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Unexpected Satisfaction


It had been a long busy day. Time for me to go to bed but dreading it as usual. I'm really starting to hate sleeping alone, I long for a firm warm body to wrap myself around but my love life is non existant right now. As I'm finishing my bedtime ritual I'm thinking how I'm not going to be sleeping well tonight because I'm lonely and horny as hell. It's been about 2 months since my last encounter and I needed it badly. I crawl into bed and drift off to sleep.

I open my eyes and look at the clock, Damn it's only an hour since I went to sleep. Now I know it's going to be a long night. I close my eyes and try to go back to sleep. My eyes pop open again. Did I hear a noise down stairs? I keep listening but hear nothing more. I close my eyes again but I know there is no way I'm going to fall asleep unless I go check. I get out of bed and go to my door. I listen but hear nothing, so I slowly open the door and step out into the hallway.

I take two steps and stop. Around the corner from my stairs an obviously male figure appears. It's definitely not one of my kids. I turn to run into my room for the phone. Just as I step inside he grabs me from behind. I struggle, but he's much stronger than me. He throws me on the bed, pins my arms down straddles my legs and laughs. He has a ski mask on so I can't see his face only his eyes, wild with power. He tells me to do what I'm told and I won't get hurt. From the sound of his voice I could tell he was a teenager. I try to struggle again. He grabs me by the hair and pulls me into a sitting position. "Take your shirt off," he orders.

"No," I say and he grabs me by the throat with his free hand and starts choking me and tells me again to do as he says or he will kill me. My thoughts go to my kids sleeping in the other rooms and what he might do to them if he killed me.

I decide to do as he says and take my shirt off. He grabs my tits with his free hand squeezing them and the nipples so hard I wince in pain. Still holding me by my hair he starts sucking and biting my tits. He's being rougher than any man has ever been with me and even though what he's doing hurts, it for some reason is also exciting me. He uses his free hand and opens his pants, pulling out his hard cock. The only light in my room is a small night light next to my bed but it's enough to see he was thick, long and black.

He yanks my head to his cock and presses it against my face rubbing the head all over it. He pushes the head to my lips. "Open your mouth and you better not bite me," he says. I part my lips and he thrusts it into my mouth so hard I almost gag. He starts fucking my mouth and I hear low moans coming from him. When he had enough he started pulling at my boxers, almost tearing them as he rips them off me. He pushes me back onto the bed and parts my legs as wide as he can.

He's holding me down by my one arm as he positions himself between my legs, his hard throbing cock head ready to pierce me. He thrusts himself forward and rams himself into me so forcefully I start crying from the pain. He eases up slightly then fucks me hard and fast. He begins squeezing my tits again and pulling on the nipples.

He leans down and says, "Tell me you love it." I say nothing and he rams me like he's trying to rip me apart inside. "Tell me!," he demands.

I barely whisper "I love it" as he explodes deep inside me. He pulls it out, closes up his pants and laughs again.

He tells me since I was such a good fuck he would just leave but I better not call the cops. He turns and runs from my room and I hear my front door close. I clean myself up a little and get dressed. I go down stairs and relock my front door. I climb the stairs noting that I'm noticably sore from what he did to me. I go to the phone and reach for it. I stop. Damn, I know I should call the cops to report the rape but I'm torn because it was the best, youngest fuck I ever had. I crawl back into bed, wrap my arms around my pillow, and decide to wait till morning to figure out what I will do. I fall asleep, no longer horny but physically satisfied.

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