in even a deeper way, what marks you as a sexual being. You see, I know just by your behavior so far, that you have a driving need to be fucked. Now, as you saw, I'm not gay myself, but I'm willing to help you because I can tell how much you need me, how much you crave my masculine dick and need my guidance to become your true self. So tonight I'm going to do what I promised Sarah, I'm going to start loosening you up. So get up on the massage table and quit my wasting time."

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